Welp. Got a nifty post that’ll be up tomorrow morning because I couldn’t get the damn thing done in time to get this done, which I don’t have enough damn time for now because I spent so much time on the other thing stupidly believing that an end was in sight. Gah!

But shit! The fact that I’m whipping up a Game Threat at least means that baseball’s almost on. And the fact that I’m talking about whatever bullshit this is means that I’m at least not dredging up whatever nonsense I can about the poor numbers Mark Buehrle has against the clothes he’ll be facing tonight, as though his success or failure against the likes of Tino Martinez and Tony effing Womack has any bearing on anything.

And Marcus Stroman nailed life last night. The Jays beat the Yanks. They’re eight games over .500 and first place with fucking Canada Day in sight. The Dutch avoided Brazil. Ronald Belisario and the White Sox fucking suck for giving up that walk-off to the Orioles, but they’ll be bringing that act here for four games at the end of the week. And… well… actually, yeah. I’m good. I’m totally good. Let’s fuckin’ do this!


Mike Wilner tweets that, despite thoughts when his name wasn’t in the lineup that he might have been banged up after last night’s great catch against the fence, Anthony Gose is fine, but Kevin Pillar will play tonight in right field because, even thought he’s a right-hander, David Phelps is particularly tough on lefties, according to John Gibbons. That’s not entirely true, but the truth is even better. Phelps has allowed a .289 wOBA to the last 141 LHBs he’s faced. His last 145 RHBs? .374. GibbyTheBest.

Wilner also notes in that tweet that Brandon Morrow was in the building today. Barry Davis tells us that Morrow will stay with the team as he continues to work towards a rehab assignment. Morrow met with the media and said he’s hopeful he’ll pitch again this year, and that he’s thrown four times off flat ground already — and was spotted doing so as well today (25 throws at 60 feet, Davis tweets). Still a long way off, most likely.

From the scrum with Morrow, Wilner tweets: “Only way to know if Morrow will be able to avoid surgery is by rehabbing. If it pops again, it pops. If not, he comes back.”

Wilner also tweets a picture of the splint Morrow is now wearing on his finger as it heals.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that Gibbons says Jose Bautista “could” “maybe” pinch hit tonight. Sounds like we shouldn’t expect it, though.

Barry Davis tweets that Edwin Encarnacion will not compete in the home run derby at this year’s All-Star game. Says he wanted to last year, but isn’t into it anymore. Whatever Eddie wants…

“Man, this guy looks like Mark Buehrle a bit,” said John Gibbons to Fairservice today. Killing him. Killing him.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Yankees

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
RF Kevin Pillar (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

New York Yankees

LF Brett Gardner (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
RF Alfonso Soriano (R)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
C Brian McCann (L)
2B Brian Roberts (S)
3B Yangervis Solarte (S)

RHP David Phelps

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  1. Hey Stoeten lets have a bet and whoever loses pays up at the next Opera Bob’s event, how much are you willing to bet?

  2. Dem errors!

  3. And all is right at shortstop

  4. Splint on Morrow, not Buehrle.

  5. Does Teixeira have better range than Jeter?

    • pretty sure Texeira’s glove placed on the ground has better range than Jeter…every time I get (mildly) annoyed that he will play in the All-star game, I just remind myself that the trade-off is that the Yankees are dumb enough to start him in games that actually count…

  6. “Hopefully I’ll pitch again next season.” Get fucked Morrow. Why whyyyy couldn’t you just stay healthy, and deliver that ‘electric’ stuff that is touted around here incessantly?

    Jimmies rustled. Go Jays.

    • Idiot.

      • Told you he was going to get injured last winter, I did.

        • And by pretending you could know a thing like that, it made you an idiot then, too.

          • A prediction based off bare basic observation of a pattern or trend? The suggestion that there should be a contingency plan in place should he go down for an extended period of time (again) is idiocy? Look where it got us, now its discussion regarding selling the farm for pitching help. H

            • Didn’t the contingency plan pitch 8 innings of 1-run ball yesterday?

            • Nobody ever said that there was no need for contingencies, and that’s certainly not what you were an idiot about.

              That you posture like you had enough data to claim there was an established trend that would somehow include a finger injury unrelated to anything else he’s ever had is pretty funny. Yes, we all know the injury history was there, but I’m pretty sure people running to get to the front of the line to say they knew he’d get hurt were just trying to create their own little contingency: if they’re wrong, he’s healthy; if they’re right, they get to gloat and feel like they have some kind of special knowledge, when really they knew and could predict absolutely nothing.

              That an injury happened doesn’t validate silly absolutism on something for which nothing was absolute.

        • Is this he pitching scout troll?

        • Can I borrow your crystal ball?

          • Go fuck yourself. It was an obvious gamble to bank on Morrow staying healthy AND pitching well.

            • Thanks, Kreskin! Any other predictions?

            • Back to work tho. Enjoy ze game

            • Agree

            • Your argument is changing already! “Told you he was going to get injured,” you said at first. Now it was just a “gamble” to think he wouldn’t? But- but- but- but I thought you were SO SURE he would!

              • To be honest, I dont have an argument. Predicted Morrow would get injured, now he’s “Hopeful he’ll pitch next season”. I’m upset it happened as it has hurt the Jays’ chances of post-season play. You’re too quick to namecall then over analyze something that’s not there…..but then again I guess it IS part of the job.

  7. On gameday that strikeout pitch on Edwin is way inside. Did we get cheesed? Can’t watch the game right now..

    • looked to be a solid strike, lower half of the zone, not inside by any means…Edwin was ticked, but it appears he was mad at himself for letting it go

      • probably more mad at being a tad early on the one he stroked foul earlier in the count.

    • thanks. pitch track is pretty much bullshit i guess.

  8. So I’m watching the World Cup and Spain has a player literally named Juanfran. Could’ve sworn it was a DJF commenter doing the play-by-play at first.

  9. Wouldn’t “he’s hopeful he’ll pitch again THIS year” make more sense from Morrow, since he’s working towards a rehab assignment and all? Did that get mis-reported somewhere along the line?

  10. Norris is dealing through three in New Hampshire. Flags fly forever, but so does the stink of Estoban Loaiza.

  11. That Bob Bannerman ad for Kawasaki is embarrassing.

  12. Jose Reyes plays for the Toronto Blue Jays… unfortunately.

    But seriously, he needs to get his shit together soon.

  13. Does Soriano age? I mean I know his skills have slipped but the man still looks 25.

  14. Reyes has been very disappointing in my opinion.

    • Your opinion and $2 gets you a cup of coffee.

    • Compared to what/who?

    • I understand the sentiment, but we’ve really hardly seen him at his best. Took a while to get up to speed this year, now is in a little trough, but is an excellent hitter. Last year was something of a write-off with the ankle injury. Was fine, not great, I agree. Isn’t getting any younger, and I know the defence isn’t getting any better, but he can be spectacular. Still confident he’ll get a really nice long run of being awesome going at some point.

      He’s not going anywhere, given all the money he’s owed, so… he’ll get plenty of opportunity.

  15. Gibby hurt Drew’s feelings with that comment. FIRRRRE GIBBBBONNZZZ.

  16. 9:30pm for the over/under?

  17. Dinner gonna knock a run in.

  18. Why are we even talking about extending Colby ? he is a rally killer and a head case. Let someone else pay for potential. Better guys out there to handcuff the franchise for.

  19. Beauty.

  20. Dionner is served!!!!

  21. Ding ding…nice bat flip

  22. Oh man! A three run home run. Again, the team relies on the longball. This is why they’ll never be in first place.

  23. Muscle milk? Obviously steroids

  24. I’ll give Dinner a 7 for the bat flip.

  25. Dinner in the upper tank?

  26. I feel like Dioner doesn’t hit many homeruns because he probably doesn’t like the exercise of running the bases.

  27. The Yankees announcers sure are pissy about Dioner’s home run trot.

  28. “Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy”, he sang
    Here comes the Roly Poly Man and he’s singing songs of love

  29. Buehrle’s got a good rhythm going, on pace pitch count-wise to finish with a complete game, provided he keeps it up; and assuming the Jays get one more run to keep this out of save situation territory.

  30. You know, if Norris keeps this up (big if), he could end up in the show this season. Different time and team, but how many starts did Hutch have at AA?

    • You know how Sanchez is the youngest pitcher in the AAA International League right now?

      Norris is younger than Sanchez.

      • I actually didn’t know Sanchez was the youngest in the international league. That is cool. Norris is, like, six months younger than Sanchez.

  31. Ah just got the kids into bed and see someone killed another rally. What a shame to only get 3 runs off one swing of the bat.

  32. Fuck. Quit washing the Yankees’ balls!

  33. Phelps: for fuck’s sakes, get your shit together and THROW THE DAMN BALL.

  34. Coooooolby

  35. Wow. Jeter having a seniors moment.

  36. What just happened?

  37. YES! YES! All my dreams are coming true with this massive almost-bama-bomb that Jeter quickly Jeter’d up!

  38. Jeter is in a generous mood

  39. Oh jeter


    Has to be off to the glue factory for Jeter after this, no?

  41. Holy shit this is great!

  42. If a tree falls in the forest and hits Derek Jeter, do we still have to give him a gift basket?

  43. Holy shit!

  44. YES!!! ,,,, FUCK YES!!!!!

  45. Not much warms my heart more than the Yankees looking terrible. Jeter looking done.

    • I love watching Jeter lose as much as I love watching Ortiz getting called out on strikes.

  46. Previous statement due to frustration and formally retracted.
    Nice hit colby

  47. So Buerhle can cruise to the end now, right?

  48. I realize this is the same team that just came back from down 8-0 just the last series, but that was the game right there wasn’t it?

  49. The maple boners increase with the Canadian Jesus Maple Boner Shirsey

  50. THANK YOU Yankees for continuing to run Jeter’s rotting corpse out there…

  51. Jeter must have read our comments.

  52. No, baseball gods. Jeter did not need a karmic rebalancing. But you gave him one anyway, didn’t you? Fuckers.

  53. Ol grey beard goes long

  54. Standing 40 feet away Thought that Cletus shot was out

  55. ‘Jerek Jeter’ – Buck Martinez

  56. Well there goes the shutout.

  57. Oh Cletus.

  58. Sweet Clete!

  59. TV dive ala Jim edmunds

  60. Rasmus would’ve had it

  61. Oh goddam there is nothing better for me than creaming the Spankees. Let it be so.

  62. Orioles are losing.

  63. Hope Dustin warms up quick.

  64. Unlucky…

  65. Buehrle is kinda the best.

  66. So fantasyland question.

    Say the Jays pick up a starter in a trade and Morrow gets better. What does the rotation look like?

  67. mlb.tv being a piece of fuck right now. IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING

  68. Fuck do I hate the fucking yankees

  69. Holy motherfucking christ

  70. WTF was that

  71. This is why I drink.

  72. Please don’t let him have a concussion.

  73. McGowan, Reyes, Melky… FUCK.

  74. God this team disgusts me sometimes

  75. What the fuck is up with Reyes and his arm.

    • It seems to be about as much his decision making with the ball.

      But it appears to be happening more this year. Cost them the game against KC that would’ve extended the streak to 10.

    • Just crap lately. Hit hit no throw. Fuck ! Step up Reyes

    • What the fuck is up with McGowan and his arm.

  76. Wow, and these bedshitters complain they don’t get fan support. I had McGowan chalked up for the blown save after the first batter.

  77. Fuck !

  78. If he’s okay, that’ some luck.

  79. Ugh… I leave for an hour and come back to this?

    What the hell is wrong with Reyes’ arm?

  80. fuck this.

  81. Cmon Dusty

  82. Man, reyes is really starting to piss me off with his stupid throws. Hes not hitting the ball with any authority either.

  83. Are these pitches even registering on the pitch tracker?

  84. Out come the trolls.

    • Everyone wants to call frustrated fans “trolls”, but I think the real trolls are the people who show up to these threads game after game with excuses or acting like all this bedshitting is fine… it’s not fine. It’s annoying.

      I love the win streaks as much as the next guy, but I’m not going to sit here and be content with the way they are playing right now.

      • You realize they are in first place, yes?

        • You realize they haven’t played good baseball in about 20 days and that once strong lead is slipping away?

          • You realize that the season is 162 games and teams go through rough spots? You also realize that you’re a donkey, yes?

        • Exactly the troll answer and attitude being criticized in the post to which you replied. So as long as they’re in first place everything is perfect? If they were up by 10 games, lost 15 in a row by an average score of 8-0 and the lead went down to 0.5 games, all would be well because they were still in first place? Just doesn’t seem like a thinking fan’s perspective to me.

      • No. They all come out when things go awry and bleat about how a loss or snafu shows just how right they are about this being a bad team.

  85. I knew we should have battened down the hatches.

  86. Fugly inning defensively.

  87. Jesus H. Christ! McGowan couldn’t get a single fucking out?!

  88. Wow Is this ever sad

  89. It happens. But that was a fuckin terrible time to be lazy throwing a ball to first.

    Also fans who boo their own players are cunts.

    • I did it to Jason Terry after he blew a game and he made eye contact with me and I’ve felt horrible about it ever since.

    • Agree – don’t boo home team in stadium …boo fuck out of them online and with friends at home tho

  90. Here comes Stoets to say what a great defensive shortstop Reyes is.

  91. Three errors and a relief pitcher that can’t throw strikes makes things ugly real quick

  92. Reyes almost got our last remaining uninjured star decapitated, so that was fun.

  93. Heccavarria doesn’t throw shit-balls like that.

  94. Reyes arm is sucks
    Edwins glove is suck
    Now Gibbons brings in the lefty to face the righty when we needed him three batters ago

  95. Such slim margins between success and failure. Melky plays in one more step, inning over on Gardner’s bloop. Same with Ells’ hit.

  96. Loup has to be our most consistent reliever outside of Janssen who should be perfect in saves if it weren’t for errors

  97. Fine, Just win a walkoff to crush the Yankee fan hearts. I’m good with that.

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