Welp. Got a nifty post that’ll be up tomorrow morning because I couldn’t get the damn thing done in time to get this done, which I don’t have enough damn time for now because I spent so much time on the other thing stupidly believing that an end was in sight. Gah!

But shit! The fact that I’m whipping up a Game Threat at least means that baseball’s almost on. And the fact that I’m talking about whatever bullshit this is means that I’m at least not dredging up whatever nonsense I can about the poor numbers Mark Buehrle has against the clothes he’ll be facing tonight, as though his success or failure against the likes of Tino Martinez and Tony effing Womack has any bearing on anything.

And Marcus Stroman nailed life last night. The Jays beat the Yanks. They’re eight games over .500 and first place with fucking Canada Day in sight. The Dutch avoided Brazil. Ronald Belisario and the White Sox fucking suck for giving up that walk-off to the Orioles, but they’ll be bringing that act here for four games at the end of the week. And… well… actually, yeah. I’m good. I’m totally good. Let’s fuckin’ do this!


Mike Wilner tweets that, despite thoughts when his name wasn’t in the lineup that he might have been banged up after last night’s great catch against the fence, Anthony Gose is fine, but Kevin Pillar will play tonight in right field because, even thought he’s a right-hander, David Phelps is particularly tough on lefties, according to John Gibbons. That’s not entirely true, but the truth is even better. Phelps has allowed a .289 wOBA to the last 141 LHBs he’s faced. His last 145 RHBs? .374. GibbyTheBest.

Wilner also notes in that tweet that Brandon Morrow was in the building today. Barry Davis tells us that Morrow will stay with the team as he continues to work towards a rehab assignment. Morrow met with the media and said he’s hopeful he’ll pitch again this year, and that he’s thrown four times off flat ground already — and was spotted doing so as well today (25 throws at 60 feet, Davis tweets). Still a long way off, most likely.

From the scrum with Morrow, Wilner tweets: “Only way to know if Morrow will be able to avoid surgery is by rehabbing. If it pops again, it pops. If not, he comes back.”

Wilner also tweets a picture of the splint Morrow is now wearing on his finger as it heals.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that Gibbons says Jose Bautista “could” “maybe” pinch hit tonight. Sounds like we shouldn’t expect it, though.

Barry Davis tweets that Edwin Encarnacion will not compete in the home run derby at this year’s All-Star game. Says he wanted to last year, but isn’t into it anymore. Whatever Eddie wants…

“Man, this guy looks like Mark Buehrle a bit,” said John Gibbons to Fairservice today. Killing him. Killing him.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Yankees

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
RF Kevin Pillar (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

New York Yankees

LF Brett Gardner (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
RF Alfonso Soriano (R)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
C Brian McCann (L)
2B Brian Roberts (S)
3B Yangervis Solarte (S)

RHP David Phelps

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  1. They will win this game….. I promise you :)

    • Regardless, Jays Talk will be full of stupid tonight.

      But yeah, let’s bury these Stanky fucks!

  2. Bummer is this fucks up the bullpen too. I guarantee the plan was for McGowan to pitch the 8th also.

  3. Jose reyes is a useless piece of shit. Every time the game is on the line he throws it away..

    Can we stop pretending he’s going to get better? He’s been declining every year. Chone figgins? 32 and he was finished.

    It was stupid to trade yunel.

  4. Yanks announcers shit talking the Jays’ bullpen.

  5. “It’s not only hard, it’s in a good spot”

    That’s what she said.

  6. Dinger Kittenface?

  7. Just checked the score and box. Has thw defense really been that much of a shitshow again?

  8. Atta boy Cletus

  9. I honestly would rather have jeter than reyes. at least jeter is retiring. we are stuck with reyes for next 3 years. this is why you don’t sign NL players, they all suck.

  10. Reyes kept it out of the dirt…not by much but it’s a start

  11. man Reyes has not looked good with those throws, not a fan of the side arm thing…

    that being said, can the guys losing their shit at least wait and see if the team loses before whining like little babies? god, some of you are disgusting…

  12. Lets fuck these guys up boys

  13. After watching that throw by Reyes again it wasn’t perfect but EE must of had his eyes shut

  14. Tonight is Dinner’s night. Let’s see that bat flip again.

  15. why isnt colby bunting there?

  16. Dinner time!

  17. suicide squeeze?

  18. Come on you have to pinch hit jbats for tolleson here

  19. Tollison has been snake bitten the last couple of games. He’s due

  20. Was it me or did Encarnacion look laboured while running?

  21. Wow. great AB by Tolleson. I figured that was a gimme out for the Yankees.

  22. squeeze please

  23. So, were pinch hitting one of the worst hitters in the game in a crucial situation. Ok then.

  24. Fucking christ it should have been jbats pinch hitting

  25. Fuck!!

  26. Fuck

  27. Crappola.

  28. Tolleson, Gose, Kawasaki… pretty shitty to have those scrubs up. And Tolleson and Gose weren’t even bad. Still though.

    (fuck the posting system on this site)

  29. Don’t understand why Bautista doesn’t pinch hit instead of gose. Injury must be worse than reported

  30. The baseball gods mock us.

    Game on the line and up come Pillar and Kawasaki.

    Pure comedy gold.

    Well played baseball gods.

    Well played.

  31. Picked the wrong day to stop sniffing bath salts

  32. Come on kc!!

  33. Is it just me or does Texiera look like he’s taking a massive shit every at bat?

  34. Atta boy Casey

  35. Ok reyes time to earn your paycheque

  36. Reyes needs to walk it off #leadoffhomer. Make up for the brain faRts in the field

  37. Please don’t lose. This would hurt more than the Minnesota debacle.

  38. Redemption!

  39. Alright, crank up the Walkoff Machine

  40. Oh yea, Jose.

  41. Great job staying back on that breaking ball by Jose.

    he’s been out front on soft stuff for a while now.

  42. Yes!!!

  43. Yankees suck. Life is good.

  44. JAYS!!!!

  45. Thole looked hilarious…its a walk off

    • Thole looked hilarious because he is hilarious. He’s a witty and well rounded catcher, a man I would be proud to call my son.

  46. Yeah fuck Jose Reyes, right you fucking boneheads?

  47. That wax quick

  48. Reyes made 2 errors? I don’t even remember that.

  49. Fuck yeah

  50. Boom! And a special fuck you to the trolls.

  51. Good old walk-off bunt/error. The Jays are good at that.

  52. Woooo!

  53. 2nd walk off bunt of the year, I can live with that

  54. The old gods and the new were with us tonight.

  55. Wow … One of the most idiotic defensive plays I’ve ever seen and it didn’t even come from our guys. That base runner meant nothing to them.

  56. OriLOLes down 4-2 in the 9th.

  57. Yes!!!

  58. What a shitshow of a game!!


    So glad we came out ahead in this mess.

  59. Shit. Baltimore down by 2. Bottom of the 9th. 2 on. Sound familiar?

  60. Woo! Yankees will not make any ground on the Jays this series!

  61. Bellesario back in for the save. Orioles sure to lose now

  62. The boys hang tough.

  63. Beauty. Good game Drunk Jays Fans.

    -from the work pooper

  64. I just hope Edwin isn’t visited by the Concussion Fairy. That was nasty.

  65. Orioles lost..great nite

  66. Yeah, all the Yankees defensive fundamental narrative on the broadcast. Blow it on bad throw.

  67. Damn I can breathe again

  68. Time to repay the favour they did us in NY.

  69. God I love beating the Yankees.

  70. That was a game! And Balto lost as well. So it’s all good on this really big double-decker, extra-long bus!

  71. All we need is a boston loss to be the only AL east team with a W today. Make it happen, Mariners.

  72. Wow, great win by the Jays. Reyes showing how clutch he is with that massive leadoff double in the 9th when everyone thought the team would fold. We are really lucky to have such a great player.

  73. 2. Franklin Barreto, ss, Blue Jays

    Team: short-season Vancouver (Northwest)
    Age: 18
    Why He’s Here: .500/.567/.615 (13-for-26), 3 R, 3 2B, 6 RBIs, 3 BB, 6 SO, 3-for-3 SB

    The Scoop: One of the top talents available on the 2012 international market, Barreto has done nothing but hit in his first two pro seasons, batting .296/.364/.490 in 65 games in short-season ball. He showed off his well-rounded offensive game this week during the first week of the Northwest League season, hitting .500, racking up three extra-base hits and swiping three bags in six games and even showing solid plate patience. The righthanded hitter has impact-regular potential, but he’s obviously far, far away.

  74. Norris through two AA starts, 11 IP, 7 hits, 4 walks, 19 k’s.

    me thinks he is adopting well.

    tonight only gave up one run to a very good Portland team and k’d 10.

  75. And from Keith Law about “The Futures Game”

    Breakout names

    The game will also serve as a coming-out party for several breakout prospects, including the Toronto Blue Jays’ two representatives, lefty Daniel Norris, now up to 96 mph and throwing strikes, and center fielder Dalton Pompey, a potential leadoff-hitter and talented athlete

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