Brad Glenn, eh?

A 23rd rounder taken by the Jays in 2009 as a college senior, Glenn has taken a slow rise through the Jays system essentially as a non-prospect who was a little old for the levels he was competing at. At Lansing in 2010 Glenn was in his age-23 season, playing with a group of hitters with an average age of 21.4. He was a year older than the average age of his non-pitcher teammates the following year at Dunedin, and was exactly on average at 25 in New Hampshire in 2012, though that average is somewhat misleading, given the lack of real prospects the Jays had at the level — only Jake Marisnick (21) and A.J. Jimenez (22) among that group look like players with the potential to be more than just fringe big leaguers at best. And that year, Glenn didn’t even hit.

Posting a .239/.291/.440 line over 461 plate appearances as a 25-year-old in Double-A is a pretty quick way to become an afterthought. Glenn always did show decent raw power, though, posting ISOs in about the .200 range at each of his minor league stints, and hitting 17, 26, 19, and 22 home runs in the four years from 2010 to 2013. But he always struck out too much, and he never walked enough… until 2013.

After walking just 29 times in those 461 plate appearances at New Hampshire in 2012, he repeated the level at walked 45 times in 477 plate appearances in 2013, earning a brief call-up to Buffalo, where he was even better. He began 2014 back at New Hampshire, though — a fairly clear sign of where he stood in the Jays’ pecking order, one assumed — and upped his walk rate again, though everything else seemed to go south (his strikeout rate jumped to 28.4%, for example).

Still, he was shuffled to Buffalo in mid-May, and rather than looking like the org. guy he pretty plainly seems to be, he went on an absolute tear. In 122 plate appearances over the last six weeks he’s hit .377/.418/.570. The walks have disappeared again, but who needs walks when everything you put in play falls for a hit? Or… well, not everything, just 45.9% of his balls in play have led to him being on base. Is a .459 BABIP remotely sustainable? Hells naw! Can he continue to hit like this over multiple-hundred big league plate appearances? No offence to Brad, but I have precisely zero fucking faith.

But… I dunno. Ride the hot hand, I guess. And as Ken Rosenthal, commenting on a Jays minor move for some reason, tweets, the Jays have eight of twelve upcoming games against left-handed starters, and also notes that Glenn can play a little first base, which could be important with Adam Lind’s foot hurting, and Edwin Encarnacion seemingly being fine — he’s back in the lineup today — but having suffered a scary collision with Mark Teixeira last night.

Oh, and there’s another aspect to all this. Last night, in a key situation in the bottom of the eighth inning, after walking to the plate, assuming, for some reason, he’d face the right-handed Dellin Betances, Kevin Pillar strode to the plate. He was then called back to the dugout, as Anthony Gose was coming in to pinch hit for him — the obvious move, given their lefty-righty splits. But obvious or not, Pillar clearly wasn’t happy. Cameras on the Sportsnet broadcast showed him throwing his bat down the dugout stairs, moving to the bench to briefly take a seat, then walking over to John Gibbons for a brief chat. Gibbons is hidden by the dugout wall in the image above, but in the background you can clearly see Pillar as he tosses a glove — the white blob just above the corner of the wall — to the dugout floor while in conversation with his manager.

Hard to tell from the angle and distance and utter lack of being able to hear what was being said if he was doing so in disgust, but that, along with the bat toss, is a pretty public reaction from a guy who, let’s be honest, doesn’t exactly have a tonne of business being in the big leagues in the first place.

Asked today whether Pillar’s reaction hastened his demotion, John Gibbons was surprisingly revealing:

Accountability! Y’know… as long as its only for the 25th man on the roster.

I can live with that! As for Brad Glenn… well… uh… lets hope some options for the Jays to add some real pieces to the roster via the trade market start opening up soon, eh?


*Note: Jonathan Diaz — REMEMBER??? — was D’d FA in order to make room for Glenn on the 40-man.

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  1. Safe to think pillar won’t be back with the big club for a while?

  2. But… we need to know!

    Can Brad Glenn do the superman dive into home plate?

  3. Who the fuck does Kevin Pillar think he is?

    • Brett Lawrie

    • To be fair, being pinch hit for by Anthony Gose is about as big a slap in the face as I can imagine. Even invoking left/right splits it doesn’t make that much sense — Gose doesn’t hit well against anybody. They would have been better off using JA Happ to pinch hit.

      • Wrong.

        • Although Betances is a bit harder on lefties than righties in a small SSS, it was the right move given the two hitters’ splits.

          • Also … Kevin Pillar.

            If he’s given this a moment’s thought, he’s not still stuck on whether his reaction was justified under any circumstances.

      • With Pillar’s propensity to swing and miss at sliders from righties off the plate combined with Betances’ wicked slider, I don’t think it was that difficult of a decision.

    • The guy about to hit a grand fucking salami if fucking Gibbons doesn’t start acting all nerdy with his split BS and lets the obviously superior hitter Pillar hit over that noodle swinger Gose.

  4. Yeah, methinks Kevin Pillar would do well to remember he’s Kevin Pillar.

  5. Good on Gibby for not knocking him out.

  6. watching Pillar’s swing, I don’t really understand it.
    it looks like he’s going out of his way to slap the ball to right, not a great approach.
    I bet you could sit him down with three straight fastballs in

  7. He’s been given a much deserved change of scenery. Next time he’s up I’m sure his attitude will be much improved.

  8. C’mon Hutch! Learn to love the Rogers Centre starting tonight!

  9. That shocked me about Pillar. He’s done a lot to propel himself into the “prospectish” conversation but it’s been on the back of working hard and taking what he can get.

    Good for Gibby, it is selfish bullshit.

    Hopefully Pillar takes the anger out on the ball in Buffalo and does whatever he can to get back.

    Also, that scene in the last post where Colby turns to the Skydome, dog in hand, oversized backpack hanging, and pants pulled up to his nipples……….Pure Gold.

    It reminded me of Gavin from Kids in the Hall:


  10. The guy has a wRC+ of fuckin 34 and he throws a strop for being pinch-hit for against the most valuable right-handed reliever in baseball?

    Now I’ve seen it all.

  11. Clearly Gibby ruined the turning point of Pillar’s career. Pillar was going to single in two runs in that situation which in turn when have spurred a 25 game hit streak and Rookie of the Year talks.

    But it was not meant to be…..

  12. Pillaried?

  13. So much for pretty boy JPA 2.0, Toronto media seems to think he’s gotten a bad rap:


  14. Wow, I literally completely forgot Jonathan Diaz existed.

  15. Minimum MLB salary versus minor league salary… Pretty expensive bat toss

  16. Pillar let his competitiveness get the better of him. As for Gibby, Gose for Pillar with the sacks drunk and one out? I’ll take the contact hitter over the whiffer every time and ignore the splits.

  17. Would’ve loved to see D Johnson up (he’s got a fucking stick) but the move makes sense with Glenn with eight of twelve lefty starters coming up

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