I know, I know, at the end of the last one I promised a look at Jon Heyman’s latest would be the next post here, but I simply can’t not post this: it’s Colby Rasmus in an series called Home Field Advantage, where they take a look at where the players live in the cities that they play in and… it’s… just… it’s… Colby is so the best.

He pronounces Toronto right!!! He gets a hot dog from outside the stadium!

It’s kind of amazing…

Crotch grab in the direction of commenter Teddy Ballgame for the link.

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  1. “it’s just people. You know. Trying to get where they’re going.” HAHAHAHA! Oh I love me some Cletus. Hope he sticks around.

  2. I never ever ever ever want him to leave.

  3. Gotta love that outfit

  4. Boomhauer is my favourite. Love that guy.

  5. You think that painting came with the Condo when he bought it?

    • Not to sound sexist or anything, but i’m going to go ahead and credit everything in that condo that isn’t of the ‘dead animal’ variety to his wife.

      • I makes me think about the conversation between him and the real estate agent. Him or Her doing all the talking and Colby standing there nodding, not really caring about a lot of what they are saying but to polite to cut them off.

  6. “I can grab me a chicken hot dog on the way, which is cool.”

    It’s the little things, really.

  7. Colby’s the greatest. AA will be doing the fanbase a huge disservice if he doesn’t sign him.

    And in all seriousness, the guy’s come out of his shell big-time the last couple years. He looks damn comfortable playing and living in Toronto.

    • The second paragraph of my statement should have been prefaced with “in my opinion.” I’ve never spoken to the guy so I don’t know for sure.


    • LOTS of Toronto athletes live in those buildings. It isn’t because they plan on leaving soon, it’s because they have homes and lives in other cities that they live in during the offseason. Living in a low-maintenance, high-convenience place just makes sense. You really think Colby lives in Toronto year round??

    • You’re just wrong dude. You have no clue.


    • I live across the street and don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Y’know, fwiw. ;-)

  9. what’s up with the first day of school outfit? love Colby though

  10. Colby is just natural cool.
    Zero pretense. Love the guy.


  12. Ah the girlfriend is gonna love this one. I don’t have as big a boner for Cletus as she does, but it’s pretty close.

    <3 cletey

    • my girl loves him too…. not sure why totally, but i’m ok with it.
      she wants his jersey but i can’t commit to getting it for her until they extend him.
      you dont see many people rocking escobar jerseys or davis jerseys

      • I think we are all dating the same girl. She got a Rasmus jersey last year for her birthday. She hates Gose solely for the fact that hes the contingency plan.

        • fuckin loathes gose,
          she also has a soft spot for navarro, thinks he looks like a furby

          • I think you are both dating my wife…

            • Well I think we may all be dating the same women fellas, my girlfriend resently said she would let Colby plow her center field nag day of the week. God you got to love them classy lasses.

            • And me, and my daughter, and my friends. And Navarro is a sweet little teddy bear.

          • as good and natural a fit dinner is as nickname i think furby has to be the new standard. pure gold.

    • haha, yer gf has a boner. i’ll show myself out.

  13. Country Mouse Rasmus!

    I’ve been to Phenix City. That is all I will say about Phenix City.

    Man I hope he doesn’t leave.

  14. lol he is dressed like a 10 yr old

    • but also looks like a tourist, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk looking up at the buildings.

    • Not quite as hilarious as the huge winter boots he wore with a suit to a charity dinner on the winter tour

  15. Lol……I agree, so very gold! I can’t stop watching in amazement. Awww Colby, please never leave us. lol.

  16. I love Rasmus. The way he’s looking around while he’s eating the hot dog, like he has no idea where he is — Cletus in the Big City.

    I hope he’s here to stay for a bit longer.

  17. #ColbytheBest

  18. The kid is 4 yrs old…. starting school…..been here 3 1/2 years and still has the the “furnished” art work up….. sadly, Cletus is gone in 2015.

    • Was that suposed to be a logical progression of facts to conclusion?

      • Naw, just reading between the lines…. I hope I’m wrong…. I love me Cletus.

      • His shirt has horizontal stripes like the lines on a football field, his hat is brown and he enters the Rogers Centre through Gate 9. He’s going to sign with the Cleveland Browns for $9 million. It’s gonna be sad to see him go.

    • Good lord.

      Please internalise stupidity like this.

      • The guy spent a significant part of his interview talking about his family….. there was no family there…. only pictures….. and him rambling about his family and how f’ed up to him it is to east dinner 23 stories in the air….


        Not a good sign.

    • Pretty sure he’ll just go to whoever pays him the most, like basically all other free agents.

  19. Extend Colby. Goddamn.

  20. Just a regular guy going to work.

  21. Pillar down and Glenn up. Wonder if his sulking after being pinch hit for last night had anything to do with it.

  22. Colby in civilian clothes is exactly like I pictured it in my dreams.

    Of COURSE he’s waring a shirt that looks like it came from Value village. And of COURSE it’s tucked in with a belt into khakis.

    And my guess is this is only his Church Clothes, the stuff he breaks out for special occasions. 99% of the time, he’s wearing camo and flannel shirts with the sleeves ripped off.

    I love that guy.

  23. I wish I had that kind of commute to work.

    Also, I wish I was talented enough to play baseball for a living.

  24. So that whole ridiculous “clubhouse cancer” label is long gone, right?

    Colby is pretty much the antithesis of that. Zero drama whatsoever.

    From my days in the military, I saw a similar dynamic all the time. Have a platoon with strong headed and opinionated NCO’s and a quiet kid who does his own thing but doesn’t fit the mold perfectly gets labelled as a problem. Bounced around other platoons until he finds the right one and blossoms into an outstanding soldier.

    St L just wasn’t a good team for him. Pujols and La Russa didn’t like him, and once those two don’t like you, you a snowballs chance in hell

  25. I’ve never considered the pronunciation of Toronto until now. Is it wrong if you exaggerate the “toe” at the end?

  26. I was actually taken back a bit by the conversation he had with Kevin Seitzer last night… they literally put their heads together… it was awkward but neat. It’s like they were 7 year olds who were best friends and they were devising a big plot. 2 hicks in a pod and I couldn’t be happier to have them both.

  27. I really think we can get him for a reasonable price. He has average defence and for whatever reasons hasn’t really had the health and consistency we’ve hoped for. Add to that how content he seems here and how miserable he was in STL.

    • I’ve long said that it was my gut feeling that Colby is a guy who – within reason, but moreso then the average – values comfort where he’s playing.

      After the hell he spent in St. L, and just what it seems like his personality type is, I could see him wanting to stay here if he’s offered a fair deal.

      Now, all of this needs to be taken with the huge caveat that a) I don’t know if he’s that type of person and b) I don’t know if he ‘s actually happy here, rather then just saying what he’s supposed too.

      But my take is that he likes it here, and until Phenix City gets an MLB team, Toronto is prob where he’s most comfortable playing. And if we make a fair offer, I think there’s a good chance he takes it.

  28. I’m always keenly aware of how people pronounce Toronto. I can only accept it in either the proper way, or the more casual “Toronno”. But only grudgingly so.

    Anyone that goes Tronno (Rob Ford) or Taranna (usually white people from outside the GTA) or even Torontee (did you walk or did you flew?); these people are worse than Hitler.

    I am fun at parties.

  29. A lot of typical Toronto people commenting here. So obsessed with what he’s wearing and how his condo is decorated. Who cares what he’s wearing? Who gives a fuck if you don’t like the picture hanging on his wall?

    • Oh, don’t listen to them. Their idea of wit is nothing more then an incisive observation humorously phrased and delivered with impeccable timing.

    • ok settle down, seeing as it’s a look into his personal life, that’s kind of what people are going to discuss

      • Plus, it’s all done with love. i don’t think anybody is “obsessing” over it, they’re just pointing out the differences between him and the typical Torontonian and it’s humourous

        Juxtaposition is one of the main comedy devices out there.

        I would say the vast majority of posters here find Colbys “other-ness” endearing and refreshing.

    • What you wear and what your home is like gives incredible insight to an individual.

      btw- I like the picture, but that’s not the point….. the question is, after hearing this interview, is this a guy who looks excited about his situation in Toronto after living here 3 and a half years?

      To me it doesn’t

      • Colby takes on a similar introverted personality of myself. From what I can see, he’s very comfortable in Toronto, it’s just that you may not be able to notice it. With quiet people, it’s the subtle things. He’s not going to be jumping around all the time like Reyes, and he doesn’t need to. He’s found a home in this clubhouse and he’s found a home in Toronto.

        • I don’t disagree… he seams cool with it….. but the guy has a family, and they are not here.

          I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you don’t have kids? correct?

          • Pretty sure his family is there. He talks about her liking it.

          • They weren’t in the video, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t living in Toronto during the baseball season. Do you know whether they are living there or not? How old is his daughter? Is she going into kindergarten soon? You seem to just be jumping to conclusions about his family, but you aren’t backing anything up.

            • That condo was waaaaay too neat for child to be living there, full time at least.

              I’m certain he said the kid was 4 yrs old, but I’m not watching it again for the sake of this debate.

              4 years old usually means school, if not, he’s set to sign a multi year deal somewhere so it will be an issue.

              I’m not jumping to any conclusions….. he talked about his family for almost the entire interview, there was no evidence of them aside from the pictures…. he has a choice in several months as to where he wants to spend the next 5 years of his life.

              How is this not apparent to you?

              • Kids or no kids, the cleaning lady likely comes before your living area is going to be televised. At first I thought I saw a play pen for a kid in the corner, but on further review it looks like its for a dog

              • Dude… I think you may have tumbled off the deep end.

              • People tend to clean up their house when they have company over. Maybe Colby did that prior to the interview. Maybe his wife and daughter were out that day. Maybe his wife doesn’t want to be part of interviews that much.

                But ultimately, this is a decision between him and his wife. Since he stays out of the public eye as often as possible, there’s no way to know what they’re thinking. And since we can’t know what’s going on, what’s the point in being a Debbie downer? Just enjoy the ride while our Southern boy is still playing for us!

              • Yeah, there’s no way he could possibly have tidied his place before the crew came to film it. And there’s no way he could afford to have someone keep it clean for him. And there’s no way he and his wife could possibly like having a clean place.

                This isn’t an issue of something being “apparent” to you when no one else can see it. It’s an issue of you making up things that simply aren’t there. Not only are you trying to glean insight into his life based on what WASN’T shown during a two minute video, but you’re trying to take the next step and predict what the future holds based on those wild assumptions.

                They showed him stopping to sign an autograph, so why didn’t we see a close up of the paper? He signed it pretty quickly, so I have a feeling he just signed an X… Colby’s illiterate!

                Anyone can make up stuff. Just because you think you see it doesn’t mean you’re anywhere close to being right.

                • Moreover, I’m pretty sure these were his words:

                  “…We’re lucky in that we love the place and just the convenience is a lot easier for her with our little girl. She’s 4 years old….Them being able just to walk over to the stadium it’s just a whole lot easier…”

                  I think his wife an daughter live with Colby and his – and his wife’s – love of the city and their situation will be a huge factor in where he signs.

              • Its almost as though they had no obligation to appear on camera… I’d clean my house if a camera crew was gonna be there

              • Actually in the video during one of the pans you can see a fenced in play pen area. Pretty vital when living on the 35th story of a condo.

                • Someone else saw that too and surmised it wasn’t a playpen but a dog enclosure. I tend to agree because it looks like it may have a top on it. (not to mention a doggy-door?)

      • you’re whole line of thinking is moronic

    • Seriously?

  30. .. he looks and reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton’s character from SLING BLADE … can we just nickname him “Karl” now?

  31. awwww, little forest.

    now trade him in a 3 way so we can shore up positions of greater need before he gets stuck in qo/draft pick limbo and we get nothing.

  32. Thought he lived in Forest Hill?

  33. Rasmus is easily one of my 3 fave jays. Love his game. Really hope he resigns and they kick gose to the curb or bench

  34. When I saw the still before I watched the video, I honestly thought he would be doing some version of Gavin from Kids in the Hall.

  35. I see a “Forest Gump” Sportsnet themed commercial coming in our near future.

  36. Holy fuck there are some serious boners and moist poompooms for Colby up in here… I doubt he stays…

  37. Colby is just a good old boy. Love the guy. Love the tucked in shirt, maybe doesn’t need the Harbaugh kackis though.

  38. Colby goodness, great stuff.

  39. I rented a condo thru airbnb in that building. I met Cito in the gym. Must be a Blue Jays friendly building. Makes sense. Obviously Cletus is not setting down any roots. And he doesn’t get out much.

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