OK, so obviously that’s not a picture of Big Hirok above there, but it is a picture of his mound opponent, Drew Hutchison, who is having a very nice year so far for the Jays, even though of late he’s alternated between good starts and bad. One earned over 5.2 against the Red Sox, then five in five against the Rays (albeit in a win). Seven three-hit shutout innings against the Tigers, then five runs in three innings against the Cards. Seven strong and none earned in Baltimore, then four in 4.1 against these bloody Yanks.

So… I’m not super into this pattern continuing, but if it wants to for just one more start, considering he’s due a gem, I can live with that. Especially since it would obviously be real fucking nice to return the favour that the Yankees did to us last week and sweep them.

Right? So let’s do it!


First off, Drew’s piece for theScore in which he interviews Marcus Stroman is awesome, and even though I’m going to link it again the next time I do a Daily Duce, I can’t wait that long to share it. Read it.

As you can see below, Edwin Encarnacion is evidently fine, as he’s in the lineup. Adam Lind is apparently OK to play through some pain, too, because he’s in at first base while Edwin — who John Gibbons told reporters last night merely had a “fat lip” — takes a night at DH. So, the Twitter doctors can slither back down their holes now, I guess. It’s possible to hit your head pretty fucking hard and not get a concussion, by the way.

John Lott tweets that even Edwin himself is amazed that he suffered no ill effects of the blow from Teixeira.

Speaking of the lineup, um… I cannot fathom there being an actual, reasonable, non-microsplit reason for Colby Rasmus to be hitting below Navarro and Francisco tonight. Can. Not. (Gibby still the best, though.)

I really should have used this as the image in last night’s Half-Assed DJF Post-Game (HADPG? Y’know, the ol’ Had Pig), because it remains amazing.

Barry Davis tweets that Jose Bautista says his hamstring is feeling better, but that he won’t be available for at least the next few days. Ugh.

On the possibility of Jose pinch hitting, Megan Robinson tweets that John Gibbons says it’s possible, but he really wants to make sure his star slugger is “good to go” before using him.

Megan also tells us that, when asked at what point he starts to get excited about where his team is in the standings, Gibbers replied, “three weeks ago.” NAILS MUCH?

Back to Drew, as he tweets that the fans in the stands at the Rogers Centre were clapping as Tim Lincecum got the final outs of his no hitter today, which was shown live on the Jumbotron. Cool stuff, though… the folks there that early probably tend to be the more eager baseball fans, right? I’m kinda just making that up, but… seems reasonable. (Also of note: TimmyTheBest.)

Pro tip: Search FanGraphs for “Big Hirok” and after Kuroda the suggestion is “Big Jeff Pfeffer”. (He was 6’1 185, FYI).

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. White Sox

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Adam Lind (L)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Anthony Gose (R)

RHP Drew Hutchison

New York Yankees

LF Brett Gardner (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
RF Ichiro! (L)
2B Brian Roberts (S)
3B Kelly Johnson (L)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

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  1. I just watched the Colby Rasmus Home Field Advantage video. Holy shit. I will personally fund an infinity dollars, infinity year contract for Colby to stay with the Jays as long as he does one interview like that a year.

  2. Me too! (Anonymity is great, isn’t it?)

  3. Let’s fuck the Big Hirok up.

  4. Alright … Time to remind the Yankees’ announcers why they aren’t essentially tied for first.

  5. I’m beginning to hate Gardner.

  6. Go Jays!


  8. I could get used to first pitch bombs

  9. Who needs Jose when we’ve got Jose?!

  10. Oh wow is there a bar in CF now? Fucking Rogers – we get it. There is a bar in CF now

  11. Reyes hits first pitch dingers against Japaneses. It’s what he does.

  12. Jose!

  13. Maybe that’ll shut the haters up.

  14. The trolls have pissed off Jose Reyes

  15. 2 Jose Reyes, 0 Yankees Japanese Starters

  16. Terrible player, that Reyes.

    also, it cannot be said enough – the toronto radio broadcast is terrible. the yankees radio broadcast is good – they get pumped for baseball rather than being blatant homers and mike wilners.

  17. The jays see your 1st inning mummy bunts and raise you one leadoff man jack

  18. Wasn’t sure where he was? Brain bruise

  19. This season, Drew Hutchison has an 11.74 ERA against the Yankees in two starts, and a 3.09 ERA against everyone else.

    Eventually Hutchison has to learn how to pitch to this lineup, since they’re our division foes. Why not tonight?

  20. Bullshit 3rd strike call. Hutch didn’t get that pitch

  21. Ordinarily I’d be mad at Navarro for swinging on that fifth pitch, but when the ump has already shown willingness to call pitches that far outside as strikes, you kind of have to assume it will be a strike.

  22. Gardner is just a Jay killer.

  23. Colby’s backpack.
    Colby’s pants up at nipples.
    Colby’s love of hot dogs.
    Colby’s greasy face/hair/helmet.
    Colby’s Twang.
    Colby’s upper-tankers.

    These are just a few of my favorite things.

    • Jeets couldn’t catch that greasy fucker in the ruin down last night.

      • He`s our slippery grease bag.

        I wonder if that sheen he has on his face and hair by the 5th inning is hot dog essence.

    • During that video I saw a couple other neat-o Cletus hairstyles. He really likes to experiment. But not as much as he likes chicken dogs.

      I’ve never had a chicken dog. Does it taste different from a regular hot dog or do people eat them as a “healthy” option?

      • I`ve never had one either. I saw another interview where he said he lived on chilli dogs growing up. I imagine the team nutritionist turned him on to the chicken version.

  24. Spirit Animal.

  25. Ha ha, Juan the decoy.

  26. Should’ve had Pillar hit there, instead of Gose and the DP again.


  28. When the Jays are pitching, I like strikes more than balls.

  29. Oh my goodness the Yankees tied the game at 1-1, we’re screwed, fire everybody!


  31. How do broadcasters consistently say that stuff about Jeter? Even casual fans know plenty of scandalous things about him!

    • I have no idea. They also haven’t realised that he’s not very good at baseball.

      • I get them not wanting to call attention to that. He’s had a great career so they’re content to just let him ride it out.

        I mean, I get not talking about the scandals either as they are unrelated to baseball. But it’s irritating to hear about his impending sainthood when he is clearly not [who is?].

  32. Goddamn.

  33. Why the fuck is hutch garbage at home?
    I feel more confident with stroman than him oddly. This is why AA has to acquire another pitcher

  34. So maybe Hutchison can learn to pitch to the Yankees next time.

  35. Hutch. RC. What the what?

  36. I think the biggest issue for hutch is lefties rake against him. He doesnt really have the stuff to get them out consistently. He needs to refine his changeup.

    • Reason#1 why the jays still need a pitcher
      Can’t rely on hutch down the stretch without some solid backup behind him

  37. Hutchison. Ew.

  38. So it turns out Hutch is not clutch. Who’d have thought.

  39. Fucking Yankee strikes.

    I’m assuming this must have been studied quantitatively and it’s not true but it sure as hell seems like it.

    • I’d be curious to see the results of such a study. Recently a few British papers ran the results of some analysis that ManU enjoys more added time when they were losing than when they were winning – basically they were being rewarded with bonus time to tie a game, and the other team was being punished with having less time to come back in, or more time to defend.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if such advantages existed for other big-ticket franchises in other sports.

      I could also just be bitter.

  40. “You’re gonna give me a hole? I’m gonna take advantage of it.”
    - Buck Martinez

    • “Welcome back to Rogers centre its another closed game, the roof is closed at the roger centre”
      -buck Martinez

      “Canada day is …Canada day on Tuesday”
      Buck Martinez

  41. Holy fuck the television production is unbareable tonight

  42. Nice to hear the Yankees broadcast washing EE’s balls for a change.

    • I was watching a Yankees game a little while ago + they were ball washing EE + Bautista + they weren’t even playing the Blue Jays. They are homers for sure, but they do spread the love around.

      • They must have run out of things to say about Jeter!

        • I don’t think the YES guys talk up Jeter much. Unless I’m just immune to it. But that seems unlikely as I’m not really a big fan of his.

  43. Jeez Navarro…

  44. Did anyone else just hear Buck say what a great statue of Red Rogers and that he was responsible for Rogers centre and the Blue Jays?!… What the fuck.

    Have the corporate shills begun the revisionist history already?

  45. Hopefully they show us some fat girls drinking in the bar again soon

  46. Three runs isn’t a huge deficit.

  47. How is that a strike?

  48. Muni has the best approach at the plate on the team.

  49. Spirit animal!

  50. I really want to like Gose, I really do.

    But it’s just so challenging.

    • Just say no.

      • You know what I think it is with him?

        I think I heard some many great things about him for so long when he was a prospect that my expectations became incredibly inflated.

        So I just need to expect a whole lot less from him. Maybe that’s it.

        Colby forever.

        • If you lower your expectations enough you’ll never be disappointed…

          • I’m with ya.

            One of my all time favorite movie lines is from Dodgeball (yes, that Dodgeball), when Vince Vaughn says:

            “I find that by not having goals I’m never disappointed.”

  51. I dunno. It’s awfully difficult to trust someone with two first names…

  52. Jose!

  53. Unlucky there

  54. Nice hit Jose, too bad you got shorted a run.

  55. Dinger? !

  56. Melky!

  57. FUCK YEAH!

  58. Melkman delivering!

  59. Melk!

  60. Was in the kitchen making tea + heard Tabby say something about something being “firm”. So I’ll just let my imagination run away with that…

  61. Nice inning

  62. Open the Hutch and find 3 Ks.

  63. Atta boy EE

  64. Love that AB by ee

  65. The fuck is phat juan swinging at?

  66. Cmon Fat Juan

  67. Juan has got some of the best hitting coaches you could ask for in EE, Bautista, Melky and Seitzer.

    If they can’t help him, I don’t think he can’t be helped.

    There’s a lot of Pedro Cerrano in that one.

  68. I would have let hutch come out..

  69. I understand it’s the top of the order but I don’t see why we pulled Hutch to bring in this guy

  70. get him out of here

  71. i mean like… AAA

  72. Holy hell

  73. Im ok with pulling hutch but gibby has to have a better option for this inning. Santos?

  74. Well if Santos is on tonight he can get this mess cleaned up.

  75. This game was within reach. And then inexplicably….Rasmussen. Why.

  76. Rasmussen looks like Wesley from The Princess Bride.

  77. That’s OK, Spirit Animal leads off next inning!

  78. Gibbons kinda fucked up there. Rasmussen is pure shit.

    Oh well, at least now it’ll probably never happen again.

  79. Fawk I kind of feel sorry for that kid now

  80. 99% sure if no more runs this inning = Jays win

  81. Cetus nice catch

  82. Could have been worse. Also should still be 4-3. I cannot stand these walks.

  83. Could’ve been worse.

  84. Miyazaki!!

  85. Spirit animal x3

  86. If Muni’s erased on a Gose double play I’ll be pissed!

  87. I’m semi-pissed. .

  88. Sean kelly? Isnt he a righty specialist? Jays got to destroy this guy with the hitters coming up.

  89. Santos seems to have settled in behind Casey. Nice job working out of that mess. Maybe he just isn’t a 9th inning guy

  90. It’s game 80 and believe it or not our beloved have not gone into a last at-bat inning with any deficit and pulled a victory. They’ve only tied and than eventually lost 2-1 in extras in Balt on the two out Rasmus homer.

    Hard to believe based on our record. Can tonight be the night?

  91. C’mon Cheese Beard!

  92. Kitten face double

  93. Gibby feeling bold with a double steal with two outs

  94. I mean Gose can’t hit and all but…holy fuck that speed

  95. Cmon Adam, slow roller right up the middle to tie it would be great

  96. Dang it

  97. Speaking of Baltimore, Scott Downs is in to pitch for the White Sox. 2 on, 2 out. CWS up 4-0.

  98. I kinda feel like the baseball gods are having a coffe break.

  99. Uhh Gibby, you’re a pretty good manager but tonight… WTF?

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