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Holy shit! As evidenced by the post below, it was all shits and giggles at the point when the Jays went up 6-0 in this one, thanks to a Dioner Navarro home run and a Jeter-aided three-run double from Colby Rasmus. But the Yankee statue retaliated immediately, dropping a solo shot into the left field bullpen in the top half of the next inning. Not long after, things turned real ugly real quick, with the Yankees putting up five more runs of their own in a wild seventh inning. Mark Buehrle kept painting the way he’d done all game by striking out Carlos Beltran, but a Brian McCann double (on a ball painfully nearly caught by Melky Cabrera) and a Brian Roberts wall-scraper followed, bringing the score to 6-3. Buehrle got a flyout from Yangervis Solarte for the second out of the inning, but a Brett Gardner double ended his night. Dustin McGowan, looking especially shaky, and promptly walked Jeter, gave up a run-scoring single to Ellsbury on which Melky eggs erroneously threw home (though McGowan did a garbage job of backing up the catcher on the play). Mark Teixeira then nearly killed Edwin Encarnacion. He hit bouncing grounder up the middle, which Reyes — who was to the right of second base because of a shift — got to behind second base. The out-of-position shortstop twisted his body (not planting properly, perhaps because of a knee still sore from a weekend injury?), threw in the opposite direction of where he was moving, and — not for the first time on the evening — short-hopped the throw, which Encarnacion couldn’t scoop. Tough throw, tough scoop, but a play that should have been made. Worse still, Edwin tumbled a bit after stretching for the ball, and his head ended up exactly in the path Teixeira’s elbow, and the result — even apart from the two runs that scored to tie the game — looked bad. Like… concussion bad. Or, at first, ball-in-the-face bad. Gasping, heart-in-throat, season-over kind of bad. And yet he stayed in the game. He seemed groggy — he didn’t seem to realize he’d taken a walk from Dellin Betances to lead off the eighth — but he went first-to-third on a Dioner Navarro single with one out, though he ultimately didn’t score. And it was almost better that he didn’t. Casey Janssen kept the Yankees off the board in the top of the 9th, working around a Brett Gardner single, and then it was back to Reyes. Jose Reyes, who had been the subject of so much inchoate, knee-jerk, sputtering ire from a segment of Jays fans — after a rough night he got a Bronx cheer when he successfully threw out Brian McCann in the eighth — laced a fucking perfect double into the right field corner, and before you knew it, Cabrera bounced a bunt to third that was fielded by Yangervis Solarte, who sailed his throw to first, allowing Reyes to trot home as the winning run.

What a relief! What a game! What a disgrace that fans were hating on Reyes — though, yes, his play was poor, and he hasn’t been great of late — but what a game! I could say a bunch of nonsense like “this is a game that they wouldn’t have won in 2013″ or whatever mystical, magical bullshit you’re supposed to believe in when your team does a thing like this, but let’s not go nuts, and let’s maybe just let this one go. If Edwin is OK — along with Adam Lind, who fouled a ball exactly off the spot where he bruised his foot last week and nearly had to hit the DL — that’s all any of us should ever need from this one. Because that was scary. Fuck!

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  1. Weird game. I can live with that.

  2. We’re going to win the series! Fuck yeah! Too much to hope for a sweep? Here’s hoping Hutch learns to pitch at home…

  3. Reyes is last among 17 qualified shortstops in DRS (-38) and 2nd last in UZR (-13.5) over the last four seasons (2011-2014). His poor defense at SS isn’t anything new and it’s seemingly getting worse. The Jays need to be seriously considering changing positions with him by next year, both to maximize his value to the team and to limit the damage to the team’s overall defense. And if they’re really out looking for a 2B to add to the team for the stretch run, they might also want to consider extending that search to shortstops.

    • These must be the sole Sabermetric stats that Stoets denies are stats. That is the only plausible defense for him continuing to band the drum of ‘Reyes Rules’.
      Thanks for finding those stats. I’ve loved the game for 25 years, but am struggling to understand the new stats much past ‘OPS’. Am I the only one!?

    • +1

    • sorry to burst your bubble but according to drs Reyes would be getting better not worse. choosing a 4 year sample where in 2011&12 he had -11 and -12 but in 13 and 14 he hit -4.4 is pulling the get your facts first then manipulate them as you can. according to drs beltre is no longer a top defender hitting -2.

    • Unfortunately you miss the point that defense can be easily made up for – see derek jeters gold gloves – reyes is fantastic, his #s are unattractive because he came outof the gate slow and hurt but when hes healthy hes top 3 ss Iin baseball

      • You’re right Ksmith, Reyes is great. He’d be great at 2B as well. I’m with Fulmer. Not this year, but time to start considerring a move.

        • yeah sure with the team makeup that could easily make sense – if theres a SS you’d rather add than a 2b because we need a middle infieler…or 3b cause lawrie…

          but i would be fine keeping Reyes there if the alternate is true (its easier to add a 2b that you like) because he is a great asset even if his D is a bit below average

          alsooo getting some grass in the dome would likely help him……

    • … And over that same span he has been worth 13.1 WAR. He’s not good defensively, and maybe that’s magnified with Juan Francisco playing next to him, but he obviously makes up the difference at the plate, and on the basepaths.

    • His DRS and UZR haven’t been on the happy side of 0 since 2007, so it’s not like this is just the last 4 years – though he was admittedly atrocious in 2011 and 2012. Reyes may not be a perfect SS, but what we see is what he has been for a long time now.

      Rather than look for a new SS and move Reyes to 2B – while not opposed to the idea – the Jays should consider helping Reyes to stop being dumb and slinging the ball on the run when there’s no need to. I love Reyes, but the throw which caused Parrot to get smoked was completely unnecessary.

    • Everyone in baseball knows that Reyes defence is ordinary, not great, not awful, but ordinary. He’s there for speed and offence.

      Jeter looked bad last night too, if you recall, and he’s a first vote HOFamer.

  4. I’m still worried about EE. He had no business staying in from what I saw.

    • I thought it was a disgusting decision to leave him in.

      This is being discussed elsewhere on the interwebs, so I won’t beat a dead horse. But this is the second time in 6 months that I have seen a Toronto sports player (also see Lowry in a Raptors game <>) left in when clearly they should have been taken out.

      And before all the other non-doctors hate on me for giving a medical view when I’m not a doctor and rant about how the team has more of an interest in his health than I do, I simply say that there is little harm (maybe aside from 0.X of a win) from taking him out of the lineup for the rest of the game to ensure he is okay.

      • Not being a doctor aside, you werent even in the same room as the guy and you’ve diagnosed him even a doctor would have no idea what the right decision was from the information you have.
        It’s possible that it was the wrong decision, but its also obsurred to assume that it was given our lack of information.

        a couple things concussions are usually due to hits to the jaw’ which this was not, and the odds of having another hard head impact in 2 innings of baseball is well low, all things considered….let it go

        • Exactly. It’s possible it was the wrong decision. I’m not assuming anything, I’m coming to the same conclusion you appear to have.

          So why defend it? Why not err on the side of caution with any of your players, let alone your (best?) offensive player?

          In saying “let it go”, I guess you’re telling me that as a fan I should not be critical of what appears to be a possible “wrong decision”? No thanks. I think the team’s management have thick enough skin to hear it, and hear it they should. As long as people just “let it go”, you’ll continue to risk the health of people who happen to, yes, be players.

      • I like that you admit that you have next to no knowledge of this compared to the trainers who checked him out, as well as the player himself, who undoubtedly said he was OK to keep playing, and then go on and spew all that nonsense anyway.

        I’m not saying he’s fine, that he won’t get hurt badly if he plays through it the next few days or any of that, just that I’m content to leave it up to people who are far more educated and informed on the matter, and you probably should be too.

        • First you call what I say nonsense, but then say “I’m not saying he’s fine, that he won’t get hurt badly if he plays through it the next few days or any of that, just that I’m content to leave it up to people who are far more educated and informed on the matter, and you probably should be too.”

          Despite Edwin potentially not being fine, I should sit under your cone of silence because you are content? Sorry to disappoint you, but I’d rather take an interest in the health and wellbeing of Blue Jay players. The only way policies are ever likely to change – if there is any chance at all – is if people express displeasure at the on-field product or conduct. At least if I’m wrong, it would not be season or life-altering.

          • I’m not saying you can’t be upset or concerned about the well-being of a player. I’m saying that it’s probably stupid to pretend like the team that is paying his salary (whether he plays or not), to whom he is an incredibly valuable asset, and the player himself aren’t equally, if not much more concerned. It’s not like they put the decision to a fan vote. They evaluated him at the time, and everyone came to the consensus that he was fine to keep playing, despite how bad it looked to you in your living room.

      • I’m going to bet neither of us are doctors Guest.

        I’m also going to bet that how much visible pain someone is in has little bearing on whether someone has a concussion or not. For all we know he got clipped by the pointiest part of the runner’s elbow and it was all surface pain that went away after 3 minutes.

        • Fair point, sons, although I don’t think I’m relating visible pain to how the player should be treated. And I concede a lack of medical training.

          Perhaps a bad analogy (or maybe not in light of the evolving literature on concussions), but here we go: Not everyone is a lawyer, it doesn’t mean they don’t get to opine on the laws.

          Why not have something like a quiet room (as is supposed to be done in some other sports) to conduct an examination? Could something like that not be a bare minimum that would at least have some superficial credibility?

          Even Stoeten called him “groggy”. I think we can do better, people.

    • It really worried me that in his next at bat, he didn’t know the count. He walked, but didn’t immediately realize that it was ball four.

      Now, I’ll be the first to admit that it could have just been a coincidence. Lots of players forget the count or how many outs there are. So maybe it had NOTHING to do with the impact at first base. But I think it’s reasonable to be at least mildly concerned there.

      I felt better, however, when he made a few more plays at first. Seems like he was OK. But a bid dose of caution would be wise with EE.

      • The ‘concussion’ must have affected bautista too cause it showed him in the dugout and he had lost track of the count too

        • The difference, of course, is that Bautista wasn’t up to the fucking plate, douche bag. It’s far less important for someone watching from the bench to keep track than it is for the batter.

  5. Hope that Edwin is okay, he really should take a few days off to see his conditions are normal. He says he’s 100%, but get those MRI and check ups going to see if there is any lingering effect. It is a gutsy win they pulled out, hope that they can continue building on that.

    • There is currently no imaging that shows concussions. If his neck is sore, then imaging can be done but as a medical practitioner, no need for an MRI here.

      Just need to listen to his symptoms and if he has any concussion symptons (often only felt the day after), then he should rest and not try to push through it. Hitting a baseball is already one of the hardest things to do in sports, let alone trying to do it with a headache, nausea, blurred vision, concentration issues, etc.

    • I’m sure they’ve done baseline cognitive testing and that he’ll have to repeat those tests today.

      It’s not 100% by any means but it’s one of the better methods of diagnosing concussions that we have right now.

    • If history shows us anything it shows that sometimes, the result/effort of the next game has nothing to do with the result/effort of the last game. For example, take the comeback win on Friday. You’d expect the Jays to win the rest of the series, but they lost both games in lacklustre style.

      Last night’s “gutsy” win wasn’t gutsy at all. The Jays should have won that game had it not been for errors, poor defence and bad luck in the top of the 8th. Tonight’s game will have nothing to do with last night’s, though it looks good for the narrative.

  6. Great postgame. Although was it a three run double? I thought it scored as a two run single.

  7. Sure is nice to have a guy like Janssen coming in and settling shit down:)

    • That Aaron Loup isn’t half-bad, either. He’s definitely had a couple of outings where he came in and couldn’t throw strikes, but that’s not too uncommon for a reliever. IMO, he’s one of the better guys in the league at stranding runners, and he doesn’t rely on a 100mph fastball – which goes a long way when hit – or a nasty split-finger – which results in passed balls, etc. He’s all about control, moving the ball around and fooling guys with his delivery, and he’s great against righties.

      McGowan’s better than what he showed last night, but I still think they should keep him for clean innings and use Loup when there are runners on. Santos and Delabar for instances where they absolutely need a strikeout. Overall, when everyone’s doing their job, I think the Jays have the makings of a very good bullpen, with the possible exception of the longman, where Redmond has been just okay. Jenkins is too inconsistent.

  8. I just saw that throw to EE. Looked totally playable. Edwin just got the yips. And it was not a routine play anyway. Jose had very little time and his only chance was to release quick. IMO.

    • not the best throw and took a weird hop, but yeah I’d like to see him dig that anyway

      Tough play at a bad time but the big easy has been pretty solid at first, and the bat has been more than acceptable so i think we can let it slide, and good for the boys to pull out the W anyways

      • There was a throw earlier in the game he failed to dig as well. Not saying anything about the bigger picture, but he had a bit of a rough game.
        With Melky’s almost catch, Reyes’ fielding/tosses, and Colby’s two lay-outs it was an interesting game in the field.

    • It was texeria running, reyes has time to stop pick his ass and then throw the ball. bad decision by reyes, no need for a hop from that distance with that slow a runner.

      WAR is my goto stat, but really Reyes has lost one game with a lazy throw and now has nearly lost another. -1.5 actual wins. You’d think he’d remember that first loss.

  9. Did anyone check the standings this morning? First place, and the Jays picked up a game. It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. That’s all that matters. Worry about DRS and UZR when we do the post-mortem.

    • It’s possible to both be aware of the standings and the fact that Reyes’ SS defense is a concern in the short and long term. In fact, the former is part of the reason why the latter matters.

  10. I would like to bring this to the attention of Mr. Stoeten (no not your dad andrew):

    wes says:
    06.18.14 @ 9:59 PM EDT

    I bet you by this time next week they wont be, (in first place)
    bal plays ny for a set and ground will be gained, ever heard the saying check yourself before you wreck yourself, well they better,
    and.I watch every fucking pitch of every game so ya I know what the fuck Im talking about.

    When Tolleson is your best bench player your not a first place team.

    ksmith says:
    06.19.14 @ 7:56 AM EDT

    when you lose this bet will you shut up forever? because you’re an idiot

    Now that he is officially wrong, can we make a note and ban this clown so the next time the jays lose two straight we don’t all have to hear about how quickly the sky is falling?

  11. It was interesting how Jeter was the goat then came up in the next inning and hit a HR. Reyes makes a brutal play to let the Yankees back in it and he’s the guy with a lead-off double and scoring the winning run (don’t think it was his first AB after the error?).

    Baseball gives you so many chances to fuck up and so many chances to redeem yourself. I love it.

  12. not to jinx things but the pitcher the White Sox are throwing at the Jays on Thursday looks like total garbage…what’s the point of having Chris Sale etc. if you can’t even field a full rotation? Is this guy even stretched out, he hasn’t started in over a month:

    • The Jays are countering with Happ. I’m not sure whether the CWS’ blogs are quivering with fear. I’m going to bet the over for that one.

  13. Don’t get the wagon in front of the horse…those are usually the pitchers that give us a hard time

  14. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but the Yankees were using the same set of signs all night. I don’t usually pick up on stuff like that, but McCann’s sequence was pretty easy to pick out, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. First sign signaled which sign to look for (i.e. one finger, next sign, three fingers, three signs down, etc.). Then that sign was the one to look for. One finger was fastball (no tricks with the location, either), two was the slider, and three was the changeup. All. Night. Long.

    Obviously, I’m not the man in white, but I would have loved to be flashing those signs to the Blue Jays batters.

    • Most teams are the same except when there is a runner on second who can pick the signs. Only when the other teams suspect a “man in whilte” do they switch the signs. A couple of teams did that last year at Rogers when the suspicion was there.

      1 finger is ALWAYS the FB, pretty much for every team when there is no one on second. No secret there.

  15. Great win. McGowan stunk – it happens. Speaking of stinky pen arms, when is Jenkins being demoted?

    Let’s go AA you got’a sign Hoffman and Pentecost next couple weeks!!!!

    What the hell is wrong with Reyes and his throws to 1B? It started in that hot streak quashing gaff vs KC (Reyes had the final out of the game winner in his glove and turf’d his put out to EE). Over and over he side arms the throw when he has plenty of time. He makes me nervous every time he touches the ball.

    Any hoo, great hard fought win, vs Yanks too. Awesome. Let’s sweep’em.

    • Relax about the draft picks. Lots of pool money there. No reason they won’t sign.

      And Jenkins has been pretty good much more often than not, FYI.

  16. watching that game last night made me rush to my computer and vote derek jeter into the all star game 35 times

  17. “I can live with that” = “Meh”.

    Where’s the enthusiasm boys? We need a new motto. How about “FUCKYAAA!” ?

  18. So in nearly 3 weeks the Jays had their 6-game lead evaporate – down to 0.5 games. If they go on another little run, they can have that lead right back quickly.

    While it’s easy to lose our piss over this team having extended shit creek action going on, let’s not forget how truly weak this division is. Good pitching has bad streaks. Good hitting has bad streaks. There’s a reason teams play 162 games.

    • I don’t think it ever reached 0.5. I think 1.5 is as close as anyone’s been in a while.

      • I believe you’re right. Point stands though that this team can be cold for 3 weeks and only allow a team to cat h up by 4.5 games, including being swept by the Yanks, and they can easily get that lead back in one week.

        • oh ya sorry i agree, just was adding to your point

        • Also shows how many wins the jays banked in may

          • You know the old saying:

            Wins in May, allow for a drop off of play .. but keep you in first place.

            Or … something like that? I dunno Im not good at poetry

            • Break away in May
              Buffoons in June
              Sky high in July
              Hottest in August
              Contender in September

        • let’s also remember that while the lead may have been down to 1.5 games – both the Orioles and Yankees have played 3 less games due to rain-outs. The Jays are 2.5 and 3.5 games up but have 4 and 5 more wins than either team respectively. Wins in hand are a great thing.

  19. Pop quiz: Who was the last jays shortstop to concuss the teams top slugger with a bad defensive play?

  20. I love EE to bits.

    I love Reyes, but could take a moment every now and then to set his his feet on throws when there is more time on play that he first realizes.


    • I argued with a guy last night about this.
      He was pissed at Reyes not planting when he had plenty of time to do so.
      I said EE still shoulda been able to scoop the ball.
      The throw was in the dirt but online.
      Didn’t convince him but he may have been biased ( he plays first)

      • Reyes was on the 2B side for a shift…… any time a SS has to go to there right on a bounding ball they have to unload in a hurry, that’s just what he has been taught to do it for 15 years of his professional career.

        He couldn’t see the play until it could have been potentially too late.

        The throw was on line, Reyes did his job.

        I also put the blame (errors happen, but if I had to pick) on EE for the late inning loss to KC a few weeks back. This is the bigs, if it’s on line you gotta be able to scoop.

        • Yeah but the point that was made to me, it was Texeria batting.Not exactly a speed demon and while Reyes was playing the shift, my friend pointed out that the twist and throw wasn’t neccessary,he had plenty of time to plant and throw.
          Again, he plays first so he’s biased.

          • Tell your friend that if he or EE scooped at a high MLB level none of this is an issue.

            • guys play first base when they’re too shitty to play anywhere else.
              tell your friend he’s probably not very good.
              unless he’s outrageously tall, then he might be ok and they stick him there so that no one can miss him even if they tried.

              • Former elite player at the youth level who decided to enter the real world than chase the dream.
                A little older now but knows his stuff.
                Doesn’t mean he’s right but makes valid points.

  21. Norris gave up 1 run and struck out 10 last night for NH. I’m torn as fuck

    • Man I would hate to be a manager in this situation. Do you trade your future maybes and go for it or hang on,go for the ride and hope for the best.

      • I could be in the minority, but for the sake of improving the club, I’d say Norris is the most untouchable prospect the team currently has.

        • It might be a little bit of a stretch, but he’s definitely closed the gap some on Sanchez in term of what they are, not so much what their ceilings are. Still reluctant to part with either guy

  22. I’m very much ok with giving up a 6 run lead if we win the game. So many times our Jays frustrate us with too little too late that it’s nice to see another team do it.

    That being said – please don’t give up any more 6 run leads.

  23. For everyone shitting on Reyes. First of all, fuck off please. Thanks.

    Second of all, imagine how amazing this offense will be once Reyes heats up. Look at his career stats and try and convince me that he’s not a WAY better hitter than he’s played so far this year.

    Go Jays.

    • Seconded

    • which makes the trade talks seem interesting… Rogers seems to be pushing the need for a solid UF / 2B due to the Lawrie injury. Given Lawrie’s / Reyes’ propensity for injury that need should have been addressed in the off season. The Jays lineup is strong enough and I’d would rather see 3B / 2B be plugged with Tolleson/Diaz/Kawasaki/Francisco and the Jays procure a solid #2/#3 starter rather than bringing in a Zobrist like character and not have the starter.

      If it’s an if/or situation. I’m guessing Anthopolous is working the phones now while Beeston pleads for more money from Rogers. You know the Yankees and Baltimore will improve, heck Boston will try too if there’s a sniff.

      TV Ratings are way up, and Rogers Centre is filling up. So let’s get her done!

  24. So, uh, that Henderson Alvarez guy is looking pretty, pretty good these days…

    • HR/FB%

      2011: 15.1 %
      2012: 18.1 %
      2013: 2.6 %
      2014: 5.8 %

      Hmm, I wonder why??

      FWIW, his peripherals over the past two years are not too dissimilar from what he did in 2011. Just way less home runs.

    • 3 shutouts in 15 starts? Not bad at all.

  25. Mark Buehrle is looking pretty, pretty good these days to

    • He is paid to be good, Henderson is doing it for “free” in baseball dollars. I kind of judge players on their salaries, its why Reyes has been more irritating to me than for example having Gose have brain farts or overmatched at bats. Everyone expects more from someone the more they get paid for a job relative to others doing the same job. I wish I could sign a contract at work for the next five years that pays me no matter what.

      I love watching Reyes and Buehrle don’t get me wrong, but I expect them to be good and they are paid to be good.

      • This is pretty much exactly why older players become under-appreciated. Reyes makes a lot of money for two reasons. A) he’s awesome, and B) he’s been around for a long time and spent a lot of time making relatively little money considering how much he contributed to his team. His on-field value didn’t change when he hit arbitration and it didn’t change when he hit free-agency. The overall value a player provides to a team decreases as his salary increases, but it shouldn’t change your expectations for what he provides on the field.

        • Well said. I love what Buerhle is doing this year I am just commenting on the fact that Alverez is doing great at a fraction of the cost. Given the payroll shit of the off season it does have some relevance in terms of what if.

      • Unless you are footing the bill why in hell would you care?

        • I am not footing the bill, i hope you know that. Money is a finite thing and Henderson on our team would mean more for another pitcher if it was put back in the team.

      • This isn’t a fantasy baseball team. We’re a contender so you should judge players on their performance.

        I know that it’s weird being able to think about things other than value after so many years. I’m just getting used to it myself. I’m even (almost) learning to appreciate Dickey’s solidly average pitching despite the fact that he was supposed to be an ace.

        Actually no, I can’t appreciate that yet, but at least he’s not a tire fire. No sense crying over Alvarez and co. If we make it this year, Buehrle and Reyes will be big reasons why.

  26. Man – I’ve never watched Dalton Pompey live but from youtube clips he’s got a great swing from both sides of the plate. Looks like a major leaguer though obviously he’s still a long ways off.

  27. This post-game certainly isn’t half-assed.

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