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It was a baseball game.

Hutchison could have pitched better but was OK. The Jays could use Bautista and Lawrie back. They could use adding a reliever or two, for sure, and an infielder, probably more than they even need a starting pitcher. Rob Rasmussen can’t be relied on. Some things went the Jays’ way, more things went the Yankees’ way. I dunno.

I guess not pinch hitting for Adam Lind against the left-handed Matt Thornton in the seventh was a thing? Surely more complicated than the FYRE GOBBONS brigade would lead you to believe, I’d bet, but… still… yeah… not something you really want to see, either.

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  1. +1 Stoets. Am I the virgin?

  2. Sanchez needs a start. Just for fun let’s see him. Maybe he gets hard for the chance. Please discuss. I’m thinking Sunday pushing everyone back a day.

    • Well if he’s getting worked over in AAA I don’t particularly like his chances against the Yanks.

      Redmond isn’t the next coming or anything but he looks downright spot-startable.

  3. I haven’t had the chance to listen to a Jays game start-to-finish in almost a week. Wish I could have at least caught the first two games of this series.

    Was Loup not available today? Had he pitched the day before or something? I’m not sure Rasmussen is the guy they want coming out of the ‘pen late in a close game.

    • Loup did pitch the day before, but they probably wanted to give him some rest.

  4. Would have liked to see them pinch hit for Lind, but Tolleson and Bautista both weren’t available, so if you use Glenn, that only leaves Thole on the bench.

  5. Uh oh. Looks like tension in the Jays clubhouse:

  6. They need a reliever and an infielder more than a starting pitcher? Boy you must be on dog food

  7. I hear dog food is good stuff but right now they’re going through a streak of decent starting pitching and subpar offense and relief pitching. They could use a lot of things though.

    The infielder need sticks out for me, at least that would provide more stability especially when Lawrie is back, while the rotation is stable but mediocre. Then you have Redmond Jenkins and Rasmussen (who replaced a not that close to as good as last year Cecil – not to mention Delabar) in the same bullpen. They’re getting by for now, but the holes are obvious and go beyond the rotation.

  8. Anyone know what’s up with Tolleson? “Deteriorating vision”?

    • Found it…

      “Blue Jays utility man Steve Tolleson was unavailable for Wednesday night’s game vs. the Yankees because he has been experiencing some problems with his eyes over the past couple of days. Tolleson, who underwent Lasik eye surgery in 2009, has been dealing with some blurry vision, and while he’s tried glasses, contacts and eye drops, a solution has not yet been found.

      Tolleson visited the eye doctor every day this week and has an appointment with a cornea specialist on Thursday. He remains optimistic that that might be a simple solution to his problem and that there isn’t a more serious issue currently going on.”


    • Not to be a reactionary idiot, but why would you have a procedure like this done in the middle of the season?

      • not sure what procedure you’re talking about, but presumably you’d do something “like that” in an emergency.

        • Lasik isn’t usually emergency surgery, is it? Everyone I’ve ever known who has had it, had it as an elective surgery, and these problems with it are frequent.

          • I would think that if your job depends so crucially on your eyes, you’d 1st go to the tried and true sports goggles before you’d mess around with Lasik. Anyone can look up problems with Lasik surgery and find stuff. I hope he can get a fix but the horror stories I’ve heard generally have to do with chonic problems once they start.

      • It was done in 2009.

  9. Price and Zobrist. Just sayin’

    • No one would disagree with you that they’d be awesome.
      Just, you know, it’s pretty much impossible.

      • I’m not sure it’s impossible. I do think it’s unlikely. I also think it’s very expensive. But at some point something serious needs to be done to take these guys over the edge. I get that they thought they had done that in the winter of ’12-13. But it turns out they didn’t do quite enough. We’re one trade away but that trigger does need to be pulled shortly

        • I was going to pull a Stoeten here and just say “No”
          But instead I’ll say: Maybe they did do enough. They are currently in first place, have the 3rd or 4th best record in baseball and the second best offense in baseball. Also, what you’re proposing remains pretty much impossible for a whole number of reasons

          • And I’ll argue with you as I would with Stoeten. We’ve had a lot of good luck in the games so far. That’s not to say we haven’t played well and it’s not to say that the luck can’t continue. But I don’t think the team can sustain another three months with the pieces that we have. I’m sure AA is working the phones like a champion. I hope he can get a deal done. Going into the off-season everyone wanted another starter and a 2nd baseman. In my opinion we still need both of those. I hoped that Goins would stick at 2nd but he didn’t and we have a wobbly infield. Hutchinson and Stroman are on innings counts I believe. Morrow may be done for the year. And then he’s gone. Dickey is not the ace we hoped we’d get. He’s a decent pitcher but when he’s off he’s really off. Happ is a reasonable #5. Other teams have similar problems but it would be better if we sorted our problems out first and fast.

            • I too would like to see them improve. But they are already the best team in the division.
              It’s actually the OTHER teams that have been lucky so far. look at the pythagorean W/L

            • Okay then.

              Let’s treat this as a serious proposal.

              How much would the Rays ask for to trade Price and Zobrist to a division rival?

              Sanchez, Norris, Osuna, Barreto, and Nay? Is that about right?

            • Hutchison and Stroman are not on innings limits.

    • Zach Wheeler, Daniel Murphy and Carlos Torres. Just Sayin’

  10. Re: not pinch hitting for Lind, even if you believe it to be the best tactical move to bring in Brad Glenn there (and it might have been), you’d still be a manager telling an eight year veteran with a .925 OPS that you have so little faith in his ability against a lefty in a big situation that you’d rather put in a guy who’s never seen a big league pitch in his life. We don’t know how much of being a manager involves dealing with egos and what not, but this seems understandable at least.

    • Well, I would say to that guy with the .925 OPS (this season, .794 career) that his 1.012 OPS against righties is incredible and that we need him for that production. His .333 OPS against lefties this season = maybe not all that good?

    • What is his 8 year .OPS vs lefties? .597 Get used to being lifted in high leverage situations Lindy.

      • Yeah, I don’t disagree. We know he can’t hit lefties, Gibbons knows he can’t hit lefties, and HE knows he can’t hit lefties. Just saying there might be more to managing in a situation like this than meets the eye statistically.

        • I’m sure that there is… I think that you generally have to remove the guy who gets out 77% of the time in that situation, though.

  11. @JonHeymanCBS: chisox DFA scott downs. so veteran lefty out there.
    Bring him back AA

    • He’s been pretty awful this season and pretty mediocre last season, but… I’m on-board with this. He can’t be worse than Rasmussen, right?

  12. So with tollesons vision issues if it needs more help does be go on the dl or temporary inactive list?

  13. Just was vulturing around the crummy teams and taking a look at what might be available in terms of bats, thought it was worth sharing in case anyone wants to have a discussion about trade targets.

    “Elite” pieces:
    Jose Altuve


    Alexei Ramirez
    Starlin Castro
    Daniel Murphy

    Seth Smith

    “Second tier” pieces:

    Gordon Beckham
    Martin Prado
    Aaron Hill
    Ben Zobrist

    Bench bat/DH
    Justin Morneau

    Drew Stubbs
    Marlon Byrd
    Ben Revere


    MOR / Spare parts / flawed players

    Darwin Barney

    Dayan Viciedo

    I think I’m actually most interested in adding Marlon Byrd or Ben Revere, and if we could line up some kind of super trade with the Phils that included one of their pitchers or Utley, that’d be terrific.

    Revere actually has a career-long reverse split that favors him against lefties, which is interesting. He could be the thing that we want Gose to be – a super-sub who can spell any of the three guys in the OF, decent with the glove, not killing you at the plate, can hit lefties, would allow one of the OFs to DH some days.

    • If the Rangers trade Beltre, that might not cost so much, since he’s got a pretty hefty contract.

      On the other hand, Beltre’s numbers are probably inflated by hitting in Texas. And Lawrie probably wouldn’t take too kindly to being shifted permanently to 2B.

      • I think Lawrie could deal with it, especially due to the fact that his numbers as a 3B put him pretty low down the list. His numbers at 2B are tolerable.

        I love the kid’s defense out there and I’d love for him to figure it out at the plate, but if Beltre comes reasonably, I am taking him and never looking back. The dude is a monster. His numbers may be inflated by Texas but he wouldn’t exactly be leaving Arlington for PETCO.

        BTW Beltre’s career #s at Rogers Centre: .270 /.342 / .511 / .853

        Pretty much in line with his career #s period, with a big uptick in slugging.

        • I would be shocked if Beltre is actually on the trading block. Texas stinks this year but it’s mostly due to injury. I can’t see them tearing it down.

    • Think payroll is an issue. Taking on big contract would mean cash coming back which means big prospect haul ie Sanchez Norris. Will AA sell farm and go for it this year and next trying to get guys like price shark lee Hamels Utley beltre Rollins papelbon street? It’s a tough call

      Think it’s more likely and a better idea to try to keep Sanchez Norris and go for the more affordable decent pickups like Hammels Kennedy bastardo sd relief pitchers, hill Ramirez beckham marlon Byrd Seth smith types while trying not to take on too much payroll and not bankrupt farm. Sanchez and Norris could help within two years and fill out rotation when burhrle dickey morrow are gone and Bautista ee are still on the team. Jays could improve roster a lot with a sp rp inf and of from that list and may not cost as much for those 4 as it would for one star.

      • If it’s taking on payroll vs having to add a player like Norris to the trade, take on the payroll every time.

        What you do is convince the higher ups that 6 years of Norris will provide value equivalent to, say, what Ervin Santana got on the market, at a fraction of the cost. That makes it worth taking on Beltre’s money. Then there’s the intangible value of keeping a homegrown talent that the fanbase will take to.

        People don’t think that these things mean much but a generation of Yankee fans that grew up in the 80s were won for life when the team built around its own drafted core of guys.

        My numbers scenario above is wholly fictional, FYI, but you get the picture.

        • Thing is if the higher ups could be convinced there would have been fa acquisition in offseason. Revenue hasn’t gone up substantially with jays in the hunt has it?

    • A good list.
      I’ve been a big fan of Altuve, would love to see that guy in blue.

      • Unfortunately, Altuve is controlled through 2017 plus 2 option years on a reasonable contract. He’s not going anywhere.

        • I saw that and agree. I think Houston could probably be convinced but I don’t want to think about the package it would take.

  14. Padres no-hit themselves.

    How much fucking swagger does David Price have right now?

    “I’ve never been as good as I am right now, period. Not in 2012 (when he won the Cy Young Award), not in college, not in high school,” Price told ESPN. “This is the best pitcher I’ve ever been. I feel in complete control on the mound at all times,”

    How much of a boost would he give the Jays rotation. Fuckyaaaa!

  15. Someone on MLBTradeRumous mentioned Wade Miley of the DBacks as a SP trade target. The more I think about it, the more I’m getting slightly aroused by the idea.

    You could also say the same thing about Ross of the Padres, but I’m terrified about someone who looks good at Petco coming to a bandbox like the Dome.

    • Why would they trade Ross? Kennedy is the short term sp they would trade and maybe street and also Seth smith

      • Beats me. But just read a Buster Olney piece where he mentions Ross as a “cheap” trade target. Could be he’s heard something, could be he’s just throwing names out there…

  16. If the Padres wanted to trade Seth Smith and Benoit for a less glamorous package… I could live with that.

  17. priority should be to get the lowest cost 2b on JB’s list all are upgrades. 2nd priority is get a RHB to complement Lind. Keep Gose up as the 4th outfielder, he doesn’t hit much worse than Pillar and his speed and defence are difference makers. Then see the cost for a SP. Lower cost innings eater may suffice if you fill #1 #2 priorities.

    • This makes a lot of sense to me. They need to acquire some depth pieces without trading the farm away. Just getting a decent 2B and a platoon bat for Lind would go a long way.

    • I’d still rather get Revere, keep Gose down until it’s an emergency, and get another bat if possible.

  18. So rand thoughts for the week. Anyone see that Matt Smoral stat line in bluefield the other night.

    Matt Smoral – 3.0 IP, H, 3 BB, 8 K
    Something tells me after a bad 2013 that they might have him in Vancouver or Lansing this year.

    Also, I hope this is the last year that Alford pursues a football career, but highly doubt it. Even though he is wasting his time in the Rk league, when you are a year under players in the same league and putting up a .435 obp it may be time to go to to Lansing. Only so many years you can play 6 games and still be competitive.

    A.J. Jimenez seems to be hitting well as of late. I still have high hopes for this defensive first catcher. To often he is over looked.

  19. Gose looks more and more crappy. His break on balls is terrible. What the hell was he doing chasing down the pop-up past 1B into foul territory only to give up within 5 ft of the ball???? I like him on the bases, but that’s it – obviously he’s a career bench PH type. Recall Pillar if he’s not still pissed at Gibbons.

  20. I say leave Pillar right where he is until he adjusts his attitude. Gibby cannot allow that shit to fester.

  21. Can someone please find one way that Pillar is drastically better than Gose. FFS, by no means is gose an exceptional player, but he has atleast provided 1.1 in 2014 to Pillars 0.0.

    Now I understand he has had a much large PA sample.

    But ffs. People. Seriously find me a large reason to suggest that Pillar is better,5097

    Pillar cannot even draw a walk….

    When Pillar is 19 months older and shows 0 defensive advantage and remote offensive advantage I often think to people just prefer him, because he is white?

    As bad as gose is, anyone who spends all of 5 seconds looking at the positional advantage, defensive value, and sees the neutral offense between the two I cannot understand the number of people calling for Pillar.

    I am not saying Gose should be are future CF, but saying at best Gose is a 4th OF and Pillar is a AAAA…….

  22. I like Law’s take on trading in the division, “Make a good trade in your division and you’ve actually hurt your competition”…..

    bunch of jays tidbits today.

  23. Dear Anthopoulos,

    I hear David Price is a good pitcher. Please sell the farm.

    Warm regards,


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