David Price pointing his direction out of Tampa

Tuesday we looked specifically about the cost it will reportedly take to pry Jeff Samardzija from the Chicago Cubs, but with the trade deadline inching closer, the Great Shark Hunt is only a part of a much bigger conversation taking place. Unfortunately for the Jays, it’s not clear how big a place they’ll have in that conversation, at least when it comes to landing an elite starter. Samardzija is the name we’ve heard linked specifically to the Jays the most, yet he is probably the least desirable of any of the front line non-rental pitchers who may be moved over the course of the next five weeks.

Two better options that I mentioned previously, and who were mentioned in Jon Morosi’s piece about the Jays and Cubs, are Cole Hamels and David Price. They both have better name recognition and longer track records of excellence than Samardzija has, so naturally fans will gravitate toward any whispers linking them with the Jays. Fans, myself included, will easily insist that they’d accept the sort of deal the Cubs are reportedly demanding  if it were instead Hamels or Price.

I’m not sure that’s entirely fair to Samardzija. He’s been better than Hamels so far this year. He is having his third straight very good season. The reason his track record isn’t as long, despite his age, is rather understandable — he threw just 240 innings over three seasons as a baseball/football player at Notre Dame, then ended up spending a lot of time in the bullpen — and sometimes considered a point in his favour, since he has a relatively small number of innings on his arm for his age. The Cubs obviously value him very highly, too. Morosi tweeted last week that they’d offered him a five-year deal worth over $85-million, which he rejected.

He’s probably closer to the other two than many want to believe, I think, but yes, he’s clearly below them. Yet I think we all know why we aren’t hearing the Jays linked more closely to Hamels — if he’s even as available as we want to believe — and Price.

For Hamels, the reasons are fairly simple: money, age, and the fact that he may yet still be part of the next good Phillies team (or possibly because… uh… who the fuck knows what the hell that organization is ever thinking?). There’s also the fact that, per Cot’s, he has limited no-trade protection, which way too often includes the Jays, but let’s ignore that for a moment. He turned 30 just after Christmas, and on July 1st he’ll still be owed $15-million for the rest of this season, plus $22.5-million for the four seasons following (plus a $6-million buyout for his 2019 option). He’s a very good pitcher, and that money is actually pretty reasonable, given the going rates of front line starters, but we know what this ownership is like, and we know enough to not bother believing that they’d sign up to assume that kind of a contract until we actually fucking see it (again) — even if it means the Jays get to save some prospect value by simply taking the money off the Phillies’ hands, as Ruben Amaro tries to reshuffle the deck chairs around his other bloated contracts (*COUGH* Ryan Howard *COUGH*) and the fact that Cliff Lee is out hurt and not currently a trade candidate (though he did throw a bullpen session this week — and also is expensive as fuck: $37.5-million guaranteed after this one, and that’s for just one year and a buyout, pick up the 2016 option and it’s $52.5-million for two years).

There is too much to like about this possibility to even begin to think it’s remotely realistic, frankly. But hey, at least Hamels doesn’t play in the same division as the Jays. David Price does, and he is the more likely of the two to be moved, has none of the same no-trade protections, is a better pitcher, and used to the AL East (for whatever that’s worth), and is still an arbitration eligible player, meaning his contract pays much, much less — and though you very likely lose him after his age-29 season (to the Dodgers, obvs),  you get a pick back in the 2016 draft for your troubles. There’s plenty to like about that situation, clearly (apart from the astronomical cost it will take to get him), but there’s a problem: for the Jays to get him they and the Rays would need to make a rare intra-division trade.

Or… is this a problem? Hmmm…

Hey, and that sounds even better, given the not-quite-so-glowing, painfully realistic report on Sanchez that came from Baseball Prospectus today! “Easy to see very high ceiling given tools but difficult to see the package coming together,” says the report based on two games before Aaron’s promotion to Buffalo. “Reminds me a lot of A.J. Burnett in many ways; will look brilliant at times and lost at others; mid-rotation starter who will have streaks where he can shows more than that.”


So totally do it, right??? Well… not so fast.

There have been rumblings of sorts that a deal may not be so far fetched. Last week Jim Bowden wrote for that “although the Rays would no doubt prefer to trade Price outside the division (or the league, for that matter), the Blue Jays are one of the few teams that can offer the Rays exactly what they want: a potential No. 1 starter.” He then added that “a deal involving Aaron Sanchez and a throw-in for Price would probably work for both teams.”

Seems light to me, but Bowden also went on to suggest that “the Jays likely would prefer to put Marcus Stroman in the deal instead of Sanchez,” so… I’m not sure ol’ Jim and I are quite on the same page.

On a less pulled-out-the-ass note, Mark Topkin looked at the possible suitors for Price earlier this week for the Tampa Bay Times, and implored the club to trade him sooner than later, suggesting that every start he makes — like the gem he threw last night — “reduces his value because that means one fewer start he makes for his new team.”

He continues:

It’s not necessarily easy to find a team that has the right mix of premium young players, a need for an ace such as Price and the financial wherewithal to take him on. There’s the remainder of his $14 million salary this year (though the Rays could eat some in the deal), $17 million to $20 million next and then free agency, with Felix Hernandez’s seven-year, $175 million deal in Seattle a potential marker.

Also, the trade partner preferably is in the National League. Or at least not in the American League East, which could cross several potential candidates off the list.

So he doesn’t rule out Price moving to an AL East rival, but it’s very obviously not preferable in the near-term for the Rays — who still aim to be good in 2015 — to see Price pitching for a team they’re competing with, and playing against 19 times, while they continue to wait for contributions from the players received in the deal. That concern cuts both ways, of course, too. As much as the Jays would love to have Price for this season and next — and as much as I scoff at Rogers’ willingness to take on a salary like Hamels’ (even as ESPN’s Jayson Stark tweets that the Jays were one of several teams scouting the Phillies this week), I tend to suspect that with the shorter commitment and bigger name, convincing them to add payroll for Price would be more doable — the Jays don’t necessarily want to see a guy like Sanchez for six years either. Plus whoever else they may have to give up. I mean, it’s bad enough that Noah Syndergaard is in the Mets system now. Imagine having moved him to the Rays.

For Tampa, though, there’s also the concern that whichever team they move Price to will be far better equipped than they are to offer him a large enough contract extension to keep him from hitting free agency. As I said above, I don’t think it’s very likely the Jays would end up doing that, but the risk from Tampa’s perspective is nonzero, and they certainly would have a better shot at keeping him if he was already here than they would via free agency.

Add in the fact surely other teams will be making comparable offers, and it just really seems like a pipe dream unless the Rays really and truly believe in Aaron Sanchez — and the Jays are willing to offer him. Hamels does, too. And so… we get Samardzija talk. And rental talk. And talk of just slogging it out with Buehrle, Dickey, Stroman, Hutchison, and Happ, but adding some bullpen pieces, and a damn proper second- or third-baseman instead.

I can live with that.

I can live with any of it, really. We shall see what happens…

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  1. Brandon McCarthy please

  2. Cliff Lee

    • My preference:

      1. David Price. Proven in the AL and now showing very good form;

      2. The Shark. As Stoeten points out, he doesn’t have a ton of mileage on his arm and his periphials are outperforming his results so far. Also love his makeup and his compete level;

      3. Cole Hamels. Because he’s Cole Hamels;

      4. Jason Hammel or Ian Kennedy. Rental options that won’t cost a ton in terms of prospect capital;

      5. Then Cliff Lee. Love me some Cliff Lee but he’s hurt and we can’t be sure what to expect. The Jays have those guys already. Plus, he’s more likely gonna be moved in August. Oh, and dat money!

      Interesting to see if the Jays will focus on getting a 3rd baseman instead of a middle infielder? If AA can find a decent 3rd base option, why not keep Lawrie at 2nd base when he returns?

  3. The notion of not trading within the division seems a bit absurd. Seems much more likely that Sanchez, Norris and company would come back to haunt the Jays than Price haunting the Rays. He’d only be here for 1.5 years anyways, and this year is a write-off for them.

  4. I just get a strong feeling they’re not going to do fuck all

    • Be serious.

      Might not be anything major, but don’t pretend this is like any of the other times they’ve had a chance to take a shot. Except maybe the one before 2013, where they totally did a tonne of things. They traded for Happ and Lyon in a way worse position than this!

      • Yes, because AA has a history of never making big trades or trades at all. The pessimism is getting real old. They are in first place. They just took 2/3 from a division rival. They are in good shape and a few injuries away from being at full strength.

        • i’m not saying it like i’m mad or anything,
          i just think you could look at this team, injury free, and feel confident they’d compete regardless.
          all of them, except maybe rasmus are back next year, and your fifth starter doesn’t even go in playoffs anyway, they likely have a good shot as is, and keep their AA and AAA arms for next year and do it all again

          • Can’t assume no injuries though. Have to prepare the rotation for the potential loss or regression of any of them. The drop off in talent if one of these guys goes down is pretty far. I agree with you, if everything breaks right, the team could keep there talent and compete. But seldom does everything break right.

          • Don’t forget the melkman. With Rasmus and melky both free agents next year we could lose 2/3 of our starting outfield in one off-season. I can live with Gose replacing one but Gose and pillar replacing Rasmus and melky is a scary thought.

  5. If the Jays were going to go Ace-hunting I think I’d prefer Andrew Cashner. More control (FA in 2017), younger and I like his peripherals (Petco be damned). Might come a little cheaper prospect wise but who knows what the Padres are thinking these days.

    All told I think I’d prefer a tier 2 option (McCarthy, Kennedy maybe even Hammel) because I I’m not sure the long-term control/potential of Sanchez/Norris et al. is worth sacrificing. Like all trade speculation it’s just a matter of what the Jays would have to give up.

    • Would be great if not for the fact that it’s not happening. Also: injury risk. And cheaper? With more cheap control?

      • Your not paying tier 2 price for Hamels. As bad as the management is in Philly, and they are bad, I think they would require more for Hamels than SD would for Kennedy or AZ would for McCarthy.

      • I think Cashner/Price/Shark/Hamels are all long shots I’m just speculating that Cashner might not take as much to pry away (but who knows) with less of a track record/name recognition. He’s on the DL again so probably a moot point.

        And yeah cheaper – $2.4 in first year of arb.

        • SD is a mess right now. Quentin, Headley and Street probably go this year. No incentive to move Cashner this year.

          • You’re probably right on SD not being motivated to move Cashner but you never know how deep the rebuild will be. Latos serves as precedent.

  6. Law commented today on jays Norris, Pompey, and Sanchez for Samardzija?
    (1:19 PM)

    They won’t do that.
    (1:20 PM)

    Whether they should depends largely on whether winning this year is paramount.”

  7. Jhoulys Chacin.

  8. Flags fly forever. I don’t know much about Sanchez but if he amounts to AJ Burnett and the Jays make the playoffs with Price two years in a row, I would be okay with parting with him and watching him pitch for Tampa.

    One thing to keep in mind is that from a business perspective (I know this is looking at it through Yankee colored glasses) teams make a lot more money when playing meaningful baseball into October. If the Jays make the playoffs two years in a row, Rogers may be more willing to float them money after Price leaves to add a FA arm instead of just relying on drafted or traded for arms. I know FA arms are not as likely to sign here because of the nonexistent 5 year rule but they might. Guys want money and Toronto has it. The Dodgers can only sign so many starters.

    Its nice to have guys locked up like Sanchez for 6 years at discounted rates but this team is not going to look remotely the same in 6 years so it may not matter if they have him or not. Win now!

  9. You raise a lot of great points. You’d have to think (or hope, anyway) that any conversation AA has with Beeston and Rogers regarding Price would also have SOME kind of mention of “and in a perfect world, I’d sign the guy beyond 2015, too”. But definitely, I don’t see intra-division trading as the roadblock some make it to be; if you’re wrong, and trade Tampa a guy that becomes the next David Price, you have to live with that, too, for a long time. So, there’s risk on both sides. The risk for Tampa is that they won’t be this bad for very long, so do they want to compete at the top of the division with the Jays throwing Price at them 2 or 3 times a season.

  10. One stop shopping at Wrigley?

    Hammels + Valbuena?

    Wouldn’t cost a ton in dollars or prospects.

  11. After reading the title, I expected the post to be 2 words long: Payroll Parametres.

    • If those in place again fuck Rogers

    • SoCalJay nailed it: the pessimism is getting awfully old.

      • Sure, it’s pessmistic, but it’s also warranted. Isn’t the last we heard re payroll that a hat was being passed around for Santana?

        • Nope last that came out was if the move makes sense Jays can add payroll at the deadline.

          • But if you asked Beeston, the money’s always been there, etc. etc. The Santana thing spoke way louder than any reiteration of “the money is there”.

            • If you recall, we had just finished dead last in the AL east in the off season so the front office had no confidence, no matter how dumb that kind of was.

              But now we’re in first and have the best playoff odds in the division. If now were time for front office to double down, it would be now, for an increased chance at playoff revenue.

              • I suppose, but the BEST time to double down would have been during free agency, when only dollars would have been spent. Now we’re looking at increased payroll AND depleted farm system. Would love to be proven wrong, but I think it’s fair to be very cynical about Rogers’ willingness to increase payroll.

            • Different story now. In the spring this team had done nothing on the field after the huge payroll bump. Now they’re in first place and legit contender. I can see Rogers changing their thinking on payroll now.
              Besides, AA thought he had a deal with Santana.

              • Is it at all possible that ‘Rogers’, completely sold on the AA/Beeston pitch in 2013; withheld funds for a risky,middling $15M arm this off-season?
                Maybe they thought the pressure was getting to a young GM due to the poor results in 2013 and saved him from himself, knowing that adding payroll early wasn’t the tactically sound move?
                As much as I enjoy Rogers bashing, people who run large corps aren’t stupid or prone to rash behaviour.
                Just sayin’

  12. Dear Anthopoulos,

    I hear David Price is a good pitcher. Please sell the farm.

    Warm regards,


    • For Price, hell yeah. Do it. Give them what they want. Price + health + continuity of current trends gets the Jays to the playoffs. People need to get over prospects. There fun to dream on but I want to live in reality. Reality: Team is in First Place and could use Price.

      • How often do prospects actually pan out? Norris, Sanchez and Pompey would be a difficult package to see go, but if it meant David Price, I’d get over it.

        • Price would be a no brainer if possible, but since he probably isn’t i would go for hammels as a rental. His peripherals are actually not bad over his career and his era is finally matching it.. You can’t expect a fip of 3 going forward but I’d be delighted with 3.5. Would Pompey get that done?

          • Even if we give up a future all star for Price, who cares. Does anyone care we gave up a HOF candidate for Cone? I’m tired of meaningless months in the fall. JB and EE ain’t getting any younger. Bet the farm.

  13. Love to see Ian Kennedy come over- but SD has no GM…ugh.

    Price is obviously the ideal piece here, if at all possible, so let’s just keep on keeping the dream on- cuz it’s fun. They could probably snag a bullpen piece there too if they expand the deal.

    I’m just in the “anyone but Happ” camp. Take a flyer on a guy that is a rental or had previous success who is straight up shitting the bed right now. I’d argue that Happ’s starts are coin flips at best- which can be said for almost any marginal pitcher at this point.

    Championship teams need to be lucky- and get role players at peak performance and then replaced before they start to get shit again see: JuanFran. Perhaps there’s someone out there that would be reinvigorated by a change of scenery or a playoff race, that we can ditch at the end of the season, or make a non-factor when we go down to a three man rotation in the playoffs:)

    Price would be nice- with like Sean Rodriguez and Jake McGee for good measure?

    Rambling here but prediction:

    Future Jays: Jason Hammel, Neal Cotts, Joakim Soria, and something weird like Marlon Byrd & Ronny Cedeno

    • Kennedy would get slaughteref in this division and ballpark. Pass….unless the cost is minimal ….then shit yeah!

  14. I’d prefer an infielder at this moment. Beltre over any starter, would be ideal.

    • Are you thinking leaving Beltre at third when Lawrie returns and moving The Brett to second full time? Thats a pretty good infield if so.

    • You are the General Manager of your Toronto Blue Jays. You are sleeping at home. You are awoken by a frantic pounding at the door. As you open it, you see a disheveled Jon Daniels. His skin looks pale and dirty. Half of his hair is missing and he has a haunted expression. He seems skittish, as if he’s ready to flee. He informs you that he has to deal Adrian Beltre and Yu Darvish, and wants to know what you can offer him. You sense that you will only have one chance at this; the wrong answer will send him into the night. What do you offer?

      • The farm

        • Jon Daniels face grows steadily more coloured. Through the spectrum of red until your can see the heat radiating from his skin. A film of foamy spittle covers his mouth and he begins clenching and his hands. You realize he hasn’t been breathing as he sinks to his knees. He slowly topples sideways, all the while keeping your eyes locked in his gaze. As he expires on your porch, you understand that he needed to be offered some ML players as well. The End.

  15. With Buehrle’s contract up at the end of next year, and Morrow likely up at the end of this year, and maybe even Rasmus walking (who really knows) the Jays potentially have a fair bit of money coming off the books soon.

    While Rogers’ track record of shelling out coin is largely laughably pathetic, I don’t see how money could be an issue for the likes of Hamels, or even a possible Price extension if the Jays somehow managed to trade for him.

  16. Tampa seems to be very good at developing young pitchers with “potential”.

    If they were to use their magic pixie dust to harness Sanchez’s stuff and erase his propensity for walks, that would definitely hurt.

    But I still have no problem with trading him for an elite starter and winning now.

    • There is no magic pixie dust, Price was 1st overall if I am not mistaken? What magic do you need to select the best pitcher in the draft? Unless your the Pirates, then your fucked. Tampa is good now but they used to suck and draft really high.

      • I’m not referring to Price.

        I’m referring to the arms they continue to trot out who were not anywhere near first round picks and anything but sure things.(Archer, Moore, Cobb).

  17. I’m telling you- Brett Anderson. He’ll be back by all-star break. They clearly wanted him during the off-season. His injury this time around was the result of being hit on the finger by a pitch. Taking a flier on him couldn’t hurt. And wouldn’t cost nearly the prospect capital. Maybe you add him and then find someone else as well. People talk about Brandon McCarthy. I haven’t heard that he is available. I have no issue with them going after Samardzija. However, I am of what I assume to be the very small minority who would deal Hutchison for Samardzija (along with others obviously). If they could add Anderson and Samardzija to the top of the rotation without giving up Stroman or Sanchez and possibly also get Morrow back later on, they’d be in a much better position,

    • Jays don’t have time to screw around with Anderson

      • Agreed, If I was a millionaire I wouldn’t shop for a used car on kijiji with a slipping transmission, I would go straight to the BMW dealer and buy the nicest one.

        Price or nothing…give them Sanchez and get a real 2B and go get our WS Title back.

  18. I seem remember Drew saying this on a podcast awhile back regarding Lee, but when it comes to Price if I were the Jays I would phone the Rays and say ‘heres our organizational roster, pick any three names (from rookie ball up to AAA including Gose) and we have a deal.’ Sadly though, I still don’t see that as a deal that couldn’t be beaten by various other teams in need of a #1.

  19. Do it,

    I gotta think getting price would send a message to the players that this is the year.

  20. so, honest question, assuming they acquire a starter, whats the roster move?
    can’t imagine Happ would be too thrilled to trot out to the bullpen, and he’s under contract for a few years, Hutch and Stroman have more than held their own, obviously buerhle and dickey aren’t going anywhere,
    so do you also have to trade happ?
    or just tell him to suck it up

    • I think Happs feelings might be the last thing AA is worried about when trying to deal for an Ace.

      But throwing him into the package would be a nice way to solve the problem, if adding him to a package even helps i prove the trade…

    • Gibbons can just shame him to AAA like he did with Pillar.

      • Gibbons may shame outfielders to AAA but lest we forget, he doesn’t take shit from pitchers. GibbyTHeBEst

        • I wonder if off the record they actually expect anything from Morrow ever again.
          I mean you always find room for talent,
          but i dont see what any of the other four have done to lose their spot

    • When in the history of baseball did anybody give a shit what JA Happ thought?

  21. Can see the rays trading price to the jays despite being in same division for following reason …

    When price hits free agency ..he could very well sign with the sox or yanks anyway

    Given that .. Rays best approach would be to trade him for the best return regardless… This year for them is a write off

  22. If Sanchez became AJ Burnett 2.0, isn’t that a pretty good outcome?

    • Yes it is. But Isn’t winning a world series a better outcome?

      • Obviously, it is SoCal. I just found it curious that the scout’s take on AJ (and the comparison to Sanchez) seemed to be a bit negative.

        • The Mechanics section was negative but the Fastball section concluded with “devastating pitch” and curveball with “second high-end offering”.

    • That’s a great outcome . Any team would take 5 AJ Burnett level starters

      Has anyone here actually seem Norris pitch. ?

      His stats are impressive but so are Matt Boyd’s

  23. Mentioned this in the last post, and I’m intrigued by the idea of getting Wade Miley from Arizona, as suggested by Onley and on MLBTradeRumours. Fair question as to WHY they would trade him (no grit) but him and Prado, even with Prado having a sucky season, would look like a good fit…

  24. I doubt Rogers will cheap out if they really believe there’s a playoff spot on the horizon. Attendance is down from last year but the team is winning. Attendance will increase if they continue to do well and if they get to the playoffs this year, attendance next year will be substantially raised. Cheaping out just doesn’t make business sense.

    I’ve long coveted Price. He would definitely be my favourite in that bunch and if I recall correctly he has killed us at the RC on many occasions so no worries about his pitching there. Trading within the division might be unusual but it’s not unknown. Hell, we got rid of…er…I mean traded Yonel Escobar there a couple of years ago. Not that Escobar is Price, and I know the circumstances are very different but it’s still an in-division trade. It depends on what AA is prepared to give up. At this point I think and hope he would give up a lot. The team is closer to the post-season than it has been since 1993. There are 2 WC places available. If the team really begins to pick up revenue then it is reasonable to assume that the payroll will increase. Which means that the team may be able to afford players that until now have been out of reach. We spend a lot of time slagging off Rogers. I’ve done my fair share. But the team has been an assiduous and committed under-performer for more than 20 years. I cannot blame Rogers for being at the head of the Show-Me line.

  25. Someone should send AA a list of blue-chip prospects who amounted to nothing. Y’know, just as a reminder.

  26. You sort of don’t want to see Sanchez go, because you need the prospects to sustain success in the future. If you blow up the farm this year, what will we have to trade next year when we’re also in the thick of things? Answer: not a whole lot.

    On the other hand: a few seasons ago the Washington Nationals were in a similar situation, Strasburg was great, and the question was whether the Nationals should just ignore Strasburg’s innings limit and just go for it that year. The Nationals opted to bench Strasburg for the playoffs in hopes of future success. How did that play out? The Nats proceeded to miss the playoffs the following year, and this season they’ve been pretty mediocre, leading a bad NL East by 1.5 games. And Strasburg? He’s been good, but mortal, since then, and his 3.70 ERA this season has kept him out of any serious Cy Young discussion (though admittedly the peripherals say he should be better).

    So what do you do? Do you go for it this season and not worry about the future? It is a bit of a crapshoot once the playoffs come, though at this point in time it would be hard to believe any one or two players is really going to put us over the A’s. Still, a playoff run would do wonders to energize the Jays finances. Do you worry about the future and use this season as a building block for a serious run next year? Bautista is 34 next year. Still young enough to be a good slugger, but he’s on the wrong side of 30. The Nats proved you can’t assume anything about “next season.”

    • Sitting him was one of the stupidest philosophies in memory .

      There was NO data to support their position other than to say that never throwing another pitch pretty much eliminates the chance of injury

      • The athletes themselves have a great deal of say in this as it is their careers and millions of dollars they “could” be jepordizing. I’m pretty sure if I remember correctly Stasburg wanted to pitch, there were differing opinions within the Nats organization over whether he should pitch and Boras of course was a STRONG NO.

        Bryce Harper was also cleared to play at one point this year and said he waanted to rest.
        I believe he also was given team doctors advice to do surgery on his knee last year but he chose to try to recover with time and rest instead.

        It’s their choice and though it’s hard as a fan to stomach it really should be their choice.

        Sigh, remember the good old days when they’s give you a cortizone shot and tell you to throw with a torn labrum?

    • Right. 1.5 seasons of Price and two playoff runs or keep Sanchez and see him become the next version of Roy Halladay. An ace pitcher on a team going nowhere. Go get Price AA and Zobrist too if ya can.

  27. @Ken_Rosenthal: Sources: #BlueJays exploring market for IFers. Kawasaki/Tolleson platoon at 2B, Francisco .600 OPS in June, poor numbers vs. lefties.

  28. @Ken_Rosenthal: #BlueJays could upgrade at second or third and play Lawrie at either spot when he returns. Team wants SP, but open to any form of upgrade.

    • This is nothing new . AA basically said this himself a while ago .

      The question is who is available and at what cost ?

      With the extra wildcard , hardly anyone is out of it .

      Market is unlikely to heat up for weeks .

      It’s important to tread water and remain within 3 games or so of first till that time

  29. Don’t we have enough money coming off the books next year to offer Price something over 20 Million?

    Yes, we absolutely do, given that Mark Buehrle (at least) is coming off the books. The only year Rogers would have to accept increasing payroll for would be 2015 – and you could easily reduce that to zero by letting go of Morrow and Colby, which, while not ideal, is probably worth it for one of the best pitchers in baseball.

    If the price is honestly “just” Sanchez + I’d do it in a second. And then again a few seconds later.

  30. Price for Sanchez and throw in, say Pompey, all day long.

    • That i could definitely get behind, but adding norris especially since he’s seemed to have fixed his control problems makes me rather apprensive.

    • Pompey is hardly a throw in, but I agree. I would totally make that deal. However, I really doubt that is enough.

  31. Got my Parrot shirt last night.

    I’d love to add a “The Price is right” shirt to the collection.

    Get on it AA.

    And start working on the design Stotes.

  32. I’m saddened to say this, but I’m surprised no one has used the phrase “The Price is Right” yet.

  33. Price for Sanchez and a throw in?

    That seems…low.

    • Agreed. It seems much too low. Hard too imagine that a number of teams (e.g., Cardinals) couldn’t easily beat that deal. Price is pitching out of his mind right now. Why would he go for less than Garza, Shark, Dickey, etc.

  34. It’s so so tough to get an ace. If you can get Price for a year and a half, I think you’ve got to do it. Lets say there’s a Sanchez, Norris, Pompei deal for Price. Imagine Price, Buerhle, Dickey, Hutch, Stroman down the stretch? Mm!

    Plus it gives the Jays a chance to really go for it in 2015 as well.

  35. Who, in reality, is shopping for Price’s services?

  36. Wasn’t there a report on ESPN that the Phils wanted to move Lee, and would be willing to send a significant amount of cash for better quality prospects? Wouldn’t that make him a possibility as well?

    • People aren’t going to give up quality if there are question marks surrounding his health. It is not clear whether there will be sufficient time for him to demonstrate his health such a trade makes sense.

  37. I think the ultimate ideal situation would be the Jays acquire a healthy Lee or Hamels. Shouldn’t take as big a prospect haul, and there’d be the implication that Rogers would bump payroll to accommodate them.

    But hard to feel certain the Phillies will trade either guy OR that Rogers would be up for that.

    If the Jays are going to gut the farm again a bit… I want it to be for Price. Not Shark.

  38. The one thing I hate about MLBTR and “insiders” is never knowing the difference between the stuff they pull straight out of their ass and the stuff that actually comes from legit sources. Sure these guys all know people inside organizations and so on but I would gather it’s 50% complete nonsense. This is why MLBTR is such a crapshoot. Im obviously not saying anything new here but another thing we all know is that AA doesn’t play the media game and the only time the media got involved in a Jays trade was with Dickey and we all know that was because loose lips Ricciardi was involved.

    The Jays need a frontline starter, a 2B or 3B and most certainly a trustworthy reliable middle reliever. We know this but when it happens I think it’ll be a wtf moment for us all like the Marlins trade.

    • No shit

    • It is almost like they are trading in rumors.

      • It’s funny though, when one of us speculates wildly we get told to shut up and be realistic. When one of these guys pulls something wild out of his ass, it’s news lol

        For me, sure MLBTR interests me but you get to know which writers and insiders have real credibility. Rosenthal is pretty legit and seems to be one of the few guys that is unbiased and fairly legit when he writes or says something. But then there’s the guys that are biased ex: Heyman etc etc.

  39. Too bad the Jays couldn’t have landed T. Hudson this winter. ahhh, hindsight.

  40. oh man off topic but things are gonna look pretty ugly tomorrow…consider tomorrow night’s probably line-up (hurry back Bautista!)

    Navarro DH

    shooooooot meeeeeeeeeee

  41. How is it with all these people reporting about an ‘intra-division tax’ none of them are mentioning its fucking dumb as shit?

    ‘Yeah we dont want to completely empty out a division rival’s farm because they will be better for the next year and half in which we wont be competing anyways, then be significantly worse in 2+ years when we are ready to compete again.’

    The only downside is the perceived optics of having price make 10 starts against you for the next year and a half, which is only a problem if you care what the mouthbreathing masses think.

    Sure if you have 2 identical offers from a division rival and an NL team, go ahead and ship him out of sight… but dont deprive your team a better package based on this perception bullshit.

    If the Jays could have got a better haul out of the Yankees or Sox for Halladay i would have been happy to clean out their cupboard, even if it meant conflicted feelings about wanting Doc to win a WS but having to watch one of those 2 do it at the same time. However i dont think anyone in Tampa hates the Jays the way people here(and everywhere really) hate the yanks/sox so its not even the same.

    Feel like im taking crazy pills here… /end rant

    • The intradivision tax applies with Price because the rays are probably expecting to compete in 2015. Likewise we probably dont want to face sanchez, pompey and norris for rest of the decade either.

      The halladay trade would have less of a tax because we didnt actaully expect to make the playoffs, so facing the doc wouldnt hurt as much.

  42. Andrew, do you know if any team in baseball has traded within their own division in the last 5 years or so for significant pieces? How about the AL East specifically in the last 5 years? Everyone is wondering if Tampa would trade within the division, but no one is asking if the Blue Jays would do that. Thoughts?

  43. I really think it depends on Rogers willingness to take on money…when it comes right down to it. I, like every other Jays fan, am completely baffled by their rich asses’ reluctance to take on more salary.

  44. personally arizona, tampa, and the philies make sense because they all have other guys the jays would be interested for 2b/ ss and possibly part. arizona =prado. tampa =the ghost of zobrist. Phillies = Rollins (would like utley but don’t see it happening).

  45. Not to mention the Jays would not have to face Price for the next season and 1/2. That alone could be a few losses shaved off the record.

    Depth wouldn’t afford 2 of these names would it?

  46. Fire gibby@ Alex problem solved send them too girls soft ball league

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