The Orioles have already lost once today (they’re playing a doubleheader with the Rays), bringing the Jays’ lead in the AL East back up to 2.5 games, with a chance for it to grow even more, as they send R.A. Dickey to the hill to face the Chicago White Sox. Hopefully the knuckle is dancing, because guys like Jose Abreu and Adam Dunn could certainly do some damage with one swing of the bat.

On the other hand, a win ensures at least a tie in this four-game series, which is a good thing with Chris Sale going for the ChiSox tomorrow. And Sunday’s starter, Quintana? That creep can roll.

The Jays counter with Marcus Stroman and Mark Buehrle in those games, though, so it’s not like they don’t have a chance. Should be a good weekend of #PITCHING… y’know, once we get through this one. Is Dickey seriously currently the Jays’ fifth best starter??!? Until Happ lays another egg, I think he is! So… not for long, most likely.


I know Bautista and Lawrie being out makes it considerably worse, but this Jays lineup against the left-handed Jon Danks? Woof. Let’s see some Chase Headley! (And no, let’s not see some Adam Lind against a lefty, for fuck sakes. Quit that dumb noise.)

Hey, hold on, Happ threw a gem despite his magic personal catcher being sent down. Super weird!

Barry Davis tweets that Bret Cecil threw a bullpen session today, and Brandon Morrow played catch again as well. They’ll “see how he feels today,” says John Gibbons (via a Megan Robinson tweet). “Shouldn’t be long.” He won’t be eligible to come off the DL until next weekend, when the Jays visit Oakland.

Davis adds that Cecil said the session went well, and that he hopes to pitch for the Bisons in Syracuse on Tuesday.

Mike Wilner tweets that Colby Rasmus isn’t in today’s lineup because John Gibbons wanted to give him a day off, seeing as he just returned from a hamstring problem. He adds that ol’ Gibbers says he went with Munenori Kawasaki today over Juan Francisco because he preferred someone who is at least likely to make some contact.

Megan Robinson tweets that Jose Bautista “will workout tomorrow, get treatment, and be assessed. Could be put in on Sunday to DH or pinch-hit, if OK.”

Megan also tells us that Steve Tolleson won’t have to use those glasses anyway — a couple eye drops from the specialist completely cleared up his issue. OK then.

John Lott tweets that Dalton Pompey has been promoted to New Hampshire. Those footsteps you hear… only exist if you’re Anthony Gose or Kevin Pillar.

Lott also tweets a link to his piece on last night, regarding Dioner Navarro’s awesome, hilarious adventures in baserunning. “I might kill Luis if he sends me again,” the Jays’ catcher says.

Rather than save this for a Daily Duce that I’m sure I’ll finally get around to doing next week, Chris Toman tweets a link to his piece at Gamereax in which he looks at Marcus Stroman, who has been the Jays’ best pitcher since he made his first start, back on May 31st.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 1:07 PM ET vs. White Sox; Sunday, 1:07 PM ET vs. White Sox

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
RF Brad Glenn (R)
3B Steve Tolleson (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Chicago White Sox

CF Leury Garcia (S)
2B Gordon Beckham (R)
3B Connor Gillaspie (L)
1B Jose Abreu (R)
DH Adam Dunn (L)
SS Alexei Ramirez (R)
RF Dayan Viciedo (R)
LF Alejandro de Aza (L)
Tyler Flowers (R)

LHP Jon Danks

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  1. Orioles lost their first game of their doubleheader. Woo!

    Go Jays and good luck to the batting order 5 thru 9.

  2. Ahh Dinner, that quote is gold.

  3. Meh still better than their lineup

  4. That…that is an UGLY 5 through 9. Oh well, GO JAYS!

  5. Love to see the Danks pitch count go high quick, PH with the deep bench in the late innings, of necessary. Muni always seems to grind out 6+ pitches per AB (no idea what those stats are).

  6. Heres hoping for the knuckler to be knuckling. Go jays go

  7. Anyone feel like throwing some hate towards the Red Sox?

    As the White Sox bore me to tears I’ll be dividing my time tonight. The Blue Jays got this though, right?

    • Theres always a little room in my heart for hating on the bosox

    • I will always hate the Sox with a fervor. But I still want them to take 2 of 3 from the Spanx.

      You know what’s really fun to watch? When Ortiz thinks he should’ve gotten credited with a base hit or RBI and the official scorer decides it was an error. Ortiz becomes a five year old who didn’t get that fire engine on Christmas morning.

  8. Hey fuckers. Long time. I’ve been in Washington the last few days with my son touring the White House and shit like that. Anyway, in Baltimore tonight watching Balt and TB so will keep you guys updated and hopefully a sweep of these fuckers

  9. From Gamereax: “Stroman is, in my opinion, one of the closest things to an untouchable as their [sic] is in the organization.”


  10. I decided to watch the Chicago feed on MLB.tv, this is terrible. So much “we”, “ours”, it’s ridiculous. I get that most broadcasters for teams our homers, but they’re way too much.

    • Can’t get the jays feed on the non MLB internet feed and I am poised to cringe if god forbid the sox hit one out! Ugh!

      Put on the boardddd yessss!!

      • Chicago announcers convinced jays are flashing a red light to distract only their hitters. I think the sox were the ones who started the man in white rumours and now I guess they will say its the light in red that’s giving the jays an advantage.

  11. TB is winning 1-0

  12. “he preferred someone who is at least likely to make some contact.” #MANAGING

  13. Lefty with an 86 mph heater on the mound for the Chisox?

    Did we trade Beuhrle back to Chicago?

    Why wasn’t this on MLBTR?

  14. It’d be cool if Reyes showed the same willingness to move as Lawrie and we could acquire a defensive SS while having Reyes kill it at 2nd.

    • Amen joltin joe!

    • Though he still might insist on fielding and throwing on the run without planting his foot no matter what position he is playing.

      Chicks dig flashy infielders who thumb their nose to fundamentals!

  15. Game Delay: Fire Alarm

  16. I can only imagine what the man in white white sox fans will say about centre field tonight

  17. Ugh. We need a real stadium.

  18. ‘Just look at those arms!’

  19. Well shit, that didn’t take Baltimore long.

  20. Tolleson needs to look into a possible post baseball career as a Ryan Gosseling stunt double

  21. Nice hit poo eye

  22. Dumb fucking fat fuck fan tries to interfere

  23. 9 pitch AB from our batters….rubbing nipples.

  24. Ugh. Circus.

  25. That was two baserunning errors on two players on the same play

  26. The Jays with a killer impression of the White Sox

  27. Never heard such ball washing from announcers when major leaguers execute a run down

  28. 47 pitches through 2 innings for Danks

  29. Jose Abreu is a BASEBALL PLAYER.

    Good thing he’s playing baseball.

  30. Man Dickey is dealing tonight

  31. “Picture Postcard Day.”

    – Buck Martinez

  32. Why do they keep referring to that base-running debacle as ‘good defense’ from the Sox? That was pretty clearly a bunch of base-running errors.

    • They got a better result out of it than you’d anticipate because they were aware of what was going on.

      • Ya, I should have clarified that I did appreciate their analysis of good positioning, but the way they repeated it several times made it sound like they only got outs because of amazing play, ignoring what created the situation. Seemed like they were trying to let both runners off the hook for brain cramps.

  33. Shit that kid’s good.

  34. That Tolleson home throw out at the 2nd hurts now.

  35. I usually slag Dikey, but giving him 0 runs support and blowing scoring chances is very bad too.

  36. Fuck, I hate how excited Buck gets for pop flies.

    “That’s high and deep to left! Fly out just shy of the warning track.”

    Annoying as fuck.

  37. Nice play at first for Dickey.

  38. Haven’t seen RADAR here lately.
    Given his advanced age, perhaps he’s passed on.

    Anybody heard any news?

  39. Edwin!

  40. What an explosive fuck.

  41. and the bullpen scatters!

  42. EE, wow he’s back in the lead

  43. Dooooooooooooonair!
    Don’t make Luis send you. Do it yourself!

  44. MY friends: Dinner is served. Squawking parrot a la furbie

  45. Holy shit Dinner go all of that one.

  46. “The Parrot goes for a walk” was actually uttered by Wilner on the broadcast…I didn’t realize that it has gone mainstream!!

  47. Spine to spine.

  48. ding for dinner

  49. That’s what I call a giving them taste of their own medicine

  50. Dinner looks wore out after that home run trot.

  51. 8 hits total, 4 went yard.


  52. I see he’s 0-3 but how does Glenn look at the plate?

    • Nothing special to me. He stands far away from the plate in the batter’s box, so any ball that’s even in the middle of the plate is a reach for him. Danks exploited that in his second at-bat.

  53. Man… Abreu.

  54. Who cares if he doesn’t like it, you have to pull Dickey at the first sign of trouble it seems like, cause problems always compound themselves with him

  55. Every time I see the West Jet Dickey commercials i want to puke.

  56. Time for some offense

  57. Man I hope they bring in a right handed reliever.

  58. Is it weird that I would prefer Burhrle, hutch, stroman (and hopefully a new starter) over dickey to pitch in important games?

  59. Comments awaiting moderation? What the hell?

    • Hmmm. That’s weird. Can’t imagine why that’d be.

      All better now.

    • I had a bunch of comments waiting moderation earlier this week, and never made it in.
      Thought that was weird because I don’t have much to say.

  60. Dickey. Its like he hits a fucking wall most games

    He was downright dominant early on

    Then Boom goes the dynamite

  61. No, don’t put Lind in the outfield…. Especially when his foot is still not 100%

  62. I’m one of the few Gose apologists out there, but that was one ugly AB. Take the fucking bat off your shoulders and protect the plate.

  63. Wow, can we please end the Gose experiment….

  64. If we make the post season I’d rather not see Dickey get a start.

  65. AA better get something done asap this lineup is really overmatched
    By the Sox !!!!

  66. Santos continues to tantalize.

  67. Trout hit a 489 footer in KC, apparently 1 foot more than one by Edwin in 2012…


  68. So that was 2 SP AA’s looking for?

  69. If he could only hit I could watch Gose every game.

  70. Does Lind lead off the ninth? Better on base guy.

  71. Colby!

  72. Clete!

  73. Spirit Animal!!

  74. Yuck. Gose.

  75. My boy! Much better AB.

  76. There goes the DH if they tie this thing. Boy I wish they had 3 catchers lol

  77. Where is Joey?

  78. Everybody’s safe!!!!!

  79. Home turf advantage.

  80. Bringing in pitchers to pinch run in an AL game. The bench truly is stupidly constructed. Doesn’t help that Bautista is essentially wasting a spot with not being DL’d.

    • If the pitcher can run why the hell not? Better than doing a catcher for catcher thing for example

      • Because it’s bad enough that they put so much strain on their arm. Why throw them out there to risk a leg injury when they don’t run? Obviously a pitcher is their best current option, but that’s because the bench is extraordinarily awful.

  81. Reyes is overdue, get into one Lamaleza!

  82. Faaaaaaack.

  83. Buck is killin me with that excited voice.

  84. All right one in. Tying run at 3rd.

  85. Melky for the Win!

  86. Dammit Melky! Take a pitch!

  87. Shit I was starting to think we were going to win that one.

  88. Bummer. If Dickey only sucks medium shit we are at least tied and going to extras.

  89. Great article on how Scott Kazmir rebuilt himself with the help of an unconventional ptiching coach … Pass it on to Ricky, please.


    • Great article. It’d be amazing to see a Ricky comeback, simply amazing, but I’ll believe it when I see it

  90. Bravo Jays. This team has no quit. The game had no business being this close at the end. No they didn’t win but it gives hope. Also still in first place

  91. Been neutral on Dickey for awhile-keep hoping he’ll start to throw some gems, but with a 4.24 ERA approx and a pedestrian walk/K ratio, I’ve come to the conclusion he just isn’t very good. Oh he goes well fro awhile in each game but eventually he either goes deep in counts because he can’t get the knuckler over, or he has to throw some BP “fastballs” to get some strikes which often get ripped by MLB batters. For some time now, his outings have been on a par with Happ, perhaps with a few more innings eaten up.
    For me, I would be ambivalent about whether they trade Happ or Dickey at this point. I doubt it would happen , of course, because of the trade capital we expended in acquiring him but in my opinion he has turned into a run of the mill fukstik, basically a shitballer.
    Does anyone think STL would take him for, I dunno, Kolten Wong the 2B?
    How about if we throw in some other prospect to go along with it and thole?
    Besides, by getting rid of Dickey, we can rid ourselves of Thole too, and bring back the best defensive catcher they have in Kratz.
    Dunno, frustrated with Dickey and I’ve personally seen enough
    Then we , hopefully make some other deal to get a SP to replace Dickey in the rotation. Very unlikely to happen I know but…….

  92. Another problem with dickey is he brings tholes worthless ass to the table

    This guy has two extra base hits all year

    He is 0 for his last 20
    He is terrible and has no business on a contending team

    Dickey doesn’t bring so much value to the table that it’s worth having a suck hole like thole in the lineup

    Fucking dude doesn’t have a hit in a month

    • Was it not a few weeks ago we were praising Thole’s progress at the plate?

      Thole’s on-base percentage remains the fourth-highest on the team, behind only Bautista, Lind, and Encarnacion.

      • ++ Canard. Thole is way better this year, probably because he was feeling the effects of the previous year’s concussion last year. What I really wish would be for RAD to get into the 8th or 9th inning which is what we all thought would happen when the trade went down.

  93. Dickey sucks! April/May weather is colder and he sucks. Roof open or closed he sucks. Day/night, home/away…he sucks. He has had good games, but so has Happ who is our FUCKING #5!!! Dickey was a terrible, terrible trade.

  94. Any of you sods at todays’ game. Bring the sunscreen.

    • I wish. Last time I was in Toronto was two years ago, and I caught the bookends of a series with the Indians – a Romero loss and Carlos V. win.

  95. I’m going.anybody else today?

    • I’m there with the family and on Canada Day.

      • Good day to go =enjoy the game. I still want you to buy me a glass of merlot one day (haha)
        Anyway, going today with the wife( first game she has come to in about 5 years and half our team is missing. Stairs was our LF the last time she went).
        Stroman better be good-can’t see this (mostly) minor league lineup doing much against Sale

    • I’m going on Tuesday, keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will not be what they are currently forcasting; a full-house on a humid day with the roof closed will be horrible

  96. Off to the game today, digging my classic Ernie Whitt jersey with the new school ball cap. I have a 2-15 record at Jays games, and last time I saw them play the ChiSox Overbay had his hand broken by Danks.

    Despite all this bad luck I apparently have wrought upon this franchise, I am absolutely stoked to see Stroman and Sale.

    Disappointed I couldn’t find a Parrot suit.

    Go Jays!!

  97. Hey Parrot:
    When EE hits one today-stand up and wave like a parrot.I’ll come buy you a beer

  98. why do the comments all keep going out of order. This comment for example is just anew comment. WTF?

  99. That could be a big mistake by bringing in the RH last AB for the ChiSox.

    Time to capitalize.

  100. My comment’s waiting moderation because of the links:

    Kawasaki’s Pitches / Plate Appearance for 2014 is 4.17

    The qualified leaders, the highest is 4.50. If Kawasaki had enough at bats, he’d be in the top 10.

  101. Can’t help but like Muni, and it’s good that he has a good approach to hitting, but he still sucks. Headley with Kawasaki’s spirit animal spine would be better

  102. Decent chance he will suck. Hitting .199 ?? Can’t we do better ?

  103. Beautiful slide there from Hutch to break up the DP … Hiiiirrrrrre Gibbons!

  104. Hat to have a total maple boner here, but despite tonight’s effort we’re in first and it’s almost Canada Day.

    Fuck Yeah

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