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Um… hang on a second… it… uh… it says here that J.A. Happ threw 7.2 innings of four-hit, two-walk, eight-strikeout ball tonight? That… uh… really??? Shit, I’d better check in the morning just to make sure that’s really right.

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  1. Happ was tossing 95 in the 8th too

  2. According to a tweet from Griff I believe the Sox got to their hotel after 4am. That may explain their extreme number of errors. Except for Sierra – his errors are because he doesn’t seem like a terribly bright ballplayer. Not sure what Rivera’s excuse was.

  3. Hopefully Dickey can keep making them look terrible tonight. Maybe tonight he’ll get that ERA under 4, and keep it there the rest of the season.

  4. Man I was cracking up reading all the comments about “being ready”. I missed whoever originally said it. I can only assume it was some Zaun gritty baseball narrative thing.

  5. And how about ol’ Adam Hairy Chin Lind? Bet you he hits the walk-off home run this year to win the world series. You heard it here first.

    • May your words fly on angel’s wings!

    • If I could write the script for this season, the Jays would win the World Series on a walk-off solo shot by Lind in the bottom of the ninth. Against a lefty. Dusty would get the win, and Janssen the save. And Gibby, soaked to the hide in Dom Perignon, would say something unintelligible and yet, at the same time, hilarious and inspirational.

      Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it…

      • And yes, I realize that logic doesn’t work. Hollywood and I care not for your logic.

      • Love the enthusiam! However, you can’t hit a walk off homer and then have a pitcher get a save. Game is kinda over at the point of the walkoff

    • I’ll take a series-winning homer by anybody on the Jays, but my dream is to see Kawasaki hit a walk-off in game 7. Holy shit, that would be amazing!

  6. Wow, that Happ is sure a number 5 starter, isn’t he? Hard to have two starts more different than those ones were.

    • He’s a ok #5 starter k just don’t want him pitching in important games down the stretch if possible

    • he only pitches well every 2nd game but he is the best #10 starter in baseball!

    • Well he was a replacement level starter exactly until yesterday, which is probably below fifth starter caliber. Yesterday’s start was worth 0.4 WAR on it’s own by FanGraphs, which is pretty cool.

    • Seen on Twitter:

      Happ in odd-numbered starts: 6-0, 1.18
      Happ in even-numbered starts: 1-4, 9.53

      • That alone should shut ppl up about Hutch’s micro splits, if it isn’t too late and they’ve now given him an actual mental block about put him at home.



    There’s no room in this rotation for no Prices or Sharks.

    • False. More pitching is always useful.

    • Seriously? Both those pitchers would jump to the very top of that depth chart. And after the starting 5 you have a guy that might not be healthy enough to pitch this year and another guy that is likely to hit an innings cap before September/October. I guess you could make an argument that there is no need for a Hammel or McCarthy – but you never get fucked by having too much pitching depth.

    • Really? Price would push every single one of those guys down a spot, and one to the bullpen – probably Happ.

    • Relax dudes.

      I am just attempting to lower our expectations and look on the bright side of things when NOTHING HAPPENS and we do not land an overpriced SP. Maybe if it would cost us Sanchez/Nolin/Norris that won’t be such a bad thing.

      • Prospects are prospects. Sure things are better. Have you not forgotten how thrilled everyone was to get Kyle Drabek? He was the prospect the Phillies would not give up for Halladay. Until they finally did.

        Well, where is Mr Drabek now? Hint: he is not pitching for Your Toronto Blue Jays.

        • He’s doing OK in Buffalo. He could crack the September lineup… *grasping at straws*

          Buehrle and Dickey are old. Norris and Sanchez and Nolin and Stroman are the future. Even if 2 of these guys top out as #2-level starters, is that worth a couple months of an ace SP? I think more than one of these four has ACE stuff.

          I guess if you look deeper into this topic it really comes down to what is good enough: playoffs or World Series. I think MOST Jays fans would be happy to see the Jays just limp into the playoffs, even as a wild card, just to get that monkey of our backs. I am not in this camp. I’d like to see the Jays go ALL IN, upgrade a SP and RP and 2B and take a serious run at the World Series. This is not a young team. It may be now or never.

          • Sorry bro. The best teams in baseball win at a clip of 60%. ANYONE can win in the playoffs if they get there.

            Going all in IS making it to the playoffs. Everything after that is rolling dice.

  8. Happ was hitting his FB spots, but he did leave a few right in the heart of the plate. WSox helped Happ out a bunch by swinging at junk up in the zone.
    Navarro failed in-the-park was awesome. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while during a Jays game.

    • Can’t base it on anything but it seemed to me he was a tiny bit wild at times. And yes, the Sox helped him a lot but that’s baseball. He got blamed for his last start even though the ump squeezed him somewhat.

  9. When was the last time Dinner caught Happ?

    Glad the Happster was able to have a good game without his personal catcher.

    • This was the second time Dinner caught a Happ start this season. Other time was 6/10 vs MN when the Jays were shut out 4-0 and Happ didn’t get out of the 4th.

  10. There’s something HAPPening here!!

  11. Price & McGee for the Jays’ farm.


    • I’d be ok with Sanchez + 3 other names that aren’t Stroman and Norris.

      If we’re going to float trade proposals that end with “for the Jays’ farm”, I’d like to submit:
      Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley. Jays take on ALL salary, Phillies get Sanchez and something like Jiminez, Osuna, Nolin,

      I’d do it.

      • Well of course, the only one who’ll have a problem with that is Rogers. Then you might have to say goodbye to Rasmus and Cabrera and Janssen… But if they were to magically okay a deal like that, they might as well resign all those guys and say fuck it, now go win some damn games

      • Neither team would do that.

        • Saying neither team wants to do that is the same as saying that both teams recognize that they’d be giving up a lot but also getting a lot in return. It sounds like a fair deal, assuming Rogers allows the payroll increase.

    • Love me some Bullshit trade scenarios…
      Rangers: darvish and Beltre for Hutchison, Lawrie, Sanchez, Pompey and Nay

  12. has he always thrown 95?

    • I’ve been told the Rogers Centre radar gun is hot. The good sign is he was still throwing hard in his last inning

      • I’ve heard it as well but it seems silly. All the other pitchers from visiting teams MPH run pretty much on line with their season numbers. If it’s hot then someone just manipulates it for Jays starters. Which again seems silly.

        Maybe just all the time off for non throwing arm injuries the last 2 years has got Happ with a little more life on the heater. Or maybe he’s been playing with Delabars balls.

        • I thought I was seeing a slight (like 1-2 mph) uptick with everyone, but it doesn’t make a difference to me. You know when the pitchers have it and when they don’t, and Happ had it last night

          • Even if it is hot ..doubt it would run more than 2 mph above reality . So at worst he was hitting 93.5 in the 8th

    • Happ is Benjamin Button. Is FB velo ticks up every season. It’s freaking bizarre.

  13. Would the real JA Happ please stand up?

  14. Can someone PLEASE grab Rivera and shake him ??? The guy is costing runs. WTF was he thinking sending Navarro?

    • I was yelling “DON’T DO IT” at the TV when I saw Rivera sending him

    • Relax. They were having some fun. If you can’t laugh it off, you need to re-assess your priorities in life.

      • Dinner wasn’t laughing.

        • He (Navarro) was up to the point it dawned on him that he shouldn’t have been sent. Then he turned at Rivera and gave him the dirtest stare.
          Look, last night they were ahead 5 (or so) runs so it wasn’t crucial and maybe that’s what Rivera was thinking. But he’s done it (sent the runner) before at very crucial points and he was dead wrong. The guy’s judgement is not the best.

          ps I’ll relax when Rivera stops doing it.

  15. It’s exciting reading comments form other AL fans about the Jays. It’s been a long time coming to see our team regarded as the team to beat.
    Damn this feels so good. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and enjoy this amazing ride!

  16. Happ ERA by start:

    0.00, 15.43, 1.50, 7.20, 0.00, 7.04, 4.26, 7.36, 1.50, 15.75, 0.00

    And it all somehow works out to a very 5th-starter-ish ERA of 4.29 (and a tidy 4.20 xFIP)

  17. As much as I love the fact that Happ pitched a gem – i’d love to see that performance repeated a little more consistently.
    For the most part in 2014, he’s a win-lose-win-lose-win kind of pitcher – and when he loses, he rarely goes 4 innings.
    Mind you, I’ll take a .500 record from our 4 or 5 starter (or whatever the hell he is these days). Just sayin’ that if he could bottle up whatever mojo he’s using on a consistent basis – I would have palpitations whenever I see he’s starting.

  18. “…wouldn’t have” that should be.
    Dammit…why no edit function?

  19. Gavin Floydd out for the year.. At least it tells us AA can’t go back to that old chestnut.


    “Domonic Brown‘s trade value is dropping by the day, says Stark… Stark has a hard time seeing Brown fetching anything more than another change-of-scenery candidate.”

    I know this is very tangentially Jays related, but remember the “wouldn’t trade him for Bautista” talk from Phillies fans in the offseason? The moral of the story: fans are stupid.

  21. Pompey called up to AA. Fell in love with his swing the other day on youtube.

    • Trying not to get too attached lol, but at least NH fans get to see something exciting every day instead of every 5 days… At least for a little while

      • Yeah, there really isn’t much in New Hampshire as far as exciting prospects go aside from Sanchez/Norris this year. It should be fun to see how Pompey performs at the next level.

        • It’s nice to see the upper levels start to fill up again with legit prospects. Not a ton, but at least there are a few guys now. Norris, Sanchez, Pompey. Hopefully Nay can jump a level or two this year.

  22. Morrow back throwing again. Man, the rotation is starting to look crowded!


    • Go ahead and disagree with me, but I don’t see Morrow starting again this year. Bullpen piece? Sure. Starter? Naw.

      I wonder if he’ll ever be an effective/reliable starter again.

      • I’d be inclined to agree with you but the baseball season is long and weird. If injuries hit and all of a sudden they needed a starter, and the games were important, and Morrow starting throwing well in the bullpen/side sessions, I could easily see them giving Morrow a start over somebody like Redmond or Hendricks.

        • That I agree with, a spot start could be a possibility. I just don’t see him as a regular rotation piece.

  23. He can dance…

    • I thought I read that he was playing through an injury and was waiting until the offseason for surgery?

    • I have a bag of balls that need a new home. I can’t remember where I read it, but aside from one outlier of a season, this guy sucks.

      • Yeah. I’m not against taking a flyer on him, but he’d better come cheap with the shitty season, the shitty back, the wonky calves etc.

      • He’s been mostly a 3-4 WAR player the last four years. A guy with that floor and the ceiling of what he did in 2012 is a damned nice piece to solidify that infield.
        Plus, the article says the Padres are pretty much open to trading anyone, so maybe a Kennedy-Headley package deal?

        • Is he even healthy, though? They already went through this with Johnson.

          They’re only getting him for 2014, and he’s been crap in 2014. Not sure if he even improves on the Francisco/Tolleson platoon.

          • Well, far better defence from what I understand. Could be a good buy-low/change of scenery guy. And who knows, he could resign. If Lawrie accepts playing second for a few years, makes for a pretty decent infield.

            • Good point. Much better park to hit in, too.

              • That’s for sure. Sounds like the Padres aren’t asking for much in return except some salary relief. Considering his salary’s not huge, I’d love to see some kind of Kennedy-Headley deal.

  24. He has a herniated disc in his back that required an epidural and won’t be fixed to the off season..

  25. I also loooove Bob Bannerman! If only I lived in Ontario and wanted to own a Chrysler, I’d totally buy one off of him, just for the great marketing the past two seasons.

  26. Todays line-up is hilarious. We need a healthy Bautista and a decent bat that can hit LH pitching so bad.

  27. What a huge bonus if the Jays can win with this lineup… Where’s Rasmus?

    Reyes, J, SS .267
    Cabrera, M, LF .303
    Encarnacion, E, 1B .277
    Navarro, D, DH .275
    Glenn, B, RF - -
    Tolleson, S, 3B .225
    Kawasaki, M, 2B .244
    Gose, A, CF .237
    Thole, J, C

    Odds are we will see JoeyBats or Lind or Rasmus PH tonight.

  28. Still prefer this lineup to pitching Nuno vs the Red Sox

  29. 5-2 final, TB over BAL

    2.5 games back. Fuck you Baltimore.

  30. Goddamn the band wagon jumpers trying to be clever is obnoxious as hell.

  31. Bud Norris to the DL with a… groin injury.

  32. Someone traded for Cletus maybe? They’re more likely to re-up Melky than him I think. Gose gives + de fence at his position. (Not gonna mention Gose can’t hit shit. But you can’t have everything.)

    • They would probably love to sign Rasmus but look at what Ellsbury got and then look around at the CF situation. Cletus is going to get huge dollars thrown at him. The Jays probably rightly don’t want to do 7/130 or anything in that vicinity. Love ya Colby and happy trails.

      Melky is definitely cheaper if still expensive.

      • If Colby and Melky walk, what does the outfield look like in 2015?

        Unless AA is working on acquiring someone via trade to plug an OF hole, I shudder to think what things look like without either of those guys.

        • Bautista, Gose and a fairly expensive left fielder via trade or FA

          Nobody in the system can fill the role unless there is a spring training shocker.

          I think Melky is back. He likes it here and they will pay him decently for four or five.

  33. It’s just that apparently he’s not in the line-up tonight. Which surprises me a bit.

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