An actual afternoon game for the Jays on a Canadian national holiday? Good on the schedule-makers. Less good on me, though, because this is all you get. Go Jays!

Oh, and Jose Bautista is back! Which is awesome. No Encarnacion at third, though, as Adam Lind sits instead. John Gibbons’ reasoning? According to a Barry Davis tweet it’s that Brewers starter Polo Erik has been tough on lefties. OK!

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  1. Today is a turning point. July 1, a new month, a new start.

    Arbitrary endpoints!

    • I can live with that. I’m at the game with my son to avenge the loss when Stoman started. Looking to go 3-1 at games this year.

  2. Oh look, Cherry and Zaunie.

  3. Lyle Overbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  4. Part of me wanted a return of the E5 Experience, if only for a few days. Old times sake.

  5. Cherry likes Hawk Harrelson…

  6. This bit coming up with Cherry and Zaun should prove to be eye rolling

    • Or embarrassing, or a little scary.

      Canadians are more patriotic now because of Afghanistan?

  7. Can we go one fucking day without some kind of significant hockey news? It’s July FFS.

    • As I don’t watch The Hockey I’m just curious if they would ever cover baseball news as part of a hockey pre-game. I’m pretty sure I know the answer…

      Everyone goes on about the lengthiness of the baseball season, but hockey truly never ends.

    • Welcome to Canada! Let’s all celebrate being the best at a game that is only popular in two countries.

  8. It’s signing day!
    I live hockey to death but god love the Score for covrring all bases, no pun intended.

    My fear is that Sportsnet becomes like TSN, what with being the 90% hockey network.

  9. EE with the glove!

  10. Who was talking about EE’s subpar glove earlier?

  11. I don’t get to watch a lot of games, to anyone watching does Hutch always do that with his shoulders?

  12. Joooooooooooooooose Baaaaautista!

  13. Hahah..I was just thinking he didnt want to run the bases after a walk

  14. Put it on the board!!! Yessss!

  15. Yup Buck after 8 days off , JB gonna need some time to get his timing back.

    Bautista goes yard.

  16. Good thinking Jose. A light jog is easier on the hammy

  17. That was well scripted

  18. Yep, Pat, you’re right. It’ll take JB awhile to get his timing back

  19. You guys figure gomez is twitchier than lawrie?

  20. As long as the Brewers keep chasing the high cheese, Hutch is good.
    Hopefully, they keep doing that

  21. Right down the cock

  22. Nice late tailing movement on hutch’s fastball today.

  23. Um, Jerry Howarth just said:

    “Mexico on the mound, Japan at the plate.”

  24. That does it; this will be a big inning.

  25. Toronto 23rd in the majors in stolen bases. Can’t remember the last time I saw one.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  26. Alright hutch, 2nd time through the order. Mow em down

  27. Another Hercules movie?
    And didn’t they do that big cat jumping at the hero shot in 1000 BC?

    • No one saw that film. + no one should see this one. As much as I find The Rock to be an amusing human being. I cannot support this.

  28. 7!

  29. Good to hear Buck and Tabby mention the PED thing with Braun without shitting all over him.

    • Why? He deserves to be shit on.

      • The media way over sensationalizes this stuff. The notion that the guy that gets caught is a pariah when so many others who don’t get busted are considered ‘clean’ is beyond ridiculous. Many of these guys are just too smart to get caught.

        • Point is….. he got caught….. he lied and then took an MVP award while on roids. I don’t care about the guys that don’t get caught, they are rolling the dice and as the screening process gets more and more random and tougher to beat you will see those guys get caught or fade out of the game. But when you are a franchise player and MVP and you get caught, of course you are going to be shit on. He made his bed, now he has to lay in it.

  30. OH boohooo Braun has to deal with boooing and such because of his use of PEDs. Uhm… the guy has been suspended twice, lied about shit and took an MVP award away from players that were clean…. yah I would say he deserves to be booed the rest of his career if people wish to do so.

  31. This game is eerily similar to the one I went to on Sat.. Hutch dealing. Hope Gibby learned his lesson

  32. Poor Braun. Baseball just isn’t as easy without steroids.

    • How much to they help, anyways?

      • Asking the wrong person since I’ve never taken them, but they do speed up the healing process in your muscles. I’d wager they help a fair bit.

      • While there’s obvious guys like Bonds etc to show the benefits of roids there’s alot a TON of guys that put up average an slightly above average numbers with the help of roids, these guys all sort of gently faded out of baseball when roids were taken out of the game. Guys that we wouldn’t be like “oh I totally remember that guy” but guys that were starters / bench players and became minor leaguers or less when roids were banned.

  33. Hutch is pinpoint today.

  34. Brewer hitters sure are aggressive (*cough* undisciplined *cough*)

  35. Fearless prediction based on years of personal data.

    Lyle in the Skydome again.
    Milwaukee will get the tying runs on in the ninth and Lyle will roll over on one for a double play.


    • Ah, doubleplay Overbay. For some reason I never got angry when he grounded into another. Something about the guy, just couldn’t get upset with him.

      • He definitely had his fans, I was at a game and there was a team of little leaguers. They were called “The OverBays”. Every time he came up they put their arms up and made a big O.

  36. So if Gibby wants Kratz back, who goes down? Gotta be Glenn right? Though only if Bautista can play RF?

    The 10 day waiting period ends tomorrow I think (depending how they count, Kratz was sent down on 6/23).

  37. Reyes is great with the bat but oh my fuck his defense is horrible

    • I would take his defense over a lot of other shortstops in baseball. He makes the odd blunder but he has a better arm and better range than many in the game.

  38. Jeez, when did Reyes forget how to throw a ball?

    • Really eh. Granted that was a hard play. It’s the ones that are close to him that he doesn’t lay out for that pisses me off. When was the last time we saw him get dirty trying to make a play for a ball?

    • I keep thinking Reyes had a bad back or something cause I have seen him run up to some balls and not be a me to bend over to even make an effort at the ball.

      But I am not sure if that infield single could really be blamed on him.

  39. Colby! Chicken dogs for everyone!

  40. Cleat!

  41. He must have eaten a chicken dog on the way to the stadium!

  42. Phat Juan!

  43. Fat Juan has no use for your silly shift.

  44. Juan is like wtf gibby

  45. If only Happ and Hutch could pitch to their full potential all the time rather than being so Jekyl and Hyde this team wouldn’t even really need a starter at this point.

    • Hutchison is fine. What is this nonsense?

      • So you are saying Hutch hasn’t had a good number of inconsistent starts? Ok then, cool man, that’s your opinion. My point is, he can be lights out but often times he is just average. That’s my opinion and how I see it, it’s not being irrational, it’s an opinion that differs from your own.

        • I wasn’t suggesting that his other side is nearly as bad or inconsistent as Happ’s it was simply saying that there’s two different sides to both pitchers and the good sides of both guys are very good.

  46. I’ve tried not to say anything but I’m a weak man.

    Blonde behind the plate.

    That is all.

  47. lol…. his name is Scooter. Makes me laugh every time.

  48. Man I hate 2 out runs.

  49. Let’s go Reyes!

  50. He we go with more Gomez tire pumping.

  51. EE is shockingly flexible. Wonder if he can do the splits?

  52. I would seriously consider walking this next batter and try for a double play to keep the run off the board.

  53. jesus.

  54. Can’t have missed the little weasel by more than an inch.

  55. Ok Hutch!!

  56. Does this fukin ump know the outside corner is a strike FFS?

  57. Thank god that ended differently than that one inning against Philly.

    The Kobayashi Event.

  58. Good job, Hutch.
    Now we will likely get mcgowan in the 8th-Yikes!

  59. This game is wracking my nerves.

    • Seriously.

      And amazing that’s the fact with Hutch pitching a gem and Jays hitters facing a scrub.

  60. Reynolds only strikes out 501 times per year, I would have thought he would have been in JPA mode during that at bat.

  61. So… that Hutchison sucks at pitching at home, eh?

  62. Actually,though, other than Janssen right now, I don’t think Gibby has a whole lot of faith
    in the BP. Most of them are at best 50%. Hutch nay piytch the 8th anyway

  63. Retweeted by keithlaw
    Coach Satunas ‏@CoachSatunas ·3 hrs
    PLAYERS PAY ATTENTION- Talked w MLB Scout & first 3 questions were
    How is he as a person?
    How is he as a student?
    What’s his work ethic?

  64. Hutch really bore down when he needed to. Anyone ever wonder if Reyes was taught fundamentals in that run down that allowed Davis to make it to second Reyes was so far off the base line that Davis could have almost *walked by Reyes.

    • Interference isn’t “solid fundamentals.”

      • Reyes wasn’t interfered with he came in to tighten the noise on the runner but strayed off the base path and his tag couldn’t reach the runner as he passed. Watch the replay before you fantisize outcomes that didn’t happen.

  65. thanks, Ump-we got one back

  66. This fukin guy has an ERA of over 5 and we hit him like he is kershaw

    • Yup.

      I would’ve rather lost that Cincy game and spread those 14 runs over several games.

  67. It would be nice if any of the Jays lefties could hit LH pitching.

  68. Wow…. Zasck Duke 2.0 is pretty awesome.

  69. Anyone notice the body language between the “blonde” and the guy beside her? Nothing goin on there.

  70. How bad is this umps zone. For both sides

  71. Well that was embarrassing.

  72. Uncle Glenn is coming into the game!! lol

  73. Yeah, let’s take out our best defensive outfielder with speed, with the lead, on the 1 in 50 chance Glenn can even hit it. WE’ll see in the 8th I guess.

    • Man he’s the real deal, don’t talk shit about Uncle Glenn. Guy is a star in the making. lol

  74. Good start by the BP-hit the first fukin guy

    • Nothing but misery from the bullpen this year.

    • How bout the finish by the bullpen? Your bud mcgowan no less. Gibby learn any lessons this time around? How are his feelings on his relief pitchers at this point in time?

  75. Double play! That was unexpected… at least from me.

  76. “When we started this series…”
    I’m assuming Buck means 2.5 hours ago?

  77. Lucroy 35 Ks coming in all year and K’d twice versus Hutch!

  78. Bob Uecker rules.

    Best lines of his from Major League:

    “He’s not the best color man in baseball for nothing.”

    “One hit? That’s all we got? One god damn hit?!”

    • “Heywood leads the league in most offensive categories, including nose hair. When this guy sneezes, he looks like a party favor.”

  79. Five baserunners in the last two innings for Brewers…no hits.

  80. I’d totally have Janssen in here.

  81. Mcgowan=+great stuff. Yep.Problem his his command is shit and that is whay his ERA is high and his peripherals are not great

  82. Nice strike out.

  83. I’m almost literally at the point of pulling my hair out this game. This whole game has been irritating.

  84. I guess all you need is one good pitch sometimes.

  85. Zaun’s auditioning for the Fantastic Four sequel after today’s game.

  86. Brad Glenn-career stiff serves a purpose. Now we can Lind in to face a RHP

    • For the FYRE GOBBONS!!!!! brigade. See how Gibby pwned Roenicke with that move? Got Zach Duke 2.0 out of there using the almighty Brad Glenn as a potential pinch hitter for Gose and then swapped in Lindy against a much easier RHP (Rob Wooten). Gibby the Best. FYRE ROENICKE!!!!!

  87. Y’know, most of Lind’s hits are not pretty, but he does get the job done.

  88. What? He didn’t offer at that.

    Umpires have frustrated me too today.

  89. Please please please let Melky take more than 1 or 2 pitches this AB.

  90. Melky is almost up to 2 walks right now…ump sucks big time


  92. They fuckin deserved that…

  93. And….the melkman delivers!

  94. Our steroid user is better then your steroid user!!

  95. Huge hit Lord Melkington.

  96. Cool insurance! The ball didn’t hit a bird, the ump didn’t get something in his eye and rule no pitch, an earthquake didn’t open up and swallow Mastro, so that’s good.

  97. Edwin! You make my heart super happy.

  98. I’m not sure Gomez is a very good fielder…wonder if Buck agrees?

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