An actual afternoon game for the Jays on a Canadian national holiday? Good on the schedule-makers. Less good on me, though, because this is all you get. Go Jays!

Oh, and Jose Bautista is back! Which is awesome. No Encarnacion at third, though, as Adam Lind sits instead. John Gibbons’ reasoning? According to a Barry Davis tweet it’s that Brewers starter Polo Erik has been tough on lefties. OK!

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  1. EE picks up JB there. Good job

  2. Three runs is enough. Time for Janssen.

  3. So I’ve discovered how bad the delay on MLBtv can be, so when I watch the game I keep DJF and Twitter open on my laptop but try to make sure DJF is up until the end of any at bat. Then I refresh, check Twitter and then check the comments.
    Three times today I’ve accidentally had Twitter up instead of DJF. And three times a Jays run-scoring play has been tweeted before I saw it.
    Not sure if I should be pissed off or just keep Twitter up all the time.

    • My MLB TV sometimes starts lagging. So every advert break I just catch it up. Easy peasy.

      Also I keep Twitter up all the time.

  4. Oh man, another Toronto fan nearly ruined an out.

  5. That was strike 3 what the f is wrong with this ump?

  6. And….Janssen saves the day!

    Jays win!

  8. We can ALWAYS depend on Casey.

    Casey for Mayor !

  9. Baserunners, runs and good pitching? Is it May again?

  10. That game was fast! Good pitching

  11. Sweet syrupy maple Canadianess.


  12. HAPPy Gilmour tomorrow?

  13. A crisp win! I told you bastiges by going to the cottage I was guaranteeing a win. Kinda like Namath. I’m good that way.

  14. As frustrating as it seems for the most of the game, if you want the Jays to win 1 run games, you’ll have to endure it.

  15. A great start to hopefully something like a 21-5 month

  16. Nice troll job by the guy ragging on Gibbons on Jays’ Talk.

  17. So … was the blonde behind home … wearing a sundress?

  18. Happy Canada Birthday everyone!!!!!

  19. Hell of a game. Hutch was on fire, Melky hit a foul ball right to me, the Maple Cocks were fully hard, Zaun Cherry didn’t rip apart the space time continuum and the Jays won. You couldn’t ask for more.

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