Drew Huthchison pitched great. John Gibbons left him in to clean up his own seventh-inning mess and it actually paid off for once. Dustin McGowan pitched great. Casey Janssen pitched great. Jose Bautista reminded us of why we missed him so much when he was out of the lineup. Melky and Edwin produced a couple of nice insurance runs in the ninth. The stadium was packed. The day was beautiful. The crass overtures toward our patriotic heartstrings were wholly appropriate. Baseball smiled at us and reminded us of the good days — y`know: May.

I can live with that.

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  1. It’s my birthday. Already had fam and friends celebrate with me. The Blue Jays came through with a nice present, too!

  2. Not to be a downer but man Tolleson has looked awful the past couple of weeks

    • Yet still better than either Goins or Diaz ever looked. That being said, I really hope the Jays get a real 2B, Tolleson is fine as a utility player though.

  3. Tough sched coming up, but hopefully the swoon is behind us and the Jays can start to put a nice stretch together.

  4. I hate to be that guy with something to complain about after a win, but I’m going to be that guy.

    I cannot fucking handle Buck and Tabby. Listening to Howarth and Siddall in the car, then walking through my door, turning the TV on and hearing those clowns is such a downer.
    You start to get used to them and think “maybe they’re not so bad” until you listen to the radio broadcast for an extended period of time.

    What’s with Buck’s “get up! get out!” homerun call? We don’t need a Hawk.

    • I feel similarly. They really do kinda suck. I think a big weakness in their game is they don’t have many interesting anecdotes. They also seem to gobble the other team too much. I don’t know. I even like Eck more — not that I want him doing Jays broadcasts. Rogers should be able to overpay Dan Schulman and maybe get some good story-tellers to go with him. Duane Ward is better than Pat. With Pat, I always think, “Dude, you were a passenger! STFU!”

      I say this as someone who actually liked Joe Morgan, so what the fuck do I know…

      • Shulman the best.

      • I remember turning on a a playoff game between Oakland and Detroit a couple of years ago and Buck was the colour commentator and I couldn’t help but ask “are you fucking kidding me?” I thought the one good thing about the Jays’ season being over was that I wouldn’t be hearing him any more, but apparently there is no escape. He really is kind of awful. Awesome win today, though!

        • Yep – Buck is getting a little Hawk-ish.

          I like cheering on the Jays. I don’t want the broadcaster getting ahead of me.

    • The only thing that needs to “get up! get out!” is Buck martinez

    • They’re not that bad. Do you listen to other broadcasts?

      I agree that the home run call was pretty ridiculous, but it seems Buck has been having more Buckgasms of late. It’s Canada Day, are you going to deprive the man of his tipple? Surely he was half in the bag before the festivities even started.

    • I’ve been finding Howarth pretty tough to listen to lately. He says some pretty face-palming stuff. I dunno. Maybe I just soured on him after hearing some rumours of him being a dick. Does anyone know if that’s true or if he’s actually a decent guy?

      • @Garold

        I’m in the same boat, not sure if I’m being biased about what I’ve heard about Jerry.

        e.g. not getting along with Jack Morris, Dirk Hayhurst or Mike Wilner, etc. Not sure if what I heard / read is true or bullshit.

        Starting to feel like he’s trying to be Vin Scully, but he’s totally out of his depth.

      • Jerry came to speak to our class a few months ago. Stayed afterwards to chat with some of us. He’s a genuinely decent man.

      • you’re fucked

      • I met someone who was a friend of someone super close to Wilner. She said Wilner wants to be a full time pbp, but Jerry doesn’t like Mike and doesn’t want Mike doing play by play on the broadcasts.

        So… Take that for whatever it’s worth.

        Does kinda make sense though. Mike and Jerry almost never interact. Jerry never chimes in when Mike does pbp.

        I grew up loving Tom and Jerry, but I actually think my fav radio combo right now is Mike and Duane Ward. Listening to Siddal and Jerry is just too… Too whitebread.

      • Are you seriously going to make up your mind about a person based on some anonymous internet anecdotes? What is this need to classify people you don’t know as “dicks” and “non-dicks”?

        • No, that’s not what I said. I said that I’ve finding him hard to listen to lately because of some things he has said. I then questioned whether or not maybe subconsciously those rumours impacted how I feel about his broadcasts.

    • just watch it on tv with the volume down and the radio on like I do.

    • Buck is turrific. He has menchinnned many inchresting things. This seezin.

  5. That was fun!

  6. Happy birthday Canada

  7. Totally enjoyed the game. I’m so glad it was close till the end. Can’t stand getting geared up for a game I can watch in its entirety and having it be a blow out — either way.

  8. If the Jays do manage to win the division, they’re laughing in the Playoffs.

    I think they’re 7 – 0 now against teams leading another division.

    If only we could figure out the Yankees and fuckin White Sox of the world.

    • Having a good record against other leading divisional teams doesn’t mean shit in the playoffs. It’s a whole new season.

      Ask the A’s last year when the Tigers steam rolled over them while they had a great record against them during the regular season.

  9. The Yanks are going against Price tonight and Balto is trotting out a bullpen piece to start.

    Would be nice to get some new breathing room.

    BTW a win against a team like Milwaukee is a pretty big deal.

  10. Interesting mention of the Jays’ trade database after the Astros leak. Also, it’s pronounced “beast” after Paul Beeston? Come on!

  11. kinda sad when the 3rd place AL west team(2nd WC team) has a better record than a division leader. I’d be pissed if my team had a better record than a divisional leader and failed to make the playoffs (more likely to happen in the one-team WC era). Wonder if it ever happened…..I know this scenario existed at points late in the regular season…..

    • better than in the nfl where 7-9 teams can limp in….. and teams like dallas seem to always be in the hunt

    • Holy shit how old are you ? 10 ? For years the 3rd best team in the AL east had a better record than other divisions. If i remember correctly the NLW was won by a team with a sub .500 record a few years ago. This year is the exception not the rule for the ALE

  12. Drew Hutchison could be a Pat Hentgen in the making.

  13. Sports Friends – Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia
    Kind of a weird cartoon.

  14. Price finishes with 9 K’s. Would have been in an elite class if he got 10 again.

  15. yanks lose 2-1

  16. Great win today guys,and Happy Canada Day to all you guys here from this Californian

    Just got my tickets for Sunday in Oakland over/near Jays dugout and praying we get off to good start in what should be a tough series against a tough club that probably hasnt forgotten our earlier sweep of them. Need to take care of biz first tomorrow at home though

  17. bosox dink it up, lose 2-1

  18. Great game. Amazing work from Hutch.
    The stickler in me would like to point out that the home team wasn’t adding insurance runs in the 9th…

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