No, that’s not a typo in the lineup I’ve posted below: Edwin Encarnacion is indeed your starting left fielder for this afternoon’s game. And that’s… fine.

Y’know, as long as he stays healthy.

I mean, obviously this is not an ideal defensive alignment, but if you’re going to trade defence for offence, you couldn’t do much better than doing so to get one of Edwin, Jose Bautista, or Adam Lind (against a RHP), which is what John Gibbons is doing. And while some may wonder about using Edwin at third base (which would mean replacing Juan Francisco with Brad Glenn), the club decided yesterday that’s not a road they want to go down. And no, the fact that Adam Lind played left field in 2006 doesn’t make it a better idea for him to take his wonky back out there, especially when he’s not getting to any balls faster than Edwin can, nor can he throw as hard as the former third baseman (um… most likely, right?).

It should be… interesting. And J.A Happ is a strikeout pitcher now, so it should be all good, right? Right???

I can live with that.


Alex Anthopoulos spoke to the media before today’s game, ostensibly to talk about the draft picks the club just signed. Here is some of what he was saying:

Drew tweets that AA says there is a scenario in which Aaron Sanchez helps the big league club this season, either as a starter or a reliever.

He adds that Anthopoulos claims a recent arm slot adjustment has really improved Sanchez’s command of late. *COUGH* horseshit *COUGH* Hey, but he only walked one in his last start, as opposed to four each in his first three starts at Triple-A.

Shi Davidi tweets that the GM says Max Pentecost is in Florida right now, but is getting his passport sorted out and will report to Vancouver once he does.

Davidi also tells us that AA says most teams seem to be waiting until the All-Star Break to figure out which direction they’re going to go with respect to trades.

Megan Robinson tweets that word from the GM is that Brett Lawrie is expected to be out the entire month of July.

Not related to AA’s comments, but still worth a mention: today marks the start of the international amateur signing period, and Baseball America’s Ben Badler tweets that the Jays have signed the tenth best prospect on his board, 6’3″ 16-year-old Juan Meza, who is a right-handed pitcher that reportedly throws strikes and has touched the low-90s. They’ve also signed the 30th player on his board.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 9:05 PM ET @ Oakland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (C)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Milwaukee Brewers

DH Rickie Weeks (R)
RF Ryan Braun (R)
1B Jonathan Lucroy (R)
CF Carlos Gomez (R)
3B Aramis Ramirez (R)
SS Jean Segura (R)
C Martin Maldanado (R)
LF Elian Herrera (S)
2B Jeff Bianchi (R)

RHP Wily Peralta

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  1. Holy fuck, lay off Gibbons. Bautista has a bad hamstring. Want to think how about you’ll feel if Rivera sends him on a close one and he blows out a hammy rounding third?

    And yes, pinch hitting for Lind there only backfires in one situation: when the pinch hitter bunts into a madre-fucking double play because he didn’t run it out. That’s exactly what happened.

    • This is roughly the third time this season that I’ve REALLY disagreed with a Gibbons move. One was when he didn’t pinch-hit for Lind a couple weeks ago, the other was when he pulled Stroman in his last start. Those were moves I disagreed with BEFORE seeing the results. I think Gibbons is awesome, I just happen to disagree with him here.

      • This all hinges on how able Bautista is to run. My perception is that the answer is: not able. That kind of leaves no choice but to pinch for him. And yes, knowing that Masterbaterani did what he did it makes sense to leave Lind in, but it’s hardly clear-cut.

        • I actually think bringing Mastroianni in there is the right move, I just don’t think I would have bunted there. And Bautista stayed in to run when he was one first and didn’t represent the go-ahead run… they only pulled him when he got to second and was suddenly the lead runner.

          All of this points to the Jays playing for one run in the 7th, which is the thing I disagree with. It’s not one particular decision I don’t like, it’s the strategy as a whole.

          • We’re not too far apart, then. I was ok with playing for a run, since I trust McGowan and Janssen to keep things on ice.

  2. how many LOB today?

  3. didn’t Mastro foolishly leave first a few games ago on a pop up to the catcher? dumb plays

  4. This what happens when your best hitter has a hamstring issue so you have to put your next best hitter who plays 1B in LF, knowing eventually you will pinch hit for your lefty who can’t hit lefties in order to get that guy out of LF. Also, shit happens. Pinch running for Bautista was a risk but if he blows his hamstring rounding third all of you bitch and whine why he didn’t pinch run for him. Wow

    • My thoughts exactly. Gibbons did what strategy and splits say you should do in that situation. The players just fucked it up.

      Well said.

      • It wasn’t all Mastros fault it looks like that ball took a wicked bounce from foul territory into fair territory and Maldonado made a quick and smart play. Mastro was stuck at home for a sec figuring out what was going on

        • All true, but shouldn’t Mastro have just run anyway? That seems like a pretty huge fundamentals error.

          • He thought it was foul then Maldonado jumped in front of him. You also have to be careful that the ball doesn’t hit you running out of the box

    • Had to, had to, had to pinch run for Joey Bats there. NO question.

  5. Did Gobbins really think Lind would never get another AB versus a righty the rest of the game? This is a real head scratcher.

    • He may well have thought that, since the move happened in the 7th. Solo homer in the 8th and the Jays win by 1. Lind’s spot may not come up at all.

  6. Will Smith hasn’t seen the sun lately.

  7. damn colby..striking out like nobodies business …except PJ

  8. *nobody’s

  9. btw when does Maicer ever come back?

  10. Way to get hit, Tolleson!

    Maybe the Diamondbacks will trade us for his grit!

  11. I have a horrible bottom of the ninth vision of Gose up with the winning run in scoring position.

  12. there is a fresh prince of bel air joke somewhere here

  13. What a circus. Can you imagine the World Series being decided on a replay after watching the utter incompetence of both the field umps and review umps all season?

  14. yup he’s out

  15. Oh, so there’s conclusive evidence on THAT one, eh?

  16. This is one of the dumber games.

  17. If there’s no replay the two bad calls even out. But yeah

  18. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.

  19. Joey Jeremiah never should have cheated on Caitlin. WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT

  20. Man what a shitshow this game has turned into.

    Due up in the 9th… Reyes/Melky/Gose/Mastro.

    Still on the bench.. Thole and Glenn.

  21. Janssen is fucking awesome. He’s so fun to watch.

  22. I’m hoping for a Homer At The Bat finish…Mastro gets hit by a pitch bringing in the winning run, and is carried unconscious around the bases.

  23. you think gibby wanted to get thrown out so he wouldn’t have to see the results of his bats/lind removal?

  24. big willie style: hopefully getting lit up

  25. Awrite now let’s walk this fucker off

  26. The only thing I don’t understand is …. if you’re going to bunt, why can’t Lind just bunt? is he incapable of it? It’s not that hard, one of the fundamentals of the game, I think Lind can just do the job (takes care of the splits, saves a bench guy, leaves Lind in the lineup for the 9th).

    There comes a point also, splits or not, where Lind vs Lefty is simply a better option than shitty replacement level hitter vs Lefty. I am a fan of the platoon splits though so it’s tough to say really.

  27. WOOO!

    Now let’s see a bunt here! (jk)

  28. Good start to the inning!

  29. I hope we win it here so all these weird calls and plays can be forgotten.

  30. yup walk cabrera intentionally…to get to Gose

  31. Oh god. Hale please don’t call for a bunt

  32. what the fuck was the split hurdler stance the brewer catcher was doing on that reyes hit?

  33. Oh great no more Bats. Damnit.

  34. Hope Anthony has been practicing his drag bunt.

  35. Gose…c’mon Gose…just this one time…

  36. here’s comes another attempted bunt

  37. A righty in to face Gose?

  38. I think this worked out well last time gose bunted with a tie game in the 9th

  39. Maybe Gose and Mastro should just stand there with the bat on their shoulders and strike out

  40. anyone else feel the brain damage from watching this game?

  41. Wilner trolling on twitter about the sac bunt.

  42. man why can’t anyone bunt on the jays

  43. I think Gose should swing away! Oh, wait…

  44. If we can’t bunt successfully we should probably stop trying.

  45. Surreal. Just fucking surreal.

  46. Mastro’s chance to atone here.

  47. Give away more outs.

  48. I have never liked sac bunts. Today is turning that into pure hatred.

  49. welp

  50. fuck I wish someone could bunt

    • How about just stop telling people to bunt.

      • I would be ok with that too most times. But really I think gose should be attempt 100 drag bunts a day, he can’t hit and his speed could get him on base half the time he bunts if he just fucking worked on it

  51. awful

  52. Oh good. Mastroianni is up.

  53. Why would you do exactly what the Brewers want you to do? Fucking dumb.

  54. This game isn’t good for my heart health.

  55. Drag bunt would’ve worked perfect there. That was shit.

  56. Next time I hear someone talk about the need to bunt more, I’m gonna flick them in the ear.

  57. Please, Edwin. Please. Just give us something.

  58. Well great.

  59. And now he’s down. Still, at least this time he didn’t take anyone with him.

  60. Just amateur

  61. Bautista and Lind pulled for two of the worst at bats in the game…in succession…with two men on.

  62. They’re going to pitch to Edwin?!?!??!

    Make em pay!

  63. Hope Mastro likes Buffalo

  64. Bunting would work if they were half decent at it, unfortunately that is not so


  66. Thank god!!!!


  68. Damn right Edwin walks the parrot.

  69. Now let’s forget all the shit that lead to this.

  70. Kneel before him, for he is parrot.


  72. There you go


  74. Glad to win, but this game was criminally mismanaged by the Toronto brain trust.

    • I’m more concerned with the replay system being useless and with our PLAYERS inability to bunt and run properly.

      • Any good manager would give Eddie a pass, along with Lind, Bats, Melky, Reyes, and Navarro, and chew the rest of these fuckers out on how you lay a bunt down. If you insist on doing it, do it right.

        But a win’s a win. And my oh my Eddie is amazing.

  75. On the other hand a walk-off home run can cure all bad feeling!

  76. gibby owes eddy one there

  77. Goddamnit! Why didn’t I wear my parrot shirt to work!!?!

  78. Fuck yes. He threw way too many sliders there and hung the last one.

    Beauty walkoff homerun for EE.

  79. EE is GOD!

  80. I have no problem with Gose and Mastro sucking in order for me to see that!

    Braaacck braaccck!!

  81. “Wait for the three run homer” – Earl Weaver

  82. Ah hahahahah !!!!!!!
    It’s not gay that I have a boner now is it?

  83. I love Eddie

  84. OK folks, let’s get on and vote for Eddie like we have OCD

    • Already done yesterday. 50 votes worth. Couldn’t figure out how to get the bonus ten for each of the two e-mail addresses I used. Gah. Stupid…Or stupid me I suppose.

  85. Wohoooo! how sweet it is.

    I haven’t seen so many MLB managers on here before. They must be killing time before their games tonight.

  86. I wish I was home to have seen the parrot!!!!!

    But I’ll miss every game if its a win!!!

  87. I hope they still look at the lack of execution though. Homers tend to cover up a lot of bedshitting but still. ..

  88. A parrot on the arm of the mascot. The internet wins!


  90. Did anyone else notice Ace doing laps of the diamond after the game with a parrot puppet on his arm?

    • I’m sad that the internet hasn’t captured this for me.

      • But bean, it has!

        Watch the replay on MLB GameDay and look for Ace in the background as EE is crossing homeplate. Then keep watching throughout the rest of the clip.


  91. Well that was fun!

  92. Having to use GameDay while at work means I missed the glorious parrot on bird action. Someone GIF that shit pronto.

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