No, that’s not a typo in the lineup I’ve posted below: Edwin Encarnacion is indeed your starting left fielder for this afternoon’s game. And that’s… fine.

Y’know, as long as he stays healthy.

I mean, obviously this is not an ideal defensive alignment, but if you’re going to trade defence for offence, you couldn’t do much better than doing so to get one of Edwin, Jose Bautista, or Adam Lind (against a RHP), which is what John Gibbons is doing. And while some may wonder about using Edwin at third base (which would mean replacing Juan Francisco with Brad Glenn), the club decided yesterday that’s not a road they want to go down. And no, the fact that Adam Lind played left field in 2006 doesn’t make it a better idea for him to take his wonky back out there, especially when he’s not getting to any balls faster than Edwin can, nor can he throw as hard as the former third baseman (um… most likely, right?).

It should be… interesting. And J.A Happ is a strikeout pitcher now, so it should be all good, right? Right???

I can live with that.


Alex Anthopoulos spoke to the media before today’s game, ostensibly to talk about the draft picks the club just signed. Here is some of what he was saying:

Drew tweets that AA says there is a scenario in which Aaron Sanchez helps the big league club this season, either as a starter or a reliever.

He adds that Anthopoulos claims a recent arm slot adjustment has really improved Sanchez’s command of late. *COUGH* horseshit *COUGH* Hey, but he only walked one in his last start, as opposed to four each in his first three starts at Triple-A.

Shi Davidi tweets that the GM says Max Pentecost is in Florida right now, but is getting his passport sorted out and will report to Vancouver once he does.

Davidi also tells us that AA says most teams seem to be waiting until the All-Star Break to figure out which direction they’re going to go with respect to trades.

Megan Robinson tweets that word from the GM is that Brett Lawrie is expected to be out the entire month of July.

Not related to AA’s comments, but still worth a mention: today marks the start of the international amateur signing period, and Baseball America’s Ben Badler tweets that the Jays have signed the tenth best prospect on his board, 6’3″ 16-year-old Juan Meza, who is a right-handed pitcher that reportedly throws strikes and has touched the low-90s. They’ve also signed the 30th player on his board.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 9:05 PM ET @ Oakland

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And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (C)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Milwaukee Brewers

DH Rickie Weeks (R)
RF Ryan Braun (R)
1B Jonathan Lucroy (R)
CF Carlos Gomez (R)
3B Aramis Ramirez (R)
SS Jean Segura (R)
C Martin Maldanado (R)
LF Elian Herrera (S)
2B Jeff Bianchi (R)

RHP Wily Peralta

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  1. Sounds to me like AA is possibly talking up Sanchez’s trade value?

    • only to folks like yourself

    • think about that for a second
      war room full of scouts, execs, the gm
      well guys we’ve done our research and we dont think he’s quite what we’re looking for.
      overly attentive intern runs in, hold the fuckin phone, their gm just said he’s actually good now
      by god we need him

  2. Surprised nobody has asked EE.
    When was the last time you played the outfield?

    • They probably asked him that when he played left field for the Jays two years ago and just figured they didn’t need to ask again.

    • And there’s my answer
      3 times in 2012.

    • RADAR, to answer your question:

      It appears that Edwin has only played a major league game in the outfield during one season of his career: 2012. It happened June 10, in Atlanta (trying to keep all the bats in the lineup). Edwin started in left and moved to first in the sixth.

      It also happened on July 1st of the same year, in a game at home vs the Angels. Edwin started at first and moved to left in the seventh.

      Edwin went 3-5 in the Atlanta game. 1-1 with 2 walks against the Angels.

  3. When’s the next djf pod?

  4. Hopefully they’ll either out score their lack of defense or Happ will throw all high 96 mph fastballs and the Brewer hitters won’t pull anything, because he’s a flamethrower now, right?

  5. Typo Alert! Dinner is batting C now? I believe the (C) should be a (S).

  6. I have to say, that forgetting the defense, I like that lineup against RHP.

  7. anyone got a good stream?

    insert dick joke

    But seriously I want to watch at work

  8. 6 fastballs to Weeks.

  9. Happs getting his breaking ball over for strikes?? This could bode well for today.

  10. Ump gets an out there

    • I’ll never understand why it is that umps won’t give borderline strikes to a guy struggling to find the plate, but when a pitcher throws three straight balls to a guy to make it 3-0, he calls anything close to make it 3-1.

  11. I had a feeling Brett would be out till probably mid August…regardless of it being coincidental or not ..the dude most likely won’t be able to play 150 games a season the way he plays..i’d be happy if he actually played 130

    • Throwing your hands into fastballs won’t keep you around long. He was doing well this year at containing himself and staying on the field, just doesn’t hide those hands on inside pitches. I think he’ll learn and put a long season together eventually

  12. Tiny tiny tiny strikezone through the first inning. Holy shit.


  14. I missed jose

  15. Fuck ya Joey bats!

  16. Boom goes the dynamite

  17. Rogers Centre radar gun striking again? 98 mph average to Bautista and Lind, but Peralta could just be turning it up for them. Didn’t work on Jose

  18. Jose Bautista said FU to Jobu

  19. Well that sure looked like a shitty call.

  20. …the fuck is up with this ump?

  21. Tiny strikezone to a fucked up warped one in half an inning. Inconsistent umps are the worst.

  22. 50 percent of all balls are strikes for jays hitters today so they better be swinging!

    • Umpires retirement pension fund has big money on this game behind the brewers so the umpires hands are tied here! Blame the Ump union reps!

  23. Muni got a call early in the AB but got hosed on 2 to get the strikeout. Sucks when a guy walks 3 but gets one of those called a strikeout – especially with the lineup rolling over.

  24. Ump must be Peralta’s agent.

  25. Fuck fuck fuck.

  26. Tabby asks what happened to Weeks power that’s disappeared the last couple years and wouldn’t you know that’s when he hits a double.

  27. Guess we have the shitty Happ today. Gose makes that catch.

  28. Nice effort by rasmus! Try closing your glove when you catch a ball Colby. Lol! Just kidding! Tough play!

  29. That’s the ballgame

  30. Cletus sure seems wary of the wall a lot

  31. Anyone watching on TV: was that the right call?

  32. Happ and ump doing what they can to assure mini split.

  33. Holy shit I’m not one who normally complains about Buck but he just lost his shit completely on the home plate play.

    The collision at the plate was one of the most exciting plays? The way you protect catchers is to plunk guys with a reputation in the head?

    Get a fuckin life.

    • I know. That was a serious ‘old man yells at cloud’ rant. I like the fact catchers don’t have to get killed at home plate now.

    • You’d think that the guy who broke his fucking leg as a catcher would have a different opinion. Then again, he probably had enough concussions that we should call him Coach.

    • Did he forget that one of these exciting plays ended his career??

  34. Time for offense-focused lineup to do its thing

  35. The ump is really screwing the Jays. Never seen a strike zone be so different depending on the players or team. Horrible.

  36. Back to crap Happ.

  37. Jays swinging early in the count cause they know umps pension fund money is working against them.

    • I don’t participate in the conspiracy-theory explanations for why the umps are frequently so shitty in Blue Jay games, but good god, if it were this bad every game, wouldn’t we hear a concerted effort from the players’ union?

      • They’re obviously in on it too

      • It’s not always this bad. Just one bad apple crew among the the batch and a sprinkling of individuals that can’t wait to be the centre of attention and enforce their personal strike zone.

  38. Time for a wing of chickens to do a flyover at the Rogers Dome.

  39. damn that double play

  40. guess the jays aren’t taking pitches could see the pitcher struggling with command…get him out and into the bullpen

  41. It’s either swing early at a sorta strike or get wrung up by a blind over zealous ump. Kawasaki anyone?

  42. Nice quick inning by the Hippster. Let’s string some hits together and get some runs, Greg Gibson be damned.

  43. Big Juan!!!!!

  44. Phat Juan delivers

  45. Juan – what a blast. Great hit.

  46. Rally Killah

  47. Fat Juan said, “you no help me now, I do it myself” and then hit a breaking ball out.

  48. Juan a bet this game isn’t over!!!

  49. holy hell…Juan still has a higher avg and OBP than Rasmus

  50. Segura can play…..

    So that’s what a defensive shortstop looks like..

    • Too bad his wOBA is .265. There are only 3 players with 40 ABs for the Jays who are worse than that: Pillar, Diaz, Goins. That is not great company to keep.

      • Off season this year but last year he was a force. Also a stolen base threat. Though this year his inability to steal first mitigates that weapon somewhat.

  51. Anyone see this Kawasaki play? What happened?

    • Jays get screwed by New Yorkers, that’s what.


    • Kawasaki was called out at first despite the fact that replay showed the sweep tag missed bim as he ran by the first baseman. Play was affirmed by instant replay despite televised visual evidence to the contrary.

  52. Absolute horseshit!

  53. Those replays take so long… And they’re so wrong!

  54. Looked like a whiff on the tag. This replay is horseshit.

  55. I know in an NFL game when a play is challenged, the ref will review the play and then deliver their decision and an EXPLANATION of why that’s the case.

    Is that too much to ask in baseball?

  56. Is there any professional group as collectively incompetent as Major League umpires?

  57. lol mike wilner’s tweet is classic

    Kawasaki is called out after the review – apparently if the laces of the glove touch you that counts.

    • Doesn’t it? Every first baseman should have super long laces on their gloves just for plays like that lol

  58. I’d much prefer EE in the outfield right now even if he’s weak defensively then run Bautista out and risk him further hurting himself. If a left handed reliever comes out then he moves to first and lind sits. I can definitely live with that.

  59. I didn’t see an angle where it looked like he tagged him.

    The funny thing about the replay system was that it was supposed to make sure the correct call was made. Now it seems like they are overly-conservative about over-turning calls. There are still so many blown calls that stand up.

  60. “Go get it, Melky!”

    as the ball is like 10 rows back

  61. More runs please.

  62. OMG. A strike that was called a strike. Maybe the replay took so long because NY reminded Gibson what the strike zone was.

  63. Time to chase this Peralta fucker

  64. I can’t watch this game live. I’m keeping tabs on it on

  65. how inside are Peralta’s inside pitches? (listening on radio.)

  66. I see rasmus is up with two on. Cmon Cletus hit that ball!!!

  67. Did buck just say… Yankee?

  68. If Bautista can barely move he should be batting 5th. Why stick him in between 4 guys who can actually run?

    • You know he already has a home run today right?

      • he’s clogging up the basepaths

      • And he’s also got a terrible double play at a more important point. You know he can somersault around the bases when he hits home runs, for all i care? He’s allowed to hit them in the 5th spot too.

        • For the record, he’s currently got a negative WPA today in case you want to tell me the home run was more important than the double play he hit into.

          • WPA is rather out of the player’s control. He hit a home run – if he ONLY did that every game he would have 162 HR and probably 200+ RBI and 162 runs scored.

            That he came up in a high leverage situation is only further answer as to why he IS batting there. So sorry that you can’t arbitrarily pick when you get your hits.

            • yeah, you can disagree with *when* Bautista got his home run but . . . oh wait – it wasn’t a decision? what do you mean, ‘baseball’?

            • I’d rather have Lind and Encarnacion coming up with Bautista hitting after them, where he can clean up all the batters on base. He’s likely to come up with 2 outs in that spot. I’d rather have people who can actually move come up 3rd and 4th for when there’s batters on and less than 2 out.

              When Bautista is running fine, he’s fine in the 3rd spot.

              • Moving Bautista down to 5th means there’s less chance that he comes up late in the game. I don’t think that’s a smart move to make just because he’s not running well. Would you expect the Red Sox to bat Ortiz lower in the lineup every game?

    • It may be overly generous to call what Lind does “running”. But I see the point.

  69. Looking at the current rotation, as of right now:

    Stroman: fantastic pick
    Hutch: great pick and worth waiting for (after TJ) and giving a chance
    Happ: weird trade but worth it and a good signing
    Buehrle: the only big spend but at least doing a pretty damn good job of being worth it
    Dickey: not as good as we hoped but I can’t say it was a bad trade yet considering the guys we gave up haven’t done much yet

    The hate toward AA is weird to me.

    We even had Morrow who IS still a good pitcher and a good trade by AA. And we really should have had Santana but for him backing out of the agreement and/or us taking too long to fuck with salary deferral arrangements (which is on Rogers not AA IMO).

    • I don’t disagree, but I think a lot of the vitriol spewed against AA was spewed because we’re now relying on two 23-year olds who weren’t, and still aren’t, sure things by any stretch. We expected a ~4 ERA from Buerhle and an inconsistent season from Happ at best. And Dickey, well… he’s Dickey.

      Things have come together nicely, but I think it’s understandable that some (including me) were worried in April because the Jays looked thin on reliable SP. It wasn’t a case of poor drafting/trading/stupid moves, but rather a case of not going for it when the situations screams to go for it.

      • I think you meant ‘uneducated fanbase’ rather than ‘situations”

      • I’d like to add to that last paragraph that AA may well have wanted to go for it (Navarro, Santana, possibly others) but was forbidden to do so by Rogers.

        Either way, I agree that the way the Jays acquired their current starting five was a nice mix of drafting and trading, but will add the caveat that it didn’t figure to be this good at the start of the season.

      • Oh I worried and I still worry going forward. I cursed that they missed on Santana.

        But in fairness, again *as of right now* AA looks more right than wrong on these guys.

        • Yeah, I certainly don’t miss Santana and Jimenez. But at the time, some viewed the discourse differently because Hutchison was a TJ rehab and Stroman had never thrown a pitch above double-A. Plus both Jimenez and Santana had good years.

          I will say that, whatever made it happen, the Jays’ refusal to sign a pitcher at anything other than their terms seems to have been an ok decision, and it certainly bolsters my perceptions, as a fan, of AA’s ability to gauge talent. So does this year’s draft.

    • The Morrow trade was a steal. Problem is he had the ceiling of a #2 but always ended up pitching like a #4/5, because that’s all he is.

      • From 2010-2012, Morrow’s FIP ranked 24th out of 132 qualified starters. He’s been significantly better than a #4/5 type in the past.

        • FIP is great for showing how the pitcher may or should perform in the next season. He never met his FIP, except in 2012. I’m not a fan of ERA due to it relying on defense and different ballparks, but a pitcher still controls the majority of it. He has ERA’s in the high 4′s and 5′s for a reason.

  70. I don’t rail on Buck and Tabby like some of you mouth-breathers (I actually fine em a little silly and fun).

    But I’m listening to the Brewers feed today and these guys are a real treat!

  71. Ok pastlives… here’s another big showdown (as far as Bautista’s spot in the lineup goes).

    • And it’s a walk. Making YET ANOTHER Joey Bats Two’fer.

      One HR and one BB. I think he still has a dozen or so of those to go before passing Delgado for number one all time on the Jays.

    • Great, a walk. Now he’s clogging up the base paths.

    • Don’t get me wrong man he’s fucking amazing and I love him, just while he’s struggling to move I’d love to see him a bit lower in the lineup in this situation too where it won’t matter as much how well he can run.

  72. Should Mastro bunt?

  73. Come on Big INNING!!!!

  74. The fuck are you doing not running that shit out?

  75. Now that’s a rally killah.

  76. wow just wow

  77. Fucking bunts. Terrible.

  78. F M L

  79. Holy fuck, bunts. Remember this the next time some fuckhead whines about small ball.

  80. I never wanna hear “bunt to stay out of the double play” ever again

  81. Oh my god, what the fuck is wrong with you Gibbons.

  82. Mastro’s speed really paid off on that play.

  83. well this has gotten weird

  84. Gotta love Buck scrambling to justify removing Bautista. JUST FUCKING CALL IT DUMB.

  85. ^

  86. /Replaces Adam Lind with a RHH

    So fucking close, Gibsons.

  87. Another questionable move. Why put Mastroianni in to bunt if he’s no good at it when u have Gose on the bench who is. Better use of the player than pinch running for JB.

  88. FYRE GOBBONS!!!1!

  89. Zach Duke can fuck right off.

  90. i know he wanted to go with the splits..but man that was rather have adam lind just strike out and keep bautista in the game.

  91. What do all you managers suggest?

    • Not bunting.

    • What Gibby did.
      Poor execution on the players part.

    • I don’t know specifically what I would have done in that situation, but I don’t like playing for one run there. I don’t like bunting in that situation, and Bautista came out of the game when he was guaranteed to come to the plate at least one more time.

      • I don’t bunt in that situation. Even if you succeed, EE gets walked and Dioner and Rasmus have to face a lefty with the bases loaded and 1 out.

      • Even if that works, your taking the bat outta Edwin’s hands. Gibby usually the best but…..not right now

  92. Perfect example of how Gibbons costs this team wins.

    • No, but still.

    • I believe this would be the first time gibbons really might have cost this team a win, unless you think we should be subbing out Reyes for a better defensive SS late in games.

      • There were three pivotal decisions last weekend against the Sox. I’m not a Gibbons hater but he makes it hard

  93. So just to recap: Bunted to kill an inning and removed two of the best bats in the lineup…In one half inning.

    • i would have thought they would try to have Gose to bunt..that way he comes in as defensive replacement and Eddie goes to first..but you are right…having two of your best hitters exit in one half inning…not a good call

  94. Yeah. Seriously. Tell Lind to keep his bat on his shoulder and strike out. That would be one out with Edwin up and Navarro behind him and no chance of a d/p..

    • Apparently the whole telling a guy to keep the bat on his shoulder thing isn’t an option with this team/coach…

      • I get that. I know it sounds dumb. But that way you keep Lind in the line-up for later with less damage. What’s coming behind him can get the job done. Any ball on the ground could get a d/p which is the last thing you want in this circumstance. And that’s what happened. Now we’re stuck with Mastroianni in the game. Hooray.

  95. That lack of hustle by Mastro was one of the worst things I’ve seen in years. Looked like he was playing beer league.

    • It looks like the bunt bounced from foul into fair territory right in front of home and surprised him. He’s hustling if it’s fair from the get go.

  96. There’s no way a Lind K could have been worse than that shitshow by Mastarooni.

  97. Awful.

  98. Crap! Bautista and Lind removed from the game in the bottom of the 7th. Lind out for a pinch hitter, Bautista for a pinch runner. I hate those moves.

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