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Via Sportsnet (and their YouTube channel, which is apparently a thing that exists) we now have video of John Gibbons’ outstanding answer following today’s game, a 7-4 walk-off win in which he was ejected following a horseshit use of replay… and a whole bunch of less-than-impressive umpiring that was on display.

Not less-than-impressive? John Gibbons.*

Did I mention #GibbyTheBest?

If you don’t like John Gibbons, I don’t like you. It’s really that simple.


* Let’s just ignore the whole insistence on bunting today thing, OK?

Comments (94)

  1. My favourite manager in Jays history for so many reasons.

  2. How someone can not like John Gibbons is beyond me. You will always have an Internet friend in me, Stoeten, cuz I love me some Gibbers.

  3. If they made a movie about the Jays, who plays Gibby?

    I vote for Sam Sheppard.

  4. -Gibby’s quote,
    -family of Jose’s
    -Edwin’s walk off
    -”He Hang It, I Bang It”
    -mascot wearing a parrot

    What a fun, fun day and time to be a Jays fan.

  5. Having a beer with Gibby needs to be in the JaysCare auction next year.

    • I can see the description now: “You and Gibby will get ejected from a game on a mutually agreed-upon date…”

    • You can bid on a beer with Gibbers while I blow my budget on “Ride in the General Lee with Colby Rasmus”.

    • billions and billions

    • I’d spend handsomely to have a beer with Gibby.

      Jays care could also do”

      Split a pizza with Dioner.
      Saki-Bombs with Munenori
      Sit in the shade with Brad Glen.
      Learn colourful cussing with Andy Stoeten
      “How to Paint” with Mark Beuhrle
      Comb your hair with a porkchop – Colby Rasmus
      Hate fucking Baseballs with Encarnacion
      How to mentor with Joey Bats
      How to look, sound and smell like vanilla with Casey Jansen
      Photogenic smiling with Jose Reyes.
      How to properly season fingernails with Anthony Gose

      • Split a pizza with Dioner of course means you get a slice and he has the rest.

      • Let’s not forget what you get with the deluxe Jays experience package.

        How to work a call up into a full year with Steve Tolleson
        How to catch a butterfly with Josh Thole
        How to have a sophisticated goatee with RA Dickey
        Jekyl and Hyde syndrome explained by JA Happ
        Home renovations and construction with Eric Kratz
        Eating burgers and junk with Todd Redmond
        My secret double life as the towel boy with Mike er… Scott? Oh nm BRAD Glenn
        Kareoke with Kyle Drabek
        How to look homeless by Darin Mastroianni previously taught by Brian Tallet
        Invisibility lessons from Chad Jenkins
        and if you book your session now you get Dwayne Murphy’s book “How I ran Aaron Hill out of town”.

        • Yeah Redmonds physique…. he can probably kill a loaded nachos before you get two pulls on your pint.

        • How to look homeless by Darin Mastroianni

          *Note, if Darin is to be sent down, Adam Lind will take over the session.

      • You’re forgetting “Chicken hot dogs with Colby”

        • Man this is getting entertaining… I absolutely LOL’d at the Redmond nachos comment haha

      • Tour a wind turbine plant with J.P.

      • “Comb your hair with a porkchop – Colby Rasmus”

        Smasher you just won something. Maybe my heart. I don’t know. But I’m trying to pretend to work here and I look like the village idiot with a big shit eating grin.

    • I’ve often thought bass fishing with Doc would be a great auction package, but a cold beer with Gibby would come close. Huntin’ hogs with Colby would be off the charts.

  6. What? He wanted a beer? That’s why they’re only 1.5 games in first. It’s a country club atmosphere! 2013 all over again! Fire Goibbons!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!111!

  7. I missed the game today what does he mean by bunts not getting down. Damn, of all the games to miss especially when I had the day off.

  8. Fire Gibbons then give him Buck’s job

  9. Gibbons lookin great with that new haircut

  10. How can you not like this guy he just lays it out there.

    • Which is the complete and total polar opposite of AA. He will beat around the bush and pull out more smoke, mirrors, excuses and misdirection than a C grade vegas magician.

  11. My wish is for the Jays to win enough games every year so Gibby is the manager for another 20 years

  12. Yeah Gibby’s a good guy and I’m glad the team’s performed well for him.

    Meanwhile in other news, Jason Frasor just coughed-up a 3-run Texas lead over Baltimore.

  13. Left Field Brewery needs to come out with Gibby’s Session Ale.

    Only in tall boys.

  14. Jason Frasor killing us even when he pitches in Texas…. HOW

  15. Damn the Rangers can’t seem to hold the O’s in this series.

  16. Sooo now the Yankees are buying all the international free agents too

    • it’s a bit of a dumb system. Sure, now they can’t sign any IFAs for 2015 and 2016. But they’ll have ended with more and better prospects by buying the entire field in 2014 and nothing the next 2 years. Not to mention all the prospects they from 2014-2016 period will all have 2 years development by the time 2017 rolls around and the Yankees can do it all over again.

      Sure, there’s the penalty of having to pay extra $, but for a team as rich as the Yankees, it’s more like paying for an advantage than being punished. Think about it.

      • Anything that involves a tax or a fee for overspending does absolutely nothing to discourage a team like the Yankees. It’s annoying as hell. Hope it comes back to bite them in the future.

      • I would expect the system will be changed before the penalties really even kick in. They’re taking advantage of a stupid system the same way AA did with compensation picks before that system was changed.

  17. From what I’ve read though the International draft is more of a gamble than the MLB draft. I guess it must be nice to invest 15 mil. on lousy odds. You have to hand it to them they are a nervy bunch.

  18. awesome

  19. Now we need to allow drinking on the bench. Then when the next ump calls a strike that’s a foot outside – Gibby can just throw a bottle at the ump

  20. So this… uh… acquaintance of mine told me this about Gibby a week or two ago:

    “The way I see it, Gibby didn’t do anything to help them win all those games (May). And he didn’t really do anything when they started losing (June). So they should just fire him and get a real manager.”

  21. Sorry everybody but you’re gonna hate me for this.

    In a 4-4 game in the 7th inning Gibbons does the following.

    1) Puts in Darin Mastroianni for Adam Lind (with the better bunter – Gose – on the bench)
    2) With TWO OUTS in the SEVENTH INNING, puts in Anthony Gose for Jose Bautista on second base.

    He was, fortunately, bailed out by a 3-run homer by EE (no idea why they pitched to him).
    But the move took the bat out of the hands of a capable hitter (Melky), and left the prime RBI opportunities to (arguably) our two worst hitters.

    This coupled with the fact that our worst hitter and best fielder (Gose) is now conveniently in the DH slot. Bunting into the wheel play was stupid (both times), but Gibby was only responsible for one of em.

    Anyway. This may be nitpicky of me, but quite frankly I notice that these types of amateur moves are pretty commonplace. I understand he’s got Texan charm or whatever, and that it’s a very relatable thing to want a beer after a pathetic display in 7th and 9th inning. But no, I don’t like Gibbons and yes I would prefer another manager (although I recognize that firing a first place manager is both massively unfair and unreasonable, so I recognize that he’s our man).

    • 1) The last time Lind bunted was never. Your not going to put Gose in to bunt against a lefty side armer as the angles aren’t as good as a right handed hitter. Either of them should be able to put a bunt down.

      2) Winning run is on 2nd, with 2 outs. Jose has a shitty hammy. If someone hits a single into the outfield your gonna have to fly in order to make sure you score that run. We’d all be shitting right now if Jose had been out there when that happened and had blown up his hammy running too hard trying to score that winning run. Take your chances when you can.

      Every move looks good when it works and bad when it doesn’t. You have to look at the reason not the result when grading a manager.

    • “This may be nitpicky of me, but quite frankly I notice that these types of amateur moves are pretty commonplace.”

      Not only are you assuming that your OPINION is more than that, but you are generalizing your own, already biased, opinions into some sort of regular pattern that doesn’t exist.

      Just because you disagree with a move doesn’t mean the move was wrong. And the commonplace statement is silly – I’d guess that the majority of games don’t even have a hard decision for a manager to make.

      Also, there is more to managing than just whether you pinch ran someone or not. Lots more that we don’t see. Personally I don’t think it has much effect (unless you are an outright destructive personality) but it remains that much of what he does is unseen and unheard by us.

  22. I bet you could rationalize these moves if you tried even a little bit.

  23. Nothing awesome about Gibby. He’s bigger a problem than the starting pitching. You’ll know the Blue Jays are serious when they get rid of him. I hear Charlie Manuel’s still available.

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