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Um… fuck bunts and all that, and those umpires, and the way J.A. Happ pitched in the third inning (but not the rest of the time), and whatever the hell Tim and Sid are talking about right now, but… whatever. Whatever. EDWING!!!! WALK-ARNACI-OFF!

OK, I’ll show myself out. But not until after this:

Uh… and this:

Nails. So nails. Crawl back in your holes for another day, suckholes.

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  1. Surprised Colby didn’t get more hate for that failed catch in the 3rd…he jumped for no reason, he really shoulda caught it…no? I think Happ pitched quite well.

    Fuck bunts, shitty game by Gibbons, Edwin rocks, whatever we won, off to Oakland.

    • Was a good game by Gibbons. Colby? Baseball is hard. Not at all for no reason, just mistimed it.

      • I don’t think they should have bunted in the first situation, just because of what was certainly going to happen next (Edwin walks, lefty vs. Dioner and Colby…just don’t like that matchup). I like Gibbons a lot but I think he overplayed that inning really badly.

        And ya I get it was a hard catch for Colby to make…he makes that catch though and Happ’s line looks a whole lot better.

      • I mentioned this in the Game Threat, but while I understand the moves Gibby made, I disagree with the general tactic of playing for one run in that situation. I almost never disagree with him because he is most definitely the best.

        • It’s okay to be critical of the moves he makes when you disagree with them, without hating him or wanting him fired.

          • Yeah, that’s fair. Not the best in some instances. Liked the platoon stuff, though. And the smallball nonsense is straight orthodoxy, which I have a harder time killing a guy over. But yes, could have been better. Thought he was fine in general. Criticism there is understandable, though

            • Thing is though, you can almost guarantee every other manager in the majors would do the same thing. Hard to hate on a guy for that.

      • You’d think Colby would get more rope in this town based on all the catches he’s made over the last three years that he had no business catching.

        • He got plenty of slack, I already explained what I meant by it…that Happ probably pitched better than the line shows.

  2. I like this new left fielder guy…

  3. yup

  4. #Eddythebest

  5. So. Can we stop bunting at this point?


  7. A BB and HR by Fat Juan!

    Pumpkin?….or pumpkin pie?

    Pumpkin pie is not always available, but man is it delicious when it’s around.

  8. Lol silly Brewers you don’t pitch to Edwin with 2 outs and 3rd base open

  9. Oakland, Anaheim, House of Horrors up next. This is gonna be one important fuckin road trip. Great way to send off the team onto the road tho.

    • I think the dark horse series is the Angels one. The Halos are hanging in there. If we can even tread water in OAK and TB and win the Angels series I’ll take it.

      • I’m okay with .500 ball on this road trip, given the teams we’re up against. Anything beyond is gravy, and would really help. Also, it doesn;t help that Baltimore is going up against Texas and Boston. Fingers crossed though, this season things will break right. Jays overperform on the road vs a bunch of teams that have handed their asses to them in the past, and the teams nipping at their heels lose to a bunch of shitty teams. I will break right. Put some fucking gas in the boat.

  10. The managerial stuff is irrelevant because of the win but in both situations I think the player needs to swing away. If you’re gonna pinch hit for kind just to bunt, better off having Lind swing away. so he Ks? Edwin up next. But maybe he hits a fly ball advancing the runners etc. With Gose’s bunt- better off him swinging away cuz he’s hard to double up. Just my opinion but I coach my beer league softball team:)

  11. Even though I don’t like bunts to begin with, faulting Gibbons for people messing up bunts is a little harsh. You have to assume people can usually lay down a good enough bunt.

  12. Came home from work and put on my Edwin-parrot t-shirt

  13. Really OK with this Happ who seems to regularly pitch into the 7th, instead of hitting 100 pitches in the 4th.

  14. I didn’t hate the Gose bunt. It didn’t work but I still think it was the right play. Gose is hard to double off. But I thoroughly hated the Mastroianni bunt and I thought it would have been much better to keep Lind in the game. Especially since Bautista was basically sure to be lifted if he got on base because of the hamstring issue.

    However I’m not on the Hang Gibbons team. He’s managed the club well and in general I agree with his decisions.

  15. The defensive alignment put Gibby in a tough spot. They’re lucky nothing got hit to LF at all today. I think perhaps he had it set in his mind that Lind is coming out when a lefty comes out of the pen to face him, and then managed from there. Fortunately it didn’t cost them a win

    • I think Gibbons should get credit for taking the risk of getting Lind, Bautista, Fat Juan and EE all in the line up today. All contributed at the plate today, and thus the win.

      There is risk in every move the manager manager makes, especially which a mix bag of skill sets that this roster has. Many people don’t hesitate to shit on Gibby when one decision doesn’t work out, but today it did.

      • Absolutely. I was skeptical but it was a good risk the way the offence has been for a month at least.

      • Good point, definitely paid off. It paid off in the sense that we hoped it would, on the offensive side, and didn’t hurt on the defensive side which was somewhat lucky.

        I do think that the defensive side was in the back of his mind, and we’ve become used to Lind being pinch hit for when a lefty comes in… That move was questionable, but no one really expected it to turn out as bad as it did.

        • His creative use of the roster has been great recently, even if the lineup couldn’t be rescued with joey and Lawrie out against lhp. The 9th was hilarious though, I made it 4 bad decisions, though only one by gibbers. Walking Cabrera ( meaning you were bringing up ee without a double play) bringing in a rhp for gose (what!) bunting when everyone knew it was coming and then not walking ee

  16. I’m overseas right now on vacation – and what with sketchy internet and the time difference, I haven’t been as on top of the Jays as I should be (metaphorically speaking…in a manly, heterosexual way, that is).
    Thank fuck for this site and the comments – so on the occasions where i can grab wifi for a couple of minutes without crashing the system here, I can catch up.
    I left with a 4.5 game lead — now it’s gotta be 6 or 7 right?

  17. So are we now 8-0 against other first place teams? Gonna be tough to stay undefeated in that respect tomorrow against Sonny Gray, but you never know. The Jays are showing that they can battle with the best of ‘em. This should be an interesting road trip.

  18. Toronto Blue Jays Quote Factory

  19. GibbyTheBest, but bunts fucking suck.

  20. Thought this was kinda interesting……

    2010 Jose Bautista


    2014 Edwin –

    On pace for 49HR

    • So you’re saying we have nearly a carbon copy of Jose Bautista circa 2010, plus the improved edition “345″ (.300,.400,.500) 2014 Bautista?

      I’ll take it.

  21. Big road trip! 500 (or of course, better) should be considered a success in the next 10 games realistically.

    Looking fwd to being there on sunday in Oak with Hutchison going as next few games will be interesting with cranky A’s coming off Det sweep and looking to return the favor on us. Would love at least a split coming outta of there

  22. Well. That was swell.

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