As if there was ever any doubt.

According to a team release this morning the Jays have signed both of their first round picks from last month’s draft, RHP Jeff Hoffman (9th overall) and C Max Pentecost (11th overall). So that sound you hear is the hamster wheels that drive the brains of the suckhole types eager to pounce on some phony ready-made narrative about the Blue Jays fumbling their way through negotiations with children having to switch direction and find something new to whinge about.

According to a Jon Heyman tweet, Hoffman is getting slot money for where he was selected ($3.1-million), and according to a tweet from Ben Nicholson-Smith, the same is true for Pentecost ($2.9-million).

Truth be told, there was some speculation — at least around here — that Hoffman might be singable for less than slot, given the status of his injury. He’ll be only about a year removed from the Tommy John procedure he had this spring by the time the next draft rolls around, so little would have changed regarding the uncertainty over him, and he would have then been a college senior, with an insistence on heading to independent ball his main bit of leverage.

Hey, it worked for James Paxton, but fortunately it’s not a road the Jays and Hoffman will have to travel. Plus, with allowances for clubs to spend over their pool allotments before being penalized, slot money isn’t really slot money anyway. And that’s good, because at, in declaring the Jays draft night’s big winners, Jim Callis notes that there are still several interesting but difficult-to-sign players that the Jays took after the tenth round — including four who made his list of the top 200 draft prospects — and may still be able to scrape together some money for.

But don’t hassle the Hoff, man. Even if the Jays don’t nab any of those guys, there is reason to be pretty happy about not just the additions of Hoffman and Pentecost to the system, but about the exorcising of the ghosts of Paxton and Tyler Beede and Phil Bickford… at least for another year.

At the time he was selected, I wrote about Hoffman and why he was an exciting pick. It all still applies! I wrote here about Pentecost, too.

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  1. yay! surprised Hoffman got full slot but really, who cares

  2. Remember that time people were saying the Jays wouldn’t have any money to spend on the draft this year?

    • This is an excellent point.After working the fanbase into a froth over not having enough budget for the draft,there it is. The Jays are within $ 71,400 of the max. before they enter the 5%.
      The big scoop was that Rogers had informed AA that he couldn’t spend the draft allotment.
      Just bullshit.

  3. Can Pentecost play 2B today?

  4. “So that sound you hear is the hamster wheels that drive the brains of the suckhole types eager to pounce on some phony ready-made narrative about the Blue Jays fumbling their way through negotiations with children having to switch direction and find something new to whinge about.”

    Do you know how much of a fucking headache it is to see you smack that straw man of ‘the stupid fans’ in every single post?

    Put your chest out. Make your points with confidence. Stop inventing a fake enemy you can react against. It comes across as weak writing. If you want to attack people, then provide a source and quotations.


    • you don’t read the comments much, do ya?

    • I was going to write something far more critical, then I decided to be far more concise in order to write more powerfully: shut up. Nobody reads the comment sections to hear your criticism of Andrew’s writing style.

    • Door is on the left, Matt.

      • Andrew is so intimidating.


      • I have to agree to a certain degree, most of your readers don’t overreact to this kind of stuff. Almost as annoying as the people whining in the first place, especially done so frequently.

        • He’s not just talking about his readers. All you have to do is branch out into the Jay’s fandom to recognize that this is no strawman. There are a substantial number of people that make up the suckhole group.

      • Thanks, Keith

    • Someone stop holding a gun to Matt’s head and quit making him read DJF.

    • I hadn’t thought of this before – but yeah, that fake enemy thing…

    • Can’t stand people who complain about what they read on a blog. It is ridiculous. Why do you think we care that you didn’t like reading it? Just stop reading if it gives you a headache. Why would you keep reading?

      (ugh, now I am doing it about someone’s comment) In short, fuck off and go whine to your mom/therapist/bored friend

  5. Anyone hear if the Jays were active on the international market? Can’t really find anything.

    Glad to see that the 1st rounders are signed. The Jays picked up some intriguing players in this draft. It will be interesting to see if there are some Pompey-like later-round picks emerge with legit MLB potential.

  6. “Whinge”, had never heard that expression. Had to look it up.Like it.

    Get schooled up on DJF kids, save your tuition money.

  7. Does anyone know what would happen if a team can’t sign their compensation pick? Do they receive another compensation pick for the following draft?

  8. “I can’t believe they paid these guys full slot money! Fyre Anthopolmouse” – That Tony guy, probably.

  9. Pentecost has been compared to Russell Martin just not as good with the bat as Martin is. It is always a good thing to stock up on catchers especially ones that have an all around game.

  10. If anyone is following the Bluebird Banter link, some of those post 10th round guys have to wait on the Jays to make these signings. There’s 3 or 4 that are listed as ‘signable pending bonus’ – now that Hoffman got slot money, not under slot, prob going to put a dent in the chance to try and get those guys.
    Only guys signed for over $100k affect the slot money right?
    I just like seeing more names signed, the more lottery tickets we have, the better chance to win.
    It sucks to have to wait 6 yrs to find out if you won, having the draw every Friday is way more fun!

    • you have to wait six years if you sign them when they’re teenagers.
      did you have to wait six years for stroman?

      • Stroman had two pitches that were considered major league ready when the Jays had signed him. Hence the reason why he moved up so fast. Players like that though are pretty rare to find.

    • Keep in mind teams are allowed to exceed the slot value by 5% before they incur any penalties. Because the Jays had such a huge allotment this year with the two early picks, they should be able to spend $472,925 extra without being penalized. Add the bit they’ve saved so far and they should have something like $550,000 left. It’s not Tellez/Brentz level money, and it would obviously be nice if they could have saved some more on their early picks, but they do have some room to work.

  11. “As if there was ever any doubt.” – actually,…

  12. In years to come we will look back at this draft as the draft the Jays signed Sean Reid-Foley. Hoffman? I just don’t believe the hype. When something is lost to us we always value greater than what is left behind.

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