Just get me one of everything that ever played video… and then the Hunter… and then format doesn’t matter.

GibbyTheBest. According to a Shi Davidi tweet, the Jays’ manager explained his Wednesday ejection thusly: “Maybe I got tired of looking at bunts not getting put down, so I said, ‘I’ll go have a beer.’ ”

Ken Rosenthal tweeted this week that he figures any pursuit by the Jays of Cole Hamels would be a long shot, as they are reportedly one of the teams on his no-trade list. Figures. Maybe the fact that they’re currently in first place and chasing a pennant changes that, but with many years left on his deal, coming to this pitching environment, in this division, and to a club with an owner that has never shown consistent seriousness about winning? Yeah… either ol’ Doc has one hell of a sell-job up his sleeve or we should probably just forget this.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun lists ten Jays employees who have seen Jeff Samardzija in person over the last year, as the trade talk heats up. His NL scouting buddies don’t think the club should part with the Sanchez-Norris-Pompey package — an AL scout says he’d do it without hesitation for David Price, though, but he wonders if that would even be enough. Then the next round came, presumably.

Speaking of Price, Jim Bowden suggests some potential offers for the Rays ace at ESPN.com, and assesses the viability of each. On the Jays he writes: “If the Rays can’t get the prospects they want from the Cardinals, Braves or Dodgers, then the Blue Jays have a real chance of getting Price compared to the rest of the American League because they have an elite young starter to offer — something the Los Angeles Angels, Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees do not.” Heyyyyy, great. Orioles have one of those too, though.

MLBTR reviews this morning’s news about the Jays signing their first round draft picks, noting that the Jays are $74K below their bonus pool allocation (though they haven’t signed their seventh rounder, college senior Zack Zehner (slot for his pick is $192K, but penalties for going less than 5% over aren’t so bad — simply a 75% tax on all dollars over, but none of the heavy-handed lose-a-draft-pick stuff that you’re hit with by exceeding it by even more).

MLBTR also notes that, according to a tweet from MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez, the Jays’ signing of international amateur prospect Juan Meza cost $1.6-million. Baseball America lists the Jays’ bonus pool on the international market is $2.853-million.

More from MLBTR from over the past… while. We’re pointed to a Nick Cafardo piece in which he says that the Jays are among the teams who have most aggressively scouted the Phillies, so… maybe there’s a chance? Or maybe it’s Chase Utley they want, as a Jon Heyman piece — in which he says there is zero chance the Jays move the Sanchez-Norris-Pompey package for Jeff Samardzija — suggests the Jays may have some interest there (“but it remains far from clear that he will be an achievable target”).

He didn’t, but if Adam Lind had sat again today, it might given John Gibbons the opportunity to use Brad Glenn as a decoy to get his preferred lefty slugger into the game the way he quite masterfully did late in the game on Tuesday. Mike Wilner writes about the expertly deployed tactic for Sportsnet.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi writes that, with a number of matchups with left-handed starters upcoming, the Jays may recall Erik Kratz when he becomes eligible on Thursday. With Jose Bautista back to health, and Darin Mastroianni a capable fourth outfielder, I’d guess it will be Anthony Gose shuffling off to Buffalo if it happens. Speaking of: Alex Anthopoulos joined Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 following Wednesday’s win, but was late, explaining that the game went longer than anticipated and that he had to take care of some business in the clubhouse. So minor roster moves may indeed be coming — and Alex mentioned that Brett Cecil “is back” on Friday (though he may just mean he is eligible).

Anthopoulos also said that, if Aaron Sanchez has another strong outing in his next start at Buffalo, he’ll be in the mix for a big league role, if a need should arise. Hmmm…

Speaking of Buffalo Bisons, Blue Jays Plus has a chat with Kyle Drabek.

Back to Davidi, who also tells us that the Jays will be reviewing their security procedures when it comes to their fancy “BEST” (pronounced “beest”) database — or whatever they really call it — in the wake of the Astros being hacked earlier this week.

More from Sportsnet, as Arden Zwelling talks Canada Day, Shi Davidi talks to Patrick Burke of You Can Play about the Jays’ inroads into the LGBT community in the two years since the Yunel Escobar incident, and Shi also reveals the story behind the “Adam, you’re my favourite” lady, who, apparently, exists.

Great stuff from Blake Murphy at FanGraphs, as he looks at whether Brett Lawrie is putting himself in harm’s way by setting up in the box in such a way that he can’t get his hands out of the way of the sorts of pitches he was being hit with prior to his injury.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Marc Hulet looks at the Jays’ dilemma regarding Dalton Pompey — who he’s long had his eye on — as they likely will need to decide in the next few weeks whether the fast-rising prospect will help them more as a trade chip, or as “a potential everyday centerfield and table-setting switch-hitter for the Jays, starting in mid 2015 or early 2016.” Fuck that sounds awesome.

More great Jays-related stuff from FanGraphs: a bunch of Jays, obviously, make the grade as they select their AL All-Star team; Marcus Stroman ranks number two among prospects by currently projected WAR (nails much?); and Tony Blengino has an excellent feature on Jose Bautista: Force of Nature. Also, the most recent edition of Carson Cistulli’s look at the five most compelling fringe prospects going features Dan Norris, who won’t be eligible for inclusion in the article for long, seeing as he’s about to jump into a bunch of top 100 prospects lists, which will no longer qualify him for the fringes.

Baseball Prospectus redrafts the 2012 draft, and Marcus Stroman moves up to the 12th overall pick! And D.J. Davis… um… let’s not talk about that one.

Speaking of Stroman, at Gamereax we’re given a look at just what a tremendous shot in the arm he has given the Jays’ starting staff.

Back to John Lott of the National Post, where he files a great piece about Bo Jackson, Colby Rasmus, and how the Alabama legend can still slip a tackle, especially when it’s the media coming after him.

Canada Day stuff from Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star, as he talks to Brett Lawrie about the “hockey energy” the Langley, B.C. native brings to the Jays and the game of baseball.

Elsewhere in the Star, for some reason Rosie DiManno writes about sports, and if you can still see straight after all the purple prose, you’ll find something about Rob Rasmussen. Meanwhile, a while back ol’ Griff checked out an Aaron Sanchez start in Buffalo, telling us that what he saw was a mixed bag.

From BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm looks at Jose Bautista’s expanding global brand.

Interesting stuff from Your Van C’s, as Charlie Caskey charts Miguel Castro, who he’s very impressed with.

Jonah Keri of Grantland has a primer for trade deadline silly season, giving us ten story lines to watch, including his contention that the Jays will be some of the most aggressive buyers out there.

The Blue Jay Hunter talks about Tuesday night’s “Connect With The Jays” night, which is this year’s replacement for Tweeting Tuesdays, which Ian and some social media and blogger types were involved with. I almost was — was invited, but then decided it would be hard to shit on it if I actually had a hand in it (which was probably why I was invited in the first place!), and also that my consulting fee should be slightly higher than pizza. But actually it looks like they came up with some interesting ideas to connect with fans.

Lastly, if I had one quibble it would be that there’s too little Mark Linn-Baker in this, but otherwise the Blue Jay Hunter’s Perfect Rasmus is… well… perfect.

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  1. That’s Sanchez you’re taking about in the “if he has another good start” bit, correct?

  2. I think Glenn goes before Gose. Then pillar can be called up if another righty need should arise

  3. “Anthopoulos also said that, if he has another strong outing in his next start at Buffalo, he’ll be in the mix for a big league role, if a need should arise. Hmmm…” Sorry, but who is this referring to?

  4. http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/teams/milwaukee-brewers/gibbons-sly-strategy-pays-off-for-blue-jays/

    I don’t understand. I was lead to believe that Gobbobs was a turrible managar…

  5. Wow! Perfect Rasmus is perfect.

  6. so,
    Sanchez comes up,
    destroys three starts, gets sent down
    playoffs start, and dickey loses his spot to sanchez.
    thats prob whats gonna happen

  7. Good to see the lads win! God knows, though, we sure tried hard enuf to give it away
    Happ has turned into a serviceable pitcher. If Rasmus catches that ball, as he should have in IMO, instead of being fraidy cat with the wall, then Happ has a 3 ERA outing over 7 innings and some of the statisticaholics would then deem it a “Quality start”. In any event he is giving the team serviceable innings and as I said in a post the other day I am ambivalent now between him and Happ. they are “tied” if you will.
    Janssen continues to show how well you can do in this game if you can consistently throw quality strikes and NOT walk people.. Wonder if Delabar can take note of that

    • was in section 114 today for the win. Thought we s/h had more than 24k today though. Fuk work , peope. Most of your pay goes to the fukin gov in some form anyway-let them eat the shortfall

  8. Are the teams allowed to keep pinch hitting and bringing in new relievers until they run out of players? I thought there was some kind of limit.

  9. Eddie was quoted as saying (in regard to the pitch he hit out of the park):

    “He hang it, I bang it.”


  10. For a change, watching someone else blow a gasket over a stupid umpires call. Just saw the umps rule catchers interfernce on the Balt carcher when the batter fouled the ball off-hilarious as the catcher never touched. $ umps get together and say” yep” catcher sinterfernce allright. Showwalter going nutz

  11. For the Perfect Strangers crowd, if you haven’t played this game, you’re missing out. Even if you’re NOT a Perfect Strangers fan, really.


  12. i dont get the dig at DJ Davis. he’s a 19 year old playing in Lansing. 2.5 years younger than the competition. he was always a project. but he’s still well-regarded. Baseball America ranked him as the 2nd best prospect in the Appy League after the 2013 season.

  13. My parents’ seats are in front of the “Adam, you’re my favourite” lady and her partner. They’re a pleasure to be around and talk a great game.

  14. pretty interesting re. the Yanks Int’l Signings – they are around $14 million already .. so they will not be able pay anyone more then $300,000 that they select from 2015-17 + they have to pay $11+ million in penalties ..

    so .. basically this system on capping spending is ridiculous .. but kudos to them for going hog wild this year .. seems like a reasonable strategy to me – of course these are 16 year old kids or so

  15. “. Orioles have one of those too, though.”

    Who, this guy?

    MLB (22-23): 10gs, 5.2ip/gs, 5.64era, 4.67fip, 4.20xfip, 4.38siera
    AAA (22-23): 79ip, 8.8k/9, 3.1bb/9, 1.32whip, 3.65era, 3.38fip

    Nothing elite about this guy since he left AA.

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