West coast baseball! As a night person, I’m all for these outstanding start times — nine o’clock today, four tomorrow, ten on Saturday, and four again on Sunday. It’s perfect! Thing is, though, thanks to the Jays’ long history of futility over the last two decades, and the fact that these trips don’t usually happen until deep into the season, they’re not usually this bloody daunting.

Or, they are, but the potential consequences aren’t always so very real. The Jays lead the AL East by just one game over the Orioles, and while the Orioles head into the All-Star break with one tonight in Texas (in which the asshole Rangers scratched Yu Darvish over uncertainty with the weather), three in Boston, a four-game home-and-home with Washington, and three with the Yankees, the Jays get the potential horror show that is the Oakland Coliseum for four, three with the Angels, then three more at Tropicana Field, where they’ve done so abysmally poorly in recent years.

A little too much is probably being made of all this, though, to be honest. Sure, west coast trips are always tough, but neither club’s schedule is particularly easy, and heading out of the break? The Jays host Texas and Boston, then go to the Bronx and Fenway, before closing out the month with the first of a four-game set in Houston. The O’s head out of the break going to Oakland, Anaheim, Seattle, then finish the month hosting the Angels at Camden Yards. It’s not like this stuff doesn’t even out. And when the Jays make their next trip west, and play the Mariners, it’s practically going to be a home game for them. I can live with that!

For now, though, yes, it’s not going to be easy. If the Jays end up five and five in these ten games, I can live with that too. But hoo boy, if doing better than .500 is gravy, let’s get to the damn gravy as soon as we can, and start off a damn win tonight. Sonny Gray and the Jays’ continued lineup issues won’t make it easy, but R.A. Dickey in that ballpark surely has more than just a fighting chance.

Let’s do this!


Yes, Edwin Encarnacion is back out in left field. Hey, he didn’t have the chance to field a ball yesterday, so… found money, right? I don’t know.

Good news, though, Barry Davis tweets that Jose Bautista tells him that he feels much better and could play in right today, but the club has elected to err on the side of caution for at least another day.

And no, that’s not a typo: Colby Rasmus isn’t in the lineup. He “tweaked” his wrist hitting the wall yesterday, says John Gibbons, via a Barry Davis tweet. It’s not serious.

Scott MacArthur tweets that Colby is “day to day,” while Gregor Chisholm adds that the wrist was being evaluated today.

Davis also tweets that Brett Cecil is headed to rejoin his teammates. He’s eligible to be activated from the DL tomorrow, and evidently that’s what’ll happen.

Gregor tweets that it’s not just Cecil who is coming, but that John Gibbons strongly hinted that Erik Kratz could be on the way. Kratz’s arrival could be tied to Colby’s status, Gregor adds, because the Jays would need to stick with five outfielders if Colby needs more than just a day or two. But if Rasmus can be back quickly, Gregor figures that sending down a couple outfielders would make sense (they’d likely be Glenn and Mastroianni).

Not related (directly, at least) to the Jays or this game, but Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News tweets that CC Sabathia has had a setback. Ruh-roh!

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 4:05 PM ET @ Oakland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
LF Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Oakland Athletics

DH John Jaso (L)
3B Alberto Callaspo (S)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
RF Brandon Moss (L)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
C Stephen Vogt (L)
1B Eric Freiman (R)
2B Eric Sogard (L)
CF Craig Gentry (R)

RHP Sonny Gray


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  1. Going out for dinner for my bday. Last time the Jays were in first on my bday i was turning 12. This is a pretty cool year so far.

  2. 9pm is a weird start time. But I like it. 7pm + 1pm are too early for me.

    It’s fun to hate the A’s again. + for games to be relevant. Really angries up the blood.

  3. Let’s go Jaaays!

  4. Just a night off for Colby?

    • Sportsnet guys said he tweaked his wrist when he leapt and missed the catch in the outfield yesterday crashing into the wall.

      Apparently nothing too serious .. one would hope!

    • Jerry says he jammed his wrist

  5. Let’s do this

  6. Vote for Melky

  7. Wet coast baseball! Love it!

  8. Nice start with EE and Lind.

  9. Wow Juan

  10. Wow that was ugly lol

  11. I love the contrast from Fat Juan to Kawasaki.

    Can it really get much different as far as style at the plate?

  12. Ohhoooo Gibby…. I think he got this.

  13. Interesting… it should be an out. Run should score.

  14. Just shut up buck

  15. That has to be Kawasaki tagged out, and a run scored.

  16. Gibby want a beer

  17. What is going on? On the gameday thing because baby is asleep nearby. Everything is quiet …

    • Bases loaded, ground to 1B.
      Kawasaki tagged out running to 2B (Umpire calls safe)
      Then throws home and catcher’s foot is on the plate and does not tag EE. (Force out at home)

      Now the play is under review and the Kawasaki is clearly tagged out.
      if Kawasaki’s safe then EE should be safe and scored.

  18. holy shit baseball is weird.

  19. How’s that for an umpiring clusterfuck?

  20. At Bat app already calling it 1-0 Jays. They must know something we don’t yet.

  21. This is kinda cool.

  22. Vogt had lots of time to tag EE, and would have, if the tag had been called correctly.

  23. Oh for fuck’s sake!

  24. This is pretty funny.

  25. We’re actually challenging one of our guys to be out instead of safe. Weird.

  26. The Oakland replay guy is the coolest in the game!

  27. Melvin playing under protest?

  28. Glad I turned the game on just in time to catch this.

  29. reviewing again?

  30. Melvin has a good argument.

  31. It sucks for Oakland because they assumed the play was called safe at 1B and the force is still on at home.

  32. And people say baseball is too slow…

  33. I’ll be dead before this game resumes.

  34. Too bad you can’t have do-overs. :)

  35. This is… this is weird.

  36. lmao this is amazing

  37. I’ve been waiting for one of these since replay was implemented. Catcher doesn’t tag because of an incorrect call. Never properly addressed by mlb if you ask me

    • It crossed my mind pre-season too. An incorrect call getting reversed and having consequences further along in the same play. Can’t wait for the first out of a triple play getting reversed.

    • I agree. It was never clear whether the calls of plays are conditional on one another or independent.

  38. Game playing under protest alert!

  39. Buck – “This game is under protest, which means this game is being played under protest.”
    You brilliant son of a twat.

  40. Pretty sure Leslie Neilsen is part of the umpiring crew. What the heck was that?

  41. ok Jays need to win by more than one

  42. He should have tagged him! Oh wait… What?

  43. So what is the deal with playing under protest?

    • nothing really

    • It’s possible, though very unlikely, that MLB could uphold the protest, and the game would have to be replayed from the time of the protest.

      I’m too lazy to google it, but I think the last time a protest was upheld was in the 80s.

  44. Gose needs to learn how to steal, otherwise he is worthless on offence.

  45. Jays did split two at the trop in april

  46. Anyone know what happens when a game is played under protest? What if the Jays win but MLB sides with the A’s after the game?

  47. Just because you have first base never means you shouldn’t try for home. First rule of dating…er…baseball.

  48. I hate that review call. Obviously benefits the team I’m a fan of, but imagine if that shit happened against the jays. I’d be pissed off. Seems like it’s bad for the game period when something that dumb happens. I probably would have said ruling on the field stands, doesn’t count as a challenge.

    • Yeah, getting calls correct is terrible for the game.

      • Well, it really slows down the game, U Dumbass.

      • How is it correct? The oakland catcher would have easily tagged the runner out at home, inning over and jays score no runs. The “correct” call would be 0 runs for the jays.

        • Runner is tagged between 1st and 2nd (out, and negates the force play at home), runner scores the run as he is not tagged before crossing the plate. That is how.

          • Yeah I understand what happened. But the catcher didn’t apply the tag because according to what had happened to that point in time it was a force play. If the out is called correctly on Kawasaki then the tag would have been applied. Oakland is punished for something they couldn’t control.

            Whatever if you don’t understand that Oakland got screwed I doubt I can explain it to you.

            • Same thing could be said with any play. A foul bunt called fair that leads to a runner thrown out at first; a caught line drive (but called a ground ball) thrown to 1st to double up the runner already on first, but the runner gets safely to 2nd, etc, you could think of more. The point of replay is so that the umpires can get the play called correctly whereas they couldn’t while watching the game at full speed

            • All of this is academic as dickey will be left in too long, let up a bunch of runs, then jays will post a comeback that falls short

        • Is there a ‘correct’ in this situation? He might have missed the tag, or maybe Edwin turns around and there’s a rundown where he’s out, but the runner at first goes to second. There are a lot of possibilities.

          I just don’t think those outlier situations are candidates for a thoroughly satisfying result after review.

          If the call stands, there’s an obviously incorrect call on the tag. Sussing it out the way they did creates a situation where a runner scores who probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

          It was just a mess, and I’m not sure how they could deal with it other than to make the correct call on the tag, and the ‘literally correct, but probably bullshit in reality’ call at home.

  49. Now if the Jays win more than 1 run then the protest is moot.

    It might be a good thing they didn’t score any more in this inning, then it could be argued that additional runs in this inning shouldn’t have counted either.

  50. OK I just got home so what’s the protest about? Peace in the middle east?

  51. glad i stuck around to see all that bananas

  52. I liked that giant P that the umpire made in the air. It was like a voodoo curse. I’m obviously way into it.

  53. Can anyone hook me up with a good stream? Rogers changed the anyplace rules and now ive got nothing

  54. Oh eek that’s some ugly LF.

  55. It’s going down

    I’m yelling TIMBERRR

  56. And some ugly C. Ngh.

  57. Wow what a shit show going on here.

  58. Yes Pat and Buck, what a tall order hitting against a knuckleballer must be. I mean, his ERA is a minuscule 4.24!!

  59. Gibby gonna need an Anchor Steam.

  60. S. Gray…oh I thought is was Sasha Gray…

  61. Tabby likes “athletes.” Also Baseball Players.

  62. Did cespedes swing at a pitch a foot taller than him or is gameday just screwin with me

  63. Great Leader alert!

  64. Christ Lind can barely move. Pull him and take ee out of left please…

  65. Muni is the best, he actually isn’t but he seems pretty great. It seems like every AB is 7 or 8 pitches long.

  66. Just tuning in. I was shocked that we actually managed to score a run against Gray but sounds like it was only because the umps screwed up, so that makes sense.

    • Nope, nope. Umpires didn’t screw up the A’s should have been playing with the idea that close plays are subject to review and tagged Edwin on the way home.

      • I am serious about tagging Eddy though. In Spring Training the Rays were talking about ground ball plays with 2 outs and a runner coming home where they would throw to first and then home to make sure if the play at 1st was reversed to a safe call they would get the guy at home.

    • He’s given up 37 earned runs before today. He’s a good pitcher. Don’t be a dick

    • CG is a troll he never shows. Up when they win

  67. The Jays’ outfield play tonight is reminiscent of the outfield play in the beer league game I played tonight. It has the same aesthetic.

  68. Gray has only allowed one run but, assuming this inning (the 5th) isn’t a super quick one, his pitch count isn’t in terrific shape. Not terrible but not very good.

  69. Thole turning a new leaf in July

  70. Love how Gibby’s hat goes up and down as he chews his gum.

  71. Buck: “If he attempted to bunt at it and it hit him he should be out.”

    WTF is he talking about? He is in the batter’s box, he made an attempt, it’s a strike. Right? Ugh, why do I bother making sense out of what he says.

  72. Wow, Fat Juan looks like a genius there, take the lead runner and turn 2 the next time. :-)

  73. Good decision making on defense by Phat Juan.

  74. this game is extending the brain damage i received from watching yesterday’s game

  75. Love that grin on Kawaskai’s face after he got bailed out

    Not that it was really his fault, tough play. Would rather the left fielder make that play if he gets there in time

  76. Double plays aren’t helping

  77. En-car-nay-scion says the A’s broadcaster just after I switch over… yarg.

  78. Dickey quietly doing his job tonight.

  79. So what did Moss find in that Oakland sewage? Been quietly good since he’s been there

  80. 5-2 O’s. Say bye to sole possession 1st place for now

  81. Can the Jaun Fran experiment please end?

  82. How long does the Francisco experiment continue? Or is he in till lawrie comes back?

  83. So PH Dinner next inning?

  84. Eddie! Looking like Devon white out there

  85. This is where dickey lets up a bunch of runs. Why past the 6th? Why???

    Also, that was bad karma to mock cc’s setback storten. If we miss playoffs I’ll blame you

  86. Jays are on MLB Network Saturday. Pretty sure they’ve been shut out last two times that’s happened. Let’s not make that an even funnier coincidence

  87. It’s Thole Time!!!

  88. good on gibby for sticking with thole….not sure a hit by Navarro helps much unless someone hits a 2 run home run after, just too slow

  89. Thole has another hit! We’re gunnna weeeeeiiiiiin!!!!

  90. Ouchhhhhh

  91. Sigh another double play

  92. Thole you dumb fuck

  93. Let’s not forget, Jays need 3 runs cause this game is under “protest”

    Thole not helping holy shit

    • Not true. That is only for the protest to not be heard by MLB. Personally I don’t see any reason why the protest would be upheld, the A’s should not have assumed the play at first.

      Heck, if you watch it again you see the catcher gesture to 1st after catching the ball seemingly to confirm if the call really was safe.

  94. Nice work Thole. Enjoy buffalo.

  95. Melky gonna HR now.

  96. That was absolutely awful

  97. This will really hurt if a passed ball is the difference here

  98. Sitting on my couch, I thought it was going to be a hit.

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