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Welp. Let’s try this again.

The A’s seem to have some kind of magic, but I’m sorry, I can’t help but think that three more games in Oakland, pitting Drew Hutchison, Mark Buehrle, and today’s starter, Marcus Stroman, against fucking Brad “9.82 ERA in four 2011 starts for the Jays” Mills, the reanimated corpse of Scott Kazmir, and Tommy Milone should be such a daunting task. It is but fuck me if I can figure out why or how. That’s the A’s for you, I guess. Good on them. But holy shit, let’s win some of these. Brutal lineup against lefties be damned!

Go Jays!


Nice to know that there are other teams — the A’s, for example — who look just as dumb as the Jays do when they wear a red hat.

Apparently Colby Rasmus isn’t quite OK to play yet, as Darin Mastroianni is in the lineup today, as is Brad Glenn. Neither was demoted today, as we thought they may have been, with Erik Kratz due up.

Anthony Gose was demoted, though! He’s back in Buffalo — or at least headed there — with Brett Cecil now back in the bullpen. That works.

Schadenfreude alert: Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News tweets that Joe Girardi, when asked if he assumes CC Sabathia is out for the season, said, “I think that’s fair to say.”

Get ready for PITCH #5, which will feature Bob Elliott of the Sun, and our old friend GROF!

Not much scuttlebutt, really, so check out this clip of me talking before PITCH #4. Because… why not?

Meh. And one more tweet from me, as J.P. Ricciardi wishes us all a happy fourth of July.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 10:05 PM ET @ Oakland; Sunday, 4:05 PM ET @ Oakland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
RF Brad Glenn (R)
3B Steve Tolleson (R)
CF Darin Mastroianni (R)
2b Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Marcus Stroman

Oakland Athletics

CF Coco Crisp (S)
DH John Jaso (L)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
RF Brandon Moss (L)
3B Josh Donaldson (R)
RF Stephen Vogt (L)
C Derek Norris (R)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
2B Nick Punto (S)

LHP Tommy Milone

Comments (298)

  1. That was a play.


  3. Kawasaki is everywhere!

    Come on J-Bomb followed by Parrot trot!

  4. Either way hell of a ballgame.

  5. Thought that was going to be the third bloop to drop in that tiny zone from hell!!

  6. Fuckin’ Muni – the guy is aces with the glove.

  7. I wish Mune could just follow me around all the time and skip and smile at everything.

  8. A righty!! Woooo!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ok now the big boys can come off the bench if needed

    Cmon you fuckers this one is out there for the taking! Be such a buzzkill if we drop first three of this series before I get there for Sun game

    • Right call by Gibby leaving jenkins out there. If he blows it ….fuck it at this point. Rather have that than waste Janssen if we can score next inning (lol… Yeah right)

  10. Do you think our goose is cooked now???

  11. *Maybe this is the inning we finally get something cooking!!

  12. Encarnacion doesn’t trust his eyes anymore and refused to walk down to first until the ump declared the obvious!

  13. Com’on Colby, smash it out of here

  14. Finally Glen exits the ball game! Yikes!!

  15. Elite level defense!

  16. Tablers gone off the deep end

  17. With significant assistance from buck

  18. Ok so next inning Francisco hits for Tolly and Lind hits for Mastro and plays right i suspect

  19. One of my favourite parts of away games is looking at the random local business ads behind home plate.

    Also, thinking how much more I would enjoy taking in a game there than at the Dome.

  20. Oakland announcers making fun of the non calls on jays pitchers

  21. props to Jenkins for a job well done

  22. Nice pitching from Jenkins. All in all this has been a great game between two very good teams.

  23. I done gone and got day drunk and just tuned in to this game. Can someone please tell me why the Jays are wearing red hats?

  24. Santos for the 12th?
    Hypothetically: if the game went on do you pitch Redmond?

  25. Okay I don’t understand why that has happened so much to the Jays this year.

  26. Jesus, the A’s have been some lucky sumbitches today.

  27. Come on Reyes!

  28. Reyes is just so pathetic right now

  29. Fml

  30. Very tough to get a hit…Melky seems to hit better with NO RISP though!

  31. our secret mission is to play long enough to be able to beat Johnson

  32. Reyes has stopped flashing that mega watt smile. Wish he would use that self restraint to work a count and look for a fastball. :(

  33. Reyes earning his paycheque today

  34. Well if the A’s are waiting for the Jays to score a run it’s going to be a long night.

  35. No santos?
    Pull Jenkins at first sign of trouble?

  36. No question Reyes is a great talent but he’s single- handedly hurt us at more critical moments this yr then any other player at both the plate and in the field.

    • Actually I’d agree with that. Reyes really has hurt us sometimes both defensively and offensively. Not that he’s always bad. He can be brilliant.

  37. Reyes is a bust as far as I’m concerned.

  38. Please not Santos…

  39. A’s announcer just compare Jenkins to Greg Maddox

  40. 21 innings with 1 run

  41. Is the ump 5 feet or something, haven’t seen any strikes called anywhere near high

  42. I feel like that walk is going to hurt as You cant hold A’s down forever

  43. Attention all straw men being downers in this game threat:


  44. An well…


    Oh well…missed chances, missed chances

    baseball is hard…and sometimes long.

  46. Buck said it earlier, Punto knows how to win. Fucking terrible effort.

    • And it’s not the 1st time Punto has fucked us. I would’ve thought seriously about walking him.

  47. Typical As win. Fuck. Oh well. Its early.

  48. They were just never going to win that one.

  49. ZERO runs on the board…. I guess having Mastroianni, Glenn, Tolleson and such in the same line up was a great plan. Hey AA, don’t worry about making any moves, Brad Glenn is a serious big leaguer.

    • Top of the order didn’t exactly cloak itself in glory today either. Reyes not even 3 pitches per AB, acted like he had somewhere to be.

    • Ya AA needs to stop sitting on his hands and realize he had to fix the holes he did NO WORK ON this past offseason and take mastroanni and Glenn off the team

      • Mastroianni wasn’t with the team in the offseason.

      • He can’t make something happen without another team being willing to deal. Figure it out.

        • He can send Glenn to the minors as soon as today as wilner said on the radio which he expects to happen

          • In order to do what? Bring up more minor league fodder? I’m sorry, I guess I gave the seriousness with which you pissed and moaned more credit than it even deserved.

    • Holy fucking dipshit, Buck Martinez’ hair swoosh.

  50. Brutal … I mean uhhh really close game, baseball is hard, I love bjs

  51. About how I envisioned this one to end though I expected to come with two outs

    Maybe Melky has a piece of ass lined up and she texted she was tired of waiting

  52. Melky’s defense has at least improved this year after the tumour removal. He’s only “incredibly bad” instead of “blindingly awful”.

    • Guess you missed that catch he made

      • I guess you’ve missed every other inning he’s played this year. He doesn’t exactly get to many balls in a timely manner.

        • Pretty good catch I’d say. And he’s made a few of them this year. Incredibly bad?
          no way. Manny Ramirez was incredibly bad. Corey Patterson was incredibly bad. Melky is below average.

  53. Dunno what it is, I think I hate watching the A’s even more than the Yankees. They frustrate me. Also… on a side note, is it in the A’s dress code that all of their players have to wear pants that are 4 sizes too small? Damn…. that shit is hideous.

  54. This team as is will never win a division. Brad Glenn, Mastroiiiananao ah ha ha ha ha hahahahah! !!!!!!

  55. My prediction, we’ll lose another frustrating one tomorrow and then win easily on Sunday to salvage something.

  56. Essentially we’ve been shut out two days in a row (one unearned run)

    Not to take anything away from A’s pitching because it’s hands down the best but you’d think we’d capitalize on one mistake pitch or string 2-3 hits together.

    Very frustrating and disappointing as I can see us going on a good run and winning this thing and I can envision us under 500 by the end of the month (gulp)

  57. The Jays never hit much in Oakland, doesn’t really matter the circumstances. It’s like they become a lineup of nine Josh Tholes.

    • It’s not.

    • Yep, always been that way since I can remember as I go to at least one (Jays @ Oak) every yr (watch, listen to every one) for at least 33 yrs.

      Lol but that usually happens when theres false hope for our Jays, or its early enough in season to mean something. When the season is conceded and it means more for Oak we play them better here (im 90 miles away) with no pressure

  58. Well at least it wasn’t as painful as this game, though I only turned today’s game on during the 8th.


  59. Comments are a bit harsh, but it is true
    that vs LHP, the bottom of the lineup is quite weak….
    especially with Lawrie out.

    If he’s healthy, making a move to get Reimold
    may not be the worst thing they have ever done.

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