Welp. Let’s try this again.

The A’s seem to have some kind of magic, but I’m sorry, I can’t help but think that three more games in Oakland, pitting Drew Hutchison, Mark Buehrle, and today’s starter, Marcus Stroman, against fucking Brad “9.82 ERA in four 2011 starts for the Jays” Mills, the reanimated corpse of Scott Kazmir, and Tommy Milone should be such a daunting task. It is but fuck me if I can figure out why or how. That’s the A’s for you, I guess. Good on them. But holy shit, let’s win some of these. Brutal lineup against lefties be damned!

Go Jays!


Nice to know that there are other teams — the A’s, for example — who look just as dumb as the Jays do when they wear a red hat.

Apparently Colby Rasmus isn’t quite OK to play yet, as Darin Mastroianni is in the lineup today, as is Brad Glenn. Neither was demoted today, as we thought they may have been, with Erik Kratz due up.

Anthony Gose was demoted, though! He’s back in Buffalo — or at least headed there — with Brett Cecil now back in the bullpen. That works.

Schadenfreude alert: Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News tweets that Joe Girardi, when asked if he assumes CC Sabathia is out for the season, said, “I think that’s fair to say.”

Get ready for PITCH #5, which will feature Bob Elliott of the Sun, and our old friend GROF!

Not much scuttlebutt, really, so check out this clip of me talking before PITCH #4. Because… why not?

Meh. And one more tweet from me, as J.P. Ricciardi wishes us all a happy fourth of July.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 10:05 PM ET @ Oakland; Sunday, 4:05 PM ET @ Oakland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
RF Brad Glenn (R)
3B Steve Tolleson (R)
CF Darin Mastroianni (R)
2b Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Marcus Stroman

Oakland Athletics

CF Coco Crisp (S)
DH John Jaso (L)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
RF Brandon Moss (L)
3B Josh Donaldson (R)
RF Stephen Vogt (L)
C Derek Norris (R)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
2B Nick Punto (S)

LHP Tommy Milone

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  1. Springsteen playing at O. Co lolololol

  2. Also if friday afternoon baseball isn’t the fucking best then get out my face

  3. Brad mills is still a big leaguer?

  4. What I also don’t get is how this crowd seems to be so loud when they seem so small in number. Must be the acoustics. The end of the game last night sounded/felt like a post-season game.

    Anyway. Let’s do some baseball.

  5. With the shit bags the Jays use against lefties you almost might as well keep Lind and Francisco in the lineup. Come on Jays if you lose on Independence Day the Americans win!

  6. One thing I like about listening to the radio broadcast is hearing the PA announcers. I might be biased but I like the Jays guy the best. This Oakland one is boring

  7. come on Reyes, take 3rd if they’re not within 20 ft of you

  8. Umpires ‘Murca hats >>>>> A’s murca hats

  9. Jays desperately need a mildly threatening bat in that 5 hole right now

  10. The re-birth of Kazmir has been nothing short of amazing.

  11. FFS 5 of those pitches would have been called strikes if the Jays had been batting… or if Dinner wasn’t receiving. Can’t say which.

  12. That low strike’s gotta go both ways.

  13. Glenn, Tolleson and Mastro. I don’t think that’s runs I smell.

  14. Athletes are turrific and Inchresting as we’ve menchinned

  15. What a catch lol melky winds himself again

  16. Man, 9 pitch walks can fuck with your pitch count in a hurry.

  17. Rofl. I heard that KERPLUNK sound from here

  18. Glenn up to three whole pitches for the game. Another shitty AB for the putative slugger.

  19. That Moss atbat by Stromon looked beautiful on GameDay.

    Was it that good in real life?

  20. Tolleson rips a lead off double to center.

    Jays platoons killing the lefty pitcher. :)

  21. When can we send mastro down. .bring pillar up..

  22. Isn’t there some sort of useless right handed bat somewhere that we can get for future considerations? …Chris young or something fuck

  23. I don’t want to trade Stroman. For anybody. Ever.

  24. Seitzer had enough of umps shit in guessing?

  25. Time for Glenn’s hero turn.

    • To be fair, that *was* ball four. Just, not to the umpire.

      • Just watching on Game Day and saw he was called out on strikes. He does look overmatched, and when you’re in the middle of a battle for the division you don’t go running out AAAA players in hopes of finding lightning in a bottle. You do that in April, not July.

        • The Yankees are still doing it. Pretty sad. But in fairness, the guy does have an awesome name. Goes a long way.

  26. Nope

  27. Gonna get burned if you keep walking the leadoff hitter, only flaw in this start so far

  28. Fucking putrid offsense
    @TSNScottyMac: Only run #BlueJays have scored in this series shouldn’t have been scored. 15 offensive innings. #MLB #Athletics

    Time to do something Alex
    Demoting Glenn is a start

  29. fuckin ump is taunting us

  30. Buck: Players with Swagger tend to stick around.

    Wonder if we’ll see Jeb Coulter soon.

  31. Pretty clear why the A’s always have ground ball pitchers, somewhat of a joke when the sky can have more influence on a game than the players

  32. Has Stroman been getting the low strike call as well?

  33. I’ve never been an umpire, so I wonder what he’s thinking when he’s repeatedly getting told he’s calling balls strikes

    • If I were giving the benefit of the doubt, I’d say he’s got a problem seeing past A’s Catcher Norris. But I’m a bit more jaded, especially because he threw out Seitzer and kept on calling the low strike (which is really a ball) against the Jays.

  34. Stroman looks like he could be kind of special.

  35. Gibbons should run Stroman back out for another batter or two to spare the bullpen a bit, and to see what the kid has over 100 pitches. Doubt he will, though.

  36. just PH francisco and lind, at least they can physically put a ball over a fence lol

  37. Whatever Gibbons drank after being ejected a couple days ago, it must have contained a miracle potion. Smart to leave Stroman in.

  38. 1 run in 16 innings is fucking embarrassing

  39. 7 very good innings for Stroman

  40. WHAT A GUTSY PERFORMANCE BY STROSHOW, let’s win the game! Go Blue Jays!

  41. what the actual fuck was that swing

  42. So blown away by this effort by Stroman. This kid has been unreal as a starter.

    Our fucking offense (granted it’s the A’s) is unbearable

    We gotta break through

  43. Bautista shows bunt.

    Fools nobody

  44. Well shit, hell of a play by Gruber 2.0

  45. yeah. JB would’ve made it if not for the hammie.

  46. That was a sweet play

  47. So Marcus Stroman might be awesome.

  48. Are everybody else’s DP’s in the field as pretty as they look or am I just too used to watching us try and turn them?

  49. Changes red to be made in the lineup no?bottom 4 are almost automatic outs

  50. Lol you just know the way this one is headed. God that looked ugly

  51. Two doubles like that in one game. The A’s can fuck right off.

  52. As have been practicing their wedge play

  53. Not as pretty as their double play.

  54. good try Moss

  55. Painful double play. Good thing someone noticed that Brandon Moss was still at home plate.

  56. Come on tubby! You’re not on the moon yet!

  57. It would be sweet if the Jays steal a run off this hillbilly fuck.

  58. Can someone take Glenn out behind the shed and put him out of his misery.

  59. Is it just me, or is Glenn a long ways away from the plate?

    Doesn’t look like he has a chance at pitches on the outside half.

  60. Hey, this Brad Glenn guy is really an asset coming off the bench, no?
    Between him and Gose and Kawasaki and Tolleson and Mastrioanni – wow!

  61. Oh Kevin Pillar, if you didn’t have the tantrum, think of all the at bats you could’ve had.

    • I would assume Glenn for Kratz swap will happen really soon. (Hope it does)

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens before tomorrow’s game if Cletus shows no ill effects from taking over in CF in the 11th.

    • Frontrunner candidate player this season to be challenged to a fight by Gibby?

      • Gibby should be challenging the whole lineup to a fight. Mock Glenn and Mastro to be sure but our so called big guns are shitting the bed just as hard this series. You won’t get many pitching performances like this one and it’s shameful to waste them. If I were Gibby I’d be throwing a few haymakers for sure.

  62. This stuffedshirt righty bullshit needs to stop

  63. I’m following on Gameday and giving the Mastro a JPA *sloooow clap*
    Well done.

  64. Painful to watch how helpless these AAA call ups are at the plate.

  65. We need good Dustin right now.

  66. DAMN how many lefties do these guys have lol, another one warming up

  67. Kratz is a fucking stick compared to these guys.

    If we can escape this inning we have the advantage with three lefties for Oak down (assuming Doolittle done) top of order coming up for us, Lind/Francisco on bench and Janssen if we can score.

    This is big to escape inning

  68. I can’t remember the last run the Jays scored against a lefty.

  69. Got a bad feeling about this AB.

  70. I may go into the business of producing calendars, but every month will be May. Specially made for the Jays. Thoughts?

  71. @TSNScottyMac: Mastroianni fouls out. #BlueJays must address the bottom of this order. No excuse. Kratz for Glenn in time for Saturday. #MLB #Athletics

    • 20 years from now Glenn’s grandkids will be asking him if it’s true he payed in the majors. What was your average? Don’t ask, kids.

      • Reminds me of the blernsball episode of Futurama. Leela trying to get just one out so that she’s not the worst pitcher ever to play.

  72. Good Dustin.

  73. Does dusty go 2?

  74. I think the jays are going to have to go against their usual SOP. To win in Oakland they are going to have to string a couple/few hits together. Chicks may dig the long ball but this stadium sure doesn’t.

  75. welp, another lefty

  76. got a feeling that this is…..abad idea

  77. Abad is a bad motha&$#+a!! Just sayin!

  78. Lol how many fucking lefties do the A’s have in there pen

  79. Alright Muni! Get him over, get him in!

  80. Sweet swing from Kawasaki!! Just enough to get it done!

  81. Time for reyes to do fucking something at plate

  82. Come in called third strike Reyes!! Show us something!!

  83. Fucking terrible at bat

  84. *come on

  85. As an RBI man, Reyes is a good lead off man!

  86. Wow Reyes

  87. Wow! New trend for umps! Squeezing opposing pitchers… Except on ball 4 of course!! :(

  88. This game is delaying my dinner plans, which involve onion rings and more beer.

  89. Jesus just put us out of our fucking misery.

    Just unreal

  90. The Jays are very Abad versus lefties recently.

  91. *Will the jays ever score an earned run again???

  92. 17 innings with no runs
    19 with one run
    Just pathetic
    C’mon jays

  93. reyes why no bunt

    • The Jays think that they have the Jose Reyes of several years ago. I’m really hoping that they are right but it’s not looking like it so far this year.

  94. Fuck, melky. What the fuck kind of fucking swing on a fucking 3-1 fucking pitch was fucking that? Fuck

  95. Oakland announcers are very balanced! They kept mentioning how Encarnacion got hosed on low balls called as strikes. It’s a pleasure not to be watching the white sox on an opposing teams feed!

  96. Jenkins? Really? And after one base runner?

  97. Dear god. Jenkins? Sweet lord, I guess he’s due…

  98. Gibbers s managing like the game ends in the 11th inning!

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