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  1. You’ve truly outdone yourself with this analysis

  2. Awesome work.

  3. Wait, why is Brad Glenn still on this team? Are they just waiting to recall Pillar.

    • Pillar is useless too, you understand, right? But it doesn’t matter. Glenn is not remotely the issue. They need RHBs to platoon with Lind, Francisco, and Kawasaki — or better still, a 2B or 3B who doesn’t need a platoon partner. Right now they barely have one platoon partner for those guys: Tolleson. So they’re trying to keep RHBs around and working them into the lineup because the alternatives are even worse. It’s not rocket surgery.

      • Glenn’s better against lefties than Francisco? He’s looked pretty bad so far.

      • I’d take Kratz over Glenn though. At least you know he can hit a little in the majors. I don’t think Glenn is anything more than a AAAA player.

        • I don’t think we know that about Kratz either. He wasn’t eligible until either yesterday or today, I think, and then they had the issue with Rasmus possibly needing time off, so they didn’t want to thin out the outfield, especially with Bautista still ailing.

        • You have 2 too many “A”‘s

      • Or they could acquire a lefty masher for cheap which for some reason they haven’t done

        • I wouldn’t mind Justin Ruggiano, seems like a good fit as the Jays 4th OF. Don’t think it should cost too much to pick him up.

        • who is this “cheap” lefty masher? You make it sound like he’s waiting on a supermarket shelf. Agree this type of guy would be useful, but if he’s event out there, still need a willing trading partner.

  4. Meow.

  5. Ugh
    @Ken_Rosenthal: #Cubs in serious talks with #Athletics on big trade, sources tell me and @jonmorosi. If completed, Hammel and/or Samardzija would go to A’s.

    • Why ugh?

      • Another team in the AL gets better, plus a quality option goes off the market

        • Best possible AL team to get better, really. Option off the market, but only because they were willing to pay a price the Jays weren’t.

        • Better the A’s than the O’s, if it has to be one or the other.

          • Weird that it’s “A’s” and “O’s” when it should be As and Os. Even a grammar nazi such as myself defaults to the incorrect apostrophe because that’s how it’s usually written. Language is funny like that.


            • Well, you can make the argument that the apostrophe is replacing the missing letters, as apostrophes sometimes do.

  6. I mean, yeah they lost, but fuck baseball is fun.

  7. First place was fun while it lasted. I’ll take that, because it was more than I expected three months ago.

  8. Know how you score 1 run in 20 innings?

    Since linds double in the 2nd inning yesterday

    The jays are 0 for 32 (that’s right …thirty fucking two )

    When batting with a man on base

    It’s worse than that when you factor in the multiple double plays

  9. Great to watch Stroman pitch so far.

    Shows how much I know about “selling high” seeing as I was happy to ship him off for the Shark prior to the season amid HR concerns.

    On a brighter note, the top 5 starters (i.e. the current starters) have actually been pretty good this year:

    If this trend holds, the Jays would be pretty justified in standing pat with the rotation especially if guys like Morrow and Nolin are healthy and available to cycle in some starts down the stretch.

    The Jays are definitely not Oakland.

    But they’re plenty good enough as is to stay in the race and be the benefactor of good luck.

    Which most every team aside from Oakland is going to need to make the playoffs this year.

  10. Fuck, Stroman, though. So good.

    Eagerly(?) anticipating a mid-aughts reunion of AJ Burnett and Aaron Hill.

    • Hopefully payroll parameters don’t show up and morrow is presented as the big addition. With no holes being patched;hopefully that doesn’t happen

  11. I like Marcus Stroman. The strikeout to Donaldson to end the 6th was great. The staredown.

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