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Things are happening, and though the whole Samardzija and Hammel to the A’s thing didn’t exactly work out for the Jays — doubly so since the Shark will indeed debut against them on Sunday (though perhaps not: he’s at least not a lefty, and as Christina Kahrl tweets – much to the delight of those who were adamantly against the Jays paying big for Samardzija, I’m sure –  in his last six starts he’s allowed 6.5 runs-per-9, has been drubbed by the three contenders he’s faced, allowed 54 baserunners in 33 innings, all in the league without a DH!) — but hopefully this is the moment where deals start to get done.

It is, after all, in the interest of both sides to be doing things early. Alex Anthopoulos, in a recent interview on Boston’s WEEI, said that things were still in the developing stages — in fact, he said that he knew of one team at the time (two days ago) who were dead set on being sellers — and that talks probably wouldn’t start heating up until after the All-Star break, but the A’s are conceivably going to get as many as eight starts from their two new pitchers before the July 31st trade deadline, and as such the Cubs surely received a little bit extra for dealing now.

Billy Beane admits as much, as quoted in a piece from Peter Gammons:

The end game isn’t to have the best prospects, it’s to have a good team. We didn’t want to lose Russell. He may be the best young player we’ve had since I’ve been here. But if we’re going to finish first, the extra month of having Samardzija and Hammel is really important.

If that sounds damning of AA’s inaction, that’s not quite right. The Jays simply didn’t have anything like what the A’s could offer. More from the Gammons piece:

Beane was willing to trade the best prospect in the organization, Addison Russell, for reasons of skill and character, not to mention the fact that scouts who watched him in the Arizona Fall League rated him higher than Kris Bryant and Albert Almora, who will be Russell’s teammates in Chicago for many years. Watching him this spring with one of Beane’s most trusted lieutenants, I had a Derek Jeter comp laid on Russell. When Beane and Theo Epstein agreed on the deal, Beane told him, “you got Barry Larkin.”

So… yeah. It was a hefty price, and as I said last night, I’m just glad that if an AL team was going to pay it, Baltimore and New York weren’t the ones doing so. It also sets the market for pitching astronomically high. If Andrew Freidman wanted to package David Price and Ben Zobrist in a similar way, now would be a hell of a good time to do it — or… actually… yesterday may have been the best time to deal Price, given Russell was available. And no, I don’t think the Jays have the prospects to confidently outbid others on a deal like that. They might, but they might not. And they might not even have the budget to add a guy like Price going forward!

They might, though, at least judging by some of the other rumours that are out there.

There aren’t any rumours linking the Jays to him, per se, but one name that immediately jumps to mind is the Cubs’ current shortstop, Starlin Castro. He’s having a career year with the bat (121 wRC+), would probably benefit, defensively, from a move to second base (as he’d surely be asked to do in whatever hypothetical in which he’s acquired by the Jays), and has a contract that’s backloaded in a fashion that would suit the Jays’ current payroll structure — he makes $5-million this year, $6-million next, $7-million in 2016, then $9-, $10-, and $11-million in 2017-19. With a deepening glut of shortstops and a known interest in some of the prospects, maybe it could work.

What we are hearing, though, is that the Jays are “heavily scouting” Martin Prado, Aaron Hill, and Chase Headley. This comes via a tweet from Jim Bowden, though, as you’d expect, MLBTR has a nifty roundup of the details. That roundup includes the fact that none of the trio are playing well, and that Hill and Prado are both owed more than $25-million each from now until the end of 2016.

Getting the Diamondbacks — who appear to be in sell mode now, having dealt a pair of relievers (Tony Campana and Joe Thatcher) this morning — to take on some salary sure would help. Though… Rogers opening the purse strings a little to add a guy at this moment of desperation would be a little fucking nice, too. Either way, the possibilities are underwhelming. Jon Morosi tweets that the Jays would be most interested in Prado, because of his positional flexibility, which entirely makes sense. Except… y’know… the money, and the fact that his .268/.315/.360 line adds up to a wRC+ of 85 this season. While he’s been better against lefties — an above-league-average 106 wRC+ — that’s a lot of money for what might amount to a platoon bat. Though, on the other hand, he had three- and four-win seasons with the Braves in 2009 and 2010, a 5.6 WAR season in 2012, and a 2.3 WAR last year, in his first year in the desert.

However you slice it, it’s better than what they’ve got. And they sure are getting to the point where they need to do something. Beane is not wrong that getting an extra month out of whatever acquisitions are made is really, really important. To this point it has been very difficult to lay the silly DO SOMETHING criticism on Alex Anthopoulos, simply because there weren’t a lot of teams yet who’d be willing to dance. Now, though? As much as his team is a lot better than they’ve shown of late, it sure would be nice to see them stop floundering here, and adding an infield piece during this road trip would be a really, really good way to do it. I can’t condone screaming and shouting that the GM needs to do something, because there’s just so much that we don’t know about what’s going on, but… um… maybe do something, Alex. The more that slips away, the more you’ll need to get back. Overpay a little for the extra month if you have to.


PS. You’ll probably want to go ahead and consider this tonight’s Game Threat. Hup Holland Hup!

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  1. How the fuck do they keep fucking these up?

  2. He was safe

  3. The way things are going you knew that was coming, and the way reviews have been called so far

  4. Fucking travesty.

  5. Lind looks like a mentally challenged kid chasing a balloon.

  6. What’s the point of replay if they still get it wrong. At least the game would be slightly quicker.

  7. A’s broadcast never showed any angle where it seemed anything other than a toss up.

  8. Santos is a mess.

  9. This is why the review system is a joke, every close play will be called inconclusive.

    It should be what is the correct call based on the video.

    So now every time an umpire fuks ups a call, as long as it’s close he will never get overruled.

  10. Who’s a better defensive ss now? Reyes or jeter?

  11. They’re gonna have to summon up something fucking special if they want to win this game…. Was gonna talk about Doolittle facing 2 lefties and Navarro but it doesn’t even matter at this rate.

    Difference in execution on a cutoff play shows there. Shit

  12. Oh, boy.

  13. WTF. missing a cut off man. FUCK!

  14. Really ?? Unbelieveable…What is the point of having replay if they can’t get it right ?
    The NHL gets it right 99% of the time, while MLB only seems to get it 50%- or is it just me ?

  15. Are the umpires held accountable for blown calls? I would think so. But what about blown replay calls? Does head office dole out any repercussions?
    Because if they don’t, it’s easy to see why they wouldn’t overturn obvious bad calls such as that.

  16. Santos with a good effort

  17. This team.

    *shakes head*

  18. I am very close to giving up on this team.

  19. Like a… Kittenface?

  20. Ugh

  21. Lol. Keystone Kops. Shades of 2013

  22. Poor Hutch had the “n” thrown in his name again.. Probably his whole life right there

  23. morty are you listening? this team sucks!

  24. Good to see bats giving them the gears for that horseshit

  25. Good on Bautista ..get mad, rip a few new assholes

  26. Goodbye 2014. It’s been fun while it lasted.

  27. Gibbers gonna lose his shit

  28. Ship is sinking man…
    Ship is sinking…

  29. Jays should get a submarine

  30. this team is unraveling in a hurry and it starts with Gibbons…he looks lost and I can’t blame him one bit. AA needs to make a change to this clubhouse and fast. EE will be on the DL and AAA players ain’t gonna cut it.

  31. fucking Navarro is looking more and more like Arencibia 2.0 every day. Can he go a game without a passed ball?

  32. These last three games have sucked nuts, but beat Billy Beane’s new golden boy tomorrow and Jays win season series 4-3. I can live with that.

  33. What the fuck is with the offense??

  34. I can’t wait to hear wilners “they banked wins in May” so that they can get their ass kicked in July!!! hooray!!

    • It gave them a cushion for what has become a bigger slump than anyone anticipated. Get the fucking concept?

      • It’s not a slump you fool, get the fucking concept?

        • “a period during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively, especially a period during which an athlete or team fails to play or score as well as usual”

          Wow, the definition for slump in the context of sports describes this period of play for the Jays exactly. Nice try, dipshit. Do yourself a favor and fuck off

      • I’m pretty sure, deep down, everyone knew this was coming.

  35. That shot of Gibby in the dugout, hat off, rubbing his hand through his hair…

    Buck sez “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    I’m thinking “Jesus! He looks like Nicholson frozen in the snow at the end of The Shining.”

  36. Is Lawrie this vital? Bad beyond description in his absence.

  37. Frustrated as hell with the results the Jays have put up lately, and hoping like hell that they can find a way to turn it around. But looking at the big picture…

    A) It’s a marathon season season and there’s still 70 games left to try to win this shit show of a division… and

    B) Looking at it objectively, how can you not be a fan of the way the A’s play the game of baseball?

    Here’s hoping the Jays figure their shit out, and turn their season back around, but I’ve gotta admit that these last few games + the Trade have made the A’s my co-favourite team. Those guys play the game the RIGHT way. Good luck to them (except tomorrow).

  38. Even when the Jays were hot, they only managed to beat the A’s 3-2, 5-2, and 3-1. As bad as the offense seems, it could be that playing the A’s in their park is magnifying the bad right now

    • “…only managed to beat the A’s 3-2, 5-2, and 3-1″.

      They outscored them by more than 2 to 1 in that series (11-5 total). Do you realize how stupid your comment comes across?

      • Espescially when considering they’re the major league leaders, by far, in team run differential

      • I pointed out how the Jays played some close, not very high-scoring games with them when they were the hottest team in baseball. Now now that the tables have flipped to an extent (more for the Jays), they’re still playing close games with the A’s. Point is the struggling offense may be looking even more abysmal because they are playing one of the best pitching staffs in, and maybe they can get something going in LAA (but preferably today).

        I’m not blaming the 9 run differential between those 3 games and these 3 games only on things besides the Jays bats, but factors may be compounding themselves and making it look like we should expect 1 run a game, which we shouldn’t.

        Stupid to you maybe, sorry I didn’t explain well enough for everyone to understand.

  39. See y’all in April
    Merry Christmas

    • So you’re taking a 9 month vacation somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, where they sometimes have Christmas celebrations in July?

      Wow, have fun!

  40. Long time reader, first time commenter. The jays are what we thought they were.( crotch grab for the beauty who made that quote famous) A talented team that put up alot of wins when the rest of the division scuffled, were doin alright I think , most ppl should just be happy they weren’t born in edmonton n stuck cheering for the oilers

  41. Try to win today and start fresh against the Angels.

  42. Don’t see why the cubs would trade Castro since he is a premium player locked up for five years which is within the time they will compete.
    He is worth more than shark and Hammel

    Would be a great pickup for the jays but don’t see it happening unless they offer a big package like Sanchez Norris etc. might not be the worst idea though and then if going all in also get a bullpen guy or two and a righty fourth of … Dexter fowler and bastardo from phhillies would be good rental pickups and could likely be gotten for not much

  43. I was really positive about the Jays till they lost 3 out of 4 against the White Sox … what a shame against a last place team at that time .. and now with this schedule upfront and the Rays play like hell (which is when the don’t play against them not a bad thing, cause this holds the AL East together) … I must admit that I jumped the ship into the “They are totally fucked”-camp right now. One good example ist the first inning … they had one and third with nobody out and the middle of the order upfront and all they got was just one single run … and this is just one example.

    BTW: True, the umpire fucked the call at the plate with Melky, but that’s excusable (I have a lower umpire license myself and I know how hard close calls are), but the bloody replay team in NY fucked it totally up and that’s not excusable because they have all the time in the world to get it right.

  44. The frustrating thing was that the Jays haven’t really been out of any of the games. The offense has just gone completely dry. Bautista’s not 100%, neither is Lind; Encarnacion’s hurt, Lawrie’s hurt. We’ve lost Janssen and Cecil for stretches, Morrow for the last couple of months. This team has had more than its fair share of injuries (don’t we say this every year?), but the team’s been helped by the fact that the AL East is terrible.

    The Jays are now second in the AL East. The large cushion that we were told would help during the rough stretches has completely vanished. There’s lots of time to right the ship, but it also feels like inaction or an inability to improve the team will doom the Jays to 2nd or 3rd place at the end of the year. I guess we’ll see. There’s a lot of baseball left, and anything can happen.

  45. All of this losing over the last month may have likely created a scenario where the Rays now feel they still have a chance.

    They are now only 8.5 games back and .5 back of Boston to make the leap out of the cellar.

    Now comes the possibility they keep Price and Zobrist and make a push.

  46. I’ve fucking had it. This team is total and utter dogshit right now and that fucking Gibbons couldn’t manufacture a run if his goddamned cracker life depended on it. Mind you, none of them can execute fundamentals for shit so maybe it isn’t his fault. I don’t know as I find it so fucking hard to watch them lately. End of rant. Except this: Sergio Santos. FUCK OFF YOU SUCK RUNNY, WATERY SHIT and I ain’t watching another fucking inning while your dumb metrosexual ass sits in that bullpen, just waiting for a chance to come in a put the game thoroughly out of reach. Fuck you.

    (Maybe I shoulda had coffee before commenting)

    • While that’s a little harsh, he’s now allowed 15 ER over 18.1 IP. That’s not getting it done. Sanchez and Norris can’t get here soon enough.

      • …is an ERA of 7.5. SEVEN POINT FIVE. As a reliever. Who usually is only asked to go an inning. I tell you, I’m not watching until this guy is sent back to the minors

        • Just to rub salt in the wound … If Santos wasn’t so fucking shit and if he could have actually done his job against KC on April 29 and Pittsburgh on May 2, the Jays would be one game head of Baltimore right now.

        • Does that mean you won’t be whinging on this board either?

    • Whaaaaahhhh! Mom, I would have got an A if it wasn’t for the teacher. Whahh.

  47. The worst part of this decent post was the info about AA doing an interview last week for WEEI. What decent GM does interviews? Let alone out of Market interviews? Appeasing the Massholes of WEEI WTF? Come on AA You’re better than that.

  48. Uh no they don’t.

  49. This comments section is an anus. Good god, when the Jays start doing poorly the shitslingers come out.

    • I really do wonder if Detroit has their fair share of dipstick fans since they lost first place to the Royals for a while. Hell, there was talk of unloading Shields. Baseball brings lots of joy and pain, folks.

    • To be fair, the Jays have been a bad team for April, June and so far in July. The more I watch this team, the more I think May truly was a mirage.

      • They’ve gotten good starting pitching throughout, but very streaky hitting and awful relief. It’s salvageable, but changes need to come like, now. Wait another 3 weeks and they very well may be below .500 and moves might be pointless unless they’re dismantling.

        • They’ve always been this team. Great when JB/EE are mashing and getting a little bit of help from the AAAA grip and rip crew and garbage when they aren’t.
          If EE just popped his hammy, this team is finished.

      • There’s the 18-20 Jays, the 20-4 Jays, and now the 9-18 Jays. I would say the outliers are the most recent two and that this is basically a .500 club that’s got a lot of work to do and will need a lot of luck and help to make the playoffs.

        I know they’re only one game out right now, but the injuries are starting to pile up and they’re now almost completely impotent against left handed pitching. We’ll see how things go as we get closer to the deadline. I like the way the pitching is looking for the future right now, but I’m not sure about the position players going forward. I would like to see them be active at the trade deadline, be it buying or selling. It all depends on the next couple of weeks or so of results I guess. Still firmly in the boat whatever course of action they decide on.

  50. Injuries happen, but it’s really frustrating that Lawrie, Bautista and now Encarnacion have gotten hurt in the last two weeks, especially with all of this quality left-handed pitching the team has run into. Ugh.

    • Happened last season around this time. Are the same physios around? Because this is fucking ridiculous (I get Lawrie got hit, but Edwin and Joey…)

      • I always thought that injuries like EE and JB’s occurred when they weren’t properly warmed up and stretched before a game. It’s pretty fundamental stuff and if they didn’t do their warm-ups someone should be held accountable.

  51. Yankees get McCarthy for Nuno … not sure how that helps them, but whatever

    • Seems like the dominoes are starting to fall. I’m not among the cynics who think the Jays won’t do anything because they’re the Jays and because Rogers and blah blah blah, but it’s going to be really disappointing if we have to watch all the teams around the Jays get better, while the team tries to convince us that one day the team will get healthy and that’s kind of the same thing. Obviously we don’t know the cost of making any upgrade but I’d like to hope that they’re all in right now, and barring an absolutely ridiculous asking price, they’ll do what they have to do to improve this team.

      • I wouldn’t say McCarthy makes the Yankees better. Nothing of significance has happened in the AL East anyway. Honestly, I’d prefer AA standing pat unless he can bring in a top flight pitcher or position player because the amount that Oakland gave up for Samardzija and Hammel was kind of insane, in my opinion. Parting with top prospects for middle of the rotation guys or above average position players isn’t something that I’m too enamoured with.

        • How do you not see McCarthy as an upgrade? Have you looked at his peripherals? Have you looked at the yanks rotation?

          • Kind of seems like addition by subtraction, if nothing else. Nuno is awful, while McCarthy has the potential to be solid if he stays healthy.

          • The guy hasn’t had sustained success. Also, this year, he has a 5.01 ERA, a 3.79 FIP, and a 1.38 WHIP. His career numbers in those areas aren’t exactly great either. As well, the most innings he pitched in a season — 170.2 — was 2011. I sure would have been pissed if AA traded for him.

        • In a vacuum it might feel like an overpay, but the upgrade from a Tolleson/Kawasaki/Francisco platoon to Chase Headley could easily be one or two marginal wins over the course of 3 months. Considering the importance of those wins right now, I think I’d be inclined to move something like Norris and Pompey if the team for Headley and Ian Kennedy if the opportunity to do so was there.

    • They needed a starter? Yankees are 3.5 back, they’re about as likely to come out of the AL East right now as the Jays and O’s.

  52. Favourite article this morning is Morosi on David Price landing places: “Toronto can’t rely on Mark Buehrle to reprise his stellar first half — the Jays are 1-5 in his last six starts”

    Not mentioned: Jays have averaged less than 2 runs in Buherle’s last 7 starts that the team has lost. How is David Price going to help run production, jackass.

  53. Never get out of the boat.

  54. Soriano D’dFA. Good option for the Jays? Gotta figure a lot of teams would be interested. How exactly does that work now?

    • It’s intriguing. his line vs. LHP over the past 3 years is .277/.337/.520…… and the price is right.

      That said, he’s struggled this year vs. LHP .247/.269/.416, but I’ll take that over Brad Glenn these days.

      I guess it’s up to the evaluation of the pro scouts to see if he’s just been off/hurt, or if he’s finished.

      • I was thinking the same thing. .357 wOBA and 124 wRC+ this year and last against left-handed pitching. I’m not saying claim him and his current contract, and it’s most likely there will be another interested team that he’d rather play for once he’s released, but if not…. Fuck it, why not? Maybe they can sell him on the opportunities he’d have to actually play here.

    • I think Soriano’s done. He had a bit of a dead cat bounce after the trade to NY last year, but he’s shown nothing at all this season. I would stay away.

    • Sorry, that’s not going to work for me.

      • Doesn’t work for the Jays either. His contract pays him 18 MM for this year. The Jays’ portion would be around 9 MM…and they ain’t touching that.

        • Actually, the Cubs are paying $13 mill of this year’s contract.
          Also, isn’t that a case where a claiming team only pays him minimum wage? Isn’t that what happened when Wells went to the Yanks? I’ll be honest, I don’t know the particulars.

  55. The cavalry is on it.s way to save the day.

    Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi ·30 mins
    OF Cole Gillespie will be added to #BlueJays roster today, corresponding move to come.

  56. Awful negative on this forum, which is to be expected. Jays are in a rut, playing in HR unfriendly O-Co against a stellar pitching staff, and lefties to boot. Bautista and Lind can’t run. And the A’s bullpen is stellar.

    What bothers me about the club is the overrun in platooning.

    Right now the only person who should be platooning is Francisco. Leave Lindy in against LHP. Consider sitting Colby against LHP but not with Mastroinno or Glenn. Bring back Pillar. And despite Gose being shit getting on base, he’s a good Defensive replacement late in the game (for Cabrera or Rasmus) and can run bases.

    And you have to let Navarro sit more than one game in five.

    Lineup should be Reyes-6, Cabrera-7, Bautista-9, Lind-DH, Edwin-3, Navarro-2, Rasmus-8, Tolleson-5/Francisco-5 (RHP), Tolleson/Kawasaki (RHP)-4 day in and day out.

    Replace Rasmus with Pillar from time to time against RHP. Kawasaki, Pillar, Gose, and Thole is your bench.

    Thole catches against Dickey and Hutchison. Kawasaki plays against RHP. Gose is late game DR and PR. Pillar plays CF for Rasmus from time to time and gives Cabrera / Bautista a spell when the Jays are way ahead or way behind.

    Jays are only down by a game in the AL East and there are 70+ games to play. Lots of season left. Acquiring a 2B would be very nice. Lawrie’s return will be very nice too.

  57. Yankees acquire Brandon McCarthy

    • For Vidal fucking Nuno. And the D-Backs are picking up about half of McCarthy’s remaining contract. What is the equivalent of Vidal fucking Nuno in the Jays organization? I know it doesn’t work that way, but Jesus fuck, it feels like we just missed out on a buy low opportunity that might have been able to help out down the stretch. Does Cashman have compromising pictures of Kevin Towers or something? Frustrating to see another possibility off the board.

  58. This team needs someone or, many ones to step up. Or they need to blow this shit up and start over, seems like they have a relative abundance of young arms to build around. Goodbye Joey Bats?
    So many holes on this squad, is it desperation and fear that the Jays hold onto an asset like
    JB when they obviously can’t reap the full benefit of his talents?

    • How would one “step up”?

      • I’m not sure on the mechanics of it but, winners do it all the time. Anyone who’s ever played a sport or sports knows this to be true.
        In any event, I don’t think the Jays have it. There’s too much evidence available suggesting that they are a streaky team that can go on short tears of near-invincibility before falling back to a level of slightly below average performance.
        I’m firmly in the camp of “if the Jays fall further behind by mid-July, package JB and Reyes to get 7 players who can help this team” camp.

        • For the record, my pessimism has been strongly reinforced by my chicken little suspicion that EE tore a hammy last night and is out for at least 6 weeks.

          • Okay. Sports cliché. Got it.

            • You can call it whatever you’d like to call it, winners win; cliched or not.

              • You still haven’t answered my question: how does one step it up? Do you want Lawrie to play with his broken hand and show everybody how to play with grit and heart because that’s what Canadians allegedly do? Do you want Reyes to hit more often? Would you prefer Cabrera? Maybe Bautista? I’m sure they all would too if it just wasn’t for the fact that — OMG! GTFO! — baseball is hard. And yes, winners win, losers lose, haters hate, lovers love, etc., etc., etc. But hey! You played sports. End. Of. Argument.

                • Why are you angry?
                  I’m just saying that in order for the Jays to succeed now, assuming EE is out; is they need players to step up.
                  If they do, then they will win and therefor be winners. People do it all the time and we call those people winners.
                  I did answer your question btw, I said I don’t really know how it gets done but yes; I have seen it happen.
                  So have you most likely but, in the absence of some bullshit stat; you refuse to believe you saw it.

                  • And fuck the ‘baseball is hard’ trope, that’s such a fucking cop out line. Talk about cliches.

        • Which team is it that you think needs a right fielder and a shortstop and also has seven expendable players that would improve the current version of the Blue Jays enough to offset the loss of Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista?

          • Fair point. I’m not sure there is one but I do hope AA is trying to find them if they do exist.
            I’m not talking 6-7 MLB vets here btw, I’m talking about 6-7 guys who are better options or prospects than Pillar, Navarro, Santos, Glenn and the other scrubs we are fielding.
            Otherwise, tell me how this team gets better other than hope and prayers?

  59. Almost poeticalky hilarious/tragic that the Shark makes his AL debut AGAINST the Jays.

    This place will soon be a graveyard if he carves our lineup up like a christmas ham.

    • Not saying you take this position, but I wonder how many people who are worried about Samardzija’s start translating into an automatic loss are the same ones who say NL pitchers can’t hack it in the AL.

  60. Trading for Price would be boosting the rotation forsure but where would the run support come from exactly? How many great starts have gone for not lately due to no offensive support.

  61. If EE is out for an appreciable amount of time we are finished. Apart from a sizzling May, this team has largely sucked shit anyway. Losing him would be death.

    One has to wonder though if many of these guys actually stretch before (and during games). Baseball is 90% sitting around followed by bursts of max speed. All these popped hammies and torn quads suggest a lack of conditioning.

    • Playing on concrete for half a season surely doesn’t help

    • Here’s an idea:

      1) Go see a baseball game live
      2) Get there about 30 minutes before first pitch
      3) Watch as every player stretches before the game

      • @chiknpox : Oh stfu you idiot. I’ve been to and watched more baseball games than you’ve had hot dinners. There is stretching and then there is really doing it right. Ask anyone who has a clue about anything. I am so sick and fucking tired of the asswipe troll – everyone mentality around here. It’s too had bc otherwise this can be a great forum.

        • Do you really think these professional athletes who are getting payed shitloads of money and have access to some of the best medical advice seriously don’t know how to stretch? Don’t you think injuries would be more a result of giving 100% almost every day for 6 months straight?

          • @chickn Yep that is exactly what I think. Which is why there is a strength and conditioning COACH on every team (who may or may not be doing a good job).

        • Watching baseball games is your argument? Jesus. Since I watch movies, I guess I know how to be a director the right way.

  62. Sanchez, pompey and cash for Price and Zobrist. Do it Alex.

    • If only it was that simple

    • Rays don’t do that, and if we’re rebuilding it would be nice to have some prospects left to do it with.

      • Since when have we been rebuilding?

        • Since last night pending an MRI?

        • Since we played sub .400 ball for the entire season save a fluky 9 game stretch, and since our entire lineup began to consist entirely of AAA players and injured guys. This “core” is just not going to get it done, even in a severely weakened division. They have to make the tough decision to blow it up and start over.

          • 38-42 isn’t sub-.400

            • I’m not saying they won’t have to make that decision, but when you’re 1 GB of the division lead is not the time to do it

          • Umm, if you take away the 9 game streak, we would be 38-42. That’s not sub-.400 baseball. Nice try, though.

          • I’m sorry, this is not true. They played way above .500 for the entire month of May and that is too long for a fluke. Also they have missed time from Rasmus, Lawrie and Bautista. This is a team that went into the season as also-rans and have led the division until last night. As well, it’s not like the other teams are amazing. The AL East pretty much sucks right across the board. So we do still have a chance here and it behaves the front office to make a bold move. If they get to the playoffs, likely Rogers will loosen the purse-strings a little.

            • Agree with you Isabella. Except I don’t require a bold move; just a move large enough to let the fans and team know they’re still in it. Reimold and Gillespie don’t count. I think that Prado would be excellent.

          • Problem CG, is that maybe AA can’t blow it up as who knows if he is gm’ing for his job this season. Wouldn’t a decision to blow it up and start over be a dammning indicement of his tenure as jays gm since October 2009?

            • So instead he goes nuts and trades all our prospects to add maybe 2 marginal wins? That can’t be allowed to happen. Absolutely AA needs to go at this point.

              Rogers needs to come in and say no moves from now on (except waiver wire stuff as we’ve been doing), but in exchange you get to keep your job until the end of the season, as was done with JPR. Then we start over with a new GM.

              • He hasn’t traded anyone yet. For all you know Rogers could be the real problem, not giving two shits about their team winning.

                • Of course Rogers doesn’t give two shits about the team winning. That should be fairly obvious to anyone who paid attention this past winter.

                  What they do want to do is avoid taking on salary, and in this bizarre way their interests are actually aligned with the thinking fan’s at this point. Rogers doesn’t want to trade Sanchez and Norris because they’re going to make minimum wage for the next several years, and we don’t want them to trade them because the team isn’t good enough to benefit from a rental, and mortgaging the future is unacceptable.

                  • You said Ricciardi wasn’t allowed to make moves. You also blame AA. Now you say Ricciardi was allowed to make moves except when it came to Halladay after I pointed out how wrong you were and that Rogers is to blame, but fire AA anyway. You clearly haven’t a single clue even if you had a pocket full of clues.

              • Except Ricciardi did make moves at the trade deadline in 2009 by trading Scott Rolen for EE, Zach Stewart, and Josh Roenicke.

                • The rolen trade was save my job trade no?

                • Rolen wanted out and the Jays managed to dump some salary and get prospects in return, which would be quite different from any moves AA would likely make. JPR was not allowed to trade Halladay, which was what I was getting at, as you know. That was obviously going to be the big move that kicked off the rebuild, and they didn’t trust JPR to do it.

                  Likewise, trading Bautista and EE should be left to whoever is the new GM, because he will ultimately have to be accountable for the results. There will be more candidates available at the end of the season, so that’s why they need to leave AA in place and stand pat for now.

                  • Though ironically, JP got the Jays a lot more for Rolen than AA did got back in the Halladay trade.

                    • The Reds insisted that Encarnacion had to be included in the Rolen trade since Ricciardi coveted Roenicke and Stewart, neither of whom amounted to much. Also, recall how much everyone wanted EE run out of town before he became what he is.

                    • Drabek’s highest ceiling at this point is to be a reliever and he’s making slow progress. Gose* has a chance to be a 4th (maybe even 3rd OF) if he could learn how to bunt. To date the best part of that deal is d’Arnaud (and Syndergaard et al) for Dickey.

                      *Keep in mind that Michael Taylor and Brett Wallace are no longer in MLB

      • I agree 100% that the Rays would laugh at that offer. That said, I don’t want to see the Jays get caught in no man’s land where the major league roster isn’t good enough to contend, and there aren’t enough prospects coming down the pipeline to take the team over the top.

  63. Jays claim Nolan Reimold

  64. Glenn D’d FA in the most surprising move today

  65. Blue Jays DFA Glenn. Seriously, it’s about time that experiment ended.

    • Whew! I was getting tired of screaming at my TV for him to stand closer to the plate.

    • AFTER seeing him play last Sunday against the chisox, I couldn’t believe he was on our ML roster-talk about being overmatched ( well, yeah, a lot of them are right now,true) but Glenn looked especially bad. I remember someone questioning, sarcastically, your comment that you thought he was overmatched after seeing him the day before and how could you after one game…. If you watched enuf ball you kinda get a sense for this. As I said the chasm between AAA and MLB is huge. Look how well stiffs like Pillar and Hendricks do in Barfalo. Fuck me.
      Interstingly the Yanks DFA soriano . Of the 18m he makes the Cubs pay13m. So for ~2.5m the Jays could nab him for the rest of the year. Dunno……

      • Yeah I never understood why people thought I was exaggerating. You, I and GMSC were all at that game and all thought he looked like he should still be in New Hampshire.

        At the same time, Anthopoulos has a little “rearranging the deck chairs” action going on right now. Even if the boat sinks I’ll stay on it, but this team needs another proverbial propeller.

  66. And to raise everyone’s spirits, the starting lineup:

    1. SS: Jose Reyes
    2. 2B: Munenori Kawasaki
    3. LF: Melky Cabrera
    4. 1B: Jose Bautista
    5. DH: Adam Lind
    6. CF: Colby Rasmus
    7. 3B: Juan Francisco
    8. RF: Cole Gillespie
    9. C: Josh Thole

  67. So Glenn is DFA’d.
    15 day dl includes All star break so Edwin to 15 day dl seems a certainty
    Reimold comes on the 25 man for mastro probably?

  68. If the Jays are more than 5 games behind by the trade deadline, taking into account the payroll challenges next year and Rogers’ supposed cheapness; is it not the tactically sound move to blow it up?
    Find someone to take Reyes and his ridiculous salary (most likely packaged with JB coz otherwise, who the fuck would want Reyes’ contract) and get some bodies in here to field an actual baseball team?
    How else does this team improve?

  69. No one’s gonna take Reyes and no one I’d gonna trade Bautista. The team does not need to blow up. That having been said I would love to move Reyes to 2nd and find someone with a less…uh…adventurous throw from s/s to 1st.

    And while I’ve been typing this, Huchinson pitched himself out of a jam. So it’s all good. Less hysteria please.

  70. Serious question: when was the last time the Jays had 3 hits in a row? Must’ve been quite a while.

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