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Things are happening, and though the whole Samardzija and Hammel to the A’s thing didn’t exactly work out for the Jays — doubly so since the Shark will indeed debut against them on Sunday (though perhaps not: he’s at least not a lefty, and as Christina Kahrl tweets – much to the delight of those who were adamantly against the Jays paying big for Samardzija, I’m sure –  in his last six starts he’s allowed 6.5 runs-per-9, has been drubbed by the three contenders he’s faced, allowed 54 baserunners in 33 innings, all in the league without a DH!) — but hopefully this is the moment where deals start to get done.

It is, after all, in the interest of both sides to be doing things early. Alex Anthopoulos, in a recent interview on Boston’s WEEI, said that things were still in the developing stages — in fact, he said that he knew of one team at the time (two days ago) who were dead set on being sellers — and that talks probably wouldn’t start heating up until after the All-Star break, but the A’s are conceivably going to get as many as eight starts from their two new pitchers before the July 31st trade deadline, and as such the Cubs surely received a little bit extra for dealing now.

Billy Beane admits as much, as quoted in a piece from Peter Gammons:

The end game isn’t to have the best prospects, it’s to have a good team. We didn’t want to lose Russell. He may be the best young player we’ve had since I’ve been here. But if we’re going to finish first, the extra month of having Samardzija and Hammel is really important.

If that sounds damning of AA’s inaction, that’s not quite right. The Jays simply didn’t have anything like what the A’s could offer. More from the Gammons piece:

Beane was willing to trade the best prospect in the organization, Addison Russell, for reasons of skill and character, not to mention the fact that scouts who watched him in the Arizona Fall League rated him higher than Kris Bryant and Albert Almora, who will be Russell’s teammates in Chicago for many years. Watching him this spring with one of Beane’s most trusted lieutenants, I had a Derek Jeter comp laid on Russell. When Beane and Theo Epstein agreed on the deal, Beane told him, “you got Barry Larkin.”

So… yeah. It was a hefty price, and as I said last night, I’m just glad that if an AL team was going to pay it, Baltimore and New York weren’t the ones doing so. It also sets the market for pitching astronomically high. If Andrew Freidman wanted to package David Price and Ben Zobrist in a similar way, now would be a hell of a good time to do it — or… actually… yesterday may have been the best time to deal Price, given Russell was available. And no, I don’t think the Jays have the prospects to confidently outbid others on a deal like that. They might, but they might not. And they might not even have the budget to add a guy like Price going forward!

They might, though, at least judging by some of the other rumours that are out there.

There aren’t any rumours linking the Jays to him, per se, but one name that immediately jumps to mind is the Cubs’ current shortstop, Starlin Castro. He’s having a career year with the bat (121 wRC+), would probably benefit, defensively, from a move to second base (as he’d surely be asked to do in whatever hypothetical in which he’s acquired by the Jays), and has a contract that’s backloaded in a fashion that would suit the Jays’ current payroll structure — he makes $5-million this year, $6-million next, $7-million in 2016, then $9-, $10-, and $11-million in 2017-19. With a deepening glut of shortstops and a known interest in some of the prospects, maybe it could work.

What we are hearing, though, is that the Jays are “heavily scouting” Martin Prado, Aaron Hill, and Chase Headley. This comes via a tweet from Jim Bowden, though, as you’d expect, MLBTR has a nifty roundup of the details. That roundup includes the fact that none of the trio are playing well, and that Hill and Prado are both owed more than $25-million each from now until the end of 2016.

Getting the Diamondbacks — who appear to be in sell mode now, having dealt a pair of relievers (Tony Campana and Joe Thatcher) this morning — to take on some salary sure would help. Though… Rogers opening the purse strings a little to add a guy at this moment of desperation would be a little fucking nice, too. Either way, the possibilities are underwhelming. Jon Morosi tweets that the Jays would be most interested in Prado, because of his positional flexibility, which entirely makes sense. Except… y’know… the money, and the fact that his .268/.315/.360 line adds up to a wRC+ of 85 this season. While he’s been better against lefties — an above-league-average 106 wRC+ — that’s a lot of money for what might amount to a platoon bat. Though, on the other hand, he had three- and four-win seasons with the Braves in 2009 and 2010, a 5.6 WAR season in 2012, and a 2.3 WAR last year, in his first year in the desert.

However you slice it, it’s better than what they’ve got. And they sure are getting to the point where they need to do something. Beane is not wrong that getting an extra month out of whatever acquisitions are made is really, really important. To this point it has been very difficult to lay the silly DO SOMETHING criticism on Alex Anthopoulos, simply because there weren’t a lot of teams yet who’d be willing to dance. Now, though? As much as his team is a lot better than they’ve shown of late, it sure would be nice to see them stop floundering here, and adding an infield piece during this road trip would be a really, really good way to do it. I can’t condone screaming and shouting that the GM needs to do something, because there’s just so much that we don’t know about what’s going on, but… um… maybe do something, Alex. The more that slips away, the more you’ll need to get back. Overpay a little for the extra month if you have to.


PS. You’ll probably want to go ahead and consider this tonight’s Game Threat. Hup Holland Hup!

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  2. The A’s are really good and have played that way the entire season. It seems reasonable that Beane would go all in. To me, the Jays are still an enigma. Toronto’s inconsistency must make it doubly hard for AA to decide what to do. Too bad there’s not an impact bat screaming to be called up like Polanco in Pittsburgh. I do like your Castro idea, mostly because he’s really kicking ass this season.

  3. On the bright side…. Marcus Stroman shut down the one of the top offences in the AL for the second game in a row.

  4. MLB really needs to extend the trade deadline in light of the second wild card.

    • I think an extra deadline (before the real deadline, which in truth isn’t until the Aug.30th deadline) of June 30th would be interesting where players who are dealt before that date retain their draft pick compensation (or whatever it is called currently).

      Between the extra month of services and comp pick some bold moves may be made a little earlier.

    • The “true” deadline has always been Aug 31. It wouldn’t stun me to see them eventually move the non-waiver deadline to Aug 15 or something, but there’s nothing wrong with it as it is.

  5. Good luck to the Dutch.
    I don’t know jack shit about soccer but I picked them to follow because of their fans.

  6. I can’t decide how I feel about Prado. On the one hand, I thought he was overrated coming into the season, let alone now that he’s off to an awful start. On the other hand, maybe the contract + bad start means you get him for a song, and there’s a pretty good chance he outperforms Francisco going forward. On the other other hand, is getting him for a song worth it if it limits your flexibility on, say, a Colby extension going forward?

    Adding salary instead of trading assets is great in principle…

  7. Well, we have huge prospects too there Petey and Stoet.

    Inaction right now while we’re in first in July, and fuckin screaming for starting pitching really pisses me off, and pisses in the face of this franchise.

    • I’m not entirely sure the club is screaming for starting pitching.

      • If not they should be or August could be ugly.

        • ^ This

          • Wouldn’t it be great if Morrow came back and threw like he could?

            • It would be amazing. But since he’s never thrown consistently I’d be amazed if he started now. Unfortunately I think Morrow is always gonna be the guy with electric stuff that pitching coaches believe they can turn into the ace of the decade. And they will all die trying.

        • @Tom W

          +Millions. Our rotation needs an upgrade yesterday. Stroman is great but he’s not enough.

          • 5th best starters ERA in the A.L. at 3.78. Injury and inconsistency of the offense are the culprits of this season.

  8. I feel like we’re collectively underestimating Stroman. SSS aside, the cost of getting an impact arm like his would be huge. He’s been consistently keeping the ball down, which was the frequent knock on his stature.

  9. “The end game isn’t to have the best prospects, it’s to have a good team” Words to live by until you don’t have a good team or prospects but I can dig it.

  10. Cole Gilespie. .. come on down

  11. “… maybe do something, Alex. The more that slips away, the more you’ll need to get back. Overpay a little for the extra month if you have to.”

    I whole-heartedly agree.

    • I agree, I’m not worried now but if in three weeks time when Lawrie still isn’t back and Tolleson is the starting 2nd baseman that’s when it gets time to question why no upgrades

  12. Would love to see Starlin as a Jay too, though Nick Franklin wasn’t dealt either after the Mariners grabbed Cano so not sure if a guy like that comes loose. The amazing thing is that the A’s even had a chip like Addison Russell to trade given their consistent success. Beane deserves a ton of credit for drafting well and doing what he has been able to do with that payroll.

  13. What?
    @JimBowdenESPNxm: Blue Jays giving serious consideration of bringing up Aaron Sanchez & Daniel Norris sometime after AS break to work & develop out of bullpen

    Guess this means AA is focusing on trading for a right handed infielder who can bat vs both lhp and rhp

  14. Editorial note: Tony Campana is an outfielder, not a reliever.

  15. Standing Pat. Yup.

  16. Yanks didn’t have what it would have taken to pull off this deal. But the orioles surely do.

    So on the very bright side, hammels and shark are both kept out of our division.

    I like the Castro idea, but I think we actually line up with the twins even better. I wonder what it would take to pull dozier away.

    • The thing that most people seem to forget that the division scenario is no longer a thing do to the wild card. It is more of a league competition now especially if you are ‘just shooting’ for the playoffs. I am not a fan of the expanded playoff format at all. Give me 2 divisions in two leagues and Detroit and T.O as natural rivalries. I also enjoy playing Zelda and think bottled beer should be in stubbies.

  17. With the struggles against lefties and need for a big right handed bat could anyone see AA trading for Josh Willingham of the twins. It would require Jose agreeing to move to the infield and Lawrie to second. He should be fairly cheap prospect wise being a free agent to be. Also gives AA another free agent outfield to possibly resign.

  18. Thing is, if AA does nothing the optics alone could cost him his job and it would certainly spark a pretty hefty slice of fan resentment towards Rogers. The big talk last year of being all in now needs to be backed up with serious action. A bold move.

    AA/Rogers: Are you really gonna tell us, now that the team really is THIS CLOSE, that Fuck it, it is what it is and they’ll either win or they won’t? COME ON. A starter, a reliever, an infielder…one, two or any combination of the three. Doing nothing can not be an option. Alex: channel your inner Gillick and get ‘er done.

  19. Yup AA should head into the closest MLB super center and fill that cart up with a #1 SP, an all star infielder than slip down the reliever aisle throw in a couple now cash out and back home.
    It’s so easy I just can’t figure out what the hold up is.

  20. Say for the moment that Jays don’t have enough in the farm to acquire both a solid 2Bman and a top SP. Which is of more immediate importance? The offense has been shit for much of a month now, but one bat isn’t going to magically have the team score 5+ runs consistently again. Pitching has been solid for a little while now, but is mostly unspectacular.

    Wouldn’t a proper platoon lefty masher or RP and a SP be of more importance than a 2Bman, especially with Lawrie in the picture?

    In my mind it would make more sense to sign a 2Bman in the off-season and trade for a pitcher like Price (I really, REALLY would like to see him traded here) given the ridiculous money it takes these days for SP.

  21. [dumb troll nonsense]

  22. For my money the most important piece to go out and get would be a killer mid to late innings arm out of the pen. The bridge from starter to Casey has often buckled.

  23. can’t wait till after the trade deadline cause we can still make a Ninja trade aug 31st at 11:11 (# of the ninjas)


  24. Scuttlebutt from CBS Sportsline: Troy Tulowitzki “may” be open to a trade. Dayum, he’d look good in a Jays uniform.

    But it isn’t going to happen:
    1) the Rox will want too much for him
    2) Rogers won’t like his contract ($118M to go)
    3) Reyes will whine like a bitch about moving to 2B (or 3B)
    4) The Red Fux have a ton of young players to make a move happen for Tulo
    5) Hard to see the Rox moving Tulo at all, no matter what the rumours say.

  25. Cletus is gone…his value dropping…I love him but I say trade now!

    • If we trade Cletus what’s your plan for center field.

      • put’z specialty… good ol waiver wire reject
        come on down your the next cheap salaried jay

      • put’z specialty… good ol waiver wire reject
        come on down your the next cheap salaried jay
        Or a better option go grab Byrd and Beltre get rid of Dickey’s butler for fucks sake and call up Kratz

    • If his value is dropping what is the point of trading him, especially when he nets a draft pick or a reasonable year with the same trade flexibility after a QO?

      Think it through, dude.

  26. Cole Gillespie welcome to Toronto

  27. Campana’s a reliever now?

    • Lol I actually had to look into that, I thought maybe he was another conversion type thing.

  28. Why isn’t Glenn in Buffalo FFS
    @BlueJays: Tonight’s @BlueJays lineup:


  29. At least Cletus is back. Man, this bottom of the order blows.

  30. We need Lawrie back real bad.

  31. I dont think AA was intending on either of the guys that got moved. I think if he is gonna make a move it’ll be the usual off the board or at least semi-off the board type deal.

  32. Word has it AA is gonna bring Sanchez and Norris up to work out of the pen or possibly one of them in the rotation. Any thoughts?

  33. Actually, with the Jays starters pitching so well, I don’t even think a trade for a starter is as important as getting a 2B or 3B that can hit and possibly a reliable solid middle reliever. The rotation has been very strong lately but the pen and the offense have been a little shaky.

  34. So bushbeard tells us he’s all in favor of these later starts, then goes fucking hipster-Euro and says this is the game threat. Bullshit. For fuck.

    • And remember… RBIs don’t matter either.

      • I dont think anyone said RBI’s dont matter..its individuals RBI totals dont tell you how good a player is. Team runs defiantly are a good thing. So is using your head.

  35. And before you start with your indolent “He hates me but needs me to post” bullshit, just remember, new media guy, that you’re never bigger than your audience, especially when anybody with a dick in one hand and a blog in the other can shout you down. But yeah, soccer, tennis, wankwankwank.

    • Piss the fuck off Dave, or I send this shit to your clients. Got a long history I’m sure they’d be interested in, especially given how often you’ve been dumb as fuck enough to post at work.

  36. Every time i say Reyes has been very average he goes on a tear.So here goes,Reyes has been disappointing since he’s been a blue jay! Go Jays!

  37. Haha. Melky w an oakland-type rocket

  38. EE has taken a clattering! Medic! Oh wait, this isn’t World Cup…

  39. Wow if EE is gone for a long time…consider this a Huge blow

    • Displaying a vice-like grip of the obvious

    • likely the the dumbest comment i have ever seen… when you post this.. what are you thinking is best case scenario? “oh my you are right?”… “wait a minute, we ARE going to miss him” … ugh

  40. Holy shit who is the fucking trainer on this team why the fuck is everyone fucking up their hamstrings Edwin’s probably due for a DL stint now

    Not lookin’ good for EE.

  42. Yup for an offense that is struggling to score…This is terrible …I think he blew out a knee or tore a hamstring

  43. This is the end, of our elaborate plans, the end.

  44. Quad usually better than hammy, no?

  45. Ok…. I didn’t just see that…. I will pretend I didn’t see it. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK

  46. Nope
    @Wilnerness590: If there is a long-term injury to Encarnacion, #Bluejays at least have a solid replacement in Dan Johnson. #Jays #Bisons

  47. So if EE is out for a while do the jays sell? It might be beneficial in the long term keeping the kids and giving Sanchez a shot in September’s rotation

  48. Oh dear.

  49. I just got in and have no info. What happened to EE?

  50. I doubt if Juan will ever see 2 fastballs in a row…the word is out that he can’t hit off speed stuff and can’t lay off the curve ball

  51. Remember when we all liked Juan Francisco and affectionately called him Fat Juan?

  52. I SUCK

  53. I have a new book coming out called “Baseball Players are Pussies” Please read.

  54. Couple nice grabs and 3 shitty singles. Baseball!

  55. Feel bad for AA now. With Lawrie and EE (likely) down for awhile, he loses serious leverage in any trade discussions.

  56. Ok I’ll take a right quad strain

  57. Quad strain. Best possible outcome I guess. Those hurt like fuck

  58. Nice AB by Bautista there… 10 pitch?

  59. I just started watching the game. I guess we now have a road trip without EE :(.

  60. Cool buerhle has thrown 3000 innings. Looks like he’s got another 2000 in him

  61. Fuck that guy, fuck the A’s, fuck billy Beane, they can all fuck right off.

  62. God gave me the gift called remote control yet I still don’t know how it is used.

  63. Shit ass hits

  64. Another smash. What the fuck already?

  65. The A’s couldn’t throw a ball better than the dinks, dunks and bleeders they’ve unleashed this series. lordy.

  66. wow stoeten really proving me wrong! This juggernaut offense at it again.

  67. What a first hit that was lol

  68. Can we start a write in campaign to get glenn to the all star game? Or is it too late?

  69. Reyes with a good cut

  70. Fuck me the bottom of our lineup is useless

  71. I’ve taken a much needed break from the jays with the world cup and wimbeldon lately. Think i might need to find something else to watch again. This offense is overrated and way too reliant on HRs. Its even more exposed in big parks like oak. O yeah, and their lineup vs lefties is AA worthy.

  72. -Two runs down
    -at night in this ballpark
    -against a very good lefty
    -EE hurt
    -one extra base hit in the entire series
    -2 runs in the last 26 innings
    Im nottttttttttttttttt sure if were coming back. You never know I guess

  73. Come on…wtf?

  74. I think of the 9 hits oak has 2 were actually well hit. That shit evens out I guess

  75. Lind is running like an old man with that foot injury

  76. Sweet sassy molassy, the A’s have wore out the 1st base, 2nd base, RF bermuda triangle.

    • Just do a little league shift and have the whole team stand in that area…dare the other team to hit it elsewhere.

  77. Aaron Sanchez for Addison Russell. Right now. Who says no.

  78. Another squibber ..

  79. I think the Jays problem is they are hitting the ball a little too well. A’s announcers saying something not right with Buerhle. They must be looking at all those line drives in the box score.

  80. We’re fuckedidy fucked fucked if EE is out for a few weeks.
    Seriously – beyond the Valley of the Fucked.
    Because you know AA’s not pulling a rabbit out of his magic hat, tradewise. Sure, he might pick up some overpaid piece of aging shit from someone’s roster to fill in the infield – but if you’re looking for a game-changer…like Mr. Henley wrote, “he ain’t here, he ain’t coming…not in a million years”.
    But hey…I’m a fan. Hopin’ for the best here…but frankly, expecting the worst.

  81. This one A’s announcer is fucking Harold Reynolds-annoying

  82. C’mon, Glenn, get your hero on.

  83. Aaaaand no.

  84. It must have come as a shock to Juan to see a fastball…

  85. I don’t understand why they would call it Oaktown. It’s already OakLAND.

    I got the EE injury update while I was watching the movie, Prisoners. That was emotional as fuck.

  86. .333 winning % over the last 27 games. I cannot believe this team is this bad. At some point things’ll revert. Right? RIGHT?!?

  87. This game and so far, this series has been fucking depressing. AA make a fucking move and please don’t take the ‘ wait the market out’ fucking approach.

    • Because the solution to everything is sitting on a platter for him. Making a trade for the sake of making a trade is fucking dumb and you know it.

      We’re all frustrated here

  88. Ive never understood why they talk up player’s bp sessions, especially since they never have any footage

  89. Lind not getting to anything

  90. Do MLB teams have grooming codes? Norris looks like a slob with that hair

  91. Of course he did

  92. Great hustle mirrored by another lame Jays at bat

  93. Atta boy Reyes. Barely jog to first

  94. Don’t grind, Reyes, you fuck.

  95. Even if he didn’t tag him replay guys will fuck it up

  96. Looked out in realtime but Melky seems so sure that it probably means no tag.

  97. Gibby should protest if they don’t overturn

  98. Not surprised.

  99. What the fuck????

  100. Chalk that up to being desperate to score runs. Fuck.

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