All sorts of news-y stuff going on this fine Sunday afternoon, and — as is the case with everything related to your Toronto Blue Jays of late — not a whole lot of it good. Here’s a brief rundown:

For those of you watching last night, and not basking in the afterglow of a too-narrow victory over an impressively disciplined Costa Rica, you’ll know that Edwin Encarnacion left yet another Jays loss with some kind of a leg injury, needing to be helped off the field by a pair of the club’s trainers. Motherfuck. He is not in today’s lineup, as he’s getting an MRI to determine the extent of the damage, and Shi Davidi writes for Sportsnet that the club is expecting him to hit the DL, and quotes Edwin as saying he felt a “pop” in what we now know was his quadriceps. Jesus.

Barry Davis tweets a picture of Brad Glenn and Jose Bautista taking some reps at first base, so… yeah.

But apparently that was just busywork, because Glenn has been D’d FA in order to clear a spot on the roster, according to a Shi Davidi tweet. I’m sure teams will be lining up to put a waiver claim in any second. Oh, and that was necessary because…

Some small, small measure of help is on the way, as yesterday’s waiver claim, Cole Gillespie, is in the lineup and in right field this afternoon for the Jays. He’s a right-handed hitting outfielder who has been awful in his short big league career against lefties — he sports a putrid .221/.286/.271 line in the split — and hasn’t been any better against them in the minors since 2012. An utterly, utterly pointless move. But hey, at least he’s not Bad Glenn, I guess.

Better move: the Jays have claimed Nolan Reimold on waivers from the Orioles. He’s not a great defensive outfielder, and despite being a right-handed bat, doesn’t have any sort of pronounced platoon split, but shit… he’s a warm body who isn’t Brad Glenn or Cole Gillespie, so that’s definitely something. He has a career .252/.327/.439 overall line in the majors in 1056 plate appearances, alternating between some pretty good stints with the bat and some dogshit ones. Lightning in a bottle? Let’s hope so.

Glenn’s D’ing FA clears a spot for Gillespie on the active roster, and also for Reimold on the 40-man. Edwin probably hits the DL (the 15 days he’d be required to miss also include the All-Star break, so, as Richard Griffin tweets, it probably makes sense just to do it) in the reciprocal move… um… I think. Gregor Chisholm tweets that, when asked if Edwin’s injury was serious, John Gibbons replied, “I would think.” Ugh ugh ugh.

Meanwhile, Alfonso Soriano has been designated for assignment by the Yankees, leading fans who stopped paying attention to Alfonso Soriano years ago to hope that the Jays somehow pick him up. He has a .286 on-base over his last 864 plate appearances (but has been about a league average hitter nonetheless because of his power, and… actually he’s hit .279/.325/.511 against left-handers over that span, so… shit, do it. I take it back.


Worse still, Soriano was D’d FA in order to make room for the Yankees newest pitcher: Brandon McCarthy. Don’t tell Marc Carig, but it’s a pretty smart pickup, though it cost them current less-than-good MLB starter Vidal Nuno, who has a lot of team control left, which is why, apparently, he was attractive to the Diamondbacks. Surely the Jays could have offered something comparable, and with Arizona eating half of the $4.1-million still owed McCarthy, I’m not entirely seeing why it wouldn’t have been a nice move for them to push harder on, except… well… their pitching really isn’t the issue at the moment, is it? Gotta save those chips for a bat, maybe? Sheeee-it.

The good news there, at least, is that the Diamondbacks are definitely now open for business, which could hasten the departure of someone like Martin Prado, who we know the Jays have been looking at. Prado and Reimold instead of Glenn and Mastroianni sounds pretty alright to me. And there is other mildly good news on the trade front. To wit…

Jon Heyman writes that the Twins appear set to move a couple of their free-agents-to-be, pitcher Kevin Correia (pass), and RHB Josh Willingham. That’ll play. Fuck, it’s almost like every option out there is better than what the Jays are currently running with.

Kenny Ken Ken mentions the Twins stuff, too (though he says that they’re aiming to hold their chips until after they host the All-Star game — ugh), but also says that the Cubs were eager to deal Jason Hammel, in part because they feared that the market would become saturated with similar pitchers. So… yeah… bring on that saturation already.

And the big one today was a piece from Jon Morosi, who tells us that the Rays are open to trading David Price in the division, and spitballs that the Jays could land him if they were willing to give up two of Sanchez, Norris, and Pompey. Would obviously be a huge add, but again, kinda would like to see some offence, eh? Maybe that’s living a little too much in the moment — the team will definitely hit better, and the pitching staff could certainly use a Price — but… well… either way, I don’t see it happening. COULD SOMETHING MAYBE HAPPEN THOUGH?

I mean, seriously… this is not the week I want to deal with morons insisting the Jays should be sellers.

Oh yeah, and Jose Bautista hates replay. So… there’s at least that.

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  1. Somewhere inbetween “the Jays are fucked, blow it up” and ” there’s 72 games left and the Jays are only 2 games out, all is good”, lies reality.
    Yes if, at the beginning of the season, somebody said the Jays would only be 2 games out on July 6th, I woulda be happy.Until that same somebody added the caveat “but the Jays would be fielding a bunch of guys from AAA and castoffs for the rest of July” I woulda been more than a bit concerned.
    While the Jays may not have a true Ace SP to make a 1,2,3,4,5 rotation, they do seem to have a 3,3,3,3,3 rotation which is capable of doing the job ( see what I did there?).
    Seriously though,If the Jays can be within striking distance on Aug.1,the returning players coupled with anything that AA can do to improve the team, should give way to an exciting stretch run through to the end of Sept.
    Gonna get interesting.

    • Left on the sched.
      13 games vs Boston
      10 vs NY
      9 VS Balt.– 6 of those in the last 2 weeks of Sept.

  2. I have to say, I may have over exaggerated in the past and I may have said some irrational things but it was during the Cards series that something changed, not sure what but you could just tell that the Jays down shifted and since then they have been sliding downhill. They just haven’t had the same electricity, I noted it then and I will say it now.

    This year is the year to go for it, put this chips in and go for it. The Jays really don’t have to be THAT good to win the division, the other teams in the East are beatable on any given day and every team has it’s holes. Management and ownership need to sit down and just decide what they wanna do. If the answer is win now then give AA the reigns and let him do what he wants to do to win. Get out of the way, write the checks and let AA do what he has to do.

    Martin Prado would be an excellent pickup for the Jays, he can play 3B, 2B, LF, RF with effective defense and he can drive in runs. He’s having a down year right now but a change of scenery into a pennant race could really ignite something new. He comes with 2 years of team control at 11 million and would fit into the Jays future plans at whichever position Lawrie isnt going to play. He’s the position player I like. Pitching wise, well who knows. Price would be great. He’s AL East proven, rogers center proven and playoff proven. Nuff said.

    This is not irrational to say but right now as it stand, this team finishes 4th or maybe worse if the Rays stay hot. Shit talk me all you like but that’s a fact, this team has lost it’s spark, they seem frustrated and their play is evidence of that. Lawrie is sparkplug, is he traveling with the team? If not, he should be, they need him in the dugout.

    The Jays are not done as long as management and ownership agree to make moves but if they don’t, we might as well kiss this season goodbye because the Jays can’t compete without the key missing pieces.

    • Which moves should AA have made?
      Sign Ubaldo?
      Sign Santanna? Did that, he backed out and signed somewhere else.
      Sign Drew?
      Trade for Fister,Samar,Hammels,Price etc.?Ya need the trade to match needs and the other guy to agree.
      Trade for a guy having a down year and HOPE a change of scenery makes him change?

      • I like Prado because his .268 BA is better than Reyes, Lawrie, Rasmus, and slightly less than EE’s .277. In fact, there’s just Cabrera, JB, and EE who are hitting better than he is (not counting Lind) and of all the Jays’ candidates for 2B, SS, and 3B he’s got the best BA. The guy is versatile and may not be exactly what they’ve been looking for but will probably cost less because of his off year.
        Other (David Price type guys) will cost the entire farm and this team has too many holes after that to provide a strong run for the playoffs. Prado gives a fighting chance til Lawrie and EE get back and Rasmus and JB hit their stride again.

  3. With Tampa winning again tonite, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they pass us heading into the AS break. I was fearful of this trip and shit, with all the injuries my biggest fears are popping up. Maybe they will be discussing whether we would trade Buerhle within the division by then and be keeping Price.
    I agree that trading the major farm chips now, given the injury situation would be dumb, not that I ever really thought they would do so.
    They are still in the hunt for the division, but yeah that ain’t gonna happen unless we relearn how to hit the fukin ball and LHP. Not looking real promising at the moment.
    We are still in the WC huntt, so I can see them acquiring an infielder like, maybe Prado as the rumours abound and maybe an OF. I can see them trading Nolin, Drabek and some of the folks in A ball but certainly no one in the top 10 of their system. Price will still be in Tampa and they may win this stupid division yet once Myers returns.
    The Jays are pretty much playing like they did at this time last year and hopefully it stops real soon as watching some of these scrubs fuk up daily is disconcerting. These games are pretty much unwatchable to a large degree. Let’s hope they can turn it around and soon.

    An interesting decision may need to be made in the not too distant future re Reyes. Fuk, to me, except for some intermittent periods, I think he has been one of the biggest disapointments on this team what with hitting .260 or so and fielding and throwing like an anxious rookie. He is owed 66m between 2015 qnd 2017-YIKES!
    Some of the guys on my team keep telling me he is one of the best shortstops in baseball and he is ,overall, when he is a dynamic offensive force but we do not have that Reyes now, and his D is crap. What they do in the offseason if they fuk up this year could be intriguing if Rogers even hints at going El cheapo

  4. This was a rough series, but let’s not forget that this is the best pitching staff in the AL that the Jays faced this weekend.

    • Yeah but since the Cardinals series, this offence has looked putrid against even mediocre pitching.

      Is it a team wide slump or is it possible that words go around the league on how to successfully pitch against these free swingers?

  5. I blame Stoeten and his lack of DJF podcasts for this jays hitting slump. Come on give the boys in blue a slump buster. Time to pound one out Stoets.

  6. Lets hope the Nolan Reimold and Conner Gillespie signings have a greater impact than the Kevin Mench/Brad Wilkerson signings of 2008. Holy fuck, I’m still in therapy over those two.

  7. I honestly hope we fire AA so that we get a real gm who doesn’t trade for old washed up players and constantly dumpster dive for the next AAAA player.

    A smart GM would have realized how bad this team was last year and retooled. Instead AA did nothing and hoped it was all wilner bad luck.

    Now we’re stuck with reyes for next 3 years and his lead glove because AA loves him.

    • Not his fault Rogers tightened the purse strings.

    • Also, not AA’s fault that Bautista, Encarnacion, Rasmus, Cabrera, Reyes, Lawrie, Morrow, and Johnson were injured in 2013.

      • • Improved C position drastically
        • Not his fault the bullpen has been atrocious with essentially the same group as 2013, which was lights out.
        • Not his fault Bautista has a wonky hammy and E3 likely needs a DL trip
        • Not his fault the offense decided it was time for a dirt nap
        • Not his fault Rasmus is back to being a pumpkin (whom should be traded for prospects to better load up on for more MLB help. Rasmus won’t be resigned.)
        • Not his fault Lawrie can’t turn his back on pitches that hit him
        • Not his fault Rogers has decided to procrastinate on installing a proper baseball field
        • Not his fault Gibby has been making some questionable decisions lately (not so much after the off day)

        The team is failing because of the players not performing up to their standards, and no one really knows the answer. Rest assured, the team isn’t failing because of what Anthopoulos has or has not done. Neither is it because of Gibbons. The offense is bad because the offense is bad. It will turn around.

        • Almost all of these things are his fault. He hired Gibby. He knew the turf sucks and that Rogers wasn’t going green anytime soon. He knows JB is going to get injured. He knows bullpens are volatile. He knew this team had no depth.
          He did nothing to improve the team. You can blame Rogers for maybe pulling the rug on him but shouldn’t have also known that after last years disaster? After spending an extra 30M that maybe he had lost some juice in the boardroom?
          On the other hand, EE’s MRI came back; it’s just a strain so there’s still some hope this team can turn it around.

          • Knowing things you can do nothing about are not someone’s fault. You can argue about the depth but it’s not like you can make people sign somewhere and it’s not like a ton of cheap major league quality players are sitting waiting to be signed to minor league deals by the Toronto Blue Jays. I doubt AA was sitting on his hands the whole time having chats with Ervin Santana’s agent.

          • Nothing to improve the team? I didn’t realize JP Arencibia was still the starting catcher!

            • Results are what matter, that’s what anyone working outside of the government is measured on.
              He built this team or, at the very least; is responsible for its performance.
              “Not my fault” is something a six year old would say.
              We’ll see where this team is come
              September, that will decide AA’s fate.

  8. It’s amazing how kawasaki, you know the guy who didn’t make the team, who couldn’t beat goins or tolleson, is now the starting 2b and batting 2nd witha higher obp than 20 mil reyes???? Muni is the only guy playing well who understands how to play the game the right way.

  9. The Jays feel like the boxer desperately hanging on for the bell to sound (all-star break) – so they can recover a little

  10. “Cock.”

  11. So what does Stoeton do all day like actually? How long does it take to write maybe like 2 posts each day, one of which is usually a couple of links to tweets and such and the lineups for the game. A couple hours maybe? What does he do with the rest of his time?

  12. #freepillar

    • exactly like the 2013 jays in that their hot streak only caused them to get into the fringes of the playoff race

    • Why would they trade Price if they can still very much win the division?

      • is that a serious comment?

        have you not been paying attention to the rays in this era at all?

        They traded kazmir and were like 4 games back, traded shields, garza etc and been less games back.

        Price is moving because his return is what sustains their payroll

        • Yes it is a serious question. While it is true that Tampa trades their best pitchers for prospects, they do not normally do it when they’re in contention.

          Shields and Garza were traded during the offseason.

          Yes, Kazmir was traded at the end of August when they were 4.5 games back of the wild card. But he was far from a top notch pitcher, with a 5.92 ERA to that point in the season already enduring injury issues.

          I expect TB to hold on to Price until the deadline to see if they have a shot.

  13. Seriously, whether they make the playoffs or not, I’m getting really optimistic for the future because of
    Stroman and Hutchison and potentially Sanchez and Norris. After all, it all starts with strong starting pitching.

    • Sanchez and Norris might suck though and David Price is pretty good.

      • As much as I believe in the pitching as a whole on this team and as much as I want a primo RH bat for this team I cannot ague with what you said.

        • For the short term, yes. However, we already have two premium RH bats in EE and HB. The problem is we need a RH bat in the short term because our LH bats (Lind, Rasmus, Fat Juan) can’t hit LHP.

          From a long-term team construction point of view, we need good LH bats.

      • I agree. And I’m not saying don’t go for it, but if the worst does come to pass (and I don’t think it will) and they keep plummeting, I don’t think the jays would be bad for long. Still think they make the playoffs though.

      • Sanchez and Norris might suck. Or they might not. I still remember that period in time when we had Delgado, Green, Carpenter, Roy Halliday, Stewart…just saying that sometimes teams get lucky and have prospects pan out.

  14. Welp, that series was pretty fucked. I blame myself actually. This is usually the time of year the Jays go on a West Coast road trip, lose while I’m asleep in depressing ways and come home out of the race. I was so happy that this year, at least that wouldn’t happen.

    Well… I guess it still won’t quite happen, but it’s a little fucked all the same.

  15. I know this is a little bit of a fucked up idea.. but what about Alex Rios? He’s always hit lefties (this year especially so) and could absolutely be a useful bat on days when the Jays face lefties. Team option of 13.5M for next season. Is that a crazy idea? Could move Bautista to 1st on days when they face lefties?

  16. Get josh willingham and maybe dozier from the twins.

    if rogers felt like spending they could probably get Lee for nothing if they take his contract.

    not sure if thats realistic unfortunately.

  17. Today in totally batshit trade ideas, since I’m bored:

    Bautista and Lind for Tulowitzki and Morneau. No cash changes hands.

  18. Daniel Norris ranked 25th best prospect in MILB, Pompey 47th.


    Hoping Sanchez just missed the top 50 cut.

  19. Jays could have a future stud pitching rotation, so I think IF depth is the area they should address, especially in lieu of those rankings.

    They don’t have very good position player depth in the immediate minors so adding via trade would be ideal. A lot of the other playoff contenders have had some help from their minor league system when they were faced with injury – the Jays dont have a CJ Cron, a Kris Davis, a James Jones, etc type player who can immediately bolster the lineup in a short time span. Lawrie was the last guy to do that for the Jays and that was when they were already out of the playoff picture in 2011

    I dont think it will cost the Jays an arm and leg either, but it will mean adding some salary. Maybe Reimold could be that spark. Maybe they can add a Soriano. But I think longterm they should be looking at finding another IF’er to help them for the next year plus until some of the lower level position players are more polished

  20. Just sell the team Rogers
    @elliottbaseball: Any chance the Blue Jays have not added any $ since D. Navarro because Rogers has not given them approval to take on cash? #NHLdeal

    • Sell the team to who? One of the things that hurt the Jays after LaBatts lost control of the club was a lack of stable local ownership. What entity in Toronto has the multiple millions of dollars needed to pry the club from Rogers? Worst case scenario- club gets sold then moved out of town to some place like Charlotte, North Carolina. Just sayin’.

  21. Here’s what needs to be done to save the team

    trade lind – can’t hit lefties, no defense, wonky back, can’t run, time to move on
    trade rasmus – can’t hit lefties, avg defense, low obp, another JPA
    trade reyes – if you can, save 70 mil, horrific defense, low obp, total waste of money
    DFA juan fran or bench him – can’t hit breaking ball, has been figured out, move on
    trade navarro – not a great hitter, no speed, no need to have 3 catchers, save 4 mil
    trade melky – if you can get a young position player, he’s gone anyways
    trade santos – never going to be good again, save the 7 mil and move on

    these moves would save a shit tonne of money. We need to get more athletic and more team speed. That’s how you win games when you’re slumping.

  22. re: infield: I’m having a hard time understanding why the Jays would be publicly eschewing the idea of picking up Daniel Murphy. The talk is that his defense isn’t good enough but at this point with the offense scuffling and the team having no chance hitting against lefties – is it really that bad to add a guy with a .363 wOBA against left handed pitching? Shit – sub in a replacement when you’re up at the end of the game!

    • Also, all the defensive metrics I’ve seen seem to indicate he’s average at 2B. Average 2B defender with a potent bat against LHP? Sign me up!

  23. Maybe the silence we are hearing out of the front office is the quiet before a big trade.

  24. We should get Starlin Castro while the cubs are in sell mode.
    Put him at 2 bag.

    • He seems Escobar-esque to me, maybe he’s straightened himself out… Probably wouldn’t be cheap though

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