All sorts of news-y stuff going on this fine Sunday afternoon, and — as is the case with everything related to your Toronto Blue Jays of late — not a whole lot of it good. Here’s a brief rundown:

For those of you watching last night, and not basking in the afterglow of a too-narrow victory over an impressively disciplined Costa Rica, you’ll know that Edwin Encarnacion left yet another Jays loss with some kind of a leg injury, needing to be helped off the field by a pair of the club’s trainers. Motherfuck. He is not in today’s lineup, as he’s getting an MRI to determine the extent of the damage, and Shi Davidi writes for Sportsnet that the club is expecting him to hit the DL, and quotes Edwin as saying he felt a “pop” in what we now know was his quadriceps. Jesus.

Barry Davis tweets a picture of Brad Glenn and Jose Bautista taking some reps at first base, so… yeah.

But apparently that was just busywork, because Glenn has been D’d FA in order to clear a spot on the roster, according to a Shi Davidi tweet. I’m sure teams will be lining up to put a waiver claim in any second. Oh, and that was necessary because…

Some small, small measure of help is on the way, as yesterday’s waiver claim, Cole Gillespie, is in the lineup and in right field this afternoon for the Jays. He’s a right-handed hitting outfielder who has been awful in his short big league career against lefties — he sports a putrid .221/.286/.271 line in the split — and hasn’t been any better against them in the minors since 2012. An utterly, utterly pointless move. But hey, at least he’s not Bad Glenn, I guess.

Better move: the Jays have claimed Nolan Reimold on waivers from the Orioles. He’s not a great defensive outfielder, and despite being a right-handed bat, doesn’t have any sort of pronounced platoon split, but shit… he’s a warm body who isn’t Brad Glenn or Cole Gillespie, so that’s definitely something. He has a career .252/.327/.439 overall line in the majors in 1056 plate appearances, alternating between some pretty good stints with the bat and some dogshit ones. Lightning in a bottle? Let’s hope so.

Glenn’s D’ing FA clears a spot for Gillespie on the active roster, and also for Reimold on the 40-man. Edwin probably hits the DL (the 15 days he’d be required to miss also include the All-Star break, so, as Richard Griffin tweets, it probably makes sense just to do it) in the reciprocal move… um… I think. Gregor Chisholm tweets that, when asked if Edwin’s injury was serious, John Gibbons replied, “I would think.” Ugh ugh ugh.

Meanwhile, Alfonso Soriano has been designated for assignment by the Yankees, leading fans who stopped paying attention to Alfonso Soriano years ago to hope that the Jays somehow pick him up. He has a .286 on-base over his last 864 plate appearances (but has been about a league average hitter nonetheless because of his power, and… actually he’s hit .279/.325/.511 against left-handers over that span, so… shit, do it. I take it back.


Worse still, Soriano was D’d FA in order to make room for the Yankees newest pitcher: Brandon McCarthy. Don’t tell Marc Carig, but it’s a pretty smart pickup, though it cost them current less-than-good MLB starter Vidal Nuno, who has a lot of team control left, which is why, apparently, he was attractive to the Diamondbacks. Surely the Jays could have offered something comparable, and with Arizona eating half of the $4.1-million still owed McCarthy, I’m not entirely seeing why it wouldn’t have been a nice move for them to push harder on, except… well… their pitching really isn’t the issue at the moment, is it? Gotta save those chips for a bat, maybe? Sheeee-it.

The good news there, at least, is that the Diamondbacks are definitely now open for business, which could hasten the departure of someone like Martin Prado, who we know the Jays have been looking at. Prado and Reimold instead of Glenn and Mastroianni sounds pretty alright to me. And there is other mildly good news on the trade front. To wit…

Jon Heyman writes that the Twins appear set to move a couple of their free-agents-to-be, pitcher Kevin Correia (pass), and RHB Josh Willingham. That’ll play. Fuck, it’s almost like every option out there is better than what the Jays are currently running with.

Kenny Ken Ken mentions the Twins stuff, too (though he says that they’re aiming to hold their chips until after they host the All-Star game — ugh), but also says that the Cubs were eager to deal Jason Hammel, in part because they feared that the market would become saturated with similar pitchers. So… yeah… bring on that saturation already.

And the big one today was a piece from Jon Morosi, who tells us that the Rays are open to trading David Price in the division, and spitballs that the Jays could land him if they were willing to give up two of Sanchez, Norris, and Pompey. Would obviously be a huge add, but again, kinda would like to see some offence, eh? Maybe that’s living a little too much in the moment — the team will definitely hit better, and the pitching staff could certainly use a Price — but… well… either way, I don’t see it happening. COULD SOMETHING MAYBE HAPPEN THOUGH?

I mean, seriously… this is not the week I want to deal with morons insisting the Jays should be sellers.

Oh yeah, and Jose Bautista hates replay. So… there’s at least that.

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  1. would you do it + + if zobrist was included?

    • I’d do Pompey, Sanchez, Norris + for Price and Zobrist.

    • Really kinda couldn’t care less about Zobrist.

      • Zobrist isn’t the guy he was in 2009, that’s for sure.

        But when we have Muni batting 2nd, Juan 7th,
        Gillaspie 8th and Thole 9th, a switch hitting
        legitimate major league player who can play anywhere
        would have to be an upgrade

        Besides, the best part of the trade would be
        that they’d get a really hot anthem singer in Mrs. Ben

        • Personally, I’d love to get Zobrist because he brings much-needed positional flexibility, even if he’s not the same guy he was a few years ago. Look at all the injuries – Zobrist can easily slide over to another position to give someone a much needed day off or take over for a while in case of a 15 day DL stint.

      • Yea, who the hell wants a versatile 5+ WAR player with some pop and some speed?? Especially one with such reasonable contract options!! Blech, no thanks!!

    • This team needs their Henderson & Cone. If AA doesn’t make a significant move, this team will dwindle into the abyss.

  2. Nolin + should get it done for willingham no?

    • I have no problem with an outfield of Willingham, Melky and Rasmus for a little while, with Bautista at 1st base. Then if EE comes back sometime soon, Bautista at 3rd while Lawrie’s out?

      Probably not ideal as Bautista’s better in the outfield, but our infield has been looking pretty bad lately with the bats.

  3. There are still a lot of talented players in this lineup…other teams manage to hold on through their injury woes. Time to buckle up.

    Also, Kevin Pillar is still in the minors. Hard to imagine what else he did to warrant not being called up in such desperate times. Not like he’s an all star or anything.

    • He’s not good.

    • you mean besides what Stoets said of him being less than good and the other thing reported of mouthing off on the bench after getting PH for? Theres all the reason you need. hes not good and had a hard time accepting it..not a great recipe for improvement or success..ask JPA

  4. What a hell of a ride this season has been.. No matter how they finish up you gotta soak up these do or die games while you can and it really makes the acquisition of a piece that can possibly contribute next year that much more exciting.

    Has to be the best season since ’06 right?

    • Absolutely.
      I still say that the Jays should be sellers if they’re out of by the deadline, call me moron I guess (apparently that’s what people call each other when thy disagree).
      AA should definitely grab Soriano if he can, as shitty as he is; he’s better than what we have and won’t cost us any prospects.

      • How many games back do you count as “out of it”?

        • 5 or 6 games and I’m very much leaning towards selling. If E5 is ok an the other teams in the east hit some injuries, I could be talked out of it.

          • Eh, that seems a little low to me, but it depends on the state of the roster and injury status of some players.

      • Totally agree. This team is close but I would move Burhle in a heartbeat. He should bring back a decent return durability etc, trade him to an Nl team and watch him reel off 6-8 in a row.

  5. Orioles or Red Sox could also offer a very nice package for Price:

    Orioles: Schoop or Urrutia plus two of Gausman, Bundy or Hunter Harvey

    Red Sox: some combination of Bogarts, Cecchini, or Middlebrooks,
    plus Betts or Bradley, plus one of Webster, Owens, Barnes or Workman.

    • Red Sox will never trade Bogarts, Betts, Webster or Workman.

      Especially not for 1+ seasons of a elite veteran pitcher, when they have a lot of other holes to fix (outfield) to even be competitive. That doesn’t make sense.

      Red Sox will most probably be sellers, but it will be their veterans, not their youth. Look for them to move Uehara to someone like Detroit.

      • Not sure I’d take the position that “the Red Sox would never….”
        They’re not operating on a shoestring.
        They have a deep farm; and they like to win championships.

        They’re nine games out right now.
        Lets say they close to within 5 by the deadline.
        Rotation: Price, Lester, Bucholz, Lackey and Peavy
        Lineup: Outfield of Zobrist, Bradley and Victerino
        Infield of Napoli, Pedroia, Drew and Bogarts
        And maybe they upgrade at 3B and use Bogarts off the bench.
        If they did something like that, I would not be against them.


    And the needle moves.

  7. I’m freakin’ out, maaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!

  8. Save the farm. We’ll get em next year. IMO

  9. Send the Cubs a fringe piece for Ruggiano.

  10. I like the Reimold pickup a lot, I think that with Seitzer to help him out, he could be a sleeper forsure. He has a ton of power available when he runs into one, who knows maybe he could just need a few tweaks not seen by another hitting instructor, we can only hope right.

    The Price thing… well I dunno if I am buying it 100%, I mean Shark cost the A’s the 4th best prospect in baseball and a really solid major league ready pitcher. Shark isn’t half the pitcher Price is, he’s wasn’t traded inside the division and he has no team control past this season so Price to me would cost more than Pompey/Sanchez but who knows.

    But say they get Price. Look at the great starts recently that have been basically erased from the books because of the offense. The offense has been on a steady decline since the Cards serious, sure there’s been some explosive games but they haven’t seemed right since the cards series. Grab Price all you like but where’s the run support going to come from?

    • Samardzija has another year of control. teams are limited that can afford Price after next year and TB may lose a tiny bit of leverage if they have to hold on to him and pay 25% of the teams budget to one pitcher.

      And the package was likely inflated due to 2 pitchers and being before the all star break. i dont think Price gets an equal package..unless a team like LAD over pays to nab him..

      And starily comes with his own warts

  11. Whoever has the whistle in the crowd needs a punch in the face,

  12. With runs so hard to come by and I know it’s Bautista but why not try to bunt him in?

  13. I hope Hutch keeps his big boy pants on all game.

  14. Thank god for Clutchison

  15. I was not watching, how did Jaso not score?

  16. ON VACATION. Cmon Jays, set this fucker off right and somehow hump the shark.

  17. Fuck

  18. Reyes continues to be little league quality at SS this year

  19. Another Reyes special. He’s been a useless fuck lately.

  20. Ahh Reyes. Range of a water buffalo

  21. Reyes, king of the elite defenders!

  22. He seems to have problems with balls to his left. He just won’t stop and plant his feet. Rather make an error and demo his cool flip!

  23. Cole Glennespie.

  24. Man would I rather see Reyes at second…

  25. Yeah remember how thrilled we were when they acquired him. I can think of two games he personally lost for us and I’m sure there are more. And I’ve no idea how long his contract is but I’m sure it’s too fucking long. As of right now I would love to see him on the bench because he can hit and he’s a switch hitter. But sadly that is not gonna happen.

    • Dumb and bad. Irrigate your vag.

      • @Chubby Miguel Cabrera

        What the hell is your problem?

        Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?

    • Unfortunately we don’t have a better option.

    • Bench Reyes for whom? Fuck people chill out and use your Fucking brain

      • That’s the point. Of course he won’t be benched. Apart frm any other consideration we don’t have anyone else and he is Jose Reyes. But he is a disaster at s/s and I wish we could just carry his bat. Which isn’t great but at least will not actively lose us games. Unlike his defence which can and does.

        As for you, Master Chubby, referring to a woman’s vagina might get you all hot and bothered. Given your nic, it clearly does. So I’ll leave you to your solitary delights.

  26. I’ve had enough Samarddzia talk, thank you, Buck and Tabby.

    • Oh is that who’s pitching ?
      Wish buck would say his name once in awhile

    • You think that’s bad? I am watching the A’s stream and literally,, the two guys have been stroking Shark’s cock from the second it started, they’re barely calling the game, its been all about Shark. I am waiting for “I heard he can lift a truck with one arm” or “he once saved a family from a burning building on his shoulders”.

      There’s somebody named “Shooty” calling the one side of the play by play and I have to tell yah… this guy is the most annoying announcer I have ever heard in baseball.

      • Good lord, they have literally been stroking his cock! man oh man I have got to see that feed!

  27. “AL lineups don’t have the pitcher”. Don’t worry shark, the jays are trotting out about 4 pitchers worth of shit for you today

  28. Gonna be a long day if they keep giving the outside corner like that

  29. Bad call in our favour!

  30. Maybe we should try and steal, after that gifted call by the ump

  31. Aahhhh Kawasaki…

  32. At least Shark’s not a lefty, amiright?

  33. 32 innings 2 runs

  34. It’s easy to forget a key IF piece was lost the first 2 weeks of the season.

    Macier Izturis sure would be a welcome sight these days.

  35. C’mon boys let’s get this train rolling!!!

  36. Really hard not to be randy quaid in major league 2 right now

  37. Lol ya right

  38. Wow Gentry is quick

  39. Quit showing EE’s injury, rubbing salt in the wound

  40. Yeesh.

  41. Well, next inning we’ll have the sphincter of the order up. So there’s that.

  42. Fuck you rogers

  43. 2-0. Going to be very tough to comeback now.

  44. Really knocked the shit outta that one dickhead

  45. It’s official. Baseball gods were just teasing us with decent luck and relative health through the first ~70 games. Back to the infirmary and getting babip’d to death

  46. Good news is we dont have to play Oakland tomorrow. Bad news we’ll probably get smoked by LAA too

  47. The Oakland A’s, where all we can do is hit bloop singles and bunt but we still manage to win.

    • They can also pitch a little bit

      • I more so meant offensively but yes, their pitching is stellar to say the least. I mean it doesn’t help that the Jays have complete garbage line ups to counter the pitching, I think the jays lack of line ups have highlighted the A’s pitching a bit but oh well.

        Just pisses me off to lose game because of shit bloop singles and flares.

  48. A’s are last year’s Red Sox. A Midas touch season. Everything breaks their way. Unbelievable.

    • Jaso had such a dickish smirk on his face when he stepped in the box too. Like he knew.

    • You mean like last year
      And the year before
      And the 7 times in the Billy Beane era
      that they’ve been to the playoffs?

      Maybe there’s a little more to it than luck.

    • A’s have been the best team in baseball for, like, awhile now.

  49. Nothing happening. No moves while most of the rest of the division get (significantly) better. AA is no idjit so it’s pretty much blame Rogers. Seriously. Rogers. A ginormous fuck you.

    • I hope aa convinces Rogers to let him sell the farm for price/zobrist. Then in 2016 they can take the payroll to sub 80 mil like they want and call it a rebuild

  50. 2014 Jays are worse than 2013 Jays. I didn’t think it was possible.

  51. Shocked that part of lineup went 3 up 3 down

  52. just 7 in a row retired? Feels like 70.

  53. Corporate ownership in sports pretty much always = suck

  54. Good inning Cletus

  55. Tablet – ” theyre gonna have to figure out a way to score more runs”. Pure brilliance

  56. Jesus ump. We can get ourselves out. No help needed.

  57. C’mon Melky

  58. Swung at ball 4?

  59. Fuck

  60. 14 games over .500 to possibly 4 over after today in a month. Thats hard to do.

    • Up 3 goals with how long to play ?? Sorry but are you new to Toronto ?

    • It’s pretty easy for an average team to do, which the Jays are. Who in the lineup hasn’t been on the 15 day DL? Melky? Anyone else?

      Either the Jays built a lineup of the most injury-prone position players in baseball history, or something is seriously fucked up in their physio department and nobody has thought to fix it. This is a years-old problem and nothing has changed.

      • I posted earlier about this very suspicion and naturally got a bunch of stupid garbage about it. Fact remains there IS something fucked up about this organization in the injury dept.

        • And it comes down to way more than the turf at RC. Tampa plays on the same shit and they somehow manage to keep it together (prior to this year) and make the playoffs.

      • Let’s see.

        Edwin got hurt running to 1B in Oakland — nothing to do with Rogers.
        Lind got hurt by a foul ball off his foot – nothing to do with Rogers.
        Bautista got hurt running to first on a bunt — nothing to do with Rogers.
        Lawrie got hit by a ball hitting his hand — nothing to do with Rogers.
        Rasmus hurt himself hitting the wall on a fly ball — maybe if the turf was a different material he would have seen the wall coming, but still….
        Izturis fell down stairs in Baltimore — nothing to do with Rogers.

        6 of 7 have nothing to do with Rogers or grass so give me a break.

  61. Can someone please make these games more fun to watch?

  62. Walking batters sucks. Walking the 8 and 9 sucks more.

  63. “…their pitching really isn’t the issue at the moment, is it?” Key words, “at the moment,” give it 6-8 weeks when Hutchison and Stroman are running up on innings limits.

    But yeah a bat or two so that those innings limits actually matter in 6-8 weeks would be very nice.

    • It’s ok. The offense should pick it up by then. So the Jays will be losing 8-6 games instead of 1-0.


  65. Blow this fucker up and build around Stro, Hutch Sanchez Norris. We have some good parts please don’t get suckered AA. Aron Hill IS NOT the answer. David Price is not the answer. Not by himself. Move a player expiring and someone decent and plug a hole for the near future at least. This roster does not have the legs to go the distance.

    • Blow it up and AA won’t be around for the rebuild. He’s going for it even if they lose the next ten (which is a possibility given they got the Angels up next followed by Rays in Tampa, where the Jays traditionally get their asses handed to them.

      • I just don’t know. I think he might be able to convince them he really is close. Maybe a major rebuild is not needed. trade Burhle promote Sanchez or Mcguire or just let Redmond have the ball. Get anything for Colby. If there is a taker for Lind do it and find someone better, more balanced that is. if you can move Dickey back to the NL do it. Teams will overpay. Take advantage and think about 2015

      • Or fucking go ALL IN

        • I just hope all the people that curse at AA and blame him realize how difficult it probably is to be in his position right now… What a headache

          • Baseball gm or Rogers employee? I’m guessing the latter

          • I understand it’s difficult for AA. If he had the job security, he would have some seriously tough decisions to make right now.

            Given that he doesn’t have job security, he’s going to try and save his own ass, and that is bad for the Jays.

    • If AA practices what he preaches, he’s not going to make a trade just to make a trade.

      It’s possible that this so-called inactivity is because the right deal isn’t there.

    • “Blow this fucker up and build around Stro, Hutch Sanchez Norris. We have some good parts please don’t get suckered AA. Aron Hill IS NOT the answer. David Price is not the answer.”

      I have to agree :( Build around those pithcers.

      Trade Bur, Melky, Colby, and Reyes if he can…..for ripe prospects, that can play next year..

      Fix the grass, and bring out a young team next year..

  66. When Colby is cold he’s cold as fuck. Doesn’t like doing anything half-assed

    • Let’s hope they’ve got tasty, rejuvenating chicken dogs in LA/Anaheim.

      • And trucks that he can talk about

        • Sadly trucks don’t seem very LA.

          I’ve been researching if it’s possible to visit LA as a tourist without a car.

          • LA is probably the most car-oriented city in the US, but they have a nifty subway that poor people don’t have access to.

            • Yes, I’ve been there once + I did have access to a car, so I don’t know how easy it is to get around without one. Also I was little.

  67. Gillespie showing his major league cred

  68. Who the fuck is Stephen Vogt?

  69. First one of those that didn’t land fair for Oakland.

  70. I wanted a Brad Glenn jersey

  71. Jeez these comments have been brutal today.

    If we lose today, and Baltimore hang on for the win, we are 2 games behind the division lead. In early July. Past the half way point of the season.

    Yes moves have to be made, but blowing this up right now?

    • I feel sorry for wilners twitter feed

    • I think there is a consensus that the team and management are in a terrible situation – not quite good, not quite bad, with a GM with very little job security and a lineup that simply can’t stay healthy. It’s a better situation than they were in at this time last season, but there is an argument to be made that that is only because the division was far superior last year (at this time last year the Jays were 3 games below .500 and 11 games behind, while this year Tampa and Boston are 10 games below .500 and only 9 GB). The overly negative stuff is bullshit, but it’s pretty reasonable to be wondering just what the best next step is right now, and for the most part it’s the latter that i’ve been seeing more often here.

  72. Fuck off OAK

  73. The sentiment amongst many jays fans can be summed up thusly http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xAZU6DYwTDM

  74. That cunt with the long hair in the outfield beds a joker to hit him right btwn the eyes

  75. Needs a homer

  76. Well that was unexpected

  77. Ouuu. Still no chance

  78. Did Tolleson get new contacts or something? Sheeeeee-it

  79. This road trip may turn AA in a seller…

  80. Sell Reyes number one. How fuckong useless is he

  81. Jays are doneOoo

  82. They need to blow it up now…while some of these guys still have some value…this season is ovaaaa

    • Wah! Jays are two back. Blow it up, just like the Yankees and Boston are right now… oh wait.

      Jays are in a funk. 1/2 the team is hurt. All star break is one week away. Jays will probably be 5 back by then, not out of reach, but not worth blowing up the team.

      If the Jays can do a stretch of 20-4 like they did in May, what’s stopping them from doing it again besides themselves?

      Starting pitching is surprisingly adequate for now and they’ll need a starter for when Hutch or Happ hit their limt. Hitting RHB is fine for now and they’re slumping because they’re hurting. Hitting LHP was always going to be a problem once Izturis got hurt and the Jays have been trying ANYONE to step up.

      Lind, Bautista, Rasmus will be up to full form after the break, Lawrie slightly thereafter. All we need is a 2B who can hit LHP which might be Tolleson anyway and an SP to replace Happ or Hutch.

    • salty nuts go great with cold beer
      Luv me some blue

  83. Can we DFA the bottom of the order STAT?

  84. Well that was all kinds of suck.

  85. Fuck sAkes. Make a trade aa. Useless fuck

  86. Oakland is very good

  87. Jam done.

  88. Ship is sinking…..

  89. Treading water with THIS lineup has to be a positive moving into the late season and into next right? You never know what kind of trade markets might open up or who might come on strong (got a good feeling about Reimold). It was so awesome to see this team competing.. Rest of the year has to be about which pieces are useful for the post-Colby/Melky era in the OF. I’m excited for this offseason. A lot of possible moves.

  90. Even Jesus can’t save this team, but the closest thing from a Jesus that exists is a Dejesus

  91. starters are battling.. as long as Casey is healthy bp is fine…. now Putz has to stop grabbing crap and tossing shit on the field.
    go get Beltre n Byrd, and call up Kratz and the
    nose straightens up and avoid complete collapse

  92. Stoeten mentioned recently how Bautista and EE are on the wrong side of 30. That side is only going to get more wrong in 2015.

    If this year gets away, it seems the Jays’ offensive prowess gets a lot more challenging with them entering the back end of their careers and thus being even less reliable.

    There are no guarantees Lind, Rasmus or Melky are back. At this point, there seem to be few internal options to replace that production. And not great free agent options.

    We’re seeing that pitching is not the huge concern issue everyone thought it would be. At least not starting pitching. Of course, ask me again in 4-6 weeks if that’s the case, when Hutch and Stroman get into the grueling dog days of August/September.

    It is a precarious situation AA finds him in, I would vote for being aggressive in 2014.

  93. The last series was very depressing. Hopefully, the team can come back healthy after the all star break. Lawrie & Edwin should be back by then. I do hope Rogers let’s AA some payroll. We could use Price when Hutch & Stroman hit their innings limits.

    This year has been much more fun than 2012&2013.

  94. The problem with replay is that the “review office” knows what the call on the field was and bases their decision on whether it should be overturned.

    Talk about pre-biasing the review.

    The call on the field should only be resorted to if they absolutely can’t tell from the video. (After first watching the vid with an open mind)

  95. Jays have sucked lately, but if you think this team can’t win 2 more games than the fucking O’s over the second half of the season….

    And you believe this so strongly that you would blow the shit out of the current roster and “build for the future”……

    Because Bautista and EE will certainly fall off a cliff with their production next year because they are on the wrong side of thirty just like last year……

    If this is seriously what you think go cheer for the Orioles. They’re winning now so almost certainly will take the division…..

    Until they’re not winning anymore next month and they start their “rebuild”. Then you can cheer for the new division leader.


    • @Dexter


      I am happy that Hutch & Stroman & Dusty are performing. Edwin is having an awesome year.

      Just think that we use to call him E5, now he is the Jays best player.

      There is lots of baseball left to play.

      I just hope Rogers lets AA get somebody useful for the second half of the year.

      • Correct. Jays are two back and will probably be 4 back at the all star break if they go 2-4 to wrap the road trip, which seems realistic.

        Bautista, Lind, Rasmus should be fine after the break. Edwin and Lawrie wil be back by the end of July. AA should go pick up a good solid RHB 2B and let Tolleson play 3rd against LHP. Bring up Gose for speed and defense late in games. Lind plays 1st everyday until Edwin gets back, even against LHP. Better than throwing Gillespie or Mastrionni up there, which to me reeks of desparation. If you want to leave a 4A CF up for Rasmus against LHP that would be fine given the way Rasmus is hitting right now.

        It’s not the end of the world, but a trade for one good SP (not Price, too expensive) and a 2B wouldn’t be the end of the world.

        There was no good reason for the Jays to go a 24-7 run. No reason why they can’t do it again with the tools they have today, in August. Until then, they just need to hang on.

        • @Tim


          I agree that they should let Lind play. The AAAA guys aren’t better against LHP.

          No one is running away with the division.

  96. Is it possible EE’s quad was already weakened from having to repeatedly stretch to field Reyes’ errant throws to first?

  97. Reimold is interesting. He’s making $ 1.025m
    and he’s 3rd time arb eligible next year.
    He won’t be in for all that much of a raise.

    If he’s healthy he could be a nice hedge
    against Melky leaving and/or Rogers
    going full scale cheapo on the budget.

    • I think AA is looking at selling off Rasmus or Cabrera before the end of July and replace with Gose at CF and crap in LF. That’s why he’s claiming crap off the waivers.

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see Rasmus gone at the end of July. Melky won’t be a Jay either next year. With a .300 drug free BA and decent play in LF, look for him to cash in. One of them is *gone*.

  98. For the love of Mike, what is wrong with you people?!
    Enjoy the summer, enjoy the game.
    This Chicken Little shit? You are all whackjobs.

  99. Just got back from the game and I must say I admire our opponent the last 4 days as the A’s just get the job done with whomever wears the uniform. Those guys are young, confidant and having a lot of fun. You have to take your hat off to their SP’s and their execution.

    Before taking off in the 8th today, I had to chuckle because if 4 days ago someone told me we were going to be swept by the A’s, scoring 3 unearned runs and a meaningless hr, w only 5 extra basehits and 0-20 w RISP, Edwin is done 1-2 months and btw…not only are Samar and Hammell off the market (I can live with that) but Brad MIlls will be replaced by the shark on Sunday vs Hutchinson, I would tell that person to fuck off and stop breaking my balls with crazy doomsday scenarios.

    At this point, it’s like the pressure and expectations are off and let’s try and field the best lineup we can under the circumstances and see how it plays out. Maybe Reimhold will be a great pick-up and have a little spring in his step with his former team leading the division.

    Personally though, I don’t think we should go for it now with respect to trades as 1-2 players (mortgaging more of the future)likely can’t make this team much better and offset the fucking injuries. On the bright side, I think an inevitable rotation of Hutch, Stroman, Sanchez and maybe Norris would look good growing together and we shouldn’t over-panic and fuck that up. That could be on the horizon sooner rather then later as it appears Sanchez is finally understanding his success in the show will depend on being economical and enticing ground balls.

    Tough, tough weekend guys, what can you say?

    • I pretty much agree with all of this. It sucks and they are playing horribly bad but either way I still feel entertained. Sell the farm, strip it to the studs or anything in between it’s all going to be fun to watch.

  100. Reyes is still the most useless jay we have. Even after dick fuck throwing shit every 5 days. Can they just release him. Sure he can hit. Sorta kinda but his defense is absolutely useless as fuck. And how much is he owed. Like let’s she’s some payroll and get rid of the guy who can’t make a regular throw to first and can’t catch anything either the left or right of him that’s more than a foot away

    • But he’s AA’s favourite player.

      He just needs to accept a move to second. That will pretty much solve the issue until the end of his contract.

      He’s not going anywhere unless some major fire-sale happens. And that’s not even on tbe table.

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