Today In MLBTR: Monday, July 7th


I can’t yet say that this will be a daily feature from here until July 31st, but with the Jays still doing swimmingly, trade season heating up, and the club still with plenty of use for many parts, big and small, it probably will serve us well to have a look at what the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors is telling us about today (and maybe yesterday, too)…

First off, as usual, a couple of non-MLBTR items…

First and foremost, on the Edwin injury front, the club revealed the results of the MRI on Encarnacion’s injured quadriceps, and as Shi Davidi reports at Sportsnet, he’s suffered a Grade 2 strain, and that the news is surprisingly good. It didn’t involve ligaments or his knee or anything, and Edwin says, “It’s going to take two weeks, maybe, depends on how I’m going to be day after day. We’ll see.” The normal recovery time isn’t that quick, but… well… hopefully, and at least a bunch of the time he’ll miss will be comprised of the All-Star break.

Update: Edwin has officially landed on the DL, per the Jays. Nolan Reimold has been activated and will likely be in the lineup tonight in Anaheim (with Jose Bautista likely in the infield again against right-hander Jered Weaver), while the A’s have claimed Kenny Wilson, who the Jays D’d FA yesterday when Reimold was claimed.

Bob Elliot tweets in the direction of the elephant of the room when it comes to the Jays’ inaction so far on the trade market, despite the glaring need for the front office to stem the tide with respect to the ongoing on-field disaster, asking “Any chance the Blue Jays have not added any $ since D. Navarro because Rogers has not given them approval to take on cash?” Ugh.

However! We may be about to see whether or not the club is being forced to make cash-neutral deals, as the rumours about the Jays’ pursuit of Chase Headley of the Padres are heating up. MLBTR passes along links to a tweet from Jon Morosi saying as much, and Ken Rosenthal adds that some with the Jays “feel team’s biggest need right now actually is a hitter more than a starting pitcher.” Yeah, but, y’know, those are probably just the ones who’ve been watching for the last month.

Ollie Connolly of Outside Pitch says he’s hearing the same things Morosi originally reported, saying that the Jays are “closing in on a deal” for the struggling third baseman who had an “MVP calibre” second half last year, and about whom “it is thought moving to a hitters friendly ballpark and a change of scenery could ignite similar results.” Yeah, if he’s healthy. Over the last 19 games Headley’s at least been a league-average-ish .261/.329/.348.

There are other options out there for the Jays, at every place on the diamond, and Ben Nicholson-Smith rounds up a shit-tonne of them for Sportsnet.

One option not mentioned is one that Drew hones in on in a tweet, suggesting, “Trade all prospects for Troy Tulowitzki. Move Jose Reyes to second. Or the moon, if he protests.”

I’d do that, and as we turn to the latest from MLBTR, we see that Tulo’s name has indeed been floated out there (not that we should believe the Jays would have the money to make such a pipe dream of an add, even if they did have the prospects, until we see it)…

In a roundup of Rockies rumours we’re pointed to a Mike Petriello piece at FanGraphs that makes the case that it’s time for the superstar to be dealt. The same piece also suggests that Jorge de la Rosa is a pending free agent who could get moved, and looks at Michael Cuddyer as well — though the latter, despite being a right-handed outfielder who might be of interest to the Jays, is currently hurt and merely hoping to be able to return by the end of the season, and he reportedly wants to stay in Denver.

In another item that addresses Tulo stuff, some Rockies beat guys also suggest that the time may be coming for a trade. Hmmm.

Back to the money thing, in the piece about the Jays’ pursuit of Headley we’re given another intriguing note: Brandon McCarthy was apparently placed on irrevocable waivers six weeks ago, meaning that any club that was willing to take on what was left of his $9-million salary for the season could have had him for nothing. At least the Jays weren’t alone in passing.

In a trio of quick hits we’re told that Cubs GM Jed Hoyer is expecting to have a busy off-season, in which clubs come to him looking for offence (So… um… how about now? Starlin Castro or former Blue Jay Luis Valbuena would be alright, eh?). We’re also told that CC Sabathia may require microfracture surgery on his injured knee — yikes — and that Buster Olney suggests the Yankees may be better off if he simply retired. Yikes again. Thirdly, we’re told of a cold hard reality being met by Giants GM Brian Sabean that may also be something Alex Anthopoulos needs to think of: with his team struggling mightily of late, despite being just a half-game out of first in the NL West, Sabean reportedly isn’t keen on trading prospects to help the 2014 version of his club, given that he’ll likely have a bunch of free agent departures over the winter. Gulp.

Thing about Castro is, though, in another item we’re pointed to a New York Daily News piece in which it’s suggested that Castro and the Mets would be a perfect match, but that Zack Wheeler and a minor leaguer would be enough to land him. Ouch.

Lastly, an item with a bunch of AL East notes mentions the possibility of A.J. Burnett being re-acquired by the Yankees “if the Phillies decide to sell.” He is, of course, an intriguing name for the Jays, too, even though their clear focus right now is hitting — though it’s noted that he has limited trade protection in his contract. The same post points us to a Mike Rutsey piece in the Toronto Sun that criticizes the Jays’ lack of development of position players in recent years. It’s a bit of a canard — they’ve traded some (Marisnick, Hechavarria, d’Arnaud) drafted pitching-heavy and high school-heavy (80% of the players the Jays have drafted under Anthopoulos have been selected in the last three years, most of the best ones have been pitchers and/or drafted at just 18), and are suffering largely from the Ricciardi era more than anything — but they certainly could use some more upper level talent, yes.

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  1. Castro makes a lot of sense to me and I think we could offer something comparable to Wheeler and a prospect.
    He can play second and more importantly he can hit.

    • Something comparable to Wheeler is what? Stroman? Hutchison?

      • Yeah probably but obviously wouldn’t make sense.

        Jays would probably want to convince them to take additional Prospect capital instead of active roster players. So I think a compareable offer is there, expensive yes, but I think the assets are there. (Norris would be gone for sure and probably Pompey)

        But sooner or later a decision will need to be made about going for it or continuing to fade.

        • That’s way, way, way more than I’d ever consider paying for that contract and a guy who was garbage last year, doesn’t walk (reliant on BABIP), doesn’t run anymore, and needs to move off SS. I’d take him, but remotely not at the cost of two top 50-ish prospects.

          • I get what you’re saying but then what do you value Wheeler at?
            If the Mets are willing to give up a young, controllable Wheeler who looks like he could be pretty solid, and already in the bigs K’ing 9 per 9 with an additional prospect then we have to give up some serious PP’s no?

          • I have a pretty large hard on for Castro. Wheeler straight up sounds pretty fair…Stroman for Castro?

      • I’m trading Pompey ASAP if I’m AA.

        From outside the Jays top 10 prospects to a top 50 in MLB guy in half a season? While still being far away from the big club?

        Wish that peak value prospect good luck in San Diego.

        • He’s in New Hampshire. Not that far. And they’re about to lose their CF (and possibly LF), with only shitty Gose and Pillar to replace them.

          • Thanks Stoets 9 that one.
            Outfield prospects should be our keepers going forward. Gose and Pillar as starters next year..yikes

          • But is Pompey suddenly the answer to filling the hole left by Melky or Rasmus?

            Wasn’t a remote possibility of that happening 3 months ago… But now he’s maybe the guy?

            I really hope so, but not so sure after such a quick rise. Smells a bit Nestor Molina-ish.

          • It’s Rasmus with his .269 obp, no steals, baby arm, baby balls and no steals that’s shitty not Gose who has an obp of about .340, a canon arm and great speed. When aare you going to wake up? Do you you ever watch these guys play or do you just look up their fwar, dwar and look up what Keith Law thinks? Wake the fuck up.

        • Looks like he’s getting BABIP’d to death in NH


  2. Strain and tear are the same thing.

  3. Is it pronounced Holy Canoli?

    What’s with the criticism of position player development? Goins, Gose, Pillar, Glenn not cutting it?

  4. The availability of cash from Rogers is something we’re never sure of.

    About three weeks ago, I read somewhere that stadium attendance
    was down about 4 500 per game. Don’t know if that is true.

    I think the TV numbers are still strong, but I don’t have access to that data either.

    I just have the sinking feeling, totally unsubstantiated,
    that Rogers has become Hockey…Hockey…Hockey…Hockey…Hockey
    and more Hockey.
    And that in the here and now, the Blue Jays
    are nothing more than a money in = money out proposition.

    And if that is so, how stupid is that….to not even try
    to take advantage of the opportunity that is staring them in the face.

    • I mean, they’d make a shit tonne of money if this team was playing home playoff games, right?

      • We’re talking Corporate Canada, which means ler’s provide the worst possible product at the highest possible price, gouge a captive market, and stick a maple leaf on it so that everyone can feel good about buying a Canadian product. Er … Not that I’m saying this team is crap like the doomsayers are chirping on and on about. Just don’t expect Rogers to spend anymore.

    • Yeah, I don’t get it. They obviously see the value in sports properties, given what they’re paying for the NHL, and understand that’s the only sort of TV content of any value at this point. So… it’s weird that they don’t try harder to make it into a massive thing.

      • if rogers is feeling cash strapped and building programming around the nhl they should sell their stake to mlse. do it!

        • Jays provide Sportsnet way too much cheap content. Think of what they’d have to pay for the rights to air the games if they didn’t own the team.

          • ahGreed

            • You guys are idiots.
              Isabella, I think that’s a logical and reasonable guess at what is going on behind the scenes. If I was running a business, I’d be cautious about giving AA anymore rope than he’s been given.
              Rogers bought in last year and got a fiasco.
              At this point it would be fair for them to hold fast, if AA is worth his druthers; he’ll figure something out. If not, why blow another 20M?
              These guys aren’t fools, promise them the sun; they expect the sun. Not a shrug of the shoulders, some mumbling about bad luck and injuries and another promise of sunshine for the low low price of +15/20M
              You can’t con a con after all

              • I dunno. Either you have faith in your GM and you stop fucking with him or you don’t and you show him the door. You don’t half-ass it and rationalise with “well if the GM is smart he’ll totally find a way to turn lead into gold.” Yet that seems to be what’s happening here.

        • @ monkeyman – I agree. I mentioned in a post in the off-season that I’d love to see what Bell’s influence would be like with the Jays – the rumours were that all of the decisions on additional spending for the Raptors and Toronto FC and front-office decisions for the Leafs (firing Burke) were made by the Bell execs on MLSE. I’d love to see Tim Lieweke in charge of the Jays rather than Cyril Sneer – err – Beeston.

      • If Rogers decides to not help the Jays out at the deadline, I hope AA just goes off his nut and tells the media and fans what the deal is. Just hold a press conference and say “I could have had a couple deals done for players that would have helped us, and ownership said no. Paul Beeston said no. So, I didn’t do anything. Hopefully they don’t put all of our games next year on Sportsnet One, because that would be a kick in the taint.”

        He could also go rogue and just make the trades anyway. I mean, what could Rogers do other than fire him? And, if they make the playoffs, they’d look awfully stupid firing him, right?

        • Long post. I’m sorry!

          The Rogers thing is something I am not necessarily believing in. Rogers is Big and Rogers is Nasty and we call them Evil Empire. But to look at this situation rationally–and since this is a big corporation with a lot of checks and balances I think it’s probably the only way they look at it–it makes no sense whatsoever to strangle one franchise to support another given that both teams play at different times of the year. When hockey is over, baseball begins. Ideally you want your platforms to generate revenue throughout the year and you build your teams accordingly.

          At this point I’m leaning towards the belief that Rogers has lost faith in the front office and is intentionally restricting them because their trades and acquisitions have not for the most part panned out well. Bautista and EE have done spectacularly but neither was acquired by AA.. Reyes and Dickey have not done very well and both are on extended contracts I believe. Melky Cabrera is working out now but was a disaster last season. Josh Johnson was a disaster. Colby Rasmus is OK but not a superstar. In the off-season AA went in vowing to get at least one and possibly two pitchers and spectacularly misplayed his chance to get Santana. Also the deferred payment proposition became public and didn’t do Rogers any favours. It’s possible that came from Beeston/AA because they were frustrated at the penny-pinching. But it’s also the case that the off-season before there was no penny-pinching and that led to unhappy results. Yes, attendance at the RC was up but it didn’t carry over and stay up because the 2013 team was such a disaster.

          What I believe has happened here is a Rogers/Jays front office who are mutually disenchanted. That is a really big problem in a situation where the team actually has somewhat of a chance to get to the playoffs. Both sides need to get over the pouting and work together but I’m not sure that will be possible.

          • Oh and I’d forgotten the Farrell mess which was just a big black eye for the team and the brand. I’m pretty sure Rogers didn’t have a sense of humour about that either.

            • AA signed Bautista and he also released EE and then brought him back and signed both to stupidly team-friendly contracts. Also, I don’t recall him cramming a tumour onto Melky’s spine or injuring Josh Johnson. Dickey hasn’t been a Cy Young winner but he’s been pretty good, and he’s not on an extended contract – he signed a two-year deal to play in Toronto (on top of last year). So really, I’m not sure if anything in your comment was factually accurate. Even the part about hockey ending when baseball starts – only if you’re the Leafs is that true ever year.

              Also, when it comes to Colby Rasmus – they traded for a decent player with a high ceiling. But, they barely gave up anything for him, so you can’t really fault him for that trade.

              Besides, if Rogers is indeed disenchanted with AA and the front office, then fire them and bring someone in that you trust to guide the team through a rebuild. Don’t promise money, then take it away, then promise it again when the team is doing well, and then potentially yank it away again. Don’t leave AA twisting in the wind for nothing. Shit or get off the pot, one way or another, if disenchantment is indeed what’s happening here. Either help the guy make the team better, or put him out of his misery.

              • It really doesn’t matter whether AA put that tumour on his spine or not. Melky played badly last season. Josh Johnson played badly and then got injured. I thought Bautista was brought in by JPR but if AA got him he did an excellent thing. Likewise EE has worked out well. I don’t see Rogers firing AA in the middle of a season. And I don’t and none of us do know what his contract is like. However I do think that blaming Rogers are perennial cheese parers who keep the front office short of money etc etc is an overly simplistic way of looking at the situation. Accountability does not start and end at the Rogers door.

                • ‘blaming Rogers *as* perennial cheese parers’…

                • @isabella and @julius… Bautista did come here under JPR’s watch, and it was AA who signed Bautista to that team-friendly contract after the 54-HR season, so you both are correct there. Just clarifying things.

                  And I didn’t think your post was stupid, Isabella.

                • Stop! You say stupid shit every time. stop

                • Reason and logic are lost when speaking to braying donkeys, dolts, drunkards and idiots.

          • Isabella, your posts painfully stupid.

            • It actually isn’t that dumb. It’s easy (and correct) to say that fans shouldn’t be frothing at the mouth over AA’s moves – every single one was eminently defensible (OK maybe not the Napoli-Francisco fiasco).

              But if I’m Rogers? You came in here with this huge new emphasis on scouting, you trade our two best prospects so that you can pay $12MM to RA Dickey, who didn’t manage to look like an ace through the first inning of opening day last year.

              You took on a TON of salary (again, for more prospects) from Florida and came out of 2013 with 2.7 WAR across 5 regular players. Did most of those guys get hurt? Yes, definitely but obviously Johnson wasn’t a fluke and god knows what’s happened to Reyes but if I’m Rogers I’m asking why I’m paying $80MM to this guy to play 1-2 WAR seasons for the next 4 years.

              I can’t imagine Melky and Colby move the needle either way, though hitting a home run on either of those guys would have mitigated some of the hits he’s taken over the blockbusters.

              Again, if you look at all of these without being a hindsight fuckernaught they all made sense at the time (well, except for Dickey which was fucked but whatever). But I wouldn’t be surprised if ownership is looking at this and asking why they should let Alex piss away more of their money when the only success he’s had has been when they’ve forced him to find marginal improvements and bargains (think Jose, Edwin, Lawrie).

              I dunno, they’re probably just cheap fucks, but what the OP said isn’t exactly beyond the realm of possibility.

              • Holy fucking what? Jose and Edwin are “marginal improvements” and Dickey is a colossal failure? What fucking planet are you from?

              • @Ray – what you’re saying makes sense. I’d suggest that if Rogers isn’t interested in letting AA spend more money though, and they believe enough that the player acquired aren’t good enough, then they should probably just get it over with and fire him, clean out the front office and bring someone in that can navigate a rebuild. I’m not a fan of that scenario; I think this team is better than that. But, that would seem to be the best solution in that particular scenario, right?

            • I quite like Isabella’s posts. Unlike many others, there’s some thought put onto them and she’s not afraid to venture outside of the herd mentality and offer up a different point of view.

              Anyone can write “Dumb”. As insightful as that is, I appreciate that Ms Reyes tries to offer up something more.

              • Sorry – that post was actually a response to Chubby Miggy and Yahtze Putz re: Isabellareyes putdown.

                • Always liked Isabella’s posts. But his objection (CMC) has nothing to do with her

                  • Mmmm. Sure reads like a complete and absolute dismissal of her opinion. Maybe you know something I don’t know?

          • Agreed. I find Rogers lack of financial support to be related to shocking.

            AA ‘s days may be numbered with the jays if they don’t get to 85 wins

          • First, you don’t count successes and failures. You weigh them. How big of a success/failure is the guy? How much did he cost? Bautista, Edwin, and Melky far outweigh whatever failure you’re trying to see in Dickey and Johnson, at least on a quality-of-play-per-dollar basis.

            Second, it makes no sense to impose artificial restrictions on the GM when you’ve lost faith. You fire him and bring in someone else instead. If the old GM sucks, the artificial restrictions can’t possibly make anything better.

  5. Sanchez, Norris, Pompey, and dj Davis for tulo. Let’s do this.

    • Not a chance in hell, stop fooling yourself… if you’re even serious

      • is it that unbelievable?

      • It’s about as good as they could do on the top end. Davis isn’t anything, though.

        • Other teams could do much better if they wanted Tulo. Maybe Colorado really considers it if you put in someone better than Davis. Barreto?

          • I disagree. Tulo is great but 3 top 100 prospects and a lotto ticket is plenty.
            Look back at what the Marlins got for Miggy in his prime.
            Plus Tulo has had some health issues.
            That offer would at least get a GM to dinner.

            • Maybe I overreacted a little

              Definitely depends on what other teams can offer though. The Jays best offer is certainly beatable

              I’d also like to have a minor league system after this year

            • Doesn’t matter what the Marlins got — and actually at the time it was a lot, just didn’t pan out.

            • Agree with Smasher.

              Tulo’s big contract and injury history should limit the haul a bit.

              He’s still awesome though, but really shouldn’t count on more than 450 ABs per season

          • If you add Stroman or Hutchison to the trio of Sanchez, Norris and Pompey, that probably gets you somewhere.

            • I like the idea. I mean Tulo is great but did you see that contract ? It goes til 2020 with 16 MM next year and then 5 years of 20 MM and the last year @ 14MM. with a 2021 option for 15MM.

              We’re talking about a team who won’t talk to FAs who want 5 years.

  6. Not sure why, but I’ve convinced myself that Eduardo Nunez would be a nice deadline pickup for AA at the right price. Versatile, decent bat (this year at least), friendly contract.

  7. I’m not sure how I feel about Headley.

    I get the upside – his career numbers are far better than this, he’s a good defender and there’s signs of a breakout ahead.

    But he’s also had back problems all year and it’s at least possible he continues to have a bad second half, too.

    I guess my whole point is that I’d love a surer bet, even though acquiring one would be a lot more costly, and for various reasons it’s hard to expect the Jays to do so (they’re not interested in Murphy, can’t see Utley dealt, and Zobrist would cost a lot in terms of talent to a division rival).

    As long as the Jays don’t have to give up much though for Headley, the only risk is the opportunity cost of not grabbing a different 2B or 3B, so it’s probably a safe move vs. options like Hill or Prado.

  8. Did everyone see that both Norris and Pompey made BA’s mid-season top fifity? With Norris inside the top 30? (Sanchez has, however, fallen out…)

  9. Weighing cost of prospects and possible return I would be happy with Headley

  10. ‘Over the last 19 games Headley’s at least been a league-average-ish .261/.329/.348.’

    I think I saw that he is 300/365/330 since an epidural….better but no power still

    don’t understand trading for damaged goods

    • Besides that one fluky 30 HR year, power has never really been part of Headley’s game. Maybe that changes if he leaves Petco.

    • It’s because they’re playing hot garbage right now.

    • That batting line from the right side just ahead of Colby in the lineup everyday is not too bad…

  11. this is kind of obvious, but Tulo would be removed it actually signals that the team is serious about competing in the AL East. I think the team can be very good, but that is a move that would push them over the top in so many ways. if money were really only thing holding up such a trade (a HUGE “if”), that’d be inexcusable.

  12. hey stoeten how about another response to strawman. What were you saying about how great this offense is? 1 0 1 2 see what I did there?

    jays have scored 2 runs or less 17 fucking times the last month. See a trend here?

    • They’re mostly hurt, champ, not bad. Hey, but good attempt at being a piece of shit. You’re really owning it.

      • Wait so taking Bautista, Edwin and/or Lawrie’s power out of the lineup hurts run production? But they should score 10 runs a game, never more or less! Fire AA! Fire gobbons! …there’s a reason there’s 162 games, even Oakland has been shutout 8 times, almost 10% of their games while out scoring everyone

      • Of course it is because they are hurt. What that rationale is missing is that Consideration should be given to the fact that the jays had zero depth especially in the infield behind the starters at the start of the year. Didn’t even have an adequate bench backup starting at 2b. Lots of Injuries happen to every team usually even the ones that make the playoffs. With ok depth the injuries can be overcome. With depth like the jays have necessitating constant waiver wire pickups and entirely mediocre play by aaa fill ins these extended slumps are bound to happen when there isn’t one position that can be backed up with anything decent which leads to bottom of the lineups like we have seen. Last two years lack of pitching depth was exposed and detrimental to team record this year it is position players.

        Even in pre season main stream media and quotes from gibbons it was highlighted the lack of bench depth and the tremendous impact this was likely to have an the success of the team more so than question marks in sp since there was so much depth there. This situation was entirely foreseeable and failing mlb ready young talent in aaa the jays don’t have needed to be addressed pre season to make jays a more serious contender. And seems like relatively easy thing to address. Everyone around here was quick to laugh at yanks for kj and Roberts signings but these vets could have really helped jays this year on the cheap. Trades for revere and fowler for not much return could have solidified jays of to 4 deep with proven players. Pull out all the stats you want and insults of these players but then ask yourself how many more games may the jays have won with them rather than brad Glenn pillar gose Tolleson Kawasaki and whatever ongoing waiver wire pickups remain

      • Really who was hurt the last month champ? lawrie, the guy with a sub .300 obp? who else? keep making excuses champ you’re real good at it.

        • Ahhh…. Bautista, Rasmus, Lawrie, and even Reyes has been hurting but forced to play through it (though some times you just wish he would take the night off or practice going to his left and planting and throwing – just sayin)

          • Burlehe had an interesting comment about the importance of depth. Something to the effect of the team with the best minor league teams usually wins in the end because injuries are a part of the game.
            Chalk another one up to learning curves AA!

    • I always considered baseball to be a game of streaks and trends. Mind blowing isn’t it.

  13. Headley’s so-called ‘MVP calibre’ second half was actually 2 seasons ago, not last year.

    • “Second half,” was the comment. 134 wRC+ in the second half last year. .280/.371/.458.

    • He put up .280/371/458 wOBA.359 wRC+ 134 in the second half last year.
      Maybe not MVP caliber, but not too shabby either.

      • The season prior was the spectacular one, i assumed that was the one to drool over. Those numbers are fine, but not ‘MVP’ calibre. 2012 2nd half however, yes.

        • Not to beat a stuffed horse, but okay, i will.

          His second half wOBA and wRC+ was good for 39 and 26th-ish best over that time. Stephen Drew’s wOBA was .362, Aaron Hill and Dustin Ackley .357…i think the point is made. His offensive numbers were solid for those 3 arbitrary months….MVP-calibre, not so much.

        • Even last year, I remember Dirk Hayhurst talking on Baseball Central and saying that if the Jays could bring in Headley for Lawrie and a prospect, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

          • I don’t see why….but i’m not Dirk Hayhurst.

          • Hayhurst has a raging hard-on for Chase Headley, so take what he says about him with a grain of salt. In his books, he refers to him as “Chase the Magnificent”. I wouldn’t take anything he has to say on that subject all that seriously.

            • In his books he refers to “Chase the Magnificent” in a tongue-in-cheek manner. It is because Chase was a large bonus draft pick who got extra consideration from the big club, whereas Dirk was a low draft pick with next to no signing bonus. He didn’t call him that as a straight up compliment.

              • Haha true… the point I was making though is that Headley’s value was higher last year. Two years ago he had an excellent year and was pretty decent last year too. Also, Lawrie wasn’t great at this time last season, so you can see why that statement could come up.

                San Diego will probably be stubborn on his value because they know the kind of player he can be, and probably wish they could have traded him sooner. I believe he’s a free agent next year too, so combined with his bad numbers this year he SHOULD be attainable for not a huge ransom. Who knows though.

  14. Any idea what it’d take to get Headley like he is now? Boy the Padres probably wish they dealt him a while ago

    • Have to think it wouldn’t take much if the Jays took on the remainder of his salary, but can they even do that?

  15. I trust AA, probably more than the next baseball fan. It is ownership where I lay my distrust. Ever since they decided to put a statue of Ted outside the ‘Dome, which I think I and many harsher minded baseball fans viewed as a bit of a corporate circle-jerk, I have had this uneasy feeling about how Rogers runs the team. From the Steamwhistle agreement, to the current concessions…

    ah fuck this. I have better shit to do.

  16. Curious… Why is it that whenever people talk about Reyes moving positions they tend to suggest it should be to second and not third? I know he looks like a middle infielder and all, but if range is the main issue, and his arm is the main strength, wouldn’t it make the most sense to get a great defensive shortstop, move reyes to 3, and lawrie to second? What am I missing here?

    • Lawrie isn’t even an option at ss and likely has less range than Reyes at 2b. 2b plays deeper so doesn’t need the range ss does so Reyes could translate into very good 2b

      • Lawrie seemed to be doing okay at second so far this year and has a lot more experience at the position than Reyes does. Was never suggesting Lawrie for short. I dunno, just seems you take away Reyes’ only defensive weapon (his arm) by moving him to second.

  17. Hay Maple-lovers George Kottaras (sp?) was D’d FA!

  18. Someone on the Sportsnet comment boards suggested D’ing Dickey FA… my brain hurts now. I think Stoeten can do about 15 “Stoeten vs Straw Men”‘s a week on the Sportsnet website alone. Good Lord, are people ever stupid.

  19. Lots more quality of on market than inf. Why not consider Bautista or even ee at third (he wasn’t that bad no worse than Francisco I doubt) and trade for quality of with added bonus of having them on the team next year if Rasmus or Cabrera leave. Rios Byrd dexter fowler and others could be out there. Lawrie at 2b Bautista at third and picking up of or even playing gose was an option pre season people seemed to completely dismiss

  20. I’m going to continue calling him Judge Reimold until it catches on.

  21. I hate calling the injuries an excuse, and they are a fairly valid one, but the Yankees seem to be dealing with a decent share of injuries, too. At some point if you want to compete in a big money division, you suck it up and deal off your vets so you can improve the team’s depth (TB, Balt not long ago) or you spend money. The Jays have been MOR because they either can’t let go of sunk costs, or are willing to spend that extra bit that it takes.

  22. Does anyone know what the deal is on signing a player to an extension before a trade? Can it be discussed with the player prior to the trade?

    I wonder if AA is thinking he might like to do so with Headley.

    • Are you talking like a one year thing? Headley is going to want to build up his value again next year. Doubt he’d do anything long term. Then Lawrie is stuck at 2B

      • Stuck at 2b?? Why would you not want Lawrie at 2b over 3b if he can play above average def there? Good hitting 2b are much scarcer than 3b

        • Yeah don’t get me wrong I love him at both spots. As long as he’s okay with it and the guy at third is good

          • Screw the if he is ok with it, that narrative is a joke. A professional baseball player and especially an in established one should play wherever he is told to play and if he is not “ok” with it his option should be to not get payed and is clearly an indication is is a terribly selfish anti team player

    • I’d assume so.. that was the condition of the Dickey trade.

  23. Just reading some of the comments from the Ben Nicholson-Smith article.

    OMG, they want to trade everyone for prospects.

    I want to beat them all with a bat.


    • Yup, those comments made my head hurt. I have to stop reading comments of Sportsnet; almost as bad as Toronto Sun commenters.

    • Good god, why did I look?

    • How bout the caller on Brady and walker this morning saying if the jays had signed first rounders they could have made trade with cubs and then Wilner saying stroman came about from one of those picks and the caller not seeming to clue in then saying ok well if it meant getting a pick the next year then jays could have developed guys more and traded them to cubs

  24. We got 3 more kids on allstar teams if you’re interested in that sort of thing:

    • Meh. Boone is 30 and Antolin has been in the org since 2008. Berti has been advancing through the system year by year with decent but very unimpressive numbers. Not much goin on in NH besides Norris and Pompey, unfortunately

    • heh. “snodgras”

  25. I’m a fan of grabbing Headley. Not as good as that career year a couple seasons back but a comfortably above average hitter (110-115wrc+) who is underrated thanks to playing in an extreme pitchers park his whole career (.361obp/.804ops career on the road), and is a very good defender to boot, and whose poor first half is likely entirely babip related. Prime bounceback candidate the rest of the way.

  26. Soriano is probably a good call, right?

    • *Flips table*
      *Storms out*

    • for a net cost of max 2..4m I would do it. Cubs still eating most of his salary anyway.If he stinks ( worse than Glenn?Sierra? Pillar? mastrofuck?) then we can dump him later

      • You claim to know your financials fukstik so how does that make sense?

        • fukstik don’t know math remember

        • Wee, he gets 18m this year, 13m absorbed by Cubs, leaving 5m net. .5 season to go, sliggtly less, means you are on the hook for 2.4m if you wish to take the chance. Based on our RHBs numbers this year and alfonso’s decent numbers against LHP, I would do it. You don’t agree?

          • In a heartbeat. This season hinges on the Jays pulling out of this funk and at least treading water until they get healthy.
            Unless there is a better option. AA has to something other than what he has been doing, fiddling while Rome burns

  27. Imagine someone told you in spring training, that the jays would be 2 games out of first and our biggest need is infield/offensive help.

    funny how things go.

  28. After his season last year, who would have thought we could really be using Macier at this point?

    • This is true, totally forgot about izturis. And he was even playing really well before the injury to boot.

  29. What about one stop shopping? Homer Bailey and Brandon Phillips.

    The farm to Cincy.

    Of course Rogers would need to suddenly open up the big Onion.

    • I’ve been banging the Padres drum on that one, thinking Headley and one of Ian Kennedy or Tyson Ross would be sweet. Not the same level as Phillips and Bailey, but much more financially realistic and wouldn’t cost the farm.

  30. I kind of understood when Rogers told aa “SHOW ME”. The team did show him. The season has gone to shit due to zero depth. EE out, Lawrie out, JB banged up. Nothing but a revolving door of mediocrity . The subs have played well , for them, and in spurts. The hole in the infield has been there since Macier forgot how to use steps, actually well before.

    I would think Burhle has decent trade value. Deal him and a prospect for and infielder who can hit ?? Fill his spot with Sanchez or mcGuire. Deal to fill a hole. This team could be stronger with Stroman, Hutch , Sanchez Norris … leading the way. They will also be far more affordable leaving more money for position players.

    Am I nuts ?

    • Why would AA sell when that’s a signal that he lost on gambling the farm for 2013 and 2014?

    • I would be okay with dealing Buerhle if it meant we were able to fill a need at 2B or 3B with a good major leaguer, and/or bringing in a top prospect which would then be part of a package to bring in somebody good (i.e. Price or Hamels) with the money we’d save from a Buerhle deal.

      But as for bailing out on this season and using Buerhle as a starting point for a sell-off … no. I think the Jays could battle it out well into September once the guys start coming back, but it would certainly depend on whether they could get somebody to fill the gaps (RH hitter, 2B or 3B).

    • I don’t think so…but people tell me I’m nuts…so what do I know?

  31. God help us Brad Mills was DFA’d

  32. as a LHP He likely w/h beat the Jays lineup yesterday, but had it usurped by Szda. Hard to believe the As acquired him for $1 and got some decent starts out of him

  33. Chances are AA will do something but I suspect the team’s performance in May caught him flat-footed as well. In the off-season it was all ‘next year’s free agents are way better’. I don’t think anyone would have predicted the entire AL East to be a bunch of under-achieving scrubs. Which, as has been pointed out, is what helped us to stay in first as long as we did.

  34. Who is going to fucking trade with AA; he’s got no money,he’s got no prospects he can afford to trade. Hutch and Stroman are keys in an injured line up. He can’t trade bats that aren’t hitting. He has to pick up fucking castaways off the waver wire and look seriously at acquiring a guy with two back surgerys. The other teams know he’s drowning, guess what their not going to throw him a life jacket! Gose and Pillar are the depth. What AA needs is a good DR. and to ride this out until he gets his team back. Fight Jays Fight!

  35. A’s claimed Kenny Wilson, which probably means

    A. He’ll become a serviceable to above average major league outfielder for them
    B. He’ll return to the Jays, make a mechanical adjustment to his hitting, and become a star
    C. Being claimed be the A’s will mean nothing and do little to affect his ceiling as a baseball player
    D. Something else because who the hell knows, it’s baseball

  36. Tonight’s lineup:



  37. I wouldn’t mind seeing Marlon Byrd as a pickup. He destroys lefties and seems to be just the kind of bat that would thrive in this lineup. Can’t imagine he would cost that much either.

  38. Nice thing about that link is that some scout said that Sanchez and Stroman could both be #1s and the Jays would be crazy to deal them. Which, if true, is nice to hear. Add Hutchnson and we might have a decent rotation.

  39. […] abound and with Edwin Encarnacion formally placed on the DL, the offense has another hole. While the rumors say that the Jays might shore up their rotation, the concern seems to be on their lineup. Still, […]

  40. Someth

  41. In other news, it was said Stoeten and RADAR were seen blowing bubbles and chasing butterflies together on lakeshore yesterday.

  42. Rumour is that the Cubs asked the Yanks for Severino in Valbuena. Which likely means they would start with Norris for him. Maybe will come down to Osuna. Seems like a high price to pay for a guy AA dropped in favour of an old babysitter.

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