You’d think the Jays record was a whole lot worse than those numbers in the heading on the post would show, given the corrosive state of the conversation surrounding the team right now — which, given the way they’ve played of late, I can’t say isn’t exactly warranted — but thankfully we don’t have that to talk about tonight as we head into another west coast game, with J.A. Happ taking on the Angels’ Jered Weaver in Anaheim.

Why don’t we have to talk about that? Because something fucking weird is going on, is why.

Gregor Chisholm tweeted earlier this evening that, according to John Gibbons, the Jays are planning on platooning Colby Rasmus and Darin Mastroianni in centre for a while, and Adam Lind and Cole Gillespie, “for a little while,” or “at least until someone gets hot.”

In this scenario, Erik Kratz, for some reason, remains in the minors, despite the fact that the club has the two aforementioned centre fielders, corner outfielders Gillespie, Jose Bautista (who starts tonight at first), Melky Cabrera, new addition Nolan Reimold, along with the versatile Steve Tolleson, who can play there in a pinch as well.

That’s not the only reason the move is strange, though. We’re now supposed to believe that Gillespie — the fifth right-handed outfielder on the depth chart (fourth if you count Bautista as an infielder for the time being) — is going to get regular at-bats against left-handed pitching?

Maybe the Jays are crazy enough to actually believe in some awfully small splits. Against lefties in the majors this season Gillespie has batted .275/.351/.314 in 57 plate appearances. If nothing else, that’s at least a decent on-base, but broaden the sample to include his 13 minor league plate appearances against lefties this year — in the damn PCL, no less — and the overall 2014 line slumps to .230/.329/.262. In 2013, at both the MLB and AAA level, Gillespie slashed .257/.322/.362 in 118 plate appearances against lefties. Over his 155 career plate appearances in the majors against left-handers he’s slashed .220/.284/.270.

He is barely anyone’s big-leaguer, let alone anyone’s lefty-mashing half of a platoon. I’m pretty sure he’s no Kevin Pillar, even.

So what the hell is going on?

Well, maybe Kratz is hurt and nobody is saying so. Maybe, as I said, the club actually believes Gillespie is the better option. Maybe they’re being ultra-polite and want to do right by him and not designate him for assignment so soon after picking him up, even though their claim of Nolan Reimold made Gillespie rather immediately redundant.

Or maybe… maybe? … hopefully? … fucking hopefully? … some right-handed hitting help is on the way?

Fuck, that’d be alright. Be it Chase Headley, who we heard rumours of the Jays closing in on earlier, or someone else, with Lawrie and Encarnacion now on the shelf, Francisco getting badly exposed (he has struck out in 48.5% of his plate appearances in the last 27 games, posting a wRC+ of 55 – .164/.227/.344 in 66 PA over the span), and a Baltimore cast-off looking like the closest thing to a saviour we’ve got.

It ain’t good.

Weirder still, John Gibbons was asked about the absence of Kratz and had this to say, according to another tweet from Gregor: ”I’ll tell you what, we’d like to get him back… He helped us when he was here. I think he would be a big addition.”

Hmmm. We’ll see what happens, I guess. Probably getting ahead of ourselves…


The Jays really probably do have to do something, though, and fans are in a lather that they aren’t. But it’s never as simple as it seems. In a piece for Sportsnet following last night’s game, Shi Davidi reported the Cubs’ ask, that the Jays balked at, which may have landed them Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel: “Marcus Stroman and Drew Hutchison plus at least one if not all three of top prospects Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey.” Bold mine, and Billy Beane’s. So… turns out other teams don’t care if you don’t want to give up pieces off your big league roster. Turns out the three best minor leaguers the Jays have aren’t really so attractive to other teams, too. And that whatever trade they do make is gonna fuckin’ hurt, most likely.


Next game(s): Tomorrow, 10:05 PM ET @ Anaheim

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Nolan Reimold (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

RF Kole Calhoun (L)
CF Mike Trout (R)
1B Albert Pujols (R)
LF Josh Hamilton (L)
2B Howie Kendrick (R)
SS Erick Aybar (S)
3B David Freese (R)
DH C.J. Cron (R)
C Chris Ianetta (R)

RHP Jered Weaver

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  1. I may be in the minority here, but this season hurts more than last year (just taking into consideration the last 2 months)

  2. Ship is sinking. 0-10 road trip. Sellers instead of buyers at deadline.

  3. Fuck. 2 fucking runs off some tomato can who’s not even in the rotation

  4. Never get out of the boat.

  5. I font get it.the fuck is Lind hitting for?

  6. You guys act as if all the bloopers are just luck

    They are in fact at least in part of shitty defenders who play very deep due to lack of range

    This team needs to hit to win because it’s defense isn’t very good and it’s pitching is marginal

    There is virtually no running game

    • ‘At least in part.’ What a bunch of saying nothing

    • bloop hits are usually to opposite field so you have to wonder why the opp fielder is playing so deep when the hitter has little power.

      baseball is such a great game because all the little things add up. gibbons seems to have no clue on outfield positioning.

      • It’s not positioning so much as lack of ability by his players

        Jose has a big arm but is a poor overall defender by any ratings measure

        The fill ins even worse

      • A few weeks ago we were raging because Colby et al were playing too shallow. I’d rather have the annoying singles than doubles galore like what was happening earlier

        • Ok what am I missing? JB played 1B last night so do not blame him. And 2 out of 3 MLB level fielders (Rasmus and Reimold) were playing too deep. (I’ll grant that Melky is not the best quality)
          It’s could be that they’re ALL playing deep so as to guard against extra bases but that lets every damn dink hit flop in. When Butter set the defences they were not this bad.
          Even Tabby and Buck agreed they were too deep.

  7. How do I say goodbye to what we had?
    The good times that made us laugh
    Outweigh the bad.

    I thought we’d get to see forever
    But forever’s gone away
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

    I don’t know where this road
    Is going to lead
    All I know is where we’ve been
    And what we’ve been through.

    If we get to see tomorrow
    I hope it’s worth all the wait
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

    And I’ll take with me the memories
    To be my sunshine after the rain
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

    And I’ll take with me the memories
    To be my sunshine after the rain
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

    • These dudes like morosi and rosenthal are full of shit .. They say they heard this and heard that .. Blah blah blah .. 99 percent of the time wrong

      Did anyone say ANYTHING about shark to the As until it was done ?

  8. The dude looks like one of those rec league slow pitch softball players who wears oakleys ..eye black…arm gear … And runs to first on grounders to the pitcher like he’s running from a grenade

  9. Another Reyes miscue. It’s a daily thing

  10. Reyes that’s a routine fucking play…WTF.

  11. Oh Reyes. Got a Cannon tho eh

  12. Holy fuck Reyes, is it too much to ask?

  13. Could Reyes stop doing that please? Thanks.

  14. Can we trade Reyes for. A hitting coach? Or a sack of balls

  15. Shit, Santos just gave the bullpen coach the thumbs up.

  16. remember when wilner said reyes makes that throw 1000 times out of a 1000??????

    • Wilner is an Idiot.

    • Remember wilner predicted Travis snider would be a perennial MVP candidate as late as when he was traded ?

      • I never said that. you misremembered. come at me with facts. I also never said tampa would not win 90 games and I never said baltimore was horrible.

  17. Reyes looks checked out. WTF?

  18. I wonder if Santos’ first pitch wil be a sinker?
    Not really.

  19. 12 errors. A lot for a guy who missed a bunch of games and can’t actually get to balls that aren’t hit right at him

  20. Wilner would love to get on his knees in front of Reyes 1000 times out of 1000

  21. Tabler left out that lefties own Jenkins.

  22. In other news..that was a pretty impressive stretch by Joey Bats on the “throw” from Reyes


  24. The corpse of Jose Reyes plays for the Toronto Blue Jays!

  25. Is that Scott Boras is the back round?

  26. Watching Santos pitch is entertaining…you just have no fucking clue whats going to happen

  27. At least he can shovel it to second hahaha

  28. Yes! Reyes made the play!

  29. That didn’t miss Kendrick’s head by much, ooooh.

  30. Standing o and slow clap for Reyes woooooooo

  31. Lucky 7 Fight.

    Get me out of my seat boys.

  32. Wonder what happened to those Howie Kendrick trade talks

  33. He was safe

  34. Another base running injury

  35. Justin Speier in the booth with Jerry and Joe

  36. He needs oxygen after that “sprint”

  37. Forgot about the Grilli Frieri swap.

    At least all the Pirate fans with the “Grilled Cheese” t-shirts will have something that’s always awesome on them

    Yes, those exist

  38. DFA…DFA….DFA…..

  39. This centerfield platoon is a fantastic idea….except Mastroianni is even worse than a cold-streaking Colby

  40. This inning after inning of futility at the plate is getting very difficult to watch. I’m going to bed.

  41. mistresses are having fun

    • Certainly the Blue Jays can do better than those chicks.

      • Its been a difficult road trip…

        • Along the shore the cloud waves break,
          The twin suns sink behind the lake,
          The shadows lengthen
          In Carcosa.

          Strange is the night where black stars rise,
          And strange moons circle through the skies,
          But stranger still is
          Lost Carcosa.

          Songs that the Hyades shall sing,
          Where flap the tatters of the King,
          Must die unheard in
          Dim Carcosa.

          Song of my soul, my voice is dead,
          Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed
          Shall dry and die in
          Lost Carcosa.

          • Who’s woods are these?
            I think I know,
            His house is in the village though,
            He will not mind me pausing here,
            to write my name in yellow snow.

  42. Todd Redmond the best

  43. So I’ll be the first one to troll this out there.
    Kawasaki to SS and Reyes to 2nd?
    Maybe it’s time to consider it.

  44. Tabby predicting the Rays gonna make a move. Can we trade Tabby to Tampa ?

    • +1

    • tabby is really smart if you actually listen to him. no joke. today he called out the outfielders playing too deep and called out rasmus for a poor throw. he also praised muni on how he plays the game the right way. he’s just not as angry as zaun when he does it.

    • Noooo! They don’t have the soft hands + schtrooong athletic bodies in Tampa.

  45. Having said that, with all the running Kawasaki’s been having to do at 2nd, I shudder at what would happen to Reyes’ hamstrings if those two got swtiched

  46. Either Juan lost weight or he moved up a size in jerseys.

    • Also, I took a break from writing my suicide note to put Johnny Mac in my things I love list.

      • A cry for help!

        • I’m beyond help but cry is right.

          • You owe it to your fellow commenters to stick this season out. No shortcuts

            • Thanks, I guess. This is my only place right now.

              • @AJ

                • Lol comments are really messin with ya thewaronhugs

                  I’ve managed to stay pretty optimistic throughout this slump. The drop in performance and playoff drought are frustrating but I’m possibly excited even if the season goes to shit. Some prospects are doing great, the possibility of getting more good players if they were to trade some guys sounds cool too. The season is far from over though and we can’t give up

                  • You’re absolutely right. Obviously this goes well beyong the Blue Jays but I’m looking for silver linings, even if just to put on the things I love list.

                    • @AJ again. Yeesh

                    • There’s always something to be optimistic about.

                      I don’t know your life or anything so I’m trying to focus on the Jays but I think this goes for both: things can seem as bad as can be, but it’s also worse for lots of other people out there, so we shouldn’t give up just because things seem hopeless. There’s always hope, that’s why you can wake up every day, and, say, cheer on the Jays

  47. There ya go. Alls well w/ the world

  48. Rally caps!

  49. An old fan favorite at third with a more recent one at the plate

  50. Wow, this team. I dont know what to say anymore. AA has to be reaching his expiry date soon if this shitshow continues to unravel. I’ve said all year long the offense is overrated and is way too reliant on HRs and got criticized here for it. Well, take a look now. The pitching has been good but the offense is pathetic. They continue to play phat juan who provides nothing but the occasional HR. Depth is a major issue again. Fuucckkk.

  51. Yeah that is Boras behind home for whomever was asking.

  52. The audacity of Trout using Started From The Bottom as his walk-up song. Just no.

  53. Holy fuck. That thing buck just said. Crazy

  54. K seriously, we all know where this is going. I know it’s not the popular opinion and maybe were in denial somewhat but we know how this season is going to end. Things are falling apart more every game. Now there’s talk of fucking platooning Rasmus and Mastroianni? Or Lind and Gillespie??? Wow… can anyone else not see how bad this could get?

    Sure, AA could trade the farm for Price and Headley or something along those lines but does that fix it? Does that put them in first, probably not and at the cost of top prospects. No thank you very much. “But there’s so much baseball left”, yes that’s true there is but with guys like Tolleson, Gillespie, Mastroianni etc etc getting starts… the road ahead will be a rough one.

    If the Jays fall to 3rd I just don’t see why it’s not feasible to trade all assets for what would be a monstrous return of prospects, then with the payroll at a minimum, sign some free agents to blend with the prospects and just start fresh. Sure, call me an idiot, call me whatever you like but there’s no denying that the haul that Dickey, Bautista, EE, Melky, Rasmus, Beuhrle, Janssen, Reyes would bring back is tempting.

    Why is it so hard to believe that a firesale is possible? Or at least the selling off of Melky, Rasmus, Janssen, Buehrle.

    Anyways… a few weeks ago I was all for going after major players to improve this team but now, I know that they are more than a couple expensive rentals away from being a world series type team.

    • If this turn into another clusterfuck of a season, AA and beeston have to go, no doubt about it. Bring in new minds that dont blow smoke up our asses. Hopefully, rogers sells the team as well because they are the real culprits here I think.

      • Who gives a fuck about what they say? Don’t get tripped up by nonsense like that — there are plenty of legitimate things to be frustrated with right now.

    • Melky and Rasmus are FA’s at the end of the season so you ain’t gonna get full value.
      Dickey and Buehrle aren’t going anywhere.Reyes is making 22 mil next year.
      You need other teams to trade with that have the need and the resources.

      • Full value or not, Melky and Rasmus are walking at year end regardless. Dickey might not go anywhere but Buehrle is more than moveable. EE, Bautista, Janssen are also more than moveable and yeah Reyes would be tough to move when he’s shitting the bed but oh well.

        I agree though, this organization needs to replace Beeston, maybe not AA but Beeston forsure.

    • The fact that you’ve wavered so quickly between sell the farm for everything and sell everything to help the farm is a pretty good indication of how seriously anybody should take your proclamations about knowing exactly where this thing is going, no?

  55. I think this guy sums it up best:

    The Iron Sheik ‏@the_ironsheik 2m
    Goodnight Monday go fuck yourself

  56. Those Dominicans should know better than to be laughing on the bench in the middle of a 5 game losing streak!!!1!!1

    • Yes, saw that… it was Reyes laughing when Bautista came back to the dugout in the 9th after making an out. At least Joey maintained a serious look on his face while Reyes was laughing.

  57. Slow clap for another loss. Getting to be habit. Things are going downhill way too quick!

  58. I’ve seen some teams suck before but this is the suckiest bunch if sucks that ever sucked

  59. they’re calling Johnny Mac the Prime Minister on the Angels broadcast.

  60. Oh Johnny Mac.

  61. Pathetic

  62. And more left handers this series! Joy!

  63. Another solid effort. Wasn’t even weaver pitching but right now they could be facing joey Hamilton and would make him look like cy young

  64. This team is going to sink in the division like a turd into a toilet. Yah platoon Rasmus,, that should get his trade value up. Good call Gibby.

    • He’s 3 for his last 37.
      What exactly do you want Gibby to do?

    • Let’s please not indulge this shitstain any longer, eh? He gone. (No, not Radar, Tallet guy — who also posted a bunch as Buck Martinez’s Hair Swoosh, unsurprisingly, though I don’t know if he was just aping the name or the “real” one. Similar lunacy, though. Won’t be missed.)

  65. Did this sort of thing happen with the Royals too? Is that why Seitzer was fired? I don’t know how you explain a drought like this

    • Bad luck, injuries, lack of organizational depth.

      No way that Seitzer or Gibbons should get hung out to dry for this.

      • Absolutely shouldn’t blame them, I was just curious about Seitzer. It’s just been going on for a while. Even AAAA guys can get a hit now and then, geez…

    • El Niño

    • Royals looked like they were hitting with wet noodles for a few years. Can’t really blame seitzer they just sucked. Same here. He was coaching them in may when they were hitting everything. I don’t know. Other than jb ee and mc they’re not that good. And melky doesn’t walk, so what the fuck?

      • It’s not that they’re not good, it’s that literally everybody is slumping at the same time. Only Edwin, Bautista, Lind, and Melky have been above average hitters over the last 30 days (and the latter three are doing worse than usual).

        • Exactly what I was thinking with everybody slumping at the same time. If only there was some way to explain it instead of “that’s baseball”

    • The Royals didn’t hit, but that had nothing to do with Seitzer. Just as the Jays not hitting as nothing to do with him now.

    • I think the hitting coach is fine. How many hitting coaches are the Jays going to hire when you get the same result year after year? Problem with this team right now is they live and die on the home run. They had success in May because one guy went into Mickey Mantle mode and carried the team.

      • Isn’t there a decent chance that they all catch on fire too at the same time? Isn’t this using the same logic?

  66. It’s all Jamie Campbell’s fault.

    Where is he anyways?

  67. Poor Gibbons. Really hope he’s not going to be the fall guy.

    Barry Davis ‏@SNBarryDavis 10m
    When asked if he sees light at the end of the tunnel right now, John Gibbons’ reply: “No” #bluejays

    • Gibby is in a shitty spot right now, but of course there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe we will just have to wait till tomorrow to see it

    • He plays the guys that he has and hopes for the best. But if they don’t make the playoffs this Oct, he is gone

  68. Barry just tweeted that John Gibbons isn’t feeling optimistic.
    While my life is in shambles, I’m not taking the Blue Jays fir granted. Baseball is quite literally the only good thing in my life. And my niece but I don’t get to see her 162 times a year.

    • Hey, we could all live out the rest of our lives with out a Jays WS and they still wouldn’t have gone without one as long as the Cubs have now.

      Keep pushing, good will come

      • Thanks for the positivity. I love baseball. Ending one’s life during a losing streak just looks really weak. There’s always some bullshit excuse.

        • Doing so during a winning streak (wait what’s that again?… I kid I kid) wouldn’t make much sense either ;)

          I really hope you’re not serious about all that stuff. There’s so much to live for, baseball included

          • Seriously. So much to live for.

            • Evidently the fan community would be one. I really appreciate the positivity.

              • I’m glad you do. I may mostly just pop up to rant and ban and all that shtick, but the vast majority of people here are genuine and great, and we’re all in this together. There’s always going to be someone floating around here to talk to, too. Stay positive — about baseball, and about all of it.

              • Yeah not all of us are assholes, and some of us are only assholes sometimes.

                Don’t let the positivity go to waste. Some optimism can go a long way in making your worst days better.

                And just as I’m telling myself and I’m sure the Jays are telling themselves: there’s always tomorrow.

  69. I know this is like salt in the wound but it’s too ironic not to post:

    The Jays now have the same record as the Buffalo Bisons. 47-44

  70. [idiot things]

  71. Last night I said I felt as though Reyes doesn’t take many pitches.

    For the game he had 4 AB and saw 9 pitches. Ugh.

    I have no idea if that’s an outlier or common, but it sums up last night.

    • I’m too lazy to look this up but it seems the entire team isn’t taking many walks lately. I’m sure Somerton is going to point out in wrong with stats but it seems like we’re taking less pitches over the past week or so.

  72. Well…….

    At least we still have our health.

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