You’d think the Jays record was a whole lot worse than those numbers in the heading on the post would show, given the corrosive state of the conversation surrounding the team right now — which, given the way they’ve played of late, I can’t say isn’t exactly warranted — but thankfully we don’t have that to talk about tonight as we head into another west coast game, with J.A. Happ taking on the Angels’ Jered Weaver in Anaheim.

Why don’t we have to talk about that? Because something fucking weird is going on, is why.

Gregor Chisholm tweeted earlier this evening that, according to John Gibbons, the Jays are planning on platooning Colby Rasmus and Darin Mastroianni in centre for a while, and Adam Lind and Cole Gillespie, “for a little while,” or “at least until someone gets hot.”

In this scenario, Erik Kratz, for some reason, remains in the minors, despite the fact that the club has the two aforementioned centre fielders, corner outfielders Gillespie, Jose Bautista (who starts tonight at first), Melky Cabrera, new addition Nolan Reimold, along with the versatile Steve Tolleson, who can play there in a pinch as well.

That’s not the only reason the move is strange, though. We’re now supposed to believe that Gillespie — the fifth right-handed outfielder on the depth chart (fourth if you count Bautista as an infielder for the time being) — is going to get regular at-bats against left-handed pitching?

Maybe the Jays are crazy enough to actually believe in some awfully small splits. Against lefties in the majors this season Gillespie has batted .275/.351/.314 in 57 plate appearances. If nothing else, that’s at least a decent on-base, but broaden the sample to include his 13 minor league plate appearances against lefties this year — in the damn PCL, no less — and the overall 2014 line slumps to .230/.329/.262. In 2013, at both the MLB and AAA level, Gillespie slashed .257/.322/.362 in 118 plate appearances against lefties. Over his 155 career plate appearances in the majors against left-handers he’s slashed .220/.284/.270.

He is barely anyone’s big-leaguer, let alone anyone’s lefty-mashing half of a platoon. I’m pretty sure he’s no Kevin Pillar, even.

So what the hell is going on?

Well, maybe Kratz is hurt and nobody is saying so. Maybe, as I said, the club actually believes Gillespie is the better option. Maybe they’re being ultra-polite and want to do right by him and not designate him for assignment so soon after picking him up, even though their claim of Nolan Reimold made Gillespie rather immediately redundant.

Or maybe… maybe? … hopefully? … fucking hopefully? … some right-handed hitting help is on the way?

Fuck, that’d be alright. Be it Chase Headley, who we heard rumours of the Jays closing in on earlier, or someone else, with Lawrie and Encarnacion now on the shelf, Francisco getting badly exposed (he has struck out in 48.5% of his plate appearances in the last 27 games, posting a wRC+ of 55 – .164/.227/.344 in 66 PA over the span), and a Baltimore cast-off looking like the closest thing to a saviour we’ve got.

It ain’t good.

Weirder still, John Gibbons was asked about the absence of Kratz and had this to say, according to another tweet from Gregor: ”I’ll tell you what, we’d like to get him back… He helped us when he was here. I think he would be a big addition.”

Hmmm. We’ll see what happens, I guess. Probably getting ahead of ourselves…


The Jays really probably do have to do something, though, and fans are in a lather that they aren’t. But it’s never as simple as it seems. In a piece for Sportsnet following last night’s game, Shi Davidi reported the Cubs’ ask, that the Jays balked at, which may have landed them Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel: “Marcus Stroman and Drew Hutchison plus at least one if not all three of top prospects Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey.” Bold mine, and Billy Beane’s. So… turns out other teams don’t care if you don’t want to give up pieces off your big league roster. Turns out the three best minor leaguers the Jays have aren’t really so attractive to other teams, too. And that whatever trade they do make is gonna fuckin’ hurt, most likely.


Next game(s): Tomorrow, 10:05 PM ET @ Anaheim

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Nolan Reimold (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

RF Kole Calhoun (L)
CF Mike Trout (R)
1B Albert Pujols (R)
LF Josh Hamilton (L)
2B Howie Kendrick (R)
SS Erick Aybar (S)
3B David Freese (R)
DH C.J. Cron (R)
C Chris Ianetta (R)

RHP Jered Weaver

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  1. Theo truly loves his hitting prospects

  2. Yeah i don’t know how much stock in that trade scenario, given what they got from Oakland was far, far less valuable.

    I get that the pitcher they got is a high end prospect, but Hutch and Stroman are both real, flesh and blood MLB starting pitcher, with Stroman potentially being a solid #2 SP. Then throw in 3 other highly touted prospects to boot?

  3. Muni for Pujols, who says no?

    Note: I think this funny for lots of reasons.

  4. Doesn’t hurt to ask for the moon. Doesn’t mean you don’t look dumb for it, though.

  5. Marcus Stroman and Drew Hutchison plus at least one if not all three of top prospects Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey……and Jose Bautista and Kyle Lowry plus Phil Kessel and Michael Bradley………..and free rides up the CN tower plus awesome binoculars……and a hot dog and a milkshake..

    You’ll have nothing and like it, Mr. Epstein.

  6. Who can we trade for Buck or Howarth?

  7. Regarding the splits, i’ve long thought some managers get a little too cute with them, seeming to value the handedness of the batter to the exclusion of pretty much anything else.

    IMO Rasmus is an every day starter. I get that he’s not strong against LHP, but guess what? Neither is Mastroianni. He’s not strong against anyone.

    Colby also plays a premium defensive position, and while he doesn’t seem to be quite so good this year defensively as he was last year, I can’t imagine he’s not a lot better then Mastro.

    And i don’t know what the Jays plan is with regards to Colby next year, but I can’t imagine him being seen as a platoon player by the Jays is going to make him eager to sign here. I mean, we’re talking about probably one of the higher sought after position players this FA season. He’s going to have teams wanting to pay him $15-$20 million/year, and here we are making him a part time player. In favor of Darin fucking Mastroianni.

    • Interesting point, he does have an OPS+ 28% worse than league average against LHP over his career though (according to Baseball Reference).

      • I get that, and like I said, if we had a viable alternative, sure, platoon him. Even if we had Rajai Davis, I’d say do it.

        But what’s the point of platooning a AAAA player who probably will hit the same and probably suck in CF?

        I mean, sure, the platooning thing is good, but there’s no point if the platoon partner is shit. It’s like Monty Burns pinchi hitting for Darrel Strwaberyy with Homer, even though Straw had 9 HR’s already that day just because Homer was a RHB.

        • I will gladly concede the point for the Simpsons reference. Although if I recall correctly Homer drove in the winning run.

          Because he’s a run producer.

          • You know who else was a run producer? Joe fucking Carter. I know, I know. Stats say it was a case if opportunity over skill. And yet… ‘Touch em all Joe!’
            “People can come up with stats for anything…40% of propel know that”
            -Homer Simpson

    • Colby’s wrist is likely still bothering him. I doubt the platoon is a long term thing.

  8. maybe it’s not so much that other teams do not think that highly of the Jays prospects, maybe the value of a top 5 prospect is more valuable as it is a more likely sure thing superstar

    stroman – short, unproven
    sanchez – control

    know what I mean – more risk

    • Stroman is probably quite a bit morelikely to be a star at this point then Russell is. Or ANY other player whose never been above AA, for that matter.

    • Addison Russell is in AA FFS!. He may never make it. Remember how high D’arnaud was before we dealt him?Matt Laporta was supposed to be the big stick Cleveland got from Milwaukkee for CC at the time, but he busted after much fanfare.
      After seeing what Stroman is capable of ( carving up the Royals, Yanks and Chisox _) for get dealing him for what amounts to at best a 1 year repalcement. He could be the No1 we are looking for right under our nose

  9. What in the actual fuck?!

    Did AA fuck Epstein and Hoyer’s wives or something?

  10. This has to be a smokescreen for a potential deal. Otherwise they can fire ol’ Gibbers right now.

  11. It’s July 7th and the Jays have a 42.2 % chance of making the postseason.
    Pretty fuckin ok.

    Now get us a wee bit of help Alex.

  12. DJF: After Dark Game Threat.
    Warning: It gets a little blue.

  13. Let’s get it on.

  14. Today is the dawn of the Reimold era.
    Today we turn it back towards the sun.
    Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!

    …..anddd I’m a bit drunk on a Monday.

  15. Holy shit RADAR……. Something Wicked This Way Comes! Literally……….. Holdin on to my dick and spitting tobacco waitin…

  16. Just shut up and trade for Troy Tulowitzki already.

  17. Man I love a Kawasaki at bat. Even when he makes an out he runs up the pitch count.

  18. Melky!

  19. I read that Mike Trout is really shitty at board-games.

    Fuck him.

  20. Rosenthal says he heard all five of those names as well, but in several different combinations. That said, I don’t see any three of those guys bringing back both starters after seeing what the Cubs ultimately got.

  21. Happ’s got the perfect game working here. Could be special.

  22. 2 Orioles fans today told me they now like the Blue Jays because of Reimold.

    Apparently the guy was a fan favorite.

  23. Theo Epstein is an asshole. Here is to another century without a World Series for the Cubs!


  25. Fuckin’ goddamn Orioles

  26. Oooo weeee do I live 7pm baseball

  27. Buck needs twitter.

  28. Eric Smith announcing from the men’s room

  29. jeez
    Melky and his double tap.
    Whatever works.

  30. And there goes the double perfect game, no more.

  31. Judging by the way gibbons has everybody laughing every time he leaves the dugout I think we would be the two best friends

  32. Poor Weaver but this bodes well for the boys. Get after that pen Jays!

  33. Injury delay?

  34. Well, Orioles now up by 4 in the 11th.

    Good news is, after the ASB in July, Jays play the Red Sox a bunch.

  35. That voodoo figure of Weaver I made today totally paid off.

  36. Weaver has had problems with back spasms in the past, based on how stiffly he walked off the mound I would say that is as good a guess as any. And of course, it is just a guess.

  37. $20 bucks says weavers got the squirts from some bad LA street meat

  38. Man Reyes hasn’t been hitting this bad in 10 years

  39. Spanks won. Jays currently 1 game up on them pending the outcome of this game.

  40. Water covers 70% of the Earth, Reimold covers the rest.

  41. I wish one of the Blue Jays had a name that would lend itself into shaping into a foam shape that I could wear on my head. Most fetching.

  42. Reyes flashing the leather yet again

  43. Fuck you Tabby; “you don’t always need to get in front of the ball”

  44. Reyes is starting to piss me off!

  45. Keystone jays. Hitting the cutoff man is super hard

  46. Chalk up yet another run to Jose “don’t confuse me with Ozzie smith” reyes

  47. Reyes will have to move to second we need a ss

  48. I honestly think muni has half the jays hits the last week

  49. Miyazaki’s Spirit Animal comes through!

  50. We got something here…

  51. Bautista the best. Everyone seem to be hitting better right now.

  52. reyes is to the jays what gay was to the raptors. I thought they would regret Buehrle …. go figure

  53. Dammit. I wish I was born with some sort of god-given ability. Probably why I’m such a fuck up.

  54. how did reyes NOT get an error on that play???

  55. I never thought I’d say this, but this Happ guy is not all bad.

  56. That ball was smoked at Reyes, he didn’t have time to get in front of it. It was a tough play- the problem is he almost never makes “tough” plays, and has missed too many “makeable” plays as well.

    • that’s why he gets 70 mil next 3 years to not make the tough plays. baseball is hard!

      I laughed when I heard about AA and analytics. big money to a 34 year old injury prone on turf with poor defense. sure makes sense.

      • Welp, he turned 31 a couple weeks ago, AA didnt give him the contract. But anyway- he’s been disappointing this year for sure- needs to start hitting the ball on a line again- everything is a pop up/in the air. I can handle him not being a good defensive SS, because I didnt expect him to be- but hitting .255 or whatever is shitty.

        • yes AA did give him the contract. When you trade for a player you know full well what the contract is. Did the angels not giving vernon wells contract make them feel any better?

  57. Happ Throwing 96mph… maybe the RC gun is not as juiced as some would think.

  58. The Judge Reimold Era is about to begin.

  59. Oi when is Rasmus going to get another hit. It seems like it’s been a really, really long time.

  60. No Rasmi. Damn.

  61. Reyes has had 17 stolen bases this year? That’s way more than I would have thought.

    Looking at his stats with the Mets and the Marlins. Holy fuck has he regressed.

  62. FAT JUAN!!!!!!

  63. Phaaaaaaaaaaaat Juaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!


  65. Is that the plural for Rasmus. I was going around saying Rasmusessess. I feel dumb now.

  66. Buck that was not Mark Trumbo looking at the ball going out.

  67. That homer was courtesy of Reimolds long at bat, Juan-Gone got to see all his pitches.

    Reimold Era!

  68. Fuck yeah!

    And they call him the Fat Juan.

  69. Those homers are real rally killers

  70. Fuck poor mariners 8 games over and 7 games out

  71. Watch, these dick whackers in NY will call this a Homer.

  72. Mike Trouts dick has a lazy eye.

    • Buck and Tabby would know that for sure – they’ve spent so much time fellating him.

  73. I feel it is rare to see Reyes run up a pitch count.

  74. Did Scioscia just burn his replay or is that not a thing for HR calls?

  75. Mike Blue Vein Zipper Trout.

  76. Fat Juan trying to be all “I should still totally have a job, guys!”

  77. Fuck! Should have thrown at Pujols’s head. Hate that fuck!

  78. Why can’t we have a clean inning after we FINALLY put up a number?

  79. Happ throws a LOT of balls. He is not having a bad game, but this is something I often say of the Buffalo Bills: Happ makes his sport look hard.

    • To be fair, Happ was getting reamed by the umpire. One pitch to Pujols was perfect, both Happ and Dinner reacted. The pitch before that was being called a strike quite regularly in the Oakland series.

      Time for Gibbers to get out there and ream out the ump, get himself thrown out and hopefully fire up the troops.

      • … and Jenkins got a strike 3 call on a pitch that wasn’t anywhere as nice as the one Happ threw to Pujols that was called a ball.

  80. Getting sick of these bullshit bloop RBIs

  81. Jesus. How many fucking times?

  82. So Kratz had 2 hits including a homer and 3 RBIs today I think he’s feeling okay

  83. Ugh. pathetic throw

  84. Ok, double play and then lets get back on the sticks.

  85. Kamikaze Kawasaki at it again. Nice dive, nothin to show.

  86. Stupid delay by Rasmus

    • Plus he got under it too quick, he should have stayed back and charged to get some Mo.
      Rookie shit.

  87. How does somebody score on that?

  88. That was fun while it lasted

  89. Happ is cooked

  90. Happy back to his usual self

  91. Well, we had a lead. Briefly. Probably longer than we did the entire series with the A’s.

  92. Here comes Gibbon’s man crush.

  93. Is that what it felt like to hold a lead. I forgot…

  94. This is making me sad and my homemade Prozac isn’t helping.

  95. jenkins looks like one of the ahmish enforcers on A@E

  96. Jenkins blows

  97. Shitty Happ is shitty.

  98. Fuck. You’d think they’d at least win the odd game once and a while.

  99. “Make it work.”
    Is Tabby channeling that guy from Project Runway?

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