What is there to even say at this point? WIN A FUCKING GAME.


Barry Davis tweets that Cole Gillespie is ailing, having hurt his oblique while swinging today. BUT WHO WILL PLATOON WITH LIND AND SUCK??? Davis adds that a DL stint might be possible, which… sure, gets some big league DL money before the inevitable DFA. Why not?

John Lott tweets a link to his great piece from the National Post on Dan Johnson, who awaits his turn in Buffalo, tearing up the International League.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 3:35 PM ET @ Anaheim

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
3B Steve Tolleson (R)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Jose Bautista (R)
RF Nolan Reimold (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Darin Mastroianni (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

RF Cole Calhoun (L)
DH Mike Trout (R)
1B Albert Pujols (R)
CF Josh Hamilton (L)
SS Erick Aybar (S)
2B Howie Kendrick (R)
C Chris Ianetta (R)
LF Collin Cowgill (L)
3B John McDonald (R)

LHP Tyler Skaggs

Comments (589)

  1. Dinner!!!

  2. glad to see we’ve cleaned up the sloppy baserunning

  3. Donair! Bautista manufactures runs like a leader!

  4. Classic Navarro oppo hit

  5. A nice piece of hitting.

  6. This maestro dude isn’t awesome

  7. We must have someone better than Mastrioni

  8. Francisco looks like he is about to be released and knows it

  9. That semi-delayed steal by Joey Bats seemed to work, Aybar was out of position and had to sort of dive/slide for the throw.

    And he scored, it’s almost like Jose really wants to win and is hypercompetitive.

  10. The Jays have had a brutal road trip, but I do love these West Coast swings. Get to watch most of the game, instead of the last innings.

  11. Wait why was Mastro still batting against a right hander. At least I think it was a right hander…I am half asleep.

  12. Mastro is just doing so poorly I feel bad for him

  13. Get em Dusty

  14. The Dickster likes some House of Pain, bobbing his head almost.

  15. Time for Mastroianni to get a flight back to Buffalo?

  16. Who wants gas? You want some, you want a little?

  17. I think it’s the right call to pull Dickster but I can’t help to want him to throw 150 pitches and let the bullpen get a day off every Dickstart. Also I can’t manage my way out of a paper bag. #Gibbythebest

  18. It like Dusty said ‘FUCK YOU’ with that K.

  19. After watching Dickey all game, McGowan’s fastball looks like it’s 120 by comparison.

    Imagine if you had someone like Aroldis Chapman up there after Dickey.

  20. Good thing Cowgill likes to swing at pitches that are unhittably high.

  21. Sweep the leg Dusty.,Sweep the leg.

  22. Mastro made that look interesting

  23. Sweet TV dive

  24. bender here and he buckles him.

  25. Dustin is getting stonger.

  26. MUNI!!!

  27. holy fuck

  28. KAWA-SAKI!

  29. Woooooow!

  30. Holy shit Muni…he looked like Lawrie out there.

  31. Spirit animal x 100000000!!!!!!!


  33. Holy shit Muni, nice spirit animal circus catch. that was so needed

  34. Turn, you motherfucking worm!!! TURN!!!!!

  35. Side note, this movie is a classic

  36. Forgot that was only the 8th for some reason

  37. Thole is hitting 273?
    How often does he face lefties like tonight?

  38. I’ll admit it. Reyes looked good tonight haha. #understatement

  39. I feel like I stepped into the wayback machine – way back to May.

  40. Wow. Reyes looks pissed at the baseball.

  41. Reyes going to run here?

  42. Not with a. 4 run lead. That leads to bean balls being thrown

  43. Dusty hit 99 on the gun… that gave me wood.

  44. So, yay for pitching eh?

  45. What is with the never ending stable of lefties?!

  46. Woo! Win!

  47. Yay! Wins!

  48. Holy Shit what just happened?

  49. We won! Gained ground on ‘erbody!

  50. Time to go to the standings page and wait for them to refresh. Oh how I have missed this.

  51. Does this mean we can’t hit righties now?

  52. Well Bautista is going to make AA spend money on bats if he won’t on players.

    Fired up.

    Now let’s go on a run.

  53. Dickey’s ERA is 3.86

    *sheds single tear*

  54. Wouldn’t mind a few more like this.

  55. Except the Rays, I think? Unless you’re not counting them anymore.

  56. Also the Bisons lose so they and the Jays no longer have the same record

  57. Hopefully the Dickey effect will help Stroman tomorrow.

  58. O’s game gets postponed to August, that takes a way an off day for them in the dog days of summer.

  59. - Dickey pitched like a boss
    - Reyes played like a boss
    - McGowan hit 99 on the gun
    - I love Nolan Reimold aka Rosewood
    - I watched the Angels broadcast so I didn’t have to listen to Buck and Tabby polishing Trout’s knob.

    Twas a good game. I hope they keep it up!!!

  60. Listening to Jays talk is just fucking weird

  61. Great to see RA bear down, Reyes make contact, JB leading by example and Gibby once again making all the right moves. Leads to wins everytime.
    Pitcher wins count!

  62. I like angry Jbau. Gifs would be dope.

  63. We need a new third base coach,he does not seem to comprehend game situations.Send a guy maybe there if there,s two out but he seems to get too excited and overreacts.

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