There is literally no way I’m watching this afternoon’s Jays game. Not with a damn World Cup semi-final going on, and a menu of krokets, herring, and heartbreak on tap. And it’s a shame, too, because somewhere around the middle of last night’s win, this team actually looked vaguely watchable again! So… there’s that.

Hup Jays Hup!

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  1. Nice Melky.

  2. Another difference between Mickey Mantle + Mike Trout? Mantle got his rocks off with random chicks, Trout gets his junk slobbered on by Buck + Tabby.

  3. If they challenge, i am sure we would lose !

  4. You watching Colby? That’s how you position yourself for a throw at home.

  5. Mike Trownout

  6. I’ll be on the floor laughing if they review it and call him safe

  7. Please re-sign Melky AA. PLEASE

  8. really? a challenge on that?

  9. fuck off scocia, and your grotesquely swollen jaw. don’t review that.

  10. if they overturn that, there is officially a conspiracy

  11. Stroman’s not fooling them at all today

  12. Good D!

  13. I hate giving runs right back

  14. Wilson’s pitch count is such that he may not be in the game long enough to allow us to get back into it!! Come on! 130 pitches ain’t too much!

  15. C’mon Mastro…get hit by a pitch!

  16. This is not beautiful baseball today.

  17. Let Kawasaki swing away the way he’s been hitting

  18. this is gonna be one for those games where we leave 21 runners stranded

  19. Kawasaki ain’t just a motorcycle!

  20. D’oh!

    • Just from listening to Bautista you can tell he is a thinker!

      Does anyone think that Reyes is smart or just a physical specimen dripping with talent?

  21. should have been bunting with the speed at 2nd….need to manufacture runs

  22. i actually would’ve been ok there with a sac bunt considering the batter and who was up next

  23. Fuck, c’mon Tolleson

  24. Just from listening to Bautista you can tell he is a thinker!

    Does anyone think that Reyes is smart or just a physical specimen dripping with talent?

  25. here comes another RWI

  26. Make them pay the toll!!

  27. Wilson sucks.

  28. Well that’s a freebie

  29. Cj wilson taking his time isnt so bad when he throws like this

  30. Toll has been paid. Now get Bautista to the plate!


  32. I was still thinking dinner shouldnt’ run

  33. REally sloppy ball by Angels so far. Mastro should’ve hit into a DP, and that was a very makeable play for Wilson


  35. Don’t pay the toll man! Til he gets you to the other side!


  37. Holy shit, they’re ahead!


  38. You get an error!
    You get an error!
    Everyone gets an error!

  39. Sometimes ugly is necessary to turn a slump around.

    • Oh, I’ll take it, don’t get me wrong, but this ain’t crisp. Neither side seems to want to win.

  40. I hope we get to keep sniffing Wilson’s hair FOREVER.

  41. Things are going our way!!?

  42. The sun is bright and its hot.

  43. maybe the baseball gods are giving us a little love

  44. Tolleson has made me eat my words. Good job.

  45. What the EFF!

  46. ..reverse…Cowgill? Anybody? Is this thing on? Jeez, tough crowd.

  47. Can you have the infield fly rule on a foul ball?

    I don’t think that’s correct.

  48. And it’s a day game after a late celebratory evening last night so errors may come. Just one game in 162! They can’t all be Degas!

  49. Interesting factoid… Anyone remember who they beat to get their 20-4 run started off back in May?

    Yep, C.J. Wilson.

    Let’s hope this is a good omen for another extended hot stretch!

  50. Love me some Reimold!

  51. Reimoldtastic!



  54. Rosewood!!

  55. I love the Reimold Era it’s full of delicious runs!!!

  56. Get Him A Body Bag! Yeeeaaaah!

  57. CJ’s running out of balls to get hit…the power of no whiffs!

  58. Judge Reimold has laid down his sentence… you’re outta here, CJ Wilson!

  59. Can Reimold play center? Once all the horses are back I wouldn’t be opposed to a Colby/Reimold platoon in the outfield with a Tolleson/Fransisco platoon in the infield, Lawrie bounces between 2nd and 3rd.

    Hell I wouldn’t even hate a Muni/Tolleson platoon.

  60. Reimold = Reil Deal

  61. Is cam’s father the old Minnesota closer?

    • Not sure if he played in Minnesota, but yes Steve Bedrosian’s son. Steve mainly played for ATL and PHI.

    • You’re right, Steve did play in Minnesota for one year. Played in Atlanta for 5 years and Philly for 4, then SF for 2 before that one year in Minny then played his final three years in Atlanta..

      • Didn’t he win a cy young?

        • Splitter was his out pitch I think

        • He did, indeed. 1987 with the Phillies, though I don’t see why he did as his numbers that season were rather pedestrian (to be fair, the competition for the Cy Young balloting that year wasn’t exactly scintillating).

  62. Trout wears a dress shirt to the supermarket.

  63. When is the last time the jays scored 5 runs in an inning?

  64. Stroman stopped blowing bubbles while in the act of pitching. When he first came up he did that.

  65. What happened to Freese? Its like both St. Louis and LA lost that trade. Ouch!

  66. Stro is fighting himself

  67. Tanaka 15 day dl for Yankees with right elbow inflammation. Throw splitters much? Ouch!

  68. They are hitting Stroman HARD, don’t let the kid get knocked around today, bullpen is rested

  69. Just checked the box, saw that my man Rosewood is doing his thing.

    The Reimold ERA!

    Have a beer for me boys.

    • Just checked the box score myself, working is for suckers, sadly I’m one of them, but doubles? They’re made for Rosewood!!

  70. That’s all on Kratz, BS wild pitch call


  72. I’m really tired of wild pitches.

  73. gee, who could have predicted that

  74. Rats!

  75. Santa Maria! That’s what happens when you don’t have a breaking ball all day! :(

  76. I’m actually ok with Stroman having a bad game, as long as we win.

    I think he’s the type to respond well to adversity, and he hadn’t had much lately.

  77. Redmond to the rescue!

  78. This is one UGLY baseball game

  79. Gibby giving the haters ammunition today, horrible bunts and left stroman in Way too long

    • Haters hate! Ammunition or no!

    • Stroman needed one more out, didn’t get it. I don’t blame Gibby and it’s early yet

      • No he had already given up 7 hits and control was getting worse. Then another awful bunt – Can you even move Dinner over on a bunt? Seriously I like Gibby but today has been awful.

  80. Do you think kole Calhoun speaks with a southern drawl possibly?

  81. 0-0 game boys!

  82. I think we could all agree that Stroman was due for some negative regression. Just the part of being a young stud pitcher. He’ll bounce back.

  83. Here comes Cletus!

  84. Don’t know about you guys, but I REALLY want to win this game…..we deserve to win this game

    • No one deserves to win this game. I think it only barely qualifies as baseball.

      • Baseball gods have been giving us the lucky bounces we haven’t received during this slump…that’s what I meant

  85. Dinner looks slimmer

  86. Son of Steve! Walk of shame! No cy young today!

  87. That’s it burn your only lefty… Lind is salivating onto his beard

  88. Show Gibby up, Colby!

  89. Why was rasmus kept out of the start only to be called up to face a lefty?

  90. Seems like a pretty big tactical mistake by Scoscia. Yeah you might get Colby out but he’left prob be up 2-3 more times, and we can get Lind in there soon to get 2-3 AB’s

  91. Was the base on balls the plan all along?

  92. FUCK

  93. why bunt when Dinner is the man on 2nd….

  94. stop fucking bunting

  95. That didn’t look like the short swing Reyes was displaying earlier

  96. C’mon Hoss…

  97. How many is that LOB?

  98. Francisco has one huge, long, looping swing and the best he can do is hit it far if he runs into one.

    He just isn’t a good hitter

  99. Man both teams are giving this game away

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