There is literally no way I’m watching this afternoon’s Jays game. Not with a damn World Cup semi-final going on, and a menu of krokets, herring, and heartbreak on tap. And it’s a shame, too, because somewhere around the middle of last night’s win, this team actually looked vaguely watchable again! So… there’s that.

Hup Jays Hup!

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  1. Off topic
    Do the Yankees have the prospects for a David price type pitcher?

    • I think there’s only one Price like pitcher that’s available, and that’s Price.

      And no, the Yanks do not have enough to get him

      • Some guy I saw was suggesting Bettances, but thats about it and i don’t think they’d part with the kid.

  2. I know Jose is a grown man who knows his own body, but man, I’d feel better if he skipped the Home Run Derby

  3. Bautista should be on first

  4. So we PH Lind for Dinner right? Get him 2 AB’s at least.

    • Shit… Forgot Dinner is the DH… He’s got 2 hits today. Offense-wise you’d rather do Kratz for Lind

      • Maybe save Lind for Kratz’s last AB then you can put Thole in to catch? That’s the other option

      • Yeah I know, Dinner is the only place. You can’t take out Kawa or Kratz or Reimold, it has to be dinner.

        He’s having a good game, but Lind is an elite hitter vs. RHP. You don’t bat Dinner over him in a game that’s tied that you really, really want to win.

        • Guess they’re going with Dinner……

          And it paid off. Still don’t think it was the right move at the time, but going with the hot hand pays off.

  5. Reimold was a really nice pickup by AA. I’m a firm believer in the change of scenary guy, and he just looks like a guy who can hit. It’s that much sweeter if we can hurt baltimore with him.

  6. Reimold!

  7. Kratz is NOT having a good game in any way shape or form…

  8. Donair!

  9. navarro might just be our most clutch hitter

  10. Nice!


  12. Colby… so close.

  13. Good piece by Colby

  14. That was a ball but the ump called worse on Jose

  15. Nice job by Redmond, Nice grunt by Tabler on the groundball to Reyes

  16. Muni:

    “Life is short, so why not just enjoy the game?”

  17. Pompey had two hits including a homer and 3 RBIs today, hopefully starting to bust out of the slump he was in

  18. Still early I know but Muni seems to have upped his game. I’m ok with him at 2B til the next Robbie comes along…as long as he keeps his bat going.

  19. OT, going into PK’s at the WC

    • Some kinda weird soccer code I think…

    • I fucking hate penalty kicks, they should play until someone scores a real goal.

      • Funny – literally the only thing I like about soccer [okay - other than the hot bods - I'm like Tabby in that respect] is penalty kicks. It’s the only time I’ll watch. If soccer was just this I would probably give up baseball forever.

      • I agree, was just thinking that. Desperate soccer is far more exciting then PK’s.

        • At least it doesn’t let the refs screw anything up, but I don’t care much for soccer anyways

          • That sucks, Netherlands is out.

            On the bright side, Stoeten comes back to baseball.

            • For the record, penalty kicks are the worst way to decide game regardless of who wins and I posted this before NED lost.

              • Thank God South Park episode #74 was on tonight or this day would have been a total ass rape. At least yesterday we got to enjoy the finest Brazilian futballers balling on das tube. Perhaps if Stoeten could flip Zaunie a double-dime to hold down Campbell so he could give him on old school “Sanduskian” could ease the pain of this 1-9 road to sink the local 9 into back door of the AL Least. There I feel better. Thanks y’all. Anybody got any papes?.

  20. Imagine baseball if 9-inning ties were settled by homerun contests. Settling a game by playing an entirely different game makes no sense to me.

  21. Mike Trout drives a Honda Del Sol.

  22. So I guess Argentina’s plan in the final is to play 11 back and just wait for the shootout.

  23. Mike Trout knows what happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight but won’t tell anyone.

  24. Fuck..I really got the sense that Colby could’ve had that.


  26. Gose catch that?

  27. Typical jays. They wont get another runner on the rest of the way

  28. That Albert Pujols is a pretty good hitter.

  29. Why is Kratz still batting? What is wrong with sending Thole up there to get an inning started?

  30. Mike Trout bullies John McDonald!

  31. Mike Trout brought halal food to his friends shabbat potluck.

  32. So if AA makes no trades what will you people here think of the state of the jays?

  33. Meat of the order up for the Jays in the 9th.

  34. Losing by a few inches here… Damn

  35. Fuck this umpire. The count should be 3-2 on Kawasaki.

  36. given the mistaken call on Reyes at home, why are the Jays not playing the game under protest?

  37. Mike Trout thinks Munenori is Chinese!

  38. Ugh, such a wasted opportunity especially especially when you realize that this struggling offense had scored few runs the past week

    Hopefully the trop doesn’t result in having a 1-9 road trip of death

    Go jays!

    • I hate this fucking pitching to the save horssshit. Why the fuck have loup facing trout and pujols

  39. This is great…the AL East curse continues!

    From MLBTR:

    “The Yankees have officially placed right-hander Masahiro Tanaka on the disabled list with what they’ve termed right elbow inflammation for the time being….”

  40. sigh – sometimes I just hate watching this team.

    The bats finally come around and the pitching goes to shit. They are hard to cheer for at times.

  41. It’s kind of crazy how fucked our hitting with men on base has been the past few weeks.

    We left 30 men on base this game. Holy fucking shitballs!

    Everyone sacrifice a calf to the regression gods. The more the better.

    • If you counted 30 LOB you are doing it wrong.

      • CBS Sportsline’s boxscore has it as a total of 30 runners LOB – they count it each time somebody fails to drive in a runner. Kratz was the worst offender with 6 LOB during his 0-for-5 performance.

        • There were 12 men left on base. Team LOB is the stat you are looking for. You can’t just add up each men LOB and say that’s the number of men LOB. Just say it and it sounds wrong

  42. Anyone else still wondering how they didn’t win this game?

    • Stroman was bad. Didnt get the big hit when needed. Bullpen was not great as well but asking them to pitch 6 scoreless innings is a lot.

  43. Lind fracture, going to DL

  44. We’re only 3 games back now…why does it seems more like ten? Reimold has provided a spark so far. I wonder if Wilner is making him out to be the second coming of Joe Carter yet…..

    • Hes actually a very good 4th OF, bench bat. They could have used him earlier in the season.

    • I have heard Wilner rip Joe Carter on the air about his stats. I guess his WAR is more important than his two world series rings

  45. The 20th anniversary almanac “Finding Ways to Lose Games You Should Win” by the Toronto Blue Jays (1994-2014)

  46. Good part about these last 7 games is you did not have a healthy Bautista, Reyes, Encarnacion, Lind or Lawrie in the lineup. None of the games were really that out of reach.

  47. Blue Jays are a joke right? How can a team’s medical staff be so incompetent. Pathetic.

    • Just saw that. WOW. Linds mom knows better than the training staff. At a certain point, even stoeten cant defend the incompetence.

      • stupid comments.

        its up to the fucking player to say hey, this is bothering me lets check this out.

        you think the training stuff is going to check every booboo and owie.

        fuck you guys treat these players like they are fucking children. Lind tried to play through what he thought was nothing, turns out he should have gotten it checked out sooner.

  48. Jays scored a lot of runs, but the pitching sucked. Pitching does well, but the hitting sucks.

  49. Wow. Lind got an MRI on the advice of his fucking Mom. What a fucking joke of an organization.

  50. Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB ·13 mins
    Gibbons: “Stupid play in the first inning, we don’t tell the guy to slide, lose by one run. You have to be into the game

    Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB ·13 mins
    Gibbons:”We’ve lost a lot of one-run games, stupid stuff, not making a routine play or something stupid. That’s cost us way too many times

    Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB ·13 mins
    Gibbons: “I can’t say it’s been the road trip, it’s been all year. It seems like every now and then we do something stupid

    Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB ·14 mins
    Gibbons: “That goes way back to when you’re a Little League kid. Your job in the on-deck circle is to tell the guy, let’s go

    All is not happiness and sunshine in Blue Jay land

    • Gibby is frustrated as he should be. This is not his fault at all. He has made some questionable bullpen decisions but I think he has been very good for the most part. Its a flawed roster.

    • But the sad thing is it may not be Gibby’s fault, but he is going to be fired at the end of the year because of this

    • Gibby is sounding like a guy
      who might not be back after the ASB.
      Too bad, its not his fault.

  51. maybe they would look at soriano now? is he worth taking a chance on? or no?

    • Had my little say on this yesterday but I think only davesteibslider agreed with me. I would. For a net cost of , now about 2.33m for the rest of the year -WTF. After watching the likes of Brad Glenn and matrowhatever in person, along with Diaz, Pillar, Getz et al why the fuk not?

    • Reimold has looked decent enough and Johnson can fill in for lind

    • Hm. Wouldn’t have said so ordinarily, but these are desperate times. He still had power as recently as last year.

      • reyes ss
        cabrera lf
        bautista 1b
        rasmus cf
        soriano dh
        reimold rf
        navarro c
        francisco 3b
        kawasaki 2b

        Once Eddy came back, he’d have to psuedo-platoon with someone. (Francisco with Bautista at 3B? Rasmus with Bautista in CF?) Or, you know, hit the curb.

  52. Now you really need a corner infielder. Need a third baseman and Francisco takes Lind’s role or you call up Johnson which requires a 40 man spot

    Can you DFA Gillespie while he’s on the DL?

    • You can’t, but you could move him to the 60 if you wanted to free up a 40 man slot. Or just move some of the other guys — don’t think Lawrie or Morrow will be back this year.

      • You can’t assume Lawrie or Morrow won’t be back though, but if their injury timelines match up with their 15 day DL dates and a 60 day DL’ing would work, then that’s an idea

        • Morrow already on 60 day DL and Lawrie due back eom, so no to both.
          Gileespie will be DFA’d in time ( 12 days). While Johnson may indeed be called up, he has always been a poor MLBer the miracle shot he hit for Tampa notwithstanding.I guess it doesn’t matter if Buffalo has any players left anyways.
          Forward…something or other

  53. Wilner with interesting idea

    Send Stroman down to minors

    Frees up a roster spot

    He is eligible to come back third game post ASB

    Which is likely when he wolf next pitch anyway

  54. Guys.. if someone had asked you if you would have taken 3 games back coming into the ASB in April you would have ripped their arm out of their socket you’d shake on it so fast. Wilner made this point and he’s bang on.

    Can’t focus on the streaks, you gotta see the big picture. This is a hell of a fun season. It was never gonna be wire to wire. AA not being allowed to add any payroll even made it MORE fun since it’s an ‘us against them’, ‘haves against have-nots’ type story.

    GO Jays :) :)

    • Okay if we’re looking at the big picture then the Jays need to, at minimum, get to 88 wins this year to get a postseason slot (in my opinion). That means from this point forward they need to go 40-29 over the rest of the season. They need to do this with Edwin realistically missing 15 or so games, Lawrie missing about the same and Lind missing about 50 of them. At the moment Bautista and Reyes are playing hurt as well so they’re not at 100%. If the pitching keeps doing reasonably well and no one else gets hurt it’s possible, but it’s starting to look a lot less likely, hope I’m wrong.

      • Dan Johnson being called up to replace Lind should be a no brainer.

        This lineup can still produce some runs in interim w Reyes, Bautista, Cabrera, johnson & Reimhold, Colby (needs to fucking pick it up) etc..

        • Why would they bring up the IL HR leader when they can sift thru the garbage can of the 29 other team to fill the post.

  55. Maybe Lind had to wait for players to defer enough salary to pay for the MRI.

  56. Im drinking babies. American greed. Canteen superstar glazses. Mamamia. Bachelor, 110%.

  57. Are they fucked, or not fucked? I’m starting to think they’re fucked.

    Calling up these AAAA position players from Buffalo is an eerie parallel to the scrubs we saw spot starting in the rotation last year around mid summer.

    This team just seems snake bitten.

    • No such thing .

      • You make you’re own luck, to a degree.

        Last couple of seasons the issue has been a lack of pitching depth. (e.g. enter Laffey)

        This year, lack of position player depth, esp. infielders. Everyone knew this going into the season.

        Truly hope they are not fucked.

  58. With the Lind fiasco likely being swept under the rug, instead of convening a congressional hearing to find out just what the fuck is going on here, bring up Dan Johnson to play first, put Bautista back in RF, flip RyeMould over to left, slide Melky to CF and give Rasmus a fresh box of buckshot. It’s all that could make this sink into the basement, at least, palatable.

  59. I want to beat that smile off of jose reyes face so badly. 3 more years of this? ever game he makes a fool of himself. wait till the next homestand. If the jays keep playing like this there will be riots in the stands.

    • Don’t kid yourself.. One “funny” video of him dancing with Muni and he’s back in the fans’ good graces.

      Full on Kawasaki PR tour to run out the year. Fav those tweets people.

    • When you say “keeps playing like this” do you mean the .888 OPS over the last 15 games? Or the seven times he’s been on base the last two days? Or the 4 fWAR he’s put up in 169 games with the Jays?

      Or… do you just not like smiles? That probably makes the most sense.

      • how bout the mental errors that cost them an out or a run, about every other game the last week. He’s a good hitter for a SS, but that salary is gonna kill the jays when he’s only a 2.5 WAR per year player

        • The recent mental errors have been frustrating… but those are factored into WAR as well, since they’re reflected as negatives in baserunning and defense.

          Based on a couple studies, the value of a win on the open market right now is between $6.2 and $7 million. That means a 2.5 WAR player would be worth $15.5 and $17.5 million per year. Inflation in baseball salaries has been about 10% over the last decade, so that means a 2.5 WAR player from 2015-2017 would be worth between $51.3 and $57.9 million over the next three years. In that time, Reyes will make $66 million. That’s not a good deal, but it’s not a deal that kills a team, either.

          All of that ignores the fact that Reyes isn’t a 2.5 WAR player yet.

          • Fair enough, but I think his days of 4 WAR are over, I know he’s supposed to be in his prime but I think his body is just too beat down, and he’s trying to overcompensate a bit. still I guess the deal isn’t terrible if he can be a 3-3.5 War player, but I think that is even being optimistic.

            Also I don’t think being in the 7 mill per WAR range is good, seeing as contracts like Texeria and Ryan howard, likely skew that average a lot. I know there are Mike trouts and Puig like players, but think there are likely more players getting paid more thant they’re worth that players getting paid less.

            • also according to baseball reference, his average WAR over the last 5 seasons is 2.62 per season

              • Fangraphs has him at a 3.3 WAR average over the last 5 years (and if we’re talking about talent alone, he’s at 4.2 WAR per 150 games… his numbers have been dragged down by injuries). He not going to be a bargain, but if he can even stay relatively healthy (~120-130 games a year) then I don’t think it will be a bad contract.

                • if he can play 120-130 games a year I’m fine with him, problem is he already played a 96 game season, so for him to bring that average up to 120 for his time with the jays, for the remainder of this contract he’ll need to stay pretty dame healthy. Also I don’t see him getting healthier as the years go on playing on turf.

                  • I’m just talking about going forward… 2015-17.

                    • well I would predict 2.8 WAR average per season, over the next 3 years, at 22 mil per. That might be untradeable. And to think when this trade happened it was the Buerhle contract that looked like the burden. 19 mil for one more year, pretty much guaranteed a +3 WAR per year

  60. We all agree this ‘Adam Lind’s Mom’ thing Is pretty embarrassing for the Jays medical staff, yes?

    I was among those who chalked the Jays injury woes the last couple years up to bad luck. But this at least makes you cast a sideways look at it, does it not?

  61. One of The Yankees’ announcers claimed that the Jays were cursed a few years back. Well the Bronx Bums have lost 4 of starting pitchers this year after spending a gazillion dollars. Not to mention their position players being old and/or on the DL. The Jays have had quite a few position player injuries however Brandon Morrow is the injury to the starting pitching staff. Everyone knows that Morrow is injury prone/soft to begin with. It was a fait accompli that he would end up on the DL what else has he done during his Jays’ tenure.

  62. While I agree that Lind getting an MRI because his mom told him to is hilarious, how about the medical staff? Absolutely fucking stupid. How the fuck could you have a player with a fucked up foot due to a foul ball and not fucking think about getting an MRI done? That I would call hilarious.

    What a joke.

  63. If I were the Jays I’d D the fuck A Mastro already and get Gose and Johnson up here ASAP.

    Johnson can split time at 1b with Bau until he’s healthy enough to resume full time RF duties.

    Johnson has a career .240/.340 line against lefties, fuck I’ll more than take that

    Gose should be starting in LF and Rasmus in CF as the defense has been atrocious of late, especially in lieu of the fact that the left side of the field has been awful without Lawrie. Francisco at 3rd, Reyes at SS . . . this has exposed Melk’s subpar defense and made everything all the more worse. Putting Gose in LF would alleviate the slow moving Juan at 3b, since right now you need his bat in the lineup.

    Melky then can get reps at DH

    If Rasmus has a wonky wrist, I still would take Gose in CF anyday over Mastro or whoever the fuck else AA scrapes off the bottom of his shoe. Jays have lost so many 1 run games and a lot of those could have been prevented with a better defense and superior baserunning.

    • #freepillar

      • Please, so we don’t have to hear about him anymore. It’s not like Pillar has done anything useful at the MLB level. SSS of course, but 151 career PA and 4 walks, none of which came this year? I’ll take my chances with Gose.

    • Lefties:

      Johnson – 1b
      Bau – DH
      Melk – :LF
      Tolleson – 3b


      Gose – LF
      Melk – DH
      Bau – 1b
      Juan – 3b

      2b will still be a hole offensively against lefties, but at least you have better D with Kawa and Tolleson platoon.

      I would roll with this set-up until Lawrie returns, keeps Bau’s legs fresh splitting time between 1b and DH, gives Reimold reps in RF as I think he can and will be a valuable contributor, improves the defense with Gose and adds a better lefty bat with Johnson in the lineup

      I could handle 2 weeks of that roster and I think the Jays can scrape some wins out if they really want to maximize the splits.

      Rasmus should be playing everyday, dude’s playing for a contract FFS

  64. Devo would have caught that ball…..

    Let Rasmus walk.

  65. If you’re a player with a no-trade clause, would you waive it to come to Toronto when you hear players’ moms are making medical decisions?

    And you’re seeing baserunning blunders on a too-frequent basis?

    • we have been seeing base running blunders for the past 5 years (including the Farrell years) Just let it play out and when this team does not make the playoffs, fire Gibbons and AA.

      • Anthopoulos’ big Achilles heel as a GM has been development. He’s drafted well but where is the minor league depth to carry this team? In addition, when Butter was the “infield coach”, the defense was suspect. So the minor league players are not being instructed properly and Anthopoulos seems to have a penchant for collecting players(the stray dogs of baseball ) that have low or underachieving baseball IQs(Escobar,Reyes and Rasmus are three examples that quickly come to mind).

        • That “baseball IQ” bit is horseshit.

          • So is the baserunning blunders thing. We assume the Jays are particularly bad because we see every single one of them by watching every game, and we weigh the mistakes much more heavily that we weigh the good plays. The Jays’ BsR score on Fangraphs is exactly 0, which puts them 16th in the league. Boston, on the other hand, is running away with the Shitty Baserunning title this year at -9.8. Does anyone question why a player would waive to go to Boston?

          • Have you watched Reyes and Rasmus fuck up enough times to dispute that they are not playing to their potential. When a player of Reyes’ caliber gets picked up a base his baseball smarts are very low.I had the opportunity to watch him with The Mets for so many years down in NYC. When he walked there were many fans who didn’t care if he won the batting title or not. They didn’t want someone with a low baseball IQ dancing around like a goofball and getting injured . You can deny what you want about baseball IQ but players like Rasmus,Escobar and Reyes play well below their considerable skill sets.

            • Bullshit. Prove it.
              You’re saying this because the team is losing. That’s it.

            • So Reyes has a low baseball IQ because he’s a goofball who has fun on the field and gets injured?

            • I call bullshit on the Mets fans not liking Reyes stuff too. I have a job that takes me to NYC quite a bit, and caught a lot of Mets games. He was loved by the fans there…although I’m sure there was a selection of fans who make shit up about players intelligence and character when they’re upset about the team not winning.

        • The whole “infield coach” thing is a misnomer. An “infield coach” is simply a position created so guys can have a job title and stay in the game. I’m not saying it’s useless. I assume all these minor “coaches” form a braintrust with the manager and act as an advisor/sounding board type thing. There is value in that.

          But Butters, or any “infield coach” is not at any point taking the guys between games and going over how to field a grounder or anything. Very little “coaching” is every done at the big league level. These guys are expected to know how to play.

          • An infield coach could tweak a player’s defensive approach the same way a hitting coach helps batters make adjustments. I feel like we all have this perception that good defensive players are always good defensive players and not prone to slumps and adjustments, but I really don’t think that’s true. The best defensive players in the game are going to go through slumps where their footwork is a bit off or their getting poor reads or they just can’t get the ball out of the glove cleanly. There are things that even the best defensive players have to work on.

            • but the best defensive players don’t repeat the same mistakes (Barry Larkin, Cal Ripken, Derek Jeter). This team repeats every year with poor base running, failing to lay down a bunt or missing the cut off man with a throw. It is such a cluster fuck right now I don’t know if there is a true answer to fix this

              • I don’t think I can accurately express how perfect it is that you included Derek Jeter’s name in that post. Thank you.

                • your welcome Philbert

                • Philbert, can you explain how the BsR is measured? I honestly hadn’t heard of it before.

                  • It factors in all in-play baserunning situations (runners taking/not taking an extra base or getting thrown out, trailing runners advancing, tagging up on fly balls, staying out of double plays, advancing from second on a ground ball, etc.) and combines that with stolen base runs. It’s basically showing how many runs a team gains/loses on the bases.

                    Again, the Jays are at exactly 0, which is league average. The link below describes -6 as “Awful”, and the Red Sox are -9.8, which I guess would be considered… horrendous?


            • Agreed. Add to the fact that players who come up through the system are not great at defense speaks to the fact that the GM has selected players that are weak in that area. In addition, development is under his charge as well. What amazing defensive players has Anthopoulos drafted and developed?

              • He targeted and developed Gose specifically for his defense. He drafted and developed Pillar, who is very good defensively. Dalton Pompey has a great defensive reputation.

                Keep in mind, as has been pointed out time and time again, most of the players drafted in AA’s FIRST draft as GM are now 21-22 years old. Most people seem to have little concept of what the development process entails for baseball players.

                • Gose, can’t hit for shit and makes mental mistakes

                  Pillar instant out

                  Pompey never seen the guy play

                  I think AA drafting is suspect at most. Does anyone have any numbers on the scouting budget for the Jays? What are they looking at in selecting their future players? I hope it is not sitting at The Rogers Centre reading pages of stats. That line of thinking ruins a ball club

                  • You asked for examples of defensive players. When I gave those, you ruled them out for non-defensive reasons. So… what do you actually want?

                    Again, how can you say his drafting is suspect when most of the players he drafted in 2010 (again, his first draft as GM) aren’t even of an age where they could reasonably be expected to contribute at the major league level?

                    Look at that draft alone: Sanchez, Syndergaard, Nicolino, Nolin and Pompey have all seen their names on Top-100 prospect lists in the last year and a half.

                    When your strategy is to focus on drafting talented high school players, you have to be patient.

                  • I’ll take Pillar against LHP over the shit they’ve been trotting into that outfield

          • In fact Butter did it with Snider on his fielding and throwing but that was more of a corrective thing. He also helped Lind at 1b.

        • AAs took a misstep by starting the contention window too early before the milb guys were ready to support a veteran core. Not to mention the trade route vs FA route depleted the potential depth.

          Imagine if the marlins and mets trades were not made. Jays could be fielding a competitive team now with a couple extra FA pickups last offseason and this upcoming one. Would have lots of young players on roster with years of control left. A couple trades like those with that imaginary team here now and the jays would have had a full supporting cast and not the depth issues we have seen the last two years.

          The happ trade although not really significant in terms of players was a turning point in terms of abandoning the plan which has hurt the teams prospects. Staying the course would have been a better idea. I realize ee and Bautista are aging superstars but would have been much better off starting the contention window and raising payroll in earnest next year

          • I disagree on the Happ trade. I don’t think it was a matter of abandoning a plan. I think the Jays had a ton of prospects that they were no longer very high on so they packaged them together for someone who could contribute to the major league roster. If the Jays had 4-5 prospects that they don’t expect to ever play in the majors, I have no issues with them sending them all away in a trade for a current MLB-calibre player.

          • I call bullshit on that observation.
            How can you say that if the Mets/Marlins trades had not occurred – that scenario X immediately follows?
            What’s Hechy doing in the leagues right now? Where’s D’arnaud these days? Syndergaard might be a keeper, but he’s a year or two away from being any kind of starter – let alone an “impact” player. Is Alvarez Henderson THAT much of an improvement from what the Jays have right now?
            I guess the point is to win while you have a chance. When you had a core like JBats, Edwin, Lind, Rasmus and Lawrie – that’s a pretty good core to build around. When those traded players reached a level of maturity and proficiency, JBats and EE are on the downside of their effectiveness.
            I see your point, though…I hated to see those prospects go as well. But the deal is to win – and you make moves when you think you can.
            There’s no guarantees though. Sometimes the dice come up snake-eyes for you. Waddagonnado?

            • Hech is hitting for a higher average than Reyes and a far superior defender .. Not to mention much cheaper and younger

              Sure Reyes is better but the opportunity cost in terms of what you could have done with the extra money makes Hech more valuable

              As far as darnauld goes. .. He just want deep yesterday and is turning it around

  66. Someone on Sportsnet actually called him Gobbons!

    Richard Narduzzi · Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador
    More stupid stuff comes from Reyes and Gobbons himself.Very inept when times are rough.Troubles are emanating from top and filtering down thru team.Breaks my heart to watch

  67. Gibby is a troll

  68. Gomes and Aviles sure would be useful these days.

    • So could Syndergaard and darniad as trade chips

      • they’re gone…let them go

        • “Man, I sure wish we hadn’t traded those prospects to improve our starting pitching. If we had hung onto them, we would be able to trade them to improve our starting pitching!”

    • No, Tolleson is outperforming Aviles this year (which isn’t saying much)

      • I like Tolleson. I’m still waiting on that Tolleson action figure.

        It is too bad the Rogers trade didn’t work out (to date). I’m still hopeful he’ll end up being at least a useful trade chip. They’ve stretched him back out in Buffalo and he’s actually been doing OK. If memory serves he’s only given up a 1 HR since being sent down.

  69. Never heard of darniad before? Must be a Low A guy.

  70. I mistakenly clicked on a TSN link regarding the Blue Jays. Happen every now and then. The absolute moronic dogshit these retard vomit all over the page makes me shed a single tear for the fate of the human race.

    • Why would you do such a thing?

      They probably don’t even realize that they are living in the early days of the Reimold Era.

    • “AA is so stupid he should trade Reyes, Rasmus and Dickey for Price”

  71. holy shit you the toronto “sky is falling” fans are out in full force.
    Reality is they are in a position to win the division still. there is still half the games to play. Baltimore has a shit schedule out of the break.
    You are lucky enough to HAVE THE ONLY CANADIAN MLB TEAM!!! GET BEHIND THEM!!

    and..Jose Reyes is an excellent SS, they havent given him many off days and the mistakes are probably driven from that mostly. Strange that the injury to Izturis has hurt this team so much IMO.

    You gotta believe in your team people..dont give up at the half way mark 3 games down FFS..

    • Kawasaki is currently giving this team a fine replacement 2B. Over a full season he’s a 1.8-2 WAR player, doubt izturis would’ve done better. If everyone else was healthy, nobody would be worried about 2B.

      • Izturis over his career certainly offers more, definitely a 2 WAR player, but at this point in their careers you might get more from Kawasaki although the age differences are almost moot

        nevertheless, 1 WAR would put Jays in the middle of the pack in all of MLB, could be much worse, but also not asking much for AA to improve that spot

        but the platoon of Tolly/Kawa/Lawrie at 2b has been substantially better than last year’s 2b rotation

    • LMAO
      the new breed of troll : THE REVERSE TROLL

    • next thing you know kevdog’s going to be telling us why buck martinez is such a great announcer … & about the benefits of astroturf

      • AstroTurf is turrific fur shurr and sinchresting as you menchinned this sayzin

      • no i cannot endorse Buck and Tabbys call game or astro turf.
        but cman, Reyes still a top SS in the league IMO, i dont get all the hate..

  72. Pipe dreaming here……. but keeping in mind the contract price and length, acquisition cost (let’s assume the Jays have enough assets and cash), and current team need (and moving forward who would you rather the Jays get…..

    Troy Tulowitzki


    Adrián Beltré?

    • Beltre could be had .. But jays won’t pony up yen money to take him

    • Looking in terms of best fit of team needs, I’d go with Adrian Beltre. Not as expensive in the long term, better health history, right-handed masher, Gold Glove third baseman (Lawrie can go to second)… fills so many needs.

      Tulo? I’d love to have him, but he doesn’t fill the 3B/2B need that we have at the moment and I don’t think Reyes would go quietly to one of these two positions to make room for Tulo.

      Looking at contracts, Tulo’s locked up until 2021 for a total of $114M while Beltre’s got one more year at 18M after this one with a $16M vesting option in 2016. Rogers will like Beltre’s contract by comparison.

  73. Kawasaki is more of a 1 WAR player (per year). Doesn’t hit well enough to be a 2 WAR player. I think Tolleson is more of a 1.5 WAR player. Same with Reimold.

    Francisco is awfully close to his #’s last year w/ Milwaukee in 89 games – .221/.300 – 25 walks to 95 strikeouts – 13 HRs – right now he’s at 68 games and almost exact stat line . . . seems his defense has been better though as his WAR is up more. Definitely looks like he’s turning back into the old Juan and not becoming Bau 2.0

    Guess it depends how much stock you put in WAR. Colby’s # games player averaged over all his seasons puts him at a 3 WAR player per year if healthy and productive, for example. Lind on the other hand averages out to be a 1,5 WAR per yr player. Looking at their traditional stats you wouldnt think Colby is more valuable. A healthy Lawrie is worth 4.5 WAR per year by the same averages.

    I dont think you can squeeze much more out of a Francisco, Tolleson or Kawa, so hopefully the Jays aren’t going to rest on their laurels, but once again depends how much stock you put in WAR over other stats.

    • value gets kind of skewed when you extrapolate a platoon player’s WAR out over a full season, and compare it to someone that hits against both LHP and RHP

      • yea thats why its not a perfect stat but i think its still useful way to gauge a part timers possible worth

        its more helpful when they dont have extreme splits – Kawasaki, Tolleson, Juan, Lind dont have very good WAR because of that reason

        • before I say anymore about Kawa, I’m not suggesting he’s a good player, just not shitty. But I think since all injuries Kawa has been facing both LHP and RHP, and has been fine.

          • I agree with that statement 100%

            He’s a serviceable backup, not a starter, but also not a “mascot” as some people call him.

        • It’s not particularly useful if you’re trying to use it to extrapolate over a full season for a platoon player, but it still tells you what he’s done. With Francisco, for example, you can’t say that he would be a 3.3 WAR player over a full season because he has 1.1 WAR in 214 at bats, but you can say that he’s been worth 1.1 WAR this season. You can’t use the stat to make any predictions about the future, but it’s great for telling how valuable a player has been.

  74. Did you see that recent piece where Billy Beane said 23 of the 25 players on the current roster were acquired via trade vs home grown?

    • What is homegrown anyway? what’s the difference if you draft a player or trade for him when he’s still a prospect that won’t play in the bigs for a few more years.

      • If you keep having to trade for position player prospects maybe that should alert you to a draft strategy issue or development issue

      • Good question. I think Beane’s point was you don’t have to build your team mainly through drafting/development and/or free agency.

        What he’s likely saying about homegrown vs trading, is that trading can allow you to wait and see if a prospect is actually developing (rather than drafting and hoping). But that you also don’t have to wait years for a bunch of your draft picks to develop before you can compete.

        Or he just likes to brag, boast and tell you he’s the smartest guy in the room.

    • Baseball Prospectus has free access
      to a “How Assembled” page for each MLB team
      Here is the Blue Jays page

      You can also access the payroll chart.

      • thanks for the link, that is a usefully chart.

        Is it bad that our 2/3 of our current OF was acquired thru waivers?

      • Very cool thanks for the link.

        Don’t know where Beane is getting his numbers.

  75. Wow . . . the trade market just changed drastically

    Yadier torn ligament – out 8-12 weeks

    Phillips also ligament injury – looking at minimum 3 weeks, possibly up to 8

    Bailey leaves start with a knee issue

    Thats 2 teams with playoff potential with some big, big holes and in areas the Jays probably would be looking around for help for as well (C and 2b)

  76. “Prospects are currency” – Dirk Hayhurst.

  77. Stoets Adam Linds mom thinks you need to look at a new post

  78. Not that I think the Jays are fucked because even though they have fallen behind by a few games in the division they are still very close to the wildcard spots but the whole notion of:
    “If I told you at the start of the year that the Jays would be 3 games back of the division and 1.5 back of the wildcard on July (whatever) would you take it?” is such an over-used moronic argument conveniently leaving out all of the valid reasons why someone might not feel as rosy about it with only the aforementioned information.

    • Exactly. It needs to be put in context. If you took the Astros and made them only 3 GA of their division lead, it still wouldn’t be a hopeful thing.

      Not saying the Jays are the Astros at all, but the record in a vacuum doesn’t tell the whole picture.

      Put another way……the Jays record is 48-45. But the team we have right now and for the foreseeable future is responsible for far more of the 45 losses then the 48 wins. The team with all those wins doesn’t exist right now.

      • Shrug. They’ll be much, much better when people start getting healthy again. (Provided the rotation doesn’t blow up in the interim.)

  79. +1 voor kroketten en haring.

  80. Jays DFA Korecky to make room for Dan Johnson

    Kind of a shame for Korecky, his stuff doesn’t seem to be major league quality but his AAA stats are downright ridiculous. After seeing how all the guys do in the majors after coming up from there though, I might not believe any AAA stats I see

    • Classic example of this: J.P. Arencibia.

    • He looked pretty good in the one game I saw. Apparently he was pretty shit in the one I didn’t see, though.

      Really does suck for Korecky. Hope he stays put.

  81. Marco!

  82. No new posts for almost two days

  83. is Stoeten on a bender due to the Jays inability to play good baseball?

  84. Absolutely fantastic insight from Kratz on BB Central today. Talking about his conversations with Sanchez about pitch-counts. Specifically talking about identifying the guys in the lineup that have a low chance of hitting him and attacking them to keep pitch counts down. Of course you’re going to nibble a bit with superstar hitters, But if you have a guy hitting .200 and you throw 10 pitches to him you’re not going to go deep in games. It was great to hear that that type of conversation is happening with a kid who could be so important for us down the line.

  85. Fan 590 saying the Jays are in talks with the Cards about a deal that would send Norris and Sanchez

  86. And It was Tim and SId screwing up, nothing to see

  87. The turf is killing our team…

    Marlon Byrd’s 4 teams he has no-trade was announced….Of course Toronto was on it….When he was asked why the 4 teams – he said Toronto because of the turf for his aging body….

    Now he may have never been on our radar but I think many players feel the same way

    • He SHOULD be on our radar. He is a right handed bat we desperately need.

      • Only if you want him to replace Melky/Colby next year, since he’s under contract for 2015 (with a vesting option for 2016) for $8 million. I would be more inclined to agree if he was a pending UFA.

        • I think I read somewhere that vesting option automatically kicks in if he hits a certain number of cumulative ABs between this season and next.

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