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  1. It took 14 fucking hits to push across four runs, two of which came on a one handed swing by Jose Reyes. Dickey avoided a blow up inning, woopdy fuck. They’ll drop three more before the much much needed All Star break. Hey, can someone tell Jose not to fucking hurt himself this year? He’s kinda fucking important over here.

    • Please kindly find the exit to the sinking SS Jays BandWagon located to your right.

    • Wah wah wah they had too many hits and not enough runs while shutting out another team.

      Thanks for that deep insight gunner.

    • So the problem with Dickey’s shutout is that he pitched well? More deep insight champ.

  2. I don’t care how sloppy, how ugly, or how they left potential runs stranded – to me, the bottom line is all they need is one more run than the other guy.
    An ugly win counts more than a sublime loss.

  3. Kratzup? Katzup?


  4. Jays did everything they could to lose this game with stupid base running, but in the end, a great pitching effort and timely hitting by Reyes got the job done. If Stroman can throw another gem today, they have a chance. The All Star break can’t come too soon. Wish the break were 2 weeks!

    • These baserunning errors might not happen if they had won in the previous few days – just a case of guys trying too hard to make things happen with all the pressure on them.

      Now that the pressure’s off (at least for the moment), see if they don’t light it up for a few days without the need to force things to happen.

  5. Well that’s something nice to wake up to.

    Went to bed last night with Tolleson’s failed steal, Joey Bats destroying bats and Reyes getting caught off first dancing in my head. Hopefully the boys will take a deep breath and stop pressing. Go Jays!

  6. After getting Brazil’d the last 5 games it sure was nice to get a win. Great games by Dickey and Reyes!

  7. Seems like Baltimore is going to be playing a fair number of doubleheaders going down the stretch. Here’s hoping it grinds their team up.

  8. I turned the game on around the 3rd inning and the first couple pitches I saw from Dickey were probably the best knucklers I can remember seeing from him. He pitched a great game.

    Arbitrary endpoints and all, but in his last 15 starts Dickey has allowed 3 runs or fewer 13 times and has a 3.28 ERA. His first 4 starts are really dragging him down, but he’s been very good since then.

    • He has been about as good as you could ask him to be, just like Buherle, Hutch and Stroman have been. Which is why it is so fucking frustrating that out of their combined last 20 starts, the Jays have won 6 of those games.

    • That was nice to hear (read), thanks.

  9. Almost forgot what a win feels like!!!

  10. Is the sky still falling?
    I need to know what mood I’m supposed to be in before I carpet bomb the Toronto Star comments page on fb.

  11. Kawasaki showed again last night why he is one of David Price’s top 5 baseball players.

    So good to see Kratz back – Gibby must be happy.

    Anyone see Rogers’ line in Buffalo last night? 7 2/3, 6H, 3ER, 4K, 2BB, 107 pitches (72 strikes). He might actually have trade value!

    • Good to see kratz up, but I still don’t understand why no Pillar. Joey Jermiash’s 3 hits in 32 ab’s aint cutting it, and its not like he has a history of being much better.

      • Must’ve said the wrong thing to Gibby the day before he was sent down…when he was pitch hit for

    • can we just keep kawasaki as the 3 middle infieilder, even when Lawrie gets back. Even when he doesnt get on base, hes good at getting the pitch count up..

  12. That Jose Reyes, what a bum.

    • I guess wordpress comments don’t like fake xml tags.

    • Cant hit, can’t play d

      • Should DFA him already.

        • No one said that Parrot. Reyes is a good player. I’m a fan. He’s my starting shortshort on my fantasy team (means nothing but I do think highly of him – certainly not a bum).

          You’re taking it personal. The weiner made an excellent point about Reyes likely being a 2.5 win player going forward. Not the 4+ wins that you’re suggesting. Age, injuries, playing on turf and general decline all have an impact. I suggested that one of the primary reasons that Reyes is dynamic comes from his legs. As he is more likely to slow down over time than speed up, this seems reasonable. A great game last night but a home run and one game’s solid defense doesn’t change anything. Personally I’d like to see him moved to 2B next year.

          Your assertion that I’m dumb and troll to suggest Reyes is anything but one of the best players in the game is invalid.

          • Reyes is flawed, streaky, and way overpaid but a solid player still. Played at about a 4war pace last year when healthy, and has played at about a 3.5war pace when healthy this year. Over 158 games as a Jay he’s been worth 3.9war. That’s a pretty dang good player still.

            • Fair point Finkle & agreed

              My point to Parrot was two fold:

              1. IMO (not a troll as suggested) the win total is more likely to decrease, not increase over the term of the contract (age, speed, legs, turf, etc).

              2. Not sure we should be using ‘if’ Reyes plays 162 for his WAR estimate. Given his history and age we should discount this somewhat. Even this year, while he’s been relativly healthly, Reyes will get nowhere near 158 games. With even a small discount we get closer to 2.5 not 4.

  13. According to Bob Elliott, the Padres are asking for Sanchez, Norris and Pompey for Headley.


    • i guess that’s why deals get done closer to deadline – at least one real element is in play.

    • That’s gotta be bullshit, unless the Padres are butthurt that they didn’t trade him year(s) ago when his value was 10 times greater

    • Apparently they’re asking a lot for Benoit and Street as well

    • and that’s why he’s still a Padre.

    • That package gets them closer to Price than it does Headley. Headley’s value, given his current struggles, nearly $5 million owing for the rest of the season, and UFA status, is probably somewhere slightly lower than one of those three prospects. I know teams should always be asking for the moon, but the Padres are going to have to come a long way back to earth before something gets done.

    • Reports make the Padres sound like some people’s yard sales….

      They want crazy amounts for mediocre items

    • That has to be false info. There is no way in hell you send your three top prospects for a guy hitting .225/.301/.344 with a wonky back and a FA at the end of the season. Unless they’re just trying to end a conversation quickly that is absolute MADNESS.

      Like I don’t really even want Headley if it costs us anything better than Kevin Pillar and whatever else. He’s literally not that good and definitely injured.

      • I’m not for paying up for him either. But he has been hitting better (as per the San Diego Union Tribune, he’s able to grip a bat properly for the first time in two seasons).

        I don’t know who Elliott’s source is, but for the most part he just doesn’t throw shit out there.

        • Maybe it’s Headley and a pitcher? I still probably wouldn’t do that but I could see the Padres asking for the trio in exchange for Headley and Ross or something like that.

  14. that game was sweet,
    tight d
    beautifully pitched
    timely hitting

    i made a non baseball loving friend watch all 9 innings with me and talked him through every at bat

    • I would love to have friends who would let me do that. Most of my friends either already love baseball or wouldn’t allow me to force them to listen to me.

      Having a wife who always asks questions about game situations and genuinely cares about the answer I give her is all kinds of awesome, though.

    • all those things you listed…every play went the jay’s way, save reye’s wide turn around 1st

      • I have a hard time viewing really good defensive plays and an outstanding pitching performance as things just going the Jays’ way.

  15. Edwin likely back in 3 weeks IF he is a fast healer. Lawrie back same time likely.

    Btw quad strains and pulled hammies are NOT the norm among athletes. Comparatively few soccer and hockey players suffer them, and, more importantly, you don’t see these injuries that often in NFL players either; football being like baseball in that it is lots of standing around interspersed with bursts of maximum exertion.

    Why? I was speaking to a sports medicine doc the other day and he told me those players who do pop quads and hammies in baseball may be stretching adequately, but are most likely not doing the right kind of strength training. Why not, I asked. He just shrugged and said, Athletes are stubborn and superstitious. They will stay with their established routines in many cases no matter what the trainers tell them.

    Just an interesting conversation. Food for thought.

    • Doesn’t make sense, why would baseball players be dumb about their strength training compared to other sports? I think it has to do with the hard twist of a swing followed by the sprint for your life. The violent twist puts stuff just slightly out of place and then the sprint on an out of place muscle causes sprains.

      • No it doesn’t make sense but neither does the plethora of these injuries. With regard to your explanation I don’t buy it. Football players endure much worse.

      • How is that different than in football when a receiver twists to catch a ball and then turns for the “sprint of their life”?

      • “Doesn’t make sense, why would baseball players be dumb about their strength training compared to other sports?”

        Brandon League.

  16. see.. Reyes is a good player!

  17. Ok, how many times did you guys check the standings since the big win. I can’t help it, I’ve been there about 4 times checking out the big W1 and just 2.5 back…..

  18. Day dreaming when I should be working about October, all it took was 1 win.

  19. Most important performance of Dickey’s Jays career?

    And hey, 3.86era for the season doesn’t look too bad. 3.55era since opening day. 3.28era in his last 15. And he seems to be locking in that knuckler his last couple starts.

    Sure his peripherals aren’t great, but since when does that matter for a knuckleballer?

  20. if Padres want Sanchez, Norris, Pompey for Headley, why not open it up a bit more and ask for Grandal? Send them a couple more pieces and get both players?

    Both are buy low candidates with high upside, AA’s forte.

    Both are switch hitters, something that seems to resonate with this current club.

    Both offer plus D with good OBP and more than adequate offense – also fits in well with this club which has plenty of power but never enough OBP and currently deteriorating D

    Adding both players would also solve problems that weren’t addressed in the offseason as well as many fans would have liked aka adding a more substantial starting IF’er and C

    Headley would offer both current and future help defensively. Currently he can play 3b and allow the useful Tolleson/Kawa platoon at 2b to exist until Lawrie’s return. This also buys Phat Juan more rope as he can get reps at DH with EE out OR they can put Juan at 3b and let Headley play LF with Melk in RF while Bau plays 1b OR put Headley at 1b once Bau goes back to RF and allow Juan to DH and play 3b.

    Future-wise, his ability to play LF allows the Jays option should they not consider bringing Melky back or if they get out-priced. They could then look into options at 2b and move Lawrie back to 3b or let Maicer go back to 2b.

    Plenty of options.

    Grandal would be the C for the forseeable future. Jays would have to send Jiminez to the Padres. Grandal would then move Navarro into the more backup role he’s used to and the Jays can finally cut ties with the ludicrous 3 man catching they got going. Dump one of Kraz or Thole or maybe both. Nickeas does have some big league experience should it come to that.

    It’s definitely risky with all the injuries those 2 players have had recently, but I mean, if you’re going to go big and want to look longterm, that would be a very interesting deal to swing.

    • headley is a fa at the end of the year, no?

      • Yes . . . and I dont think those 3 players are worth it for him alone, hence why I was saying to maybe add Grandal to the deal and figure something out

        I wouldnt do those 3 for Headley alone

      • yeah. my point was that planning on headley as a possible replacement for melky going forward is sort of moot since they are both free agents.

        • ah got it

          yea i just figure Headley gives them more flexibility . . . I’d love Melky back but he’s awful in the OF . . . unless your LF’er is mashing 20 plus HRs or plays elite D, I think the Jays may struggle to outbid other teams for basically what amounts to a DH, which they have plenty of

    • to further add to this idea:

      -Padres top prospect is #20 in MLB – Austin Hedges, a Catcher – so that makes prying Grandal a bit easier

      -for such a shitty team, the Padres have very little prospect coin in the top 50 – only 2 players, which contrasts quite starkly with teams like the Astros, Cubs and Twins who are loaded at the moment – by acquiring those Jays prospects the Padres might feel like their farm is where it should be compared to their competition

    • If they’re buy low candidates why would the Jays send their 3 best upper level prospects?
      That’d be such a steal for the Padres. Headley is not what he was the last couple years and he is in a contract year

      • yea I’m not saying to send those 3 necessarily, I’m saying expand the deal to get Grandal

        I very much doubt AA is sending those 3 anywhere period, he’s already said so a few times

        but im sure he could sub in one or 2 of those guys for a different prospect

    • Also you’re not getting rid of Thole as long as Divkey is around, at least this year. It’d take a lot of reps for a new catcher

      • yea most likely true

        adding those players pushes the depth chart down so you dont have to carry the deadweight and can afford he luxury of a personal catcher for Dickey

        Navarro would at least make for a better pinch hitter as well in the event of carrying 3 catchers

    • I would literally vomit everywhere if the Jays did something this dumb. You don’t spend three top 100 prospects dumpster diving.

      • And I would join you in leaning over the barf bucket.
        Giving up their three best prospects for a guy (a) whose best years are behind him, and (b) is a FA at the end of the year and could conceivably walk away….well, it’s ludicrous.

  21. Kratz is catching today, Gibby didn’t waste any time.

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