Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break.  Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get


Brendan Kennedy tweets that the Jays have shuffled their rotation, moving R.A. Dickey up to Sunday at Tropicana Field, instead of J.A. Happ. Part of the reasoning, according to John Gibbons, is that “he’s been so good down here.” Makes sense.

More from Gibby, via Brendan, as we’re told that the manager says Jose Bautista is healthy enough to play right field right now, but that he’ll possibly still play first base this weekend, in order to keep him off the turf.

John Lott tweets that John Gibbons downplayed the story about Adam Lind’s mom suggesting he have the MRI that diagnosed his fractured foot, saying that it was scheduled by the club’s trainer after the pain got worse. Weird that the team wouldn’t want it to look like their staff was out-doctored by a player’s mom.

Barry Davis adds that “for those asking about the 6-8 week diagnosis on Lind, I’m hearing that was from the initial injury, not from Wednesday.”

Brendan tells us that no team in the Majors has used replay more often than the Jays this year. I can live with that.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that A.J. Jimenez has been added to the World roster for the Futures Game, while Liam Hendriks will start the Triple-A All-Star game.

Lastly, today’s Schadenfreude Alert is from Marc Tompkin of the Tampa Bay Times, who reports that Yunel Escobar is back in the Rays lineup today, but wonders if that’s really such a a good thing.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 4:10 PM ET @ Tampa; Sunday, 1:10 PM ET @ Tampa

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
RF Nolan Reimold (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
DH Dan Johnson (L)
3B Juan Francisco

LHP Mark Buehrle

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
RF Ben Zobrist (S)
LF Brandon Guyer (R)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
DH Sean Rodriguez (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
C Jose Molina (R)
2B Logan Forsythe (R)

RHP Chris Archer

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  1. Damn bunt.

  2. Could’ve been worse.

    A lot worse.

  3. Could have been plenty worse.

  4. Whew, double play. minimal damage.

  5. Wow this play by play guy is some kind of suck

  6. Who the hell positions these players? Muni shading up the middle on an outside pitch to Jennings. It’s fucking geometry, not rocket biology.

  7. Fuck the Trop + fuck the Rays.

  8. Smelling no hitterish early.

  9. I actually like listening to Devlin…if he sais “little looper” tho im gonna lose my shit.
    Go jays

  10. Buerle hasn’t Buerled in a while :(

    • Are you kidding or are you just looking at his win loss record…who can win with a 1.5 run support per game.

  11. Pat: ” Matt do you think they should start the runners here?”
    Devlin: ” Shit you have too!”

    That would be awsome lol

  12. Throw him another one.

  13. Ok Buerle, you’re not Neo out there. You’re not The One.

    Stop putting yourself in the position of having to dodge bullets.

  14. KAWA-SAKI!

  15. He is Japaneeeeeeeeeeeeese! !!!!!!

  16. Is it horseshoe night at the Trop?

  17. Sac fly and a run… good at bat.

  18. As much as I’d like a home run, there is something to be said about one hit after another.

  19. Now is a good time to start piling up the wins. Fuck the OriLOLes. I’m a Yankees fan tonight (along with the Jays, of course).

  20. Longo’s haircut looks silly.

  21. Nice tag up by Reimold to get to 2B

  22. Christ, One of our players making a smart play for a chnage. I like what I see od Reimold so far. Heads up!

  23. What will the Jays do with Phat Juan post AS break given that he now hits like a pitcher?

  24. Now wgat FFS?

  25. Dammit Reimold got hurt.

  26. Jays have to fumigate that snake that keeps biting them. WTF.

  27. Reimold injured.

  28. How the fuk do you get hurt running to 3B?

  29. Lol why did he even slide?

    This is insane.

  30. Horseshoes!

  31. That makes it kinda better.

  32. Zobrist may well already be on the Jays payroll.

  33. Sliding means heart and grit. That stuff wins baseball games.

  34. over his head ump FFS

  35. Rosewood era over?

  36. I said I like what I see of Reimold so far. Hope that wasn;t the end of it.. Can’t believe the number of injuries FFS

  37. What’s fss mean….

  38. Once again, minimal damage.

  39. Buerhle not exactly sharp tonite but he is battling.. Lookls like we may only get 6 out of him tonite. He is up around 80 pitches allready

  40. Why was Melky running?

  41. So if reimold out for a while
    This replacement is gose? Pillar? Glenn? Trade?

  42. Pillar will never play for Gibby again. And my guess gibbys not going anywhere at least until the end of the year

  43. I would tend to agre e with that. Probably Gose. But…will Buffalo be able to field a club? with Drabek playing 1b?

  44. Maestro hitting 088? WTK

  45. I mean your AAA help is supposed to be good for something right?
    I hear Madden hired 3 LH people from the local deli. Told them to lob it over

  46. Reimold left calf strain, day-to-day.

  47. Funny to hear the chat about how … health, health, health. It’s the new inefficiency!

  48. FJ will be shuffling off to parts unknown after teh break, He hits like a pitcher. Christ, just play a pylon, Calling Phaneuf

  49. oh boy Jenkins!

  50. No 6th inning for Buehrle? I find that surprising.

  51. Our de facto Ace and yanked after 5 with 93 pitches. He just had 123 inning-F me=for Jenkins?

  52. Glad Jenkins got that in a good spot for Molina. Hope he is ouuta there b4 Longoria bats

  53. Jesus. Nice throw by Melky there.

  54. Take that, Molina!

  55. Buck might suck. But. You want to hear him as announcer when the Jays win the Wild Card game? Maybe a game in the WS. Might be good in those games.

  56. Very efficient, Goggles.

    • Too efficient! We need our eye candy!

      • Longo’s hair doesn’t float your boat?

        • Funnily enough, late last season I had a brief flirtation with Longo. I weaned myself off during the offseason, but that hair is enough to make me run in the other direction. No eye candy on the Rays.

  57. Desolee. I’ve been distracted. But I feel like maybe there are some other Yankee DJF fans here tonight? So I think you all understand.

    Also some ass from Alberta was just shit-talking my city + province + my civic pride became disturbingly aroused. So I had to defend my people.

    • Your province?

      • Ontario.
        Let me just be clear that I loathe nationalism or really anything amounting to stupid geographic pride. Pretty much everywhere in the world both sucks + is awesome for a variety of reasons…but I don’t like people who don’t even live here just painting things in such black + white terms.

        • Yeah, I get it. I’ve lived in BC, QC, and now NL. I’ve seen a range of provincial nationalism (though not ON, but I guess I kind of loathe the place), and I get it. Also, it doesn’t differ from nationalism.

          I get the Yankee fandom. Had a friend years ago who I played wiffle with years ago.

          Those Alberta guys are everything they seem to be. Just thank them for the evening and let them think they were the ones fucking you.

          • I’m always charitable. I don’t believe in punching down. Even if I do find a good deal of irony in someone from Alberta calling Ontario a “poophole”.

            Aside from baseball fandom I’m pretty jaded + nihilistic about everything. I just hate it when people make sweeping generalizations. Also, this guy was being a racist + homophobe so whatever.

            • yeah. I don’t mean saying stuff to a guy. Just let it be a meaningless incident in your head. Dude was not worth the time. Give it to him. Nationalism. ALBERTA!!!!

              Funny. I had a roommate from ON when I was in BC, and I just wasn’t into his BS about how back home was so much better. No racism, etc. though.

              Just … accept … that … you … like the yank …. sees

  58. I’d rather bleed through my ears than listen to devlin call anything. God he is annoying

  59. Kawasaki’s injured too btw

  60. Reminds me too much if basketball and I hate it

  61. I just got home. Kept checking the score at work. I’m saddened by the news I read here that Reimold got hurt.
    I’m happy with the fact that our boys have brought a chainsaw with them into the House of Horrors.

  62. Tabler has such a crush on Longo.

    • Tabby is more forgiving than I am. That hair. My god.

      • So who says he’ll forgive you
        And says that he’ll miss you
        And dream of your sweet memory

        God does
        But I don’t
        God will
        But I won’t
        And that’s the difference
        Between God and me.

  63. Devlin is calming.
    Sometimes, I’ll admit, I’ll have something of a powernap early in the broadcast, and open my eyes when i hear what might be a big play.
    Buck often wrecks it for me with his yelling of players’ names for absolutely no reason. “JOSE BAUTISTA… … hit a ground ball his last at bat.

  64. How did Saki get hurt?

  65. Glad to see Mcgowan is throwing strikes again tonite-fukin asshole

  66. Good lord McGowan. STRIKES are what you need.

  67. Christ Gibbons-get this tit Mcgowan outta tghere

  68. way to go Dusty!

  69. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuk

  70. fucking typical

  71. Oh poop

  72. Hate that guy.

  73. Story of the season. Fuck you McGowan.

  74. Fuck off McGowan
    Is he hurt?

  75. Aw man, poor Buerle.

  76. Coulda seen that coming.
    What’s all this talk about Sanchez and Norris for the BP?

    • After I he threw that ball in the dirt, I turned to my wife and said… “just don’t give up a homer, Dusty.”


  77. This fucking team. Gotta feel for Buehrle. What’s he gotta do to get a win?

  78. lets hope the bats dig us out of this one

  79. Wtf is McGowan still doing out there

  80. Annother hanging slider -just like Stroman’s game. Get rid of fukin Mcgowa

  81. Time to do something Alex instead of sitting on your fucking hands again

  82. 23 pitches and he still doens;t have an out. What a POS

  83. Fuck. This. Guy.

  84. They’re not losing though!!!!

  85. Lolviste

  86. House of horrors. Fuck right off Tropicana Field.

  87. He had longoria down 1-2 with 2 out and he walks two the HR then another walk. That is pure garbage. Madden bent Gibbs over on that one. McGowan should never have faced the third batter after walking 2.

  88. Wow. This team… Just in shambles in every way right now.

  89. McGowan to the dl for right arm shittiness?

    Plus mune have hamstring issue

  90. If only we had a pitcher in the BP that could find the strike zone.

  91. People need to legit chill!

  92. he’s done this before…come in a game and given up a 3 run shot without getting a single out

  93. Gibbons has no fucking clue. 3 run lead, Dusty can’t throw a strike, walks two, he’s practically screaming for Gibbons to yank him and BOOM. Fucking house league Gibbons.

  94. Really no need to pull Cecil there. Three run lead, two out, no one on. Even if he reaches, there’s a lefty on deck.

  95. This is why I hate the Trop.
    Poor Dusty.

  96. The shitty part about the jays slide is though despite this mismanagement; it’s intair that gibby might take the fall for this and not AA

  97. Fuck me I’m sick of watching this bull pen grenade. We have a three run lead and find a way to tie it up.

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