Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break.  Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get to the break. Just keep it together and get


Brendan Kennedy tweets that the Jays have shuffled their rotation, moving R.A. Dickey up to Sunday at Tropicana Field, instead of J.A. Happ. Part of the reasoning, according to John Gibbons, is that “he’s been so good down here.” Makes sense.

More from Gibby, via Brendan, as we’re told that the manager says Jose Bautista is healthy enough to play right field right now, but that he’ll possibly still play first base this weekend, in order to keep him off the turf.

John Lott tweets that John Gibbons downplayed the story about Adam Lind’s mom suggesting he have the MRI that diagnosed his fractured foot, saying that it was scheduled by the club’s trainer after the pain got worse. Weird that the team wouldn’t want it to look like their staff was out-doctored by a player’s mom.

Barry Davis adds that “for those asking about the 6-8 week diagnosis on Lind, I’m hearing that was from the initial injury, not from Wednesday.”

Brendan tells us that no team in the Majors has used replay more often than the Jays this year. I can live with that.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that A.J. Jimenez has been added to the World roster for the Futures Game, while Liam Hendriks will start the Triple-A All-Star game.

Lastly, today’s Schadenfreude Alert is from Marc Tompkin of the Tampa Bay Times, who reports that Yunel Escobar is back in the Rays lineup today, but wonders if that’s really such a a good thing.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 4:10 PM ET @ Tampa; Sunday, 1:10 PM ET @ Tampa

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
RF Nolan Reimold (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
DH Dan Johnson (L)
3B Juan Francisco

LHP Mark Buehrle

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
RF Ben Zobrist (S)
LF Brandon Guyer (R)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
DH Sean Rodriguez (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
C Jose Molina (R)
2B Logan Forsythe (R)

RHP Chris Archer

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  1. Is Tabs blind? I knew he was out for sure right off the bat.

  2. He MIGHT have been out but no way in hell can you overturn it.

  3. Looked to be out from that angle. Knowing the umps in NY they’ll fuck this up.

  4. no chance we get a call.

  5. How much pasta is Mastrianni’s mother giving to AA for him to keep him in the big leagues?

  6. If they do then the whole system is fucked. We don’t get that in reverse

  7. I may stand corrected. That’s damn close. If I was ump, I’d have called it out.

  8. FFS, how does this always take so long? Everyone at home can figure it out in a minute.

  9. He will be out haha. But on the bright side how hot is that chick with the headsets

  10. Safe, horseshoes.

  11. im shocked

  12. Only matters if they make something happen this inning.

  13. He was out. Chalk one fuck up our way.

  14. BOO fucking hoo rays
    Boo fucking hoo

  15. Rasmus gearing up for a slider inside and in the dirt…..fuck

  16. You know it.

  17. Fuckin fuck

  18. Holy shit that was horrible.

  19. What does it mean when you post a reply but then it doesn’t show up?

  20. We desperately need Red Bull and EE back in this line up.

  21. Can they fire their strength coach. It’s not the trainers fault

  22. Gotta agree with Zaun….

    2 out…3-2 count on Longo…up 3 runs.

    Why is Dusty pissing around with offspeed?

    • Agreed. Zaun was always know to call an aggressive game. Fucking Navarro is a pussy behind the dish and its beginning to cost us games. Its almost like he’s on the take….two hanging slides, two different games, both end up the lost column.

  23. hahahahah….. IN THA FACE!!!!

  24. Baltimore wins.

  25. What a sweet pitch.

  26. It’s official. Gibbons is retarded.

  27. Is McGowan the new Esmil Rogers? Discuss.

  28. I swear to God out of their last 30 games, the Orioles have played maybe 3 games against a >500 team.
    I can’t wait for them to take the west coast swing.

  29. Who ducks their head when they see the ball coming?

  30. Loup done good.

  31. Loups dope

  32. Please accept my most sincerest of apologies for the inability of the New York Yankees to beat the Baltimore Orioles this evening. I am most sorry. We’re just not great @ baseball right now.

    • Accepted and thanks. Are you any closer to rethinking the whole Yankee thing?

      • As in…ceasing to be a Yankees fan? Not a chance. I’ve been a Yankees fan longer than I’ve been a Blue Jays fan. Although I’m a ceaselessly practical fan. I don’t live under the impression that they are good when they are not. + right now? It’s not good.

        • Well just thought I’d check. We’re always on the lookout …and you seem to have the right stuff.

  33. Hopefully the Jays do something against Grant Balfour.

  34. Haha…Balfour, u fucking douchebag.

  35. no faith in fat-juan

  36. Ok I’m done with the Juan experiment.

  37. Did Dan Johnson walk 4 times today? In his season debut vs. his former team so you just KNOW he was itching to swing away.

    I think I’m in platonic love.

  38. i didn’t realize they were shifting on Juan Frnacisco.

    Juan Francisco: If you’re ever up, and the opposing defense is shifting, and thus, willing to give you first base in exchange for removing your bat, you bunt 110% of the fucking time!

  39. Jose Reyes! we needed that!

  40. Reyes!!!

  41. Jose!

  42. Boy Reyes is sharp these days.

  43. Yes, Reyes, and way to be, Rivera!

  44. REYES…

  45. Bunt coming up?

  46. Can they just dfa this phat juan clown already? Its getting tiresome. He really is a microcosm of the offense as a whole. Maybe time to get rid of him and bring in someone that can make contact and take a walk.

  47. lol Tabby you moron. “What a play by Zobrist!”

    You mean running over to pick up the baseball?

  48. Don’t care what the hates say I love Reyes

  49. cant safety squeeze here tabby…. idiot

  50. Nice. What we needed.

  51. Yes Yes Yes

  52. Sweet!

  53. Beauty..Tolleson saw all his pitches.

  54. Wohooooooooo! were back in the lead.

  55. bats to the rescue

  56. Hahhaha take that Balfour you fucking douche

  57. Raying the Rays.

  58. Steve Tolleson, Run Producer

  59. Sweet. The baseball gods are shining on the jays tonight.

  60. Who was worse tonight. This douche or McGowan lol

  61. Is it weird that McGowan ran over to the Rays’ bullpen, threw on Balfour’s shirt, and then ran out to pitch the top of the 9th?

  62. Great name for a pitcher


  63. They should send Chet Steadmen out to talk to him

  64. Wow nice to see this shit happen to somebody else for a change.

  65. Puppa makes the stop!

  66. Heh. We’re Raying the Rays.

  67. shud have used the safety squeeze….. friggin idiot

  68. If they can hold this lead they will have bailed out McGowan and gibbons big time

    Not sure why gibbons started burning relievers like a drinken sailor ..

    • Give him a mulligan…
      Gibby’s usually solid (not that you’d know that reading most of the comments.)

  69. The bottom of the order is doing well tonight.

  70. Jays will get Taveras. I know it won’t happen, but I just wanna say that I was the first to call it.

    • willy?

      • I vote for Oscar Taveras.

        Not sure if anyone knows… but Oscar holds Canadian citizenship along with being Dominican as he spent a few years in Montreal while his father was a player.

  71. So, does Johnson get regular at-bats or is he needed for the triple-A club?

  72. Woo! Jays win at the Trop!

  73. Just tuned in. When did mayor quimby start announcing on SN?

  74. I don’t believe what I just saw.

  75. Sweeeeeeeet. Would’ve been cool if Casey snagged it but way to not get deflated.

  76. A win! A very palpable win!

  77. I’ll take a sweep but failing that just beat these bozos .one. more. time.
    for the series win.

  78. Winner winner…imagine if the jays as a team folded as fast as some numb skulls on here after the rays tied it up?

    • Instead, imagine the number of red faces hunkered down in their respective basements.

    • This comment section is horrible lately. I’m about ready to pack it in and move on myself.

    • If you feel vindicated by the win then you must have felt like a total dipshit for most of the last month and a half. You can’t have it both ways.

      Its entirely reasonable as a fan of the Jays to both be disappointed when they blow a lead and happy when they take it back.

      • Maybe that was a little harsher than I wanted but when the Jays suck the comment section is going to react. Its the internet.

        • The comments went pear-shaped when we were still tied.
          I say have a little faith.
          Dare to not be a dick (internet or no internet.)

          And no, I never feel like a dipshit after a loss, thank you very much.
          Sad is as bad as it gets.
          Just like you:

          “Disappointed when they blow a lead and happy when they take it back.”

  79. Staitment game amirite

  80. Get this. Tanaka released a statement apologizing to the Yankees, his teammates and the fans for getting injured.

    “I want to apologize to the Yankees organization, my teammates and our fans for not being able to help during this time. I accept this injury as a challenge, but I promise to do everything I can to overcome this setback and return to the mound as soon as possible.”

    You’ll never see a Blue Jay do that!

  81. Should McGowan be DFA’d?


    • Sure, let’s DFA the guy who’s had a 2.64 ERA (including tonight’s game) over 47 appearances in the past calendar year as a reliever.

    • Relief pitchers expect to put up 0s. In McGowan’s case, he does it frequently. Sometimes, he’s scored on. His ERA in the bullpen this year is fine. Pitchers always look bad when they let in runs – he’s no Santos/Cordero/Gregg.

  82. Hey, they won.

  83. I’m trying to calm down ( after numerous mooseheads), and be somewhat objective.
    His Peripherals are poor, his ERA is bad for a reliever at 4+, and his command is weak. Delabar, Santos and Dusty-who’d a thunk it.
    But, I do have some faith in the guy under ONE scenario, and that is if someone forbids him from throwing that piss ass slider anywhere near the strike zone again.
    I think he can have pretty good success as a max one inning reliever if he just throws the heater.Jutt 95-97 heat. that’s it. I don’t think there is a chance in hell that Rodriguez could get on top of his 96 fastball. plus Navarro, the ass, keeps calling for it , and Dusty has no command whatsoever of it.
    So, throw heat Dusty, or you will not be in MLB next year. That is my unenibriated opinion

    • fukstik… you mention his 4+ ERA … you’re forgetting he had 8 starts where his ERA was significantly higher. As mentioned above, he’s got a 2.64 ERA as a reliever in 47 appearances dating back to June of last year.

      No, Dusty isn’t the greatest reliever out there, but let’s not be so quick to dump on him when he’s had quite a few good appearances other than the two three-run shots he’s given up. Should we dump on Loup for blowing the game the other day by giving up a 2 run shot to Pujols? (If we’re going by reliever ERA as you did in your post, McGowan has a better ERA as a reliever this season than Loup for what little it’s worth, even after tonight’s game).

  84. Rays announce that Price will miss tomorrow’s start due to a virus. (source: Lott’s post-game writeup in the Post)

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