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The Jays looked like they were cruising, then Dustin “playing with fire” McGowan happened, and it looked like we were in for another Tropicana Field nightmare, but the bullpen held after McGowan allowed a game-tying two-out home run to Sean Rodriguez (of the three-run variety, after he came in with none on and two outs then issued two walks), and with Grant Balfour pitching for the Rays in the top of the ninth Dan Johnson worked his fourth walk of the night, Juan Francisco struck out for a third time, then Jose Reyes doubled, Steve Tolleson (in for the injured Munenori Kawasaki — day to day with a hamstring issue, but possible he could play tomorrow) doubled in two runs. A Melky walk later and Jose Bautista singled to bring in a third run of the inning, then Casey Janssen locked it down.

The Jays now have two shots at actually winning a series in Tampa, and after the game we learned it’s maybe not as harrowing a task as it originally seemed: David Price was scratched from tomorrow’s start for the Rays after leaving the ballpark early due to some kind of illness. Jake Odorizzi gets the call Saturday against Drew Hutchison, and while it’s possible Price could start on Sunday instead, this is obviously a break — kind of like the ones the Jays got when the soft singles that cashed the winning runs dropped, and ones they definitely weren’t getting earlier in this road trip.

Less good: Nolan Reimold, who has been hot to start his Jays career, also left the game, and will undergo an MRI on his calf tomorrow. Apparently with the 4 PM start they have enough time to get someone up from Buffalo if he hits the DL. Ugh.

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  1. Sucks that Reimold may be hurt. The ‘injury prone’ monkey army will be in full force, “that’s why Baltimore let him go” they’ll say, despite the fact that Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and Nelson Cruz make up a better outfield than one with Reimold in it.

    Last time I checked his calf wasn’t attached to his neck either, so thats a good thing.

    Hopefully his injury is minimal and he is not out for too long.

    • Call it what you will, but over the last five years
      he has managed to play in 39-87-16-40-3 games.
      Guy has lot of talent, but its kinda hard to count on him.

  2. The graph should give some kudos to Dan johnson for a job well done. 4 walks is more than Phat Juan has had in a month or Pillar in a year.
    His interesting stats year to date are one of the weirdest ever: avg=0, OPS=1.000, Slugging =0

  3. The all-star break can’t come soon enough. Get well soon guys!

  4. Looks like the Jays could use some help in the pen. It has been pretty bad this year.

  5. Last night, after Reimold tagged up on the foul out and advanced from first base to second base, I thought to myself “Reimold is playing well. Nice move to pick him up… Hope he can stay healthy because the team needs him for the next few weeks.” … Very next play, he left the game with calf injury.

  6. How many wins take the a least this year?

  7. I’m going to state the obvious:
    Dan Johnson is on pace for 272 walks over the rest of the season.

  8. Isn’t Reimold listed as day to day?

  9. I don’t know whether he has extremely bad luck or he’s just a wimp, although after last night I’m leaning toward wimp.

    • Have you seen his history? Bulging disc, Spinal fusion, ruptured achilles etc?
      No way you can fake that

  10. So at this point just hang in there until the end of July, then welcome back EE, Lind, Lawrie…Morrow goes to bullpen as high leverage, late inning reliever. They could win 35-38 over the last 2 months and end up in 1st.

    • Oh, not to mention Sanchez as an option in the bullpen…and maybe a legit 2b, then we’re good to go. All this predicated on no one else getting injured of course.

  11. I’m pretty much over Phat Juan – the bloom has come off that particular rose.
    He doesn’t seem to get much past the “grip it and rip it” philosophy – as noted by an infield pulled entirely to pull – with no one on the left side of the infield….and he still swings for the pull homer.
    I hate to agree with Zaun – but McGowan and Dinner’s pitch selection was awful. Like CherryZaun said, jesus he’s got a 93 mph fastball, it’s 0-2 with 2 out and nobody on….WTF are you doing messing around with breaking balls in that situation. Jesus, just hup it up and bring it!
    Let’s just get to the All-Star break within spitting distance of first place, let the boys heal up a bit, and hopefully put on a spurt in the second half.

    • Pat Juan has not really been a thing anyways. He had a hot streak, just like lots and lots of below average major leaguers will do from time to time.

      The fact that his hot streak started his career as a BJ made us (me included) that we might have something.

      If he had started out as normal Juan and THEN had the same hot streak, we wouldn’t think twice about it.

      It’s like if a guy ends up with a .250 BA over a season but has a 2 month stretch where he hits .350 in the middle, we’d hardly notice.

      But if that same player starts the season with that, and his .350 BP is the first two months of the season, the narrative of that player having a great season would last a lot longer then the actual performance justified it.

      • Dumbass. Look at his career splits vs RHP. 117 wRC+.

        • And if you just look at this season, it’s 145 wRC+ against RHP.

        • lol……I’m the dumbass?

          first of all, if the guys onbly use is as a Lefty Masher (which, given his horrible splits vs LHP and piss poor defense, is the case) then a 117 wRC is not really going to cut it. Not nearly good enough to be “above average” at the only thing you bring value to the table.

          Put another way…….when you career wRC vs. LHP is 8…..8! You’d better be putting up better then 117 wRC vs. RHP. Or play ridiculous defense at an important position. Or at least run really, really fast.

          The fact of the matter is this: Juan Francisco is a AAAA player. His career numbers bear that out.

          He’s not good.

      • I could just as confidently call his recent struggles a cold streak. He was amazing for a while, and he’s been terrible for a while. When you put that together and get a 121 wRC+, that makes a solid offensive contributor. Power is notoriously streaky, so someone with Francisco’s skill set is going to have times when he looks like Babe Ruth and times when he looks like JP Arencibia (except that his walk rate is still respectable.)

  12. When Johnson was called up to the White Sox in 2012 just before a series with his old team, Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon quipped: “We’re walking Dan Johnson.”

    Tampa still sticking to the plan.

  13. Reimolds biggest con is the fact that he is very injury prone. Too bad, great looking hitter. Look at how many games he has played in the last 3 years.

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