Weekend Threat: Jays @ Rays

If for nothing else, just win this game so we never have to hear about the damn streak of series losses in Tampa again. I’ll gladly exchange a home loss for it. I mean, ideally, y’know, I wouldn’t have to, but I’d do it! I’d so do it. Fuck.

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  1. Kevin Kiermaier can fuck right off.

  2. Sigh…

  3. Just saw todays lineup. That has to be the worst lineup in mlb this season.

  4. Third inning, down one, game feels over. This is typically where Price will retire about 15 straight.

  5. Way to make price work
    8 pitches later you useless batters

  6. Okay, that guy yelling “Dickey” before every pitch can kindly fuck off.

    • Meh, it may have had an effect on Guyer’s swing on strike 3 and Escobar’s popup just now.

    • I get a kick out of the heckler at the Trop.

      It’s so quiet in their that it’s all you can hear.

      The guy is probably a good season ticket holder so they gotta be nice to him, so he does his thing.

      • Theres a difference between the “heckler” at the Trop and this asshole that yells one word before every jays pitch and every batters swing. This guy today is just a drunk cunt ruining anyones enjoyment of the game. I dont need a win everytime but that just ruins it to even bother.

  7. Have been listening to rays announcers this series… I may never complain about buck and tabby agsin

  8. Oh……My……God

    What a play

  9. I see the decision to pitch Dickey is working out quite well.

  10. That is the first time I’ve seen a 4 strike 1 ball walk…

  11. The genius of pat tabler

    “The Rays don’t hit a lot of homers they score by grinding out tough at bat after tough at bat.”

    Which explains why they have the second lowest runs scored total in the league .

  12. This is too painful to watch. Screw it, I’m going to go watch soccer.

  13. The dream of a series win at the trop is over .

    To be fair though , send gibbons put pen to paper in making out that lineup card , it was over.

    Baseball isn’t played on paper, however safe to say that if this game was played on paper,cardboard , shit, vomit , smegma, or even grass.. Outcome would be the same when it’s price vs this lineup

  14. Man, this team has been unwatchable since early June.

    Yeah there’s injuries, but every team has em.

  15. Navarro definitely does not help the borderline calls by stabbing at every pitch

  16. Fat Juan stepped his game up, but unfortunately he was alone.

  17. Just a pathetic road trip embarrassing

    • The starting pitching has been good .

      Unfortunately , they have been undone by shitty relief and an inept offense .

      Losing EE is an absolute killer .

      What was up with that alligator arm play by Reyes ?

    • Rogers should consider saving money by simply forfeiting games at the Trop. There would be no noticeable decline in competitiveness.

  18. What a disappointing series. But given that they fielded Francisco, Tolleson, Mastroianni, Thole, in the same damn game, is it really surprising? This is barely better than a AAA batting lineup.

  19. Thank fuck that’s over. Next opportunity for St. Pete smackdown . . . September 2-4.

  20. Well thank god that half is over. Not too bad really. 3 and a half back still above 500. I think they will be a force to contend with when everyone gets healthy. Plus a trade or 2. If Alex doesbt do something he’s gone At the end of the year. But usually no rumours on that mlb website is a good thing because he likes to deal in secret

    • It’s actually pretty incredible that they’re 49-47 and only 3.5 back. What it comes down to, though, is that they basically need to go on a really good run through late July, August, and September. They have to start winning a lot of series.

      Here’s hoping.

  21. Tired of this team giving fans false hope for 21 years

  22. A win today would have been awesome. But all in all? We’re in a pretty decent position considering. Balt needs to cool off eventually and we have enough games left against the AL East that we hold our destiny in our own hands. Bit of health, bit of luck and we’re playing meaningful baseball in August/September.

    • Not according to marty York
      @MartyYork: Look 4 Gibbons 2 b replaced as #Jays manager within 48 hours. Team pitiful. Not his fault but GM can’t make good trade + must do something.

      @MartyYork: For those asking me who’ll replace Gibbons as #Jays manager, a source tells me Roberto Alomar on interim basis. Says Bautista et al want him

      @MartyYork: At least 2 #Jays players have told club prez Paul Beeston that bbons has lost clubhouse, according 2 source who asked me 2 tweet this info.

      • lol at Marty York. Do people still listen to him? Wherefore?

      • Marty York also said that AA and Gibbers would be out at the end of last season. Didn’t quite happen, did it?

        • @MartyYork: At least 2 #Jays players have told club prez Paul Beeston that bbons has lost clubhouse, according 2 source who asked me 2 tweet this info.

      • I was thinking home a team takes on the face of its manager. Fat, slow, out of shape and a ho hum approach ALL the time. Love him but fuck DO SOMETHING AA. If he falls on the sword so be it, beats giving away prospects to help this mess

      • I was thinking home a team takes on the face of its manager. Fat, slow, out of shape and a ho hum approach ALL the time. Love him but fuck DO SOMETHING AA. If he falls on the sword so be it, beats giving away prospects to help this mess

        • “I was thinking home a team takes on the face of its manager. Fat, slow, out of shape..”

          Isn’t that some sort of folklore for a pet and it’s owner?
          I don’t see it applying to MLB at all; nevermind the Jays.

          • With all the hammy and calf strains I’m shocked Gibby hasn’t done similar on one his failed challenges

    • Baltimore has a rough next month or so, whereas the Jays are facing weaker teams. I mean, who knows what will happen, but odds favour some regression by the O’s.

      We’ll see!

      • If they have to have injuries to key players, I like the timing. There are a bunch of people healing over the break and ready to go after it.

  23. Who the hell is Marty York anyways…

  24. Haha obviously the rest of the worlds. After all self praise is no praise at all

  25. Firing anyone at this point would be retarded

  26. ……………………………………..Fuck this team

  27. York seems like a real……..beauty……..

  28. It will only be Alomar if Cito says no

  29. The more I watch this team, the more I think Anthopoulos may be right to do nothing at the trade deadline and be sellers in the off-season. Thwy’re not quite there yet, and they could still turn this around, but let’s face it, the Jays have been good for one month, and atrocious for the rest of the year.

    I laughed at the Alomar interim manager thing.

  30. I want to see moves that will not hurt the team long term, going forward. I am thinking if Headley can be had relatively cheaply, and if they can take on some salary (with the dealing team doing the same) on a rebound hope — thought about Uggla, but god are his numbers kind of uh, Uggly — that’s enough for me for this year.

    I would love to see them go all in, but since they seem unwilling to do so, I want low-risk, high upside moves.

    • @jonmorosi: Mississauga’s Dalton Pompey has looked better and better at the plate as the day has gone on. He’s 2-for-4 after lacing a single to RF.

  31. I’m completely with Parrot. Just reiterating what I said last week but I think it would be foolish to move any of the top prospects for what now looks like a season long, maybe, charge for WC2 which will not be a home game even if they get it.

    Sure, if you get a headley,Prado or Hill or even a Beckham( can’t believe I said that) for a Nolin or Drabek or other lesser light ,fine, otherwise forget it, they simply have a few too many weaknesses in my opinion.
    Sure, we are still on the periphery, and they got to snap out of this and quick, but there is no guarantee we are even going to get Lawrie, EE and Lind back and fully functional and competent by month end.
    I know this sounds like heresy to a lot of folks and I get that, but for me, other than EE and JB, likely Lawrie, the top prospects , and Stroman/Hutch everyone else is movable and some of it should be seriously considered. For example if St louis wantedBuerhle, a LHP, and a catcher, maybe we can geta Oscar Taveras or a Carlos Martinez out of them or some combo to move forward. Ditto for RAD and his sidekick Thole.
    Whichever vet we trade we bring up one of Sanchez/Norris-fuk it
    If there are no such deals, then soldier on with the AAA shit and maybe we will get lucky, but fuk April was crap, June was crap and July….well she don’t look too good either. Turn it around quick or sell high on some assets while they are high and potentially in demand, because, frankly, this team is basically unwatchable right now. It needs an injection of something.
    Forward…and then it seems reverse

    • There is no way in hell we are getting Oscar Taveras or Carlos Martinez for any pieces on this roster not named Encarnacion or Bautista. And probably not even then.

  32. Those tweets from York gave me a chuckle. Remember when sportsnet gave him a weekly podium called the York report? made Simmons look like he wrote the Bible.
    Marty just makes shit up, like we do here sometimes, and then tries to legitimaize it by quoting the ever famous and ubiquitous ” sources say..” Was good for laughs everyweek but the “scoops” got goofier by the week and the show died off due to dumassness.
    Yep, may not be all AA’s fault of Gibbons either, but a continuing freefall will lead to declining attendance and then Rogers w/h to be perceived to be “doing something”.
    In sports that means management people get fired. Last year it was just Mottola-think more senior folks may go this year.
    Course this willbe moot if they can somehow turn this around. Shit they have gone from being a 65% bet to make the playoffs a month ago to 32% today…not good

  33. Deutschland motherfuckers!!!!!

    24 yrs for this shit, its like being a Jays fan!

  34. Heard Wilners dumb “if I told you before the season they’d be 3.5 GB by the AS breaK, you’d be ecstatic” argument.

    Let’s flip that around. If I told you June 1 we’d be 3.5 GB by the AS break how woul you feel? you’d prob be pretty discouraged.

    The fact is, context matters. And our position of 3.5 GB when viewed in the context of the team we have right now is quite a bit worse then if we ignore context and look at the pure mathematical odds.

    • Fyre gobbons
      Trede AA
      Relese Reyes

      • What is with the “fyre gobbins” is it some sort of inside joke? Nothing like a bunch of fucking losers on a message board full of inside jokes

        • It’s what reading 90% of comments on the Jays these days looks like. Similar to reading yours.

        • It’s part of the rose colored glasses brigade that mimics Stoeten and think anyone who has a criticism, regardless of how valid, is a “negative suckhole” who is frothing at the mouth so bad as they type that they can’t even spell right.

          These people dont seem to realize you can be a fan, love the team, cheer for the team AND criticize the way it’s being owned/general managed/managed.

          • It’s fucking exhausting listening to you, what do you want them to do? Use your head. They’re not going to throw a ton of prospects to pick up 1 player right now, just to have the team slide even further over the next 2 weeks and then they’ve screwed themselves even worse. If they make a move, it’ll be closer to the deadline when they have more info in terms of their place in the standings and the recovery of Lind+EE+Lawrie.

            • As for your original questions, obviously the team is in a bad spot right now, how do you figure you’re so brilliant for seeing it? What do you get out of yelling about it on the internet over and over? Ben Zobrist isn’t going to help this team much over the next 2 weeks. You want to know what’s going to happen? They’re going to stick with their current team for most of July. The team as is is either going to stay afloat long enough for management to get a better idea of what to do at the end of the month + until the team is healthy again.

              So until then, just cheer the team on or take your shit elsewhere, how many ways do you need to be told that nobody wants to hear it?

            • You are correct in that they can’t do anything right now. But that doesn’t absolve them from getting into this mess in the first place.

              Every team has injuries. If you go into a season with some obvious holes and no depth, and do nothing to address those holes, you can’t claim the injury excuse and say “we’ll, what can you do? Injuries happen”

              • I agree, but the conversation is months old, Rogers sucks for cutting off funding, AA is kinda stupid for going too top-heavy with the payroll, put the 2 together and the team was fucked in terms of improving the holes. That will have to be fixed in the future, but it’s not going to be fixed during this season.

                • This is fandom dude, get over it.

                  It’s never as dark as it seems during the bad times and never as good as it seems during the good. The truth, like so many in life, lies sonewhere in the middle.

                  I know the hipster way is to be disaffected by everything and be emotionless automatons, but frankly that just doesn’t jibe with how lots of people (myself included) like their sports.

                  And frankly, is reading an opinion that differs from yours is “exhausting” then you really need to get out there and stretch your intellectual muscles a little bit.

                  I’m hearing the same bullshit about how there’s nothing to worry about and “everything is fine because mathematically were not in bad shape” but you don’t hear me whining about how exhausted I am from that.

    • “The team we have right now” is a lot different than “the team we should have within a couple weeks when Edwin, Lawrie and Lind are back”. If they don’t come back or miss another significant stretch then the team probably isn’t in a good position to bounce back and catch the Orioles again, but viewing the team as it’s currently constructed isn’t fair either.

    • Classic corporate fucking garbage be happy with what you have.

    • Yep, this this teams was what? 15 games over .500 the first week of june? Its comical how bad they have been. I dont buy the injury excuse. Its been a contant theme with this team over the years.

  35. http://www.mlbdailydish.com/2014/7/14/5897549/angels-trade-rumors-club-pursuing-padres-huston-street-ian-kennedy

    If the Angels trade for Kennedy and Street with one of the worst farm systems in the league, AA should be fired.

  36. This basball team is just not good. Only good month was may. Terrible in april, june/july so far. Fuck the injuries. Every team deals with them. Players arent good enough. What the fuck has happened to colby?

    • This is stupid. Edwin and Lind have been the 5th and 21st best offensive players in the majors this year. You’re right that every team deals with injuries, but go ahead and name one team currently in contention that’s missing players who are that important to the offense. Do you really think they’re just supposed to replace them with equally valuable players and carry on as if nothing happened? And this says nothing of how much Lawrie has been missed.

      For the record, the Jays without Edwin and Lind is the equivalent of taking Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera out of the Tigers lineup or Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez out of the Dogers lineup. I know it’s fun to say “Gotta overcome adversity!” and “Every team has injuries!” but all injuries are not equal, and this team WITH Edwin and Lind in the lineup is still a very good team.

  37. The more I read up on them, the more I am convinced that Norris and Pompey are here to stay.

    Norris because of the makeup and the path he has taken. I think the big league club is going to like that he has come up against adversity and overcome it.

    Pompey – because let’s face it, the passport does matter to the ownership, even if it shouldn’t. Personally, I think no prospect is untouchable if the right deal comes along, but there shouldn’t be an overpay. If Pompey can be a starting CF in this league — and it sounds more and more like this is possible — then he is nowhere close to peak value and thus not going to net the Jays what he should in a trade.

    It’s asking a lot for these two to continue their upward trajectories, but if they hold, I see the team hoping that Colby sticks around on the QO as a bridge to Pompey, with Gose probably in the mix as well but still filling the 4th OF role.

    • Hasnt he only played 15 games in AA?

      • Hence, “it’s asking a lot, but…”

        Again, if they want to offer a year and a half of Price for Pompey and Norris, or if somehow an offer for Tulo comes along, I’m not thinking twice about it — you do those deals.

        Would not move either prospect in a move for 2014 only, though — it seems like their values are just starting to be established in the market.

  38. So Jeff Blair, now writing for Sportsnet, says neither Melky nor Rasmus will be back. No surprise really but confirms we’re probably looking at a rebuild. Does AA get to stick around until the end of the year or do they let LaCava run it for a few months on an interim basis?

    • What does Blair base this on? How is anything confirmed yet?

      Rasmus will get a QO. I won’t guarantee it but I would be beyond surprised to see the situation play out differently, because the worst case scenario is that the team gets a draft pick out of it.

      Melky should stay unless it is too cost-prohibitive. He seems to have friends here and it makes a lot of sense for all involved — unless the team really doesn’t want him and has a better plan B.

      • Blair’s sources are pretty good. If he’s talked to multiple people in the front office and that’s what they’re saying, chances are that’s what happens.

        My guess is that Rogers wants to take the payroll south of $100M. AA is gone at the end of the year if not sooner and they will look for a new GM who will promise to win with a low payroll. I’ve said forever that given Rogers’ cheapness, they need to adopt the Tampa model of moving guys for prospects before they get expensive. Hopefully the new guy can figure out how to do this.

        They will only extend QOs if they’re sure that they won’t be accepted, because they can’t risk having to pay these guys $15M. I would think that if Melky stays healthy for the rest of the year, he’s played well enough to ensure a multi year deal someplace. With Rasmus, who knows. If he doesn’t start hitting you could almost see him being at a point where he might be better off taking the QO and trying to build value. Shocking because based on last year people were talking about him getting (at least) Adam Jones money.

        It would be exciting to have two comp picks plus the normal first rounder, which should be a top ten pick if not a top five based on how they’ve played lately. Then if you trade Bautista, EE etc. in the offseason a bunch of prospects should come back. You’ve still got Hutch and Stroman to build around, Sanchez and Norris coming up, Lawrie for a few more years … they’ll be painful to watch for a while (though better than the current crew) but tons of potential there.

        • Rasmus’s agent I can get you 3 years at 30 mill or you can take Torontos qualifing offer of $15 mill for one year and try again next year odd’s are you will have a better year.
          He takes $15 for one year after seeing Nely Cruz get 8 playing the system

        • You really do a good job of couching some overwhelming and ridiculous negativity there.

          • This is classic philbert, accusing everyone of making shit up. You don’t seem to understand basic baseball concepts like shitty ballplayers are replaced, expensive players are replaced with cheaper ones.

            yeah when you’re a bad team, I don’t want to see that same players back

            • I didn’t accuse him of making shit up here. I said he’s being overly negative, particularly in saying that trading Edwin and Bautista would make the team better now and that he thinks payroll will drop below $100 million.

              The post where I did accuse him of making shit up was the one where he referred to the Jays as a fourth place team and to Prado, Zobrist and Sandoval as scrubs. I would be interested to know how those claims don’t qualify as “making shit up.”

              • So you aren’t making shit up?
                I can read…CG links the trades of JB and E5 with the statement “painful to watch for a few years” and you turn that into “would make the team better now”?
                Fuck you asshat.

                • “they’ll be painful to watch for a while (though better than the current crew) but tons of potential there.”

                  That’s his exact quote.

        • Don’t be a fucking idiot, CG.

    • Does CG stand for Chromosomes Gone? Because what you said could very well be classified as retarded. The loss of Melk and Rasmus in no way means the Jays are now looking at a complete rebuild. If it was EE and Bautista, then yea you could say that, but while losing Melk and Rasmus to free agency would suck, it’s also the reality of baseball, the reality of a club that has immediate (albeit substandard) depth at the OF positions and also needs money to address other needs.

      For all we know, Jays acquire a Zobrist or Prado at the deadline, shift them from 2b into the OF next season, and use their shored up money and sign Sandoval to play 3b with Lawrie at 2b. Lots of possibilities.

      • CG never posts when the jays win

      • Yeah, you’re right, that actually makes tons more sense. A fourth-place team loses two-thirds of its starting outfield and uses the money from those guys to sign scrubs and play them out of position. Super.

    • Stupidity.

  39. Rasmus does not get a QO there is no chance he is as good as gone . melky i hope they find a way to keep but at 14 mill or more I’d pass.

    • Rasmus is not worth the QO . He’s had two good years and several putrid years .

      He accumulates the vast majority of his stats in a few games while being quite useless majority of time .

      His defense , in my opinion, is vastly overrated . ..and I feel as though statcast will eventually prove this .

      He brings nothing to the running game

      Walk rates diminish

      Good riddance

      • He’s worth a qualifying offer. What’s a WAR map to these days, five mill? He can generate between 2 and 3 WAR. It’d be great to have Rasmus on a one-year deal in my opinion.

        Don’t get me wrong, he’s a platoon player at this point that gets hurt every year, but he’ll have a ton of trade value as a CF and we can’t just let him walk without one of those tasty picks at the end of the first round.

        I’ll be surprised if he DOES get an offer, though… and if not, visions of Delgado leaving for nothing arise.

  40. Trade everything now, Bautista, Lind, EE, Dickey, Buehrle, etc. Next year the rotation is Sanchez, Stroman and Hutch. Build around them. We would have a loaded farm system.

  41. Wow, goodbye Fat Juan.

    • I’m an idiot, wrong Francisco. Sorry everyone.

      • When I saw that on MLBTR, my first thought was the same as yours. Then I thought “Why are they signing Frank Francisco?” Then I actually read it and thought “Probably a good move to release him.” Then I thought about it for a second and thought “Wait… when the hell did they sign Frank Francisco?”

        I should probably just read things right away from now on.

  42. [moron troll stuff]

  43. Bored during the allstar break:

    In the Jays final 35 games of the year they play within the AL east 28 of those games.

    -The final series of the season is Jays/Orioles, and those two teams face off 6 times within the final two weeks.
    -The orioles lose an off day due to rainout just previous to a series with the Jays (Aug 5-7)
    -Prior to this series the orioles are on their west coast/texas swing for 16 days

    Strength of Schedule:
    -The rest of the way the Jays play teams with a cumulative pre-Allstar winning percentage of 0.486 (~79 wins), while
    -the Orioles play play teams with winning percentages totaling 0.508 (82 wins)

  44. Counterpoint to the “trade everyone and rebuild” crowd:

    Let’s suppose, taking your theories about the horribleness of the current Blue Jays, that the Jays are indeed out of it by the trade deadline, something that would require a massive losing streak, as well as for the Orioles not to go on a similar losing streak.

    Why tear it all down? Why not just trade a few players and compete next season?

    Our offense is still going to be the same awesome offense that it is. Bautista might be a year older, but we’re in the same league as David Ortiz who was still productive at age 38. The rotation might have Sanchez and Norris added to it by mid-season. This isn’t a team with a lot of holes.

  45. I don’t understand how some people can’t recognize when they are being an absolute ****…

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