OK, so this is mostly just an excuse to post Scott Johnson’s outstanding image here, but… no, actually J.P. Arencibia is still, somehow, news in these parts, and it’s certainly not going unnoticed that the Rangers today announced that he’s been recalled (after long spell in Round Rock, during which he moved out from behind the plate to try his hand at first base — gotta make them Yen!) and will be with the Rangers for this weekend’s series. Geovany Soto has been activated from the DL, meaning J.P. won’t be behind the plate. First baseman Carlos Pena has been D’d FA to make way for our returning hero, his replacement.

Yes, the Rangers are this bad.

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  1. I wish I was going to be in Toronto for this!!

  2. It’s a lovely night at the Rogers Centre with temperatures in the high 20s, a slight breeze, some incoming boos coming in from left and a hint of passive aggression in the visiting dugout.

  3. Can you explain the “Yen” joke? :S

  4. This image over everything

  5. JP Strike3bia !!!

    Never thought I’d get to use it at the major league level again.

  6. You just know he’s going to have a game winning hit or walk during this series

    • Meuhhhhhhh

    • Arenshitia and the word “walk” simply don’t go together. I wouldn’t be surprised if he strikes out 6 times just walking down the street.

      • Remember when Justin Verlander was throwing a perfect game and JPA worked a 10 (or 11, or 12..) pitch walk off of him? If memory serves, he was the only base runner Verlander allowed during his no-hitter versus Toronto.

        Not an argument that JPA is a good hitter, more of a #YCPBB moment.

    • It would be great if the whole stadium gave him a standing ovation upon drawing a walk.

  7. I forgot just how bad he was in 2013 a 227 OBP FFS!

  8. A bigger fucking idiot in Toronto sports I do not recall. And we have had some beauties.

    • Some people might be inclined to throw Phaneuf at you on that topic

    • I’m sure there are plenty worse. He did a lot of grear community stuff for kids with cancer, and really wanted to be in Toronto, which is more than you can say for many american athletes.
      He was just too immature to deal with criticism. And he kinda sucks as a ballplayer at the major league level.

      • Great. So does Ronald McDonald.

      • @Karen

        I don’t understand al the JPA hate. Sure he should have had a better obp

        • Agreed. As stupid as his petty little feud with the media was (is?), I generally got the sense that he was a pretty decent guy, and it’s a shame he caught the ire of so many fans just for being a worse player than they were led to believe.

          • Yeah. That he was a terrible ballplayer of historic proportions shouldn’t obscure that he seemed like a really good guy who embraced the city and a ton of charity work.

            And if he thought Zaun was a blowhard, well, who here among us hasn’t felt the same thing?

            • Toronto sports media love to find a whipping to run out of town. It’s funny because most of them suck harder tha JPA and do far less for this city while being lifelong residents than he did in his 3 years here.
              Also, what’s with hating Phaneuf? Playing the guy 28 minutes a game and them blaming him for the fact that the rest of team is hot garbage is so Toronto.

              • @ asissons and Karen

                I don’t know if it’s hate so much for me. I mean, the guy made an attempt to connect to the fans here and do his civic duty with the local charities etc.
                BUT !
                I turned off the moment he started describing himself as a natural leader and when some media types (Zaun?) denigrated his game , the last straw for me was JPA running to Beeston and crying/ tattling. At least the Rangers were spared that crap.

                • For sure. You’d like to see a guy be the first to admit that his production needs to be better, especially when that guy is making an out more than 77% of the time he comes up to bat. He absolutely should have handled himself better in that scenario.

              • Agreed. The Phaneuf hate in particular is the act of whiners. He’s got limitations, sure, and in a perfect world he’d be in the second pair with a guy like Weber or Doughty getting the top minutes. But guess what? Those guys aren’t available, and if Phaneuf had better talent around him he’d do just fine.

                Arencibia obviously was lacking in talent, and handled criticism badly, but the way the fanbase turned on him like he’d done something vile. In cases like Burnett, Arencibia, Phaneuf or Bargnani I think it’s less about the player than the fanbase wanting to vent for years of sports mediocrity. Doesn’t make it fair.

                • I need to you and Mr. Slider above to mention your logic about to Phaneuf to my friends who are Leafs fans and want him driven out of town, for nothing other than the fact they take what the media says about him at face value. Also had to pleasure of talking to an older guy who said he didn’t like him because he isn’t like Kessel; definitely thought I was getting Punk’d

              • Sometimes I think guys take extra pleasure in seeing him fail, because he is a fav of the girls. So kick him when he’s down if it makes you feel better. Jesus you’d think he was hitler the way these assholes carry on.

  9. The return of Scumbag Cibia!

  10. Yeah well let’s not forget that Mr Useless can hit the ball out the yard on occasion. I’m just hoping his famous 2-strike approach hasn’t changed.

  11. After Buehrle’s comments on Moises Sierra’s homer off him, imagine if Arencibia homers off him. Buehrle may voluntarily send himself to triple A.

  12. The ladies will be happy this weekend

  13. Do we really need to taunt the baseball gods here?

  14. Wow the Rangers gotta be hurting to play ol’ JP at 1st. I think they’re just giving up hope and trolling at this point.

  15. Damn, now I really wish I could postpone my cottage trip to next weekend.

  16. Good. The Jays’ pitchers would appreciate the strikeouts.

  17. Remember his debut?

    He really went to shit though, but it’s his fault

  18. Makin’ all of the yens

  19. Can we just get over this whole jpa hate thing, it’s getting old

  20. Just one more time, and then we can stop beating the dead horse that’s called JPA, but when trying to beat the dead horse of JPA we keep swinging and missing for some odd reason.

  21. I heckled him hard from 4 rows behind homeplate in Arlington …I was/am very proud of myself

  22. … Just to fulfil the DJF podcast prophecy from whoever knows when that he will come back to Toronto and hit a home run this year.

  23. I believe the give away for Sunday is a tumbler.
    Somehow seems appropriate.

  24. I’m feeling optimistic about the Jays again, because we’re entering the BRAD MILLS ERRRR…

    …the BRAD MILLS…the brad mills…

    Naw, I can’t even fake it. COME BACK REIMOLD!

  25. Rangers are running out minor league rosters except for Darvish. Jays have history of playing down to sub-sub-500 teams’ levels. Jays must sweep Rangers to gain momentum.

    • They’re 21-15 this year against sub-.500 teams, were 23-20 last year and 33-21 the year before.
      No, they do not have a history of playing down to their levels.

    • A sweep would be nice but it’s baseball. Winning two out of three would be enough of a positive here, especially if Oakland can do their part and take at least two games against the Orioles.

  26. Just thought to check the minor league games…

    Sanchez made his first relief appearance and have up 3 hits 2 runs 2 K’s and took the loss

    Worth noting perhaps that all 3 hits were singles and 2 were ground ball singles. Both K’s were looking

    • fangraphs actually has an excellent writeup on the outing and his impact for this year and the future. Well worth a read.

      In short, low risk to bring him up to see if he can provide a boost for the bullpen.

    • The mental approach to coming in from the pen and starting are so different that its not surprising to not get the best results right away. You do one thing for so long and then to do it slightly different can totally mess you up.

      • Yeah I’m not concerned about the first outing as no one should. It’s good to see him throwing strikes right out of the gate though, I’d rather that outing there then 2 runs scoring that were on base from walks

  27. Time to resurrect the age old philosophical conundrum:

    Could Ricky Romero walk JPA?

  28. BTW — pretty harsh of the Rangers to recall him for this series. They couldn’t wait three days?

    • Probably hoping he’ll pull a Vince Carteresque “screw you” effort against the Jays.

      • Yeah. I’m thinking they’re trying to right a wrong there and this is their last desperate attempt. Really. Who in their right mind signs this guy???

        • A 20HR catcher is always going to get a 2nd look. He’s still young enough to be considered a low-risk low-cost reclamation project.

  29. Really wanted to like JPA… Shame his game didn’t mature once in the majors.

    But, we all know he will have a big hit or throw out a runner in a big situation this weekend just to spite us

  30. Lot of piling on JPA. To me at least, doesn’t show much class. He just doesn’t have good strike zone judgment. He is what he is. He tried hard here, and wanted to be here which is more than can be said for lots of others. He did the winter caravan, and lots of social media stuff. The piling on and the hating’s pretty lame actually.

    • lol meanwhile, you leave out the actual reasons he’s made fun of and criticized here still

      • You forget him accusing zaun of taking peds and blaming the media for his poor performance
        Don’t act like he’s the victim here

        • How would a 23yr old version of you react to some scrub using his position in the media to try and run you out of town?

          • I AM 23 and I think he acted very poorly. Everything he was criticized for was his on-field performance. Then he went and acted like a baby and now he’s seen as a joke around here. His actions did nothing but shift the criticism from his baseball ability to him as an actual person. Also, wasn’t he like 27 last year? Not 23?

            • Regardless, I don’t pile on him at all, but I am pretty happy every time I see him strikeout

            • Meh.
              He sucks and ya, he acted like a baby.
              He was fighting for his career (regardless if he admitted it it not, he knew he was) and Zaun threw him under the bus.
              I’m sure you’d have reacted with class and dignity if placed in the same situation.

        • Zaun did take peds.

      • Baseball is hard….on and off the field.

  31. I actually think J would prob be a star in Japan. As in, much better then the typical “not quite good enough” type player that seems to find themselves over there.

    He’s a pretty good mistake hitter and I have to imagine the Japanese pitchers throw a lot of mistakes. And without breaking balls as good as they have here, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him routinely putting up numbers like he did in Vegas. That’s not a bad career if you can do it. Still make a few million at least.

  32. So Uggla was just released by the Braves. I know he hasn’t exactly been knocking the cover off the ball but we all know he has skill in there somewhere. Do you guys think the Jays take a crack and hope for a low risk / high reward situation if the change of scenery does him good?

  33. I’m sitting 5 rows behind the visitor’s on-deck circle, any words you folks want me to let JP hear?

  34. So,
    hating JP aside,
    do you think the jays should consider assing Viciedo from the white sox?
    he plays third and has a violent right handed swing

    • He hasn’t played third since 2010 and was probably moved off there for a reason…

      That said if he can be had in a good deal you can do much worse

  35. I agree with a lot of the posters here, I really wanted to like JP. Actually, I am pretty sure he is a damned fine fellow as a person (after all, he has done lots of fine charity work), but he was completely unable to take criticism and it led to his release and demotion. It is not out of the question he could finally take some coaching and show what would now be a mid-career step up.
    A bit of a casualty of the media age, perhaps.
    Well, we shouldn’t feel so bad. He has an attractive wife and plenty of money. He’ll be okay.
    (Does anyone else think it weird that despite his atrocious year last year, his salary basically quadrupled?)

    • Sounds like you’ve left your adolescent years behind, and can demonstrate some critical thinking abilities. What are you doing here?

      • Well, if I’ve left them behind, it’s been a long time coming!
        Also, I never know here if I should go for serious baseball discussion or sarcasmed dick-headedness.

  36. Here’s the thing about JP Arencibia that got my goat…

    Statement: “JP Arencibia is inadaquate at performing X, Y, and Z”

    What he should have had as a response: “I should and will try to be better at X, Y, and Z in the future”
    Quasi-Actual Response: “X, Y, and Z don’t matter… talk about my dingers and ribeyes!”

    I remember the precise moment I was done with JP Arencibia as a player. He was at bat with the bases loaded and a full count. pitcher made his delivery… you could almost tell before it even left his hand where it was going his release point was lower and the ball was noticeably slower he’d just released late on a breaking ball and it was going in the dirt… JP Arencibia swung (and missed) belt high to end the inning.

  37. @Karen.

    JPA was a nice guy who did a lot of excellent charity work and wanted to be in Toronto. However he was also a monumentally bad position player who could hit mistakes out if the park. And…er…that’s about it. It’s not his fault that AA anointed him the permanent catcher and ran other better catchers out of town even though he was woefully unprepared and inexperienced. But it is his fault that he ran his mouth where he shouldn’t and made dumb accusations at local media. Also he seemed totally unwilling to change his unsuccessful ways. A lot of posters, I think, look on him as the poster boy for a season full of mistakes and bad plays on the part of the players and the front office. It’s probably unfair. But I think it’s entirely understandable.

    • Isabella, I’ve always given him the benefit of the doubt and maybe it’s all the time I spent in psychiatry, but to me his public persona was a young man’s bravado. Humiliation was perhaps a new experience for him, and he didn’t handle it well. I never read any manager or coach say that he was uncoachable and wasn’t trying to improve. Maybe it just seemed that way? Or I’m just wrong.

      I understand fans being glad that he is gone. I was just as frustrated as anybody. But I don’t understand why people hope for the worst for him, and call him a scumbag. I save my baseball ire for guys like ARod.

      Personally I wish a few more players had the balls to call Zaun on his bullshit!

  38. JPA is being not a jerk in his interview with Barry Davis.

  39. Finally a down to earth interview with JPA. Never seen him that humble.

  40. @Isabellareyes

    Totally agree.

    He was probably told he was the next coming of Johnny Bench every step of the way, from Little League to Triple A. Unfortunately, he bought into it so he didn’t understand or believe the criticism, or think that he should try to improve.

  41. I thought buerhle would be starting 2nd half. Roof is probqbly gonna be closed tomorrow…is that still a thing?

  42. Baseball am back!!! Vacation were good it was!!

    Go Go Second Half Jays!!!

  43. JPA Ks, welcome back.

  44. Nice call by the mp to fuk Thole to end that rally

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