The second half, and a crucial couple of weeks for the Jays begins, with Texas and J.P. Arencibia in town and… really I should have more to say about that than this, but I’m in a car and kinda can’t be arsed at the moment. So this is your Game Threat.

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  1. I wonder if AA is given more time to fix the jays as it will be five years in about two months since he took over the jays in late September 2009. Though in baseball, executives get longereashes than they should (don’t know in this case). I don’t think they should fire AA, but this is the first time since he’s been here that I think there legitimate doubt to as if he will be representing the jays at the winter meetings this year

  2. Getting my cup on Sunday and going home immediately

  3. I hope JPA is so hung over after his little moment of glory that he whiffs for the next month solid. But still, he must feel like he facial’d a supermodel with that dinger.

  4. The oracle has spoken
    @MartyYork: It is coming #Jays Junkies, the firing of John Gibbons. Soon. But it’s the young GM who must go if this organization has any hope of revival

    • @ BA

      The Marty York account is a troll account,designed to produce as much reaction as possible.When it first showed up there were a few who tried to confirm it was the real Marty York but wasn’t successful.
      If you’re into the troll thing, there was a guy who went by the username Angrydad or something similiar who IMO was the best there was at getting attention with outlandish statements.

  5. Ok
    @MartyYork: Homer media types in Tor work 4 same folks who own #Jays + suck up 4 job security. But be smart. Reject the koolaid. Have some self-respect.

    • Why do people still give Marty York attention?

      • because OP’s name is below average, so its only fitting his news source is of like quality

        • What blows my mind is that, of the gazillion names out there to troll with, anyone would use that name. Even Marty York has probably stopped using it.

  6. I cancelled all 5 of my Rogers services this morning. When asked for a reason, I said “Because the still Blue Jays suck and Rogers is the worst owner”. This was followed by dead silence….

    • I cancelled my shaw package with the same excuse. Also silence on the other end

    • I had some trouble with my Rogers cable + with the service call so when I was asked to fill in a customer survey I made a special point of stating I was disappointed with Rogers’ involvement with the Blue Jays. I got a month of free cable for my efforts. + the customer service rep who spoke with my dude on a follow-up call found me to be quite droll.

    • My parents were recently thinking of switching to Rogers and I made sure to highlight the downsides of that as much as possible.

      • I’m not generally that type of person, but for Internet I encourage everyone to get Teksavvy. I’ve had a great experience with them that is only topped by knowing I’m not giving my money to Rogers.

        • I have had TekSavvy for internet since forever. Their service is top notch so I’ll stick with them [+ am switching my phone to them], but sometimes the internet SUCKS.

          • Cable or DSL?
            I have cable and don’t notice much Internet suckage. Slows down a little from time to time but nothing drastic.

            • DSL. I don’t get even vaguely close to the speeds they promise. But whatever. It works well enough for my uses. + it’s cheap.

  7. She’s a quiet one here at DJF today…

  8. Stro gets squeezed and Lewis doesn’t?!

  9. Bau is hitting .215 with a .250 OBP and 2 HRS with RBI in his last 30 days. Worst 30 day stretch of his career since his initial breakout year?

    • actually . . . didnt realize he missed that many games with his injury . . . his June was much better but still that power outage is brutal

      actually seems like he has a stretch like this every year . . . he’s currently in his 2014 stretch i guess

      2012 – his first 23 games he hit 3 HRs with 10 RBI – .181/.320
      2013 – had a 22 game stretch from mid april to mid May with 4 HRs and 11 RBI .230/.330

      • Yeah, poor timing for it too. He’s got the kind of bat that can win a few games single handedly when the rest of the team is struggling/hurt.

        • Yea – Reyes and Melk have played well but then you have Bautista struggling to hit (still gets on base decently) and the rest of the order failing to hit as well, no wonder they cant produce runs

  10. Just tuned in. Possibly the smallest strike zone I’ve ever seen.

  11. There’s the JPA we all know…

  12. Who would you rather have playing 3b at this moment – phat Juan or the recently released Ian Stewart?

  13. Wow the Jays haven’t scored a run yet…that’s weird.

  14. Hahaha Stroman’s curveball is ridiculous this is awesome

  15. I’m not so sure the replay is all that bad. I DO miss the Ump vs the Manager screaming match/tantrum and occasional base/bat throwing competition. But – for me at least – , that pitcher (Galarraga) who lost his perfect game because the ump blew the call was a travesty. Moreover, they (the umps) were getting way too full of themselves. They weren’t above calling Lawrie out on strikes in a crucial at bat for the sake of drama. And they absolutely made sure every close play went against him for a prolonged spell after his suspension. They were getting way out of hand throughout the league and replay seems to have -at least – slowed that process.

  16. Dan the Man.

  17. Oh danny boy

  18. If Juan gets a hit now I’m going to need the chest paddles.

  19. Fuck fat juan is unreal. You’d think when you know a breaking ball is coming it might be a bit easier to lay off once in awhile. Also gose is fast

  20. I go to two to three games a year so I have always used the facts that I sit through commercial breaks and that I use Rogers cellphone service for two phones and a TV.
    I don’t want to lose the right to spout my mouth off if I cancel my phone contract, even though Bell has the phone I want (btw, Bell customer service is pure evil).

  21. Anybody else lose their audio for the game here?

  22. What a convenient time to embiggen the strikezone. Dick.

  23. Kawasaki comes through again!. Reyes pop up was frustrating!.

    Jays up 2-0

  24. So now that the Jays are in the lead does that mean BelowAverage will go away?

  25. Man do I love watching Stroman pitch.

  26. Useless/Useful stat – Jays are 27-18 with Gose in the lineup, 21-9 in games that he’s started.

    small sample size – yes
    wilner cherry picking – maybe

    nevertheless when you’re struggling to win games, I’d rather take plus D and plus speed . . . gives you options when the team is not scoring runs but pitching well

    • Better to have someone who can play defense and can’t hit than to have someone who can’t play defense and can’t hit.

      • Jays are 7-10 in one run games – would be curious to know how many of those losses came with Gose not playing in the majors or playing in the game at all.

        Also wouldnt doubt if most of those one run losses came in the last month since their big slide.

  27. Lewis at 97 pitches after 4 1/3rd is good.

  28. Hahhaha…nice bunt

  29. Razzmatazzed by Cletus.

  30. video gone now too for anyone else?

  31. Win some, lose some Tony.

  32. Yeah, who was saying gose gives you a better chance to win in close games?

  33. Kinda looked like a balk to me.

  34. Fuck damn Stroman is great.

  35. In the pregame, Zaun was complaining that the Jays don’t have an “ace-type” pitcher that can dominate… someone should introduce him to Marcus Stroman.

  36. Jesus, I wish Melky would be more serious.

  37. Double digit hits, I like

  38. Clete’s first SB!

  39. Jays ranked dead last in AL for sac flies, so Dan Johnson, I salute thee

  40. Go get ‘em, Goggles.

  41. Great. McGowan. This will end well.

  42. Dusty!

  43. Fuck

  44. Bring in janssen. He hasn’t pitched in like a month

  45. Dear Small Potatoes,
    Jamie Oliver gets days off. Do you?

  46. *effectively wild

  47. I’m going to the game tomorrow. Hope Buehrle gets the W.

    “I say every spring that the big thing is health with any team, I say that every year,” Buehrle said. “Not too many teams could have the depth to handle the injuries we have had this season. Is the first half a success or a disappointment? Both. We rode the wave for a while then lost some guys, but we’re not 10 games out, we’re four out.

  48. Gotta love the 4 strikeout innings

  49. Four K’s that inning?

  50. Janssen hurt?

  51. WTF Janssen? No one’s saying anything about an injury or flu or whatever. He’s a free agent at the end of this season. Would this happen if they were trading him?

  52. What the fuck is with these umps? Those have been strikes all night.

  53. Vintage JPA.

  54. Pretty funny, that double play was probably expected to happen in Buffalo..Tolleson – Kawasaki – Johnson, Stroman picking up the win….

    Was Loup in because of the lefties or is Casey hurt/punished?

  55. Rasmus interview!

  56. Janssen has the green apple quick step. Thank god that’s all it is

  57. If the Jays have another disappointing season when all is said and done, Marcus stroman might just make up for almost all of it

  58. People were off their rocker on Jays aftershow today. Surprised Wilner didnt just jump through the window pane and end it right then and there.

    Basically one guy who sounded like a woman screaming we should be trading for every player, sell the farm, and make a run. Next guy says Rogers is not allowing that because they know the Jays are shit and was basically citing the fact that Reyes and Bautista strike out too much. Both ends of the spectrum of idiocy.

  59. Re: a Headley trade, how is this for a comp?

    2010 – Indians trade 28 yr old, impending free agent multi positional infielder Jhonny Peralta to the Tigers for pitching prospect Giovanni Soto (not the catcher, diff spelling)

    -similar age – Peralta 28 vs. Headley 30
    -free agent
    -Peralta 5 mil salary vs. Headley 10 mil
    -both can play multiple positions
    -both were having down seasons at time of trade . . . stat lines eerily similar:
    Peralta: ..246/.308 with 7 HRs and 31 RBI in 90 games vs. Headley: .226/.295 with 7 HRs and 31 RBI in 75 games
    -both are plus defenders

    Both accumulated roughly 20 WAR by their age 30 season

    Tigers really gave up nothing to get Peralta – he then re-signed with them for 3 years and put a slash line of .272/.333 with an avg of 15 HRs and 65 RBI per yr and 8 WAR

    Take into consideration inflation in salary and prospect coin (aka what it would take to get him) I cant really envision any scenario where this would be a bad deal for the Jays unless A) AA thinks Headley won’t resign here, B) Physically he’s really messed up and/or C) Rogers is that fucking cheap they wont pick up the remaining salary and is telling AA they dont have money to resign him next yr should Headley indicate interest in staying longterm

    So then what would it cost to get Headley? something like a Sean Nolin would be a good comp for what Tigers gave up, but I can see Padres asking for more considering Headley’s near MVP like season 2 years ago, just dont know if many teams will cave to their demands

    • My guess as to why Jays are having ongoing discussions is the rumour about salary that Elliot floated. I think AA has a framework for a Headley deal that the Padres are fine with (they just added several infielders in the Street trade) but he doesnt have the greenlight from Beeston because of one or both of this year’s remaining salary and resigning him

    • And the answer is : “C”
      Rogers can blow me. If they do nothing my cell, internet and TV go to someone else.

    • If San Diego is willing to trade Headley for a B prospect, I’d be willing to do that.

  60. Couple other examples include Stephen Drew trade to Oakland, Betemit in 2011, etc

    Virtually all of those deals were beneficial but not game changers

    Still . . . I’d rather roll out a crippled Headley at 3b then continuing to watch the decaying corpse of phat Juan

    let Tolly and Kawa split 2b where they have rightfully earned their platoon play time until Lawrie is back

    Johnson seems capable at 1b, grinding out those walks . . . Juan can play 1b vs. righties

    • Yeah and he got his ass handed to him in the comments section. Even one Ranger fan let him have it.

    • I know! Makes absolutely zero sense. Maybe he’s resentful about not being the only “Colby”. I really can’t think of any other rationale.

    • Like the one commenter said
      over 400 comments and nobody supports Lewis’s position.
      Bunting to counteract the shift in a 2 run game? No problem, even in the unwritten rules and protocol of the game.
      He’s so full of shit, his eyes have turned brown.

      • I have to say that the best part of the whole interview is when Lewis says that, when confronted, Rasmus only responded with two words: whatever.

        Two words. Amazing…

      • He’s so full of Shit he uses toilet paper to blow his nose.

    • He’s absolutely right and the Blue Jays should be exploring whatever options are available to award yesterday’s win to the Rangers. Totally classless move and response by Rasmus. He should know better. The Rangers defensive shift is explicitly set up to collect ground balls and turn them into outs and his little stunt almost completely counteracted that – rendered it useless even.

      A good man like Ron Washington deserves a lot better treatment from the Blue Jays, who are clearly in desperation mode and will try almost anything at this point. Sad.

  61. You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.

  62. Sunday baseball! Buehrle gonna Buehrle.

  63. Did Zaun Cherry go crazy on the pregame again? Seeing all sorts of Twitterings about it.
    What’d he say?

  64. Uh Oh, sounds like there’s no mo money.

  65. They asked AA point blank, he’s good, but not once did he say he could add pay roll.

    • AA did say that if they added players they would be paid, so he’s not ruling out additional payroll.

      • Sorry Oakville, I see AA’s comments as totally evasive and Barry never followed up properly.
        AA said he can make still make trades but never confirmed that he can add to existing payroll.

        • @Radar,

          Maybe AA is just posturing? Playing hard to get?

          It is a vote of confidence that Rogers will still let AA make trades.

          Zaun said the Jays should have made trades while they were in first place.

          They are more desperate now with injuries & being in second place.

          • I’ll preface this by saying IMO.
            The impression is that AA can make trades they just need to be payroll neutral.
            AA can slag Elliot all he wants but Elliot is extremely well connected. For him to tweet the information is significant.His tweets are mostly about Canadian baseball so when he does something out of the ordinary ,it gets noticed.

  66. More like Hungover Jays Fans am I right?

  67. Good catch Robertson. Ya arse.

  68. Kawasaki gunna Kawasak

  69. Why not drink a beer at 10am

  70. Donair!

  71. Dionner!!!!

  72. A loud expletive caught on mic.

  73. Frank zappa is very touchy feely with his pitching staff

  74. Reyes!

  75. Damned if that man isn’t smiling again.
    Will he never learn?

  76. Atta boy Reyes

    As much as I hate you lately, I am pulling for you

  77. Unwashed + somewhat slightly dazed…
    But I’m here. Figured if Buerhle was gonna Buerhl I didn’t have time to get washed up.

    • Rode hard and put away wet again?
      Try a Red Zinger.

      • I was thinking more of a sponge bath.
        A pail,some water, a sponge and a TV.
        I think you guys call it multi-tasking.

      • Getting my coffee + yogurt in. A poor health day – nothing terribly unusual. I have a few of them every week. But usually I’m bright eyed + bushy tailed by the time I see you guys @ 7:07pm.

        I overdid it yesterday with shops, restaurant + cinema.

        • You take the expression ‘shop ’til you drop’ much too literally, bean.

          • I actually hate shopping. What happened was I turned up 10 minutes before the shop closed, refused to try anything on + was treated to a new handbag [with studs, leopard print + skulls!]. But even that was too much for me.

            • Won’t that look cute with a classic little black dress.
              You go girl!

              • I’m not great @ being all matchy-match…but yeah…I have about a half dozen of those little black dresses. This handbag is being heralded as the classy replacement of my Yankees handbag.

  78. Love that speed, hate that shitty base running

  79. Whoa, whoa, whoa… did someone break an unwritten rule there?

  80. That was a laser by gose

  81. Catch the ball and then throw the ball, fellas.

  82. Booze, baseball and pills. Tis a good Sunday.

  83. I like when dioner spins around after a swing.

    it’s cute.

  84. Dinner going back for seconds today

  85. Colby totally selfish for that at bat!

  86. I’m just impressed that Colby made contact on that, forget getting a base hit.

  87. Cletus is disrespecting the Texas starters again.

  88. What’s this “Cletus is selfish” narrative that’s being floated about?

  89. I’m horny.

  90. Any dudes want to get saucy? I know a private chat room.

  91. I said I’m horny. Who is going to satisfy that need?

  92. Got the tumbler. You’d think with the handsome wage paid to factory workers in china, they could have finished off the “o”.

    • So it’s an embroidered patch on a plastic tumbler? How odd.

      I got a bottomless soda @ Safeco last July + it features a snazzy 3D design. I use it pretty much every single day for water. Quality stuff.

    • Do you know how to darn?

      • Im an expert seamstress SP, but the patch is between the two layers of plastic. I should ask for a refund ;-)

  93. Wow, you don’t see that every day.

  94. Well that was unfortunate

  95. Cmon. Seriously? FFS

  96. ain’t that some shit

  97. Falling down is a fucking balk?


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