The second half, and a crucial couple of weeks for the Jays begins, with Texas and J.P. Arencibia in town and… really I should have more to say about that than this, but I’m in a car and kinda can’t be arsed at the moment. So this is your Game Threat.

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  1. Weird shit.
    The RC mound is considered one of the best in the majors.

  2. Weird that they are sealing the dome when it just got remarkably sunnier in my neighbourhood.

    • What’s the weird part? That they don’t pattern the dome after the weather in your neighbourhood, or that they didn’t consult?

  3. It’s hard to fathom how everything that could possibly go wrong with this team is actually happening.

  4. I’m naked right now.

  5. Well, doesn’t take long for the wheels to fall off, does it?
    Mr. Murphy, like usual, is squatting high over the Jays…dumping on them from a considerable height.

  6. Melky!

  7. It’s been 10 minutes since I’ve lost power.
    What’s still running is on UPS right now… so scared… that I’ll lose the stream before the power comes back…

  8. Here’s what the bus is going to look like when Dan Norris joins the team:

  9. Who’s in to pitch the 8th? Just get us to Casey ffs. All baseball players should be named Casey imo.

  10. My god Gibbons is an idiot sometimes.

  11. Why the fuck was Redmond left in the game?

  12. I don’t even like this guy being on the team much less pitching in high-leverage situations.

  13. Yeah hard not to fault Gibbons for leaving Redmond in with a mostly rested bullpen.

  14. 8th and 9th have to be locked down. Can’t stay with Redmond.

  15. Goggles made that guy look silly

  16. Nice pitch Goggles.

  17. That’s called getting your crap manager offa da hook.

  18. Redmond is one of our best relievers you fucking morons.

  19. Woo!

  20. SO MUCH FUN.

  21. Melky!!!

  22. I simply love Melky.

  23. Get on the fucking bus.

  24. What’s better: Kawasaki the #2 hitter or Kawasaki the good #2 hitter?

  25. We should start a Kickstarter account to get Melky resigned.

    If the potato salad guy can get 50 k then a few million Jays fans should get it done.

  26. Kawasaki-san! Watashi-wa rbi single-ga suki desu!

  27. Alright casey, quick 1 2 3 inning then ypu can go destroy the clubhouse bathroom

  28. Janssen’s fastball looks kinda limp, no?

  29. I’m not even sure why Janssen is pitching with a four-run lead when he’s been sick.

  30. Ballsy of Janssen to bend right over to tie his shoe.

  31. Gibby the best.

  32. Here’s a one-trick-pony.

  33. Mission accomplished.

  34. Woo series win!!!

  35. Tasty treats

  36. Thanks, John Paul.

  37. Playoffs or bust.

  38. 27hits last to games….just prior to a bosox series

  39. Well he seems like the nicest guy ever (dan Johnson )

  40. I’m still agog that Cletus has stolen bases in back-to-back games!

    • So selfish

      • The question is, did he run during the first two pitches of the at bat? After all, he’s got to prove that he’s doing it to help his team to win instead of simply fattening up his batting average.

        Mmm, pass the Colby Lewis Handbook of Unwritten Baseball Rules (with a foreword from Brian McCann), please.

    • Tabby said earlier that stealing bases has nothing to do with speed. It’s all about having no fear. So I’m probably going to steal a lot of bases.

  41. My power’s back and I managed to not lose my stream.

  42. very good series win. Jays look better . It was nice of JPA to pop up to end the game.

    The baseball gods are no longer angry with us.

  43. Should the Jays take a shot at Dan Uggla?

    • We got rid of JPA this off season, do we need to bring in another JPA type of player in Uggla?

    • A few weeks ago he showed up 30 minutes prior to game time.

      No thanks.

    • Uggla could be had for literally a song and a dance right now. It could be a low risk high reward situation. He’d obviously be a free agent at year end and he would obviously also want to try and rejuvenate his value. You bring him into the RC after being served a big fucking slice of humble pie and a side of reality, who knows?

      Sure the offense is starting to fire again but another big bat wouldn’t hurt. He has slumped this season but think about the motivation of being out of baseball. If someone gives him a job this season, I am sure he would put the work in.

      What could it hurt? Really? Nothing.

    • Absolutely not.

      Earlier in the year, I thought ok maybe, but he’s lost all on base ability in addition to being able to hit, hit for power, and he never could play D.

      I’d rather take a shot at Soriano than Uggla

      • Right there with you. Uggla has always been dogshit at getting on base. His power seems to have evaporated, and he isn’t mashing anything. You have to look back a couple of years for his best, which is scary.

        They need to look at real infield upgrades or an OF who can hit lefties. It’s sad, I think Marlon Byrd is actually exactly what they need but his 4-team NTC includes the Jays. I don’t blame him based on our god-awful turf.

  44. A’s are up 8-1 let’s hope they get the win.

  45. Along with the Yankees.

  46. I’m about to be out of the country for a month. I hope they win and win and I miss amazing wonderful games. Have a great few weeks everyone!

  47. Great game today. If you take out the balk, the jays win this one even bigger. I wanna see Lawrie and EE back asap!! I’m no longer on board with the idea of trading the farm, not a fan but they could use a really solid addition to that bullpen. And as I said above, I don’t think Uggla would be a bad idea to try. But no one can deny that this team has heart and soul thats forsure.

    • Uggla sucks. I’d rather just start Kawasaki until Lawrie gets back.

      • This – what’s more likely? Kawasaki continues an unsustainable line while he’s here and in a comfort zone for a few weeks, or Dan Uggla turns back the clock two years? I know what my money is on.

  48. New rumour is the Jays are interested in Denorfia. That’s a name I have yet to hear and I like it.

    In 5 seasons with the Padres:

    .273/.333/10 WAR – solid hitter, solid D, a bit of speed

    Best part though – career .300/.365/.800 against lefties!

    Also a career .295 hitter in the months of August and Sept.

    Like Headley, he’s not carrying too much salary and is an impending FA who is likely to leave SD for greener pastures

    I’ll take him and Headley right now, AA, lets fucking do this!!!

  49. Watched the game up north and while I am pleased they won, obviously disappointed Buerhle couldn’t break his cherry and get the win. Some tomfoolery seems to happen every game now, whether the bullpen fuks up, inopportune error, no hitting, or today Mark was off somewhat and then a screwball of a balk sorta cost him his win. Well , finally, finally a series win even if it is against the team vying for the no 1 pick next June. We now need to kick the Boston fuckers who are coming on, having swept KC today.

    As an aside very very disappointed to have to to listen to AA speak his absolute BS today about making trades. When someone asked him to answer Y or N, he came up wiyh gobblydeshit about traded players still getting paid-Huh?
    in other words, to me, his corporate speak means strictly revenue neutral trades which , pretty much means no trades as all as teams that do trade this time of year often do so to dump salary!
    So, unless he dumps a Happ (5.1m prorated) or Buerhle (18mp), replaces with a minimum guy like Sanchez, there will be no $$$ to even take on someone like Martin Prado for FFS never mind the heavyweights like the oft mentioned Hamels etc.
    Rogers Management truly must be some of the biggest nitwits in the baseball realm and I do not care if they are already 9th in payroll, a few mill less and they’d be 13th or whatever. If a Prado can be had for a prorated 3.4m, then Christ , man WTF?
    AHHHH< Over=and out
    Forward Ukraine!

  50. It seems like the jays have a pretty good thing going with the rotation for now. Happ is the 5th starter and in that role he is fine. Stroman has given them a nice lift. Buehrle, Hutch, and Dickey have been good, not great. The offense is a mess though. I cant believe they still havent dfa’d francisio. Guy is reallllyyyy close to becoming jpa 2.0 if he hasnt already. The success in the next stretch of games is going to come down to the offense I think and how much they can produce. They need help. O yeah, and fuck you rogers!!

    • Despite his struggles the last month or so, Francisco still has an .811 OPS and a 120 wRC+. His wRC+ against righties is 138, which rates him in the top 30 in the majors, ahead of Jose Bautista and Melky Cabrera.

      We didn’t believe it was real when he was absolutely crushing everything, so why are you so willing to believe it’s real when he’s struggling? As always, the truth is somewhere in between, and his overall numbers are still VERY good over 230 PAs.

      Juan Francisco is nowhere close to a DFA candidate right now.

      • I think his career numbers and the scouting on him suggest that it was the higher performance that was the anomaly and his current performance is closer to his true talent, but I agree that he’s not DFA worthy yet and that he probably has some more value to give.

        • On a related note, can you imagine what this team would look like if everyone who the fans seem to want D’d FA actually was?
          The roster would be made up of AA guys and the minor league teams wouldn’t be able to field a full team anymore.

        • I agree. Even looking at the last two years, his wRC+ is 105 over more than 600 PAs, which certainly isn’t DFA-worthy for a team struggling to get offense right now. Considering he’s really cheap, is on the roster as primarily a backup, is only 26 years old and isn’t a free agent until 2018, letting him go because of a month or so of struggles would be dumb.

      • His ops is simply a product of his torrid may. Sure, overall, it still looks good, but he has been complete dogshit for 8 weeks now. He is striking out at a very high rate, not even walking at all. He is really giving the lineup nothing and is very dfa worthy unless they just put him on the bench where he belongs and use him in certain situations.

        • YOu don’t just dish out DFA as a punishment. You have to A) have a viable replacement and B) have litterally no other choice.

        • But that was kind of my point. His OPS is still very good in spite of how bad he’s been the last 6-8 weeks. That just illustrates how GOOD he was for the first couple months. Suggesting he should be DFA’d is a huge overreaction to a small sample, just like suggesting he was the next Bautista/Encarnacion was a huge overreaction to his amazing start.

          His wRC+ by month has been 136, 174, 56, 98. That 98 at the end represents his 35 PAs so far in July, over which he’s been almost exactly league average. So we’re literally talking about one awful month.

          He’s a bench/depth player/platoon third-baseman who’s been forced to play a lot more than is ideal because of injuries, yet he’s still managed to be one of the 30 best hitters in major league baseball against right handed pitching this year. Hot streaks happen to shitty players sometimes, and cold streaks happen to good players. Again, Francisco is likely somewhere between shit and good, which is absolutely fine for a team that’s looking to give someone at bats while the regulars get healthy.

        • I’d like to ask everyone calling for Francisco to be D’dFA who they would call up to replace him on the active roster. Ryan Goins? Brett Wallace? Those are the guys who are available to replace him.

          Maybe when Lawrie gets healthy, it makes sense to D Francisco FA and keep Kawasaki and Tolleson for a 2B platoon, but until then it’s probably a stupid idea to suggest.

          On a side note, I wonder how many of the people crying for his release were among the people who asked why Francisco can’t be the next Bautista or Encarnacion.

  51. Depressing when the two names mentioned on MLB trade rumors are

    Kyle Kendrick & Chris Denorfia

    I’ll pass on both unless they cost next to nothing

    • I’m sure the cost wouldn’t be much for either. and Denorfia could really help against Lefties.

    • Denorfia has something like a 128 wrc+ vs lefties in his career and plays a pretty decent outfield.

      I’ll say that’s a decent fit.

      • Yeah, I like the Denorfia idea. The cost of acquiring someone to hit primarily against lefties would probably be relatively cheap. To get a little unrealistic for a moment… a Denorfia and Headley package sure could plug a lot of holes in one shot.

    • Denorfia strikes me as a reliable fourth outfielder who would obviously provide better depth than Mastrioanni or Pillar or whoever else the Jays have at their disposal right now. I also think there’s value in having him play the outfield while Cabrera or Bautista works out of the DH spot, and Lind (once he’s healthy) takes a seat.

    • Kendrick no, hes not much better than Happ

      Denorfia yes, his lefty numbers are incredible

      Denorfia and Headley would be great

      If AA can get something for Lind, I’d trade him. Can’t see them picking up his option next year. DH spots better used for guys who can also provide defensive value. By dealing Lind they could also use that DH spot to platoon the splits, this giving guys like Tolleson, Francisco, and Reimold further use once their replacements come back from the DL

      • Lind has been one of the best hitters in baseball the last two years. When you have a team that’s struggling to score runs and is in the middle of a playoff race, you don’t trade that away to give more at bats to Tolleson, Francisco and Reimold. I like the use of a DH spot to give time off to more versatile players, but that’s a great option for a team that doesn’t have a strict DH type who can put up huge offensive numbers.

        • best hitter in baseball against righties last 2 years, not best hitter period . . . he still cant hit lefties

          thats exactly why it would be an ideal time to trade him if indeed Rogers is saying its gotta be salary neutral deals

  52. Seeing a bunch of people on FB comment on anything trade related for the Jays that should go for Beltre. Sounds like a great idea on paper/ in theory, but I don’t think it’s likely to happen, unless Texas has a stud in the waiting or are willing/desperate enough to get JPA fielding ground balls at third (since it looks like his career behind the dish is done)

    • [Pathetic loser].

    • I believe the thinking is that A) the Rangers have a lot of infield depth coming through their system and B) They are potentially looking at a rebuild where Beltre won’t be around by the time they’re ready again.

      THat said it seems like too big of a deal for Jays fans to expect right now…

    • Also, there’s no reason for the Rangers to throw in the towel on next year already, and the Jays don’t have anything not currently essential to the major league team that would improve the Rangers next year enough to off-set the loss of Beltre, nor do they have enough prospects to make Texas an offer they can’t afford to pass up. It sounds great in a vacuum where other teams aren’t also trying to win baseball games, but in reality it’s not going to happen.

      • @fsfsdfsdf if his career keeps going, it’ll probably be at 1B with whatever team that has hope to fix his bat.

        @IMW and asissons, exactly it would probably take the the little farm the Jays have, or something potentially involving the Canadian Messiah and I doubt that would go down

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