The Red Sox are charging, and the Jays really ought to do themselves and the rest of baseball a favour over the four game set that begins tonight at Rogers Centre, and put these fucks out of their misery and straight into the “sellers” category. Not that that’s necessarily the best long-term thing for the rest of the AL East, given the excellent collection of prospects that Boston already boasts, but fuck it. Let’s not let these dickholes back into the race — and at just 7.5 games out of it, the folks in Boston could certainly be forgiven for thinking that they just might be able to do it. There’s a fucking world I don’t want to live in, eh? Especially if it comes at the Jays’ expense. And don’t look now, but it’s not exactly like the Sox are playing with a team full of total rotting garbage, either. It’s not going well for them, but there are still a lot of guys playing tonight that won themselves World Series rings last year and that were supposed to be the core of a definite contender this year.

In other words, remember when the Sox got themselves in a deep hole back in the first couple months of the season? Well… it was still early then.

Let’s do this. Go Jays!


When starting on four days rest this season Drew Hutchison’s opponents have OPS’d .798 and he’s posted a 4.81 ERA with a 1.44 WHIP and 1.71 strikeouts for every walk. On five days rest that OPS drops to .720, with a 4.58 ERA, a 1.31 WHIP, and 3.33 strikeouts for every walk. In the two starts he’s made on six or more days of rest the OPS is .375, the ERA 0.00, the WHIP 0.73, and the K/BB up to 3.67. He pitches tonight having had eight full days between starts.

Nails much? John Lott tweets that John Gibbons says Edwin Encarnacion and Adam Lind are in Florida, and both scheduled to take batting practice tomorrow, with Edwin also set to do some fielding as well. Nails mu– oh, right. Already said that bit.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that despite the strong attendance over the weekend, the Jays are still 198,000 behind last season’s pace in terms of attendance. Just guessing, but I think this might have had something to do with how the club did fuck all this winter.

Lastly, I didn’t bother mentioning it in today’s Assorted Weekend Thoughts post, because it simply goes without saying, but just so we’re clear, Colby Lewis is a dumb.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Boston

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
1B Dan Johnson (L)
C Erik Kratz (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
RF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Boston Red Sox

RF Brock Holt (L)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
3B Xander Bogaerts (R)
CF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)
C Christian Vazquez (R)

RHP John Lackey

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  1. Let’s do this!

  2. I bet the Jays box office sold at least 200,000 more tickets in advance of last season than they did this off-season.

  3. Great start to the game for Hutch. Hopefully he can avoid an inning where it’s a complete clusterfuck. Jays pitchers seem prone to those.

  4. Hopefully the jays don’t do nothing again this offseason

  5. Kratz sets up nice but Hutch is just plain missing his spots so far. Maybe a little rusty, hope he shakes it quick.

  6. Arencibia just gave the Yankees a base runner because he couldn’t stretch an extra foot and came off the bag to go for a swipe tag

  7. Way to get Hutch right back out there after a shaky inning, offense.

  8. Good stuff. Your pitcher just threw 30 pitches so you make the other guy throw 10. Way to go Colby swinging at first pitch

    • Don’t be a fucking idiot, please.

      • He wasn’t wrong

      • Sorry. You’re right. No reason at all for Colby to take a couple there.

      • he is not being an idiot at all. work the pitcher so your guy can take a breather

        • He absolutely is. Working the pitcher isn`t something you can necessarily just snap your fingers and do, for one. Baseball is hard. For two, if the first pitch looks good, why not swing? You’re a lot more likely to get a hit at 0-0 than by going down 0-1. Can’t just let the pitch you’re looking for go by as a strike for the sake of it — or… you can, but that’s not doing a helpful thing for your team at all. Pissing and moaning about such stuff just an attempt to find something different to vent like a child about, not some great criticism.

          • So by that logic Johnson was hurting his team when he took a piped fastball that everyone knew was coming? And I’m pretty sure that just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make them a fucking idiot.

            • You are an idiot if you think one pitch is that different from another. All baseball people talk about how you might only get one good pitch to hit in an at bat. If the pitcher grooves pitch one, you might as well swing.

              Plus looking for meaning from one pitch in one game in one regular season is pretty stupid.

              • There are times when raking a pitch or two is called for. After your guy just threw 30 pitches and the first hitter of your inning makes an out is one such time. That was my point. Again, not sure why thinking that necessarily makes me an idiot.

                • *taking

                • So you get down 0-2 and then get out in 30 seconds instead of 15? Way to go, count-worker.

                  • Or maybe tthe second pitch is a ball. And maybe the third one is too. Or maybe not. But just the simple point of thinking he shoulda taken a pitch is, I think, a valid thing to say.

                    • at Rogers Customer, don’t bother arguing with the guy. It is a waste of time and energy

      • Stoets has never played the game at a level above Bantam-house. Forgive him. Any ball player would know to take a few, just like you do if your first two hitters record outs on the first pitch–no need to give a pitcher a three-pitch inning.

  9. Ugh c’mon Hutch!

  10. Holy Christmas I checked in at the wrong time to this game

  11. I joke but hutch and stroman and AA’s 1st born for Hamels looks good right about now

    • Fuck off
      Why trade stroman and his years of control

      • His name is cole Hamels perhaps you’ve (or obviously haven’t) heard of him; he plays for the phillies. Oh and my “joke” preface – you idiot

    • Hamels is 30 years old and has put up 2.1 fWAR this year. Hutch and Stroman are 23 and have been worth 1.8 and 1.4 fWAR, respectively. It probably is best to hang on to them.

  12. Circus inning!!! Arrrrgh time to hit the sauce HARD. Will check back after mission accomplished

  13. Hutch was just throwing batting practice tonight, He’ll be back and pitch a gem next time out.

  14. It’s a good thing I’m not an MLB pitcher. Cause if I was Mills right now, I’d bean the first Boston fuck that came to the plate.

  15. Rally Time…..Please don’t say those words will be uttered too many times this week

  16. [Dipshit stupidity]

    • You’re a sad person. I’m guessing 37. Lives in mothers basement. Virgin

      • [Dipshit stupidity]

        • Bahahaha there he am!!!! There he am!!!!! I fuckin <3 this guy. Wait…i should be drinking. Forward!!

      • [Moron stuff]

        • Sad, sad fella. To think someone gets pleasure out of trying to aggravate people who cheer for another team. Not sure which is sadder, the attempt or how badly it fails. (Musta struck a nerve with the virgin thing. Sorry bud, I’m sure it’ll happen for you someday)

  17. Holy fuck don’t be afraid to swing Kratz

  18. He did and it was a good one

  19. Buck: “Francisco in a bit of a funk right now.” Oh Buck, captain obvious champion of the world.

  20. At least fuck Lackey up if you’re going to lose

  21. It’s a good thing Francisco didn’t hit it out of the park… that would have killed the rally!!!

  22. Call me crazy….I think we’re gonna come back and win this one.

    Lots of time left.

  23. Lackey is such a fucking mouth breather. I hate looking @ his stupid face.

    In other news – I think I saw Stoeten in my neighbourhood yesterday afternoon.

  24. Fuck off McGowan.
    There. Me feel better.

  25. Sit down, Baldy Smurf

  26. I don’t think Mills is what we needed.

  27. Ugh yet again

  28. Fuck

  29. It would’ve either been Mills or Jenkins… Take your pick

    I feel like Mills is like Hendriks and Korecky in that he succeeds in AAA with subpar velocity, ground ball rates, etc

  30. Oh Colby please lay off the breaking ball to save your moonshine drinking life

  31. Lol nice commentary Zaun. I get that your trying to find a positive, but if your biggest positive is that the 2nd basemen caught a pop up, maybe just say there were no positives this game

  32. So when’s Stroman taking the mound again?

  33. Stupid horseshoes for the BoSox.

  34. Lol. Poor Mills. His arm might fall off after tonite

  35. I was at the epic comeback in Cincy last month; it can happen again!

  36. Contract the Blah Jokes! Click the trade button! Frie Grobbins!

  37. Good thing for Jr. that Colby Lewis wasn’t on the mound.

  38. Just got in. Yikes. Queue the comeback.

  39. This is making it easier for me to do chores.

  40. This is why shuffling the deck chairs is a waste of time. Not like Anthopoulos has much wiggle room to work with. Maybe now Rogers is realizing that Iron Sheik was right with his tweets toward Rogers Inc.

  41. Mound visit

    Walker: we’re fucked now anyway, so just keep going

    Mills: K

  42. Dfa mills

  43. This is typical blue jay baseball against division rivals. Cant hit their pitching, while their starters get shelled.

  44. At this point, just leave Brad Mills in.

  45. What in the fuck is going on? Why the hell is AA calling up failed pitchers? Why isn’t Sanchez in uniform?

  46. Fucking batting practice with Mills

  47. This might be the last time we see Brad Mills in the majors

  48. May as well let some position players pitch at this point.

    AA’s own fault for picking up a piece of shit like Mills with a track record of being shit. At least Jenkins was having a modicum of success, even if it was fleeting and far flung

    • Considering Mike McCoy once pitched a scoreless inning, maybe we shouldn’t draw sweeping conclusions based on one bad inning of pitching.

    • Don’t be dumb, please. Jenkins had reached 2 innings in an appearance once since June 10th, and that was because it was an extra inning game. He was not a long man. Redmond, they felt (smartly, I’d say), could do more for them in short relief right now than by waiting for mop up duty, so they saw the opportunity to bring in an actual long man, and then move Redmond somewhere that he could provide more value.

      And where the hell do you use your long man if not there? Like, for fuck sakes, I know it’s frustrating, but come on.

      • No reason why he couldn’t pitch 2 innings again, if you’re only down what 6-1 at that point.

        I don’t see why that’s dumb.

        It is frustrating for sure, but I’m not saying anything exceptionally ludicrous. AA gambled and lost, so it is indeed his fault.

        And the position player thing was serious, you could toss in one to pitch an inning (once it was 14-1 obviously, not when it was 8-1), that happened recently in a Marlins game when they were up 13-3 or something.

        • He did not gamble and lose. Good lord, it’s one game.

          • Once again, not sure why you’re making a bigger deal of my statement. He did gamble and did lose.

            Even Griffin posted an article asking why AA was accumulating inventory. Guess he deserves to be called stupid and a good lord thrown his way as well, if we’re going to be fair

  49. Does Tolleson get a chance to test his knuckleball by the end of this?

  50. It’s times like these that I’m glad I didn’t pay to watch the guillotine come down on this shitshow. I feel sorry for the announced attendance that did. Embarrassing.

    Who else wants to tear down the Rogers statue?

  51. So what was the point of having someone like Brad Mills anywhere near an MLB roster?

  52. Aaaaaahhhh the liquor isnt helping!!!

  53. Glad we cleared a roster spot for Mills…. I’m sure Jenkins or someone else couldn’t have given us this good of a relief performance

  54. That was a shellacing right there. I feel sorry for the guy.

  55. Honest to God, I might be a tad old school but when you are up by a lot and swinging for the fences, the next batter should get a fucking fastball in the ribs…

  56. Brad Mills gave up 8 earned runs in 16 innings with Oakland….

    and 8 earned runs in 2 innings with Toronto.

  57. Wow…this is just sad

  58. If we had to lose, best to do it like this. Maybe it’ll shake some sense into Rigers/AA/Beeston that this team isn’t good enough. Even with EE/Lawrie/Lind back, we still need a pitcher

    • Really so were going to replace Hutch who is practically free and has been doing decently with someone who costs 10M more as well as a top prospect or two? What is the point?

    • They wouldn’t be dumb enough to make such sweeping conclusions from one game, thankfully.

  59. Juan has a range of approximately one foot to either side…

    • At least he doesn’t seem to fuck up throws. So there’s that.

      I look forward to the day of hating him less when Lawrie is back and Francisco is a nice power bat to have off the bench.

  60. I’m not one to relish another’s demise, but AA has to go. He will be compensated properly, so let’s move on and find someone capable of putting a winning team together. Quit this waiver wire bullshit.

    • Every team uses the waiver wire. The wavier wire has worked out really well for this team.

      Why the fuck do people so often get it in their heads that it’s remotely a bad thing?

      • Because it’s the ONLY thing AA is doing. And it’s clearly not enough to put/keep this team in contention for the whole season.

        • Yeah AA sure is an asshole. I’m sure he’s not even trying to get anyone or make a trade.I for one think he should way overpay for someone cuz otherwise chuck wont b happy

      • Really? The waiver wire has worked out? I’d agree if you mean Kawasaki entertains crowds.
        Granted, I’m being a dick, but unless the Jays are winning, I can’t see how you think the waiver wire has been beneficial to the Jays.

        • Because without the waiver wire they’d b playing with 7 guys on the field which makes it much more difficult to play defense.

        • Tolleson and Francisco have contributed very nicely to this team as nothing moves (not necessarily waivers). Redmond was a waiver guy and has done his job.

          Thing is, these are just nothing moves at the back of the roster, so any value you get is terrific. It hurts nothing. Yet people complain, I think because they’re the only moves they see and they think they’re supposed to be the club’s “big move,” which of course they never were. They’re taking fliers on guys who might be improvements to what they have. I’m all for it. And every team does it to an extent.

  61. Wow. I am just as frustrated at the shit kicking we are taking as much as the next guy but the number of epically stupid comments here tonight is truly mind blowing.

  62. Alright, let’s start the pool for which position player comes in to pitch!

    I would like to see Gose. I would say Mastro or Mune but then there is no one to play middle infield

  63. That should be Tolleson not Mastro. Perhaps it will be Mastro

  64. Having the Jays pitching get the shit hit out of them is one thing, Hutch had a bad start and you don’t expect anything from Mills…

    But if the Jays are going to do anything to get a smirk out of me, please hit the shit out of Lackey. Don’t let that fucker have a good game.

    • Lackey is a good pitcher and pitched well tonight. The bigger issue is the continued non-factors of Reyes and Bautista.

      • Yeah but it doesn’t mean I have to like him

        And of course those are issues but for tonight I’d like to see them hit Lackey around more

      • An issue only a short bit of time can solve. And they aren’t cursed titans. There are other players on the team, like ptchers.

  65. I was gonna run a solo mission to the game but couldn’t be bothered to burn the calories.
    I will say that watching this game deflated me enough to skip the gym tonight and play video games with a couple of litres of dark chocolate milk instead.

    • Given all that, you still end up the true winner of the night.

    • The best recovery drink there is, especially if you can’t be arsed to exercise in the first place.

      • I keep seeing that advert promoting drinking chocolate milk in the thirty minutes after working out. BLARGH. It makes me feel pretty unpleasant. MILK IS A POOR CHOICE.

    • I went to a game of my local collegiate summer league (former team of Jonathan Diaz!) the other day and they went down 10-0 by the 5th, but I could still got to drink a bunch of cheap beer outside at a baseball game. Blowouts are what you make of them.

  66. So how long does Mills have until he is DFA?

  67. Entertaining Game Threat tonight.

  68. Tonight is one of the reasons I love this team – there’s no basement for how bad they can perform.

  69. The sun’ll come out tomorrow…

    • Actually, I think the forecast says rain.

      Oh you meant figuratively.
      Sorry, my bad.

      • Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
        There’ll be sun

        • Just thinkin’ about tomorrow
          Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow till’ there’s none

          The sun’ll come out tomorrow
          So you got to hang on
          till’ tomorrow, come what may

          You may be right SP

  70. Andrew – can you please write about the utter ridiculousness of Colby Lewis’ comments the other night? I just listened to Aaron Boone’s attempt to justify Lewis’ reaction and I couldn’t believe my ears. Of course, I think he could hardly believe his words either as he said he couldn’t really explain it, but that he would have been yelling at Rasmus too. Are these guys complete morons? They employ an overt strategy (ie the shift) and get pissed with the batter defends against it? WTF? Can this be serious? I guess it is. Boone said most players feel the same way. I think you should put a pin in it.

    • He prob just hates having to run off the mound, as that is what bunts make a pitcher do.
      It’s like yelling at a customer for paying and tipping with debit rather than cash. Idk

      • Which is what I suspected until I heard Aaron Boone defend him on ESPN tonight. He says most baseball players feel the same way. Ugh. I guess they aren’t paying them to think, or even try to think.

        • I just don’t believe that from Boone. Lewis was so utterly wrong that
          unless Boone backed up his statement with an independant poll
          of MLB players, I choose to believe he’s bullshitting.

    • The overwhelming concensus was that lewis was out of his depth and spouting completly ridiculous nonsense…this one can be put to bed

  71. Yup, as expect… Marty York comes out from under the bridge and tweets some more.

  72. Tuned in to see a tolleson single in the ninth. Then I saw the score. hollleeeeeeee fuuuuuuccck!

    We win 2 of the next 3, I’ll forget about this one.

  73. [Troll stupidity]

  74. Utterly fucking irrelevant number, smart guy.

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