Yeah… so that wasn’t much fun, was it? And hooooooo fucking boy, did it ever bring out the stupid. All sorts of fun stuff about the Jays’ “dumpster diving” and Brad Mills and their need for a pitcher and Drew Hutchison’s home splits and the struggling hitters and their inability to beat the AL East and and and and and and and…

It sure does get a little bit suffocating to feel that to be a part of the conversation you need to push back against deluge of recency bias, especially when the only arguments you have to push with don’t offer a lot of comfort, doesn’t it?

But that’s really where we’re at right now.

The Jays’ bats should get better as the team returns to health from their recent bad run of key injuries. The starting pitching hasn’t been great, but it’s been decent enough and may yet see a reinforcement. The bullpen they should figure out, and shouldn’t have trouble finding cheap pieces with which to do so.

All of this is absolutely true, yet none of it means the Monsters Of May are going to suddenly return and rocket the club to the top of the AL East standings with no need to look back. Health may not be enough. More key players may get hurt and further test the already thin veneer of depth the club has built (which, to be fair, isn’t any different from the depth other clubs have). Shit, they may stay healthy and still not have the horses. And of course if they keep playing the way they’ve been playing since about the second week of June they aren’t going to have a hope in hell of being within sniffing distance when all is said and done.

But that’s just it — that’s why I say “recency bias”. Why would they? Why would anyone else?

The Rays and the Red Sox and the Orioles and the Yankees have been playing well of late, chipping away at what was once the Blue Jays’ lead, and fans have a tendency to believe that at whichever point they’re looking, that’s where reality is. The true talent, they seem to think, of the Blue Jays is what we’ve recently seen, just as the true talent of those other teams is what we’ve recently seen.

Ignore the fact that the Rays and Red Sox were so bad until just recently that the Jays had jumped massively out in front of them, and pretend they’re not capable of ever going that poorly again. Ignore how well we know this Jays team is capable of playing, and why there’s no honest reason to believe they can’t get close to that level again when healthy, and just start sulking because you think you’ve seen this movie before.

Then vent all these angsty feelings online and piss all over anyone who dares to push back against the reality that’s been constructed on this warped foundation.

It’s easy!

And it’s especially easy because nobody can say that the team hasn’t been playing poorly. Nobody can assure anyone that it’s all going to be OK. As in-fucking-sufferable as it is when folks roll their eyes at the suggestion that it’s early — even when it is unequivocally, inarguably still early (and you’d better believe it fucking well is) — you can almost understand why they do it, because it’s been early so many times before and hasn’t worked worked out in our favour in eons. As dumbfounding as it is to see people nitpicking on the club’s waiver wire acquisitions (seriously, find something significant to piss and moan about maybe), it’s not like we all don’t want to see them get better players than Brad Mills, it’s just these are mole hills being made into mountains (and, frankly, like many of the Jays’ other scrap heap finds the Mills thing made sense enough — Jenkins has options and wasn’t being used for more than four or five outs at most, so wasn’t really a long man replacement for Redmond, who it was reasonably decided should get a chance to work in short relief given how well he’s pitched and how poorly so many others have).

Add in the fact that they’ve been going so badly and yes, it’s frustrating. But it’s frustrating for everyone, and especially, I think, for that great many of us who clearly see a season hanging in the balance — fully capable of going either way as it plays out over an exciting, if often frustrating, next ten weeks — and are constantly being asked to view some tinfoil science project made by a hopelessly negative yahoo who either thinks he’s had some kind of “aha” moment or just wants to be the first jumping off the bandwagon screaming that the team is fucked.

Or maybe everyone like that is cool, and it’s all just me.

Whatever the case, I’m certainly having all kinds difficulty not getting sidetracked, and while I know I should be better at ignoring this stuff, when it’s your business to be immersed in the conversation it’s hard not to feel it all rumbling in your direction like a stupid fucking wave coming at you from three sections over as you’re trying to focus your gaze on a key pitch in a key at-bat in the top of the eighth inning with runners on, two outs, and the Jays clinging to a one-run lead. And like those who just can’t help themselves but join in the wave in a crucial moment, I know that everyone just wants to be part of the experience and have the right to cheer in whatever way they please, it’s just… watch the game! You’re ruining it for everybody else!! Watch what a season actually goes like! Watch how teams have ebbs and flows over the course of a year! Watch how a single game itself is never over in the third inning — watch how it’s never a time to start venting like a spoiled child where it may not end in utter embarrassment.

Just watch the damn game. Maybe even try to enjoy it.

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  1. 3 hits. THREE

    • Don’t be this idiot, is what I’m saying.

      • Because three hits and THOSE kinds of at-bats are okay to you, Stoets? Did you see guys like Francisco clearly trying to hit VDub-like needless solo bombs just to pad their stats? I’d like to think you did, and were as repulsed as I.

      • Not sure you were intending to prove Stoeten’s point but you kind of did. Recency bias, once again. You ignore the fact that we had 12 hits on Saturday and 15 hits on Sunday.
        Stoeten, AMEN good sir. Stay on the boat…

      • Stoeten, why do you just endlessly defend the team to death.

        The Jays could be in last place in all the MLB and as soon as someone would say “the Jays suck” you would try and defend them and try and dig up some Saber stats to try and console yourself that they on paper could be better if they’d only fix 5254555 problems.

        You know for a guy who called his website Drunk Jays Fans, and as someone who was at the game last night with friends getting drunk – we didn’t see a good team on the field. We saw a team sucking a big bag or dicks. And we didn’t go home and calm ourselves down by analyzing the stats to death to soothe the pain of a 14 fucking 1 loss.

        Get a grip on reality and stop being the great defender.

        • Just rename this blog

          ‘Analytical Optimistic Jays Fans Who Hate Gut-Reaction Non-Analytical Jays Fans who think RBI’s matter”

          Not “drunk Jays fans”

        • You mean the reality where the Jays are 4 games out of first place on July 22nd? I’m sorry that you feel like you wasted your money on tickets and beer last night, I went to the 13-0 loss last year, as well as the 16-0 loss to Oakland and a 12-2 loss to Tampa Bay in 2012, so I know how much being at those games sucks, but it happens. Calm down. It’s one game.

        • Here’s exactly the problem with you negative fuckwits: you only see what you want to see. What it is that’s wrong with you that make you want to see everything negatively is beyond me, but holy fucking look again, dipshit, at how out of my way I’ve gone to say that this team sure may not make the playoffs, that they might not be good enough even if they get healthy, etc.

          You want so badly to have something to whine about, though, that I guess you’ll just pretend that I’m just offering a blanket defence of them, right? It’s pretty fucked in the head, guy.

          • Today, thanks to social media,. i have come to the conclusion Toronto does not deserve the Blue Jays. 4 games out in the division with 10 weeks to go you fuck-tards. Get behind your team for fuck sakes. You are lucky enought to have MLB there. No its not “fuck Rogers” the teams payroll is better than league average. No its not “fire AA/Gibbons” both are capable. The team has had some serious injuries as of late to the middle of thier fucking order. Any team is going to go through a rough patch when they lose players like they have.And..blowouts happen in baseball sometimes, get over it. Toronto – bandwagon capital of the world! Leafs, Raps, Jays…all victims of TOs fair weathered fans! Pro sports is tough, having the fans stick behind the team through thick and thin can be a difference maker.

      • Fuck you Stoeten.

        Sick of your bullshit.

    • Where were you the game before when these AAAA hitters got a dozen hits?

  2. Since Boston and Tampa were both expecting to be World Series contenders before the year, however, it is in fact very easy to just write off their lousy April-May as massive slumps, and now things are coming together for them. Whereas with the Jays, yeah injuries certainly played a big factor, but the 20-4 streak is clearly the aberration sandwiched between five weeks of crappy baseball on either side.

    I dearly hope I’m wrong but I expect those other teams to finish above .500 and the Jays to finish below .500 since the Rays are Sox are just plain better from top to bottom.

  3. I dont know how someone can have so much faith in this team. Every year its the same story. Injuries and under performance. Other teams have it and still persevere and make the playoffs. What the fuck is it? The players dont give a shit? The gm? The coach? The turf? Rogers? Like what the fuck is the common denominator that makes this team so lousy every year.

    • You too.

    • Considering none of those stay the same aside from the game and the city, I am going to go out on a limb and say it is probably just baseball. Long term this shit evens out. Sometimes there isn’t nice tidy explanations that allow us to just pin it on someone.

    • It’s not a thing at all, that’s the whole point. Quit the superstitious nonsense. Most times the Jays didn’t have as good a team as the others in the division. Pretty simple. There’s nothing about the clothes that’s been keeping them down. If they have a good enough team, they will be right there. And they sure seem like they might have a good enough team, if you can ignore all the histrionics.

    • Or maybe it has something to do with not being a movie where the main guys always win? And that it isn’t hockey with a 50/50 chance of making the playoffs? And that every team has injuries but we’ve been a little more unlucky in the last 2 years – the last 2 years being the only ones in the last 10 that we really have a proper chance of making the playoffs.

    • Every year it is the same story? I dont remember the Jays any time recently being in this close to a playoff spot in 21 years. Every year at this time I am hoping for a stretch of good baseball just to be 4-5 games back of a wildcard spot. There are issues with this team, but you think any team in the AL East is sitting comfy right now? Get a grip…and enjoy something that doesnt happen every year

  4. I guess since I don’t see the jack ass using my name anymore I’ll switch back.

    Here’s where I am at. I have been known to get hyped up and say shit in the heat of the moment. I think we all do sometimes but I guess I do it more than some. Watching the team slide since the cards series has been really tough, the cards did something in that series that other teams put into their scouting reports, not sure what it was but there has to be something behind the Jays sliding so badly offensively since then.

    The frustration for me starts at the bad luck injury bug that seems to walk in every fucking season, fuck a bunch of stuff out and leave behind a broken .500 team in it’s wake. I mean yes, this is professional sports, players get hurt, but how long has this shit been going on? Top players getting eaten up every year. This year it happened to come at the worst time and it happened to the top players. Hell it even happened to fucking Reimold, dude comes in on waivers, plays like a stud and gets hurt just when fans are thinking “hey this guy we got for free is making a difference”. Fuck off injury fairy.

    I think another frustrating fact is the team being in a limbo type situation for buying and selling. There is in fact no 1-2 players on the market that could come in and right this ship without the services of EE, Lawrie and a bullpen. And team’s are likely smelling the Jay’s desperation from a mile away so the price is gonna be high. But it’s also too soon to sell especially when the players they would be selling are not performing up to snuff right now, except maybe Melky.

    It just sucks to have what was an amazing season go for a shit. When you think about the games lost at the start of the year due to the terrible bullpen, then you have the losses due to missing key players. Shit, this team could have a HUGE lead in the east right now. Depressing….. but I am still here cheering.

    • Cards are magic. They have magic scouting reports they’ve sprinkled throughout baseball.

      • Ah the Cards, who build thru the farm system and blast out the ones who don’t fit. Ain’t that right there Colby?

        • gotta admit… the cards do it right. if the jays built like the cards, the rotation would soon look like:


          and id be ok with it.

    • Injuries happen to almost everyone.

      • Yes they do but have you noticed that every year it seems the injury bug takes a man sized bite out of the jays? And other teams also seem to have depth to fill holes to manage injury problems whereas even the players the jays bring up for such reasons get hurt too.

        • I think the jays have actually been in the top third for DL days over the last 3-4 years, but I am not sure if there is any one identifiable reason (I mean someone has to be). We would need an in-depth longitudinal study to really figure out whether this is just a recent coincidence or some systemic problem.

          I agree that it is disheartening. But what is anybody supposed to do?

          • I think what sunk me was Reimold getting hurt. To have so much shit wrong with the team and have AA steal this dude from Baltimore, have him come in, play great, get people stoked on things a bit to lighten the mood and then get hurt after a couple games really sucked ass.

            • Ya, but for the most part over the last three or four years the jays hitters have been better than average at staying off the DL. It is the pitching injuries that have amassed the DL days that put the team in the more often injured section of the league.

              The Reimold one did suck, but if past injuries is really the best predictor of future injury-likelihood then Reimold was a poor candidate to put hope in.

            • Good lord, Martinez. Good lord.

          • The systemic problem is that they have been one of the oldest teams in the league and play on turf. If you want to be healthy, you need young guys.

          • One identifiable reason? How about four: Sergio Santos, Brandon Morrow, Brett Lawrie, Jose Bautista.

            Not an attack on those guys, just saying. They’ve had plenty of time on the DL compiled the past four years. And when you factor in McGowan..

        • Sometimes true, Martinez, but mostly false.

  5. Yeah I appreciate the optimism. But this team over the last two years has had two phenomenal runs surrounded by eight months of awful baseball.

    As much as I’d like to agree with you about them being “capable”, we’d be relying on an awfully small sample size to trust in it.

    • Way to not mention anything about injuries or their performance when healthy. See what you want to see.

    • Because there’s been a “this team” over that span to even talk about? Nonsense. It’s not a sample size thing — they’ve been hurt in this stretch, and they were hurt last year. Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to be great when they are healthy, but it doesn’t take a lot of thought to see that you’re spinning it in a way that doesn’t make sense unless what you want to see is negative.

  6. where’s the big/small trade >?

    why dont they do a 2for2 /3for3 trade with someone like the rockies, get Jorge De la Rosa and DJ LeMahieu for Hutch and something else in a package…

  7. I don’t give a shizznay if Jenkins and McGuire turn out to be anything better than David Purcey and Zach Jackson. Point is, how the fuck can you justify jettisoning 2 former first round picks off the roster to bring back Brad Mills and his 6.98 (now 7.79) career ERA. Really? How does none of the senior members of the media, the ones with the Expos tattoos, not hold AA’s feet to fire. And ask, “what in the fuck is going on here?”

    • Because the back of everyone’s bullpen sucks? Mills did his job – ate up some innings in a blowout.

    • Because they’ve watched enough seasons to know that this shit happens to every team every god damn year (also they are older than 15 years old)

      • Oh, so continue to give the GM a free ride? If Ricciardi had made these moves with these results they’d have been so far up his a$$ they’d be tasting Sam Adams Summer Lager

        • Where do you normally lay these turd comments that you put in dollar signs for the word ass. Ass, really? Fuckity fuck fuck.

        • Because the media was dumb with Ricciardi we should pretend Anthopoulos has done something wrong just because losses make poor baby want to cry? Be serious.

    • Because where a guy was drafted means about as much as his career ERA if he’s pitching like a completely different guy. The reason it is not asked is because it would get someone laughed at.

  8. It’s frustrating as fuck. They should have sports psychiatry for fans. In particular, a doctor that specializes in the Jays.
    My biggest frustrations stem from my own unwillingness to believe anything management has to say. AA is probably doing the best with what he has but it’s tough to watch this team fumble around and fuck things up when it’s glaringly obvious what the needs of the team are.

    • The expectation that a GM or a president would actually say something worth believing is beyond warped. People have to get over this. Yes, they massage the truth. It’s their job. It’s in the interest of the team.

      • I agree which is why they shouldn’t say as much as they do.

      • Shrug. I’ve, personally, picked up a fair bit about how things work from Anthopoulos’s comments. (And another fair bit from your analyses of his comments.) You’re obviously not going to get anything concrete about specific players’ performance out of him—partly because team officials are banned from talking about that by MLB and partly because it would just be daft—but when he’s painting in broad strokes, he’s worth listening to.

    • We aren’t shareholders here. This is only a form of entertainment. What the hell is this thing where you need the GM to answer to you?

  9. “But it’s frustrating for everyone, and especially, I think, for that great many of us who clearly see a season hanging in the balance — fully capable of going either way as it plays out over an exciting, if often frustrating, next ten weeks…”

    Preaching to the fucking choir, especially that last bit. It can go either way, and these doomsayer fucks need to stop acting like they are prophets. Yeah, we know what’s happened in past years. That doesn’t mean shit for this year.

    This is why they play the games

    • Bang on! I can’t believe how many people think they know exactly how the rest of the season is going to play out. Try and have some fun, eh Jays fans?

    • You said it perfectly. I have tried to comment back to a lot of doom sayers on other sites and really it just felt like banging my head against a wall and dont know why I continue to try. Like fuck they could get swept by the Sox, and go on a 10 game win streak after that, do i consider either to be true at this point? Of course not but no one fuckin knows, maybe Miss Cleo.

    • This.

      I read someone on twitter call out some Jays’ naysayer who predicted the team’s collapse by calling him a coward. It was something like “you’re afraid that if you root for a team and they lose, it will break your heart, so it’s easier to predict that they’ll lose, in which case you’ll feel vindicated for being right. But in the case where you’re wrong and they do well against your predictions, you can admit to being wrong, but take joy in the success of the team”. Except it was truncated down to 140 characters, obviously.

      It just seemed so accurate to me, and I have to think that the cynicism in Toronto is a consequence of the mediocrity across all the major pro teams. In cities where playoffs happen more than once per decade, I have to assume that fans can be more optimistic about their chances and can be more emotionally invested.

      Alas, we live in Toronto. We root for the Jays, and we have seen the team fail to even compete for the playoffs down the stretch for twenty years. We don’t want our hearts broken once more, so we predict that Sanchez is going to suck or get hurt, that Rasmus will never become the brilliant talent we were told he could become, and that Jose Bautista is bound to get hurt, because he always does.

      Some prefer to predict that their hearts will be broken than to let it actually happen. I’m going to believe it won’t happen – that they’ll pull it together down the stretch and make the playoffs, and I’m going to be OK with being disappointed if it actually slips away.

  10. Thanks Stoeten. I wish these fuckers would just layoff, some of us are trying to enjoy a sports game. I mean do these fans not understand that one of the two teams loses every game? It’s entertainment folks, if you need your team to win every game for you to be happy you are watching the wrong sport.

    • Exactly correct. I believe at this point I will go back to the way things were before the Marlins trade when I went into every season 100% knowing the Jays wouldn’t have playoff hopes or win the division. The days when I just watched the Jays for the sake of watching baseball and relaxing. Getting all pissed off over this isn’t worth it. The marlins trade happened and gave us all a much higher level of expectation, then the bed started getting shit in and many of us started getting pissed off. I am just going to go back to watching for entertainment and the purpose of watching a ball game. I will talk shit when someone sucks, praise them when deserved and hope for something over .500

      • But that’s kind of silly too. There were/are reasons to think this team can/will do better than that. However, one can believe that without having their soul split into horcuxes when things go wrong.

  11. brutal loss to watch!!!……at the very least, after such a shitty performance that there was today……AT LEAST…..there is baseball to watch tomorrow

    and i got the evenin offfff yusssss.

  12. Theres 2 instances where I stay off twitter and the internets, blow out losses and late inning collapses. Both bring out the absolute worst in idiots who think the sky is falling after 1 game.

    Once Ortiz hit his second home run, I turned off the tv opened a beer and sat outside. Tomorrow’s a new day my friends .

  13. I dunno. Baseball, folks.

  14. Even if this season crashes in burns I’m still going to remember that feeling in May. I really think its too early to panic here. Hutch was terrible tonight, well the team was terrible tonight but we’re still not far back. I really think things will turn around. Even the worst teams don’t just keep losing this consistently and the Jays are far from the worst team. Things will turn around.

  15. In May we lost to Cleveland 15-4 with a near full health roster. Shit happens sometimes, we went 12 and 1 after that game. Who knows what will happen and there is still time.

  16. I completely understand all of this. All of this is of being said from a quite rational perspective. I think what is being ignored is the basic nature of fanhood – it’s irrational. Irrational responses to a blowout ought to be expected.

    Also, the main thing that I think is being ignored is that year after year it seems to be the same old song and dance in terms of the things that are coupled on and off the field. When you have these losses coupled with the complete bullshit responses from AA regarding taking on payroll and whether or not they can add a “big impact” player via trades, it gets fans frustrated – right or wrong. I think in a fan’s perspective, we just don’t understand why an ownership WOULDN’T want to push all-in and at least appear to want to compete with the likes of the Yankees and Sox on moves BESIDES the trades that transpired last year..

    I think it’s the lack of a clear team identity. We, as fans, just want a clear-cut direction stated by ownership. We don’t want the run-around. We don’t want clichés. We don’t want what appears to be the constant spoon-feeding of bullshit. We want to know – are we in or are we out? If we’re in, then GO IN and tell us that we’re in. At least make it appear that the trades that transpired last off-season wasn’t ownership stating, “OK Alex… either this works or it doesn’t. This is it.” Say it. If we’re out, then tell us we’re out and start fresh. Trade away our “guys” – Bautista, EE, Rasmus, Lind, Reyes, etc. – and build/develop a strong farm. Either sacrifice the future (or what’s left of it) for the presents – which is fine with me -, or sacrifice the present for the future – which is also fine with me. To me, either option is exciting and I truly believe either option won’t alienate any true fan.

    I just think we deserve transparency at this point and I don’t think that’s a lot to ask. I don’t think this warrants a “You don’t know how baseball works” bullshit response. While this may be true that this isn’t how it works from a Front Office stand-point, it just SEEMS that other teams are a bit more transparent in terms of what direction they’re heading.

    But that’s just me.

    • *present. Whoops.

    • How’s this?

      Maybe we’re in. Maybe we’re not. Whether we’re in or not depends on how the team performs, who gets hurt, when people recover, and what trades can be made with whom when.

      It’s not that we’re constantly spoonfed bullshit. It’s that the front office doesn’t know either, and it would be stupid for them to commit to “being in” or “not being in” if it meant swimming upstream against reality. This is OK.

      • You’re right. It is OK and it’s completely fair.

        I suppose my worry that when the players that they have lost recover – Lind, EE, Lawrie – it’ll be too late due to A) Them being too far out of it and/or B) Trade deadline past and/or they aren’t able to claim anyone on waivers past the deadline. I suppose this could be summed up to me being compulsive, and I accept that. I guess I just hate the lack of a LITTLE straight-forwardness.

        Like I said, right or wrong, I just think this is the root of the irrational responses from a loss so bad. Again, I could be wrong. I accept that.

  17. It’s just so damn frustrating. It’s been the same thing for the last 20 fucking years.

    I know the last 20 years have nothing to do with this one, but why would we have reason to believe in anything different?

    • Believe? We aren’t looking for chocolate eggs hidden around the house. Its a fucking baseball season and any team can win from the start and the Jays can definitely still win. You cant reason that for yourself?

  18. This team has pretty much sucked for 22 years straight and Stoeten’s talking about recency bias…..OK.

    • No this team has hardly existed for a year and a half. Catcher, LF, 3rd base, all 5 staring pitchers etc are new in that time. Plus half the bullpen and all of the bench. I guess you can blame it all on Bautista and Edwin and Rasmus and Janssen. Those are the “long term guys” here for more than 18 months.

      • If Edwin and Lawrie had been able to stay healthy and the team was where it is now, I’d still have lots of hope, but with them out for who knows how long, I don’t see how this team is going to pull it together. Without them this is just a shell of a team.

        • I’d feel the opposite. If the team is where it is now with those guys you listed on the DL, wouldn’t you feel better that way? You know they’re coming back within 2 weeks.

        • Yeah Lawrie needs a better training regime (strengthen finger bones) or maybe some sort of plastic dome protecting his hands. Yes his hands are out there but its not his fault he
          “cant stay healthy”, would love to see you get out the way of 90+ MPH fastballs with movement.

        • Mulliniks, don’t be a fucking idiot, please.

    • Dumb. Different players, different management, different competition.

  19. What I want to know is what happened to Jose’s power? When it dipped a bit in May, around the same time he started consciously going the other way on occasion to beat the shift, I thought it was simply a decision on his part to trade off some power for better situational hitting, but his monthly slugging totals are as follows:


  20. [Dumb troll attempt at humour]

  21. Johnny Appleseed. Remember that name.

  22. sanchez & goins will be called up today as per shi davidi

    • Now wait for the “showcasing him for a trade” talk Lol

      • Whether you think that “showcasing for a trade” exists or not, the fact remains, regardless of the OF actual reason for bringing him up, if Sanchez comes up and performs well vs. Major league hitting, he will have more trade value. That may not even be on AA’s radar at all, but maybe it’s enough to get another GM interested enough to call AA, and once communication starts, anything can happen, really.

        • I don’t disagree with what you are saying, that is possible. All i meant was in no way you would bring a kid up when you are in a playoff race just to showcase him. Sanchez is up because they have to believe he is ready or at least better than anyone else then can put up. The kid has good enough stuff to get MLB players out if he is commanding it.

  23. Here’s a little fun fact about baseball that a lot of people seem to ignore sometimes: no matter how lopsided the score, it still only counts as one loss.

  24. The Jays should switch from cotton uniforms to gortex.

  25. People. Let’s look on the bright side. Counting last nights shit thumping. They jays have still won 2 out of 3……..#sarcasm

  26. Sanchez recalled from the Buff.

  27. So Sanchez is coming up, that’s exciting.

    I got to see Stroman’s debut in Pittsburgh and that was pretty cool

  28. Goins recalled too.

    Who’s going down, do you think?

  29. So the Jays lose 14-1 at home, against a division rival, at a point in the season when they’ve been playing badly and need to start turning it around.

    And the only acceptable anger is that directed at fans that display any kind of anger…..

    Got it

    So is this a site for Jays fans? I don’t know of any that aren’t frustrated right now watching this team.

    • Of course it’s frustrating and of course it’s okay to be angry… It’s how some people display their frustration and anger with idiotic, knee-jerk comments

    • I was pretty pissed to be at the Dome last night and watch Hutch lose it and Mills blow it up too.

      But it’s just one game, and whether they lose 7-5 or 14-1 doesn’t matter. A loss is a loss. The Jays bounce back. Today’s a new days. I’m over it.

      The team isn’t bad, and when you can go on a run of 20-4 it shows that the team can be fucking awesome. Clearly there are keys to the team that are missing depth: Lawrie’s range at 3B/2B, Edwin’s power, and Lind’s left-hand bat. The Jays are clearly missing a good RHB to hit LHP. Reimold was supposed to be one of those bats. And may was about all cylinders on go.

      But you can’t blame Rogers for the injuries. Bautista and Edwin get killed running down the baseline. Lind breaks his foot on a pitch. Lawrie breaks his finger on a pitch. None of these are due to the turf or on Rogers. The only injury you might be able to attribute to Rogers is the lack of a warning track “feel” contributing to Rasmus’ injury. It’s just bad luck, and it sucks, but it’s just bad luck.

      And other teams in the AL East are running into the same problems, but they have depth to persevere. The Jays are missing that depth, but Alex is picking up players off of waivers to resolve that.

      The AL East winner will be the team with the least number of injuries and the most depth. Right now, I would call it a five team crap shoot for the AL East, and I give the Jays a solid 33% chance to make the playoffs. They have the best schedule. They just have to be in range until the big bats return.

  30. Dear Andrew,
    I really enjoy the irreverent yet well-informed perspective on the team. Thanks for that. I don’t at all enjoy, however, the hectoring, schoolmarmish, proscriptions. Who the hell are you to tell fans how to respond to the ups and downs of the season?
    An occasional reader
    (i.e. not one of your more nutbarish die-hards who often give the comments section of this blog a talk-radio feel).

    • It’s funny how some people get so offended and defensive. I think it’s fair to say he just doesn’t want people to be stupid

      • Hard to get rid of the stupid from the internet. Probably better to just move on.

      • So someone holds differing opinion then Dear Leader = stupid?

        I’ve seen lots of stupid comments here. I’ve also seen lots of perfectly valid comments that were dismissed outright, and not dismissed with a counter argument, but dismissed with ad hominem attacks.

    • Exactly. If one disagrees with someone’s comments, provide a counter argument.

      How boring would this place be with everyone in agreement? Overeacting and looking at things in a fishbowl is at the heart of what fandom is for lots of people.

      One would think that for someone who ostensibly makes his living from administering a blog devoted to a sports team, Stoeten would be less belittling to the people who frequent the blog.

      Spirited and passionate debate is extremely enjoyable with regards to sports. But it can absolutely be done without schoolyard name calling.

      If all the “stupid people” just left here and never came back, would this blog still be fun for you guys, logging on here to agree with yourselves?

  31. Is this the part of the season where critical analysis goes out the window?

    Seems so.

  32. I LOVE coming here after a loss, and seeing the infighting. You guys are nuts. This team is not that great (but not that bad), and they are decimated with injuries. You have three other teams in the divisions that are playing below their numbers, and the jays played above their level.

    They are not going to playoffs. Fact. haha.

    I can’t wait to come here one day after a loss, and read that Stotoen has finally see the truth. This team sucks. But until then, I will simply continue to read the comment section at DJF and laugh at the people stabbing each other with words as the ship starts to take on water.

    • Way to get monumentally fucking stupid at the end there. Pay attention, champ, I agree with your first assessment: the team is not that great (but not that bad), and they are decimated with injuries. In other words: they’re in pretty good shape once they start getting back to health in the next couple of weeks.

        Stoeten: calm down, idiot, it’s the first inning

  33. Jays supposedly interested in Rios. .302/.330/.435 and would cost 12.5 million for the rest of the season, with a 13.5 mill option for next year. Maybe-ish…?

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