According to a piece from Shi Davidi at Sportsnet, Aaron Sanchez and Ryan goins are set to join the Jays on Tuesday. Sanchez is obviously the key one there, as the club’s long talked-about top prospect. He’ll be pitching out of the bullpen, where he’s made two appearances of late for Buffalo, and per MLBTR, will accumulate about 70 days of service time if he remains with the club for the rest of the season, which should leave him well short of Super Two status.

Nothing official has been announced, so we have no idea yet of the corresponding moves to make room on the active roster, and on the 40-man, but if I were Brad Mills, I probably wouldn’t be unpacking any more of my stuff right now. (Also, according to a tweet from Jamie Campbell, Tolleson will hit the paternity list, which makes the Goins move wholly more justifiable).


Apparently with the bullpen getting their heads handed to them yesterday, even more changes are coming, as Shi Davidi has added to his piece an update suggesting that Esmil Rogers is on his way back to the Jays’ bullpen, too.

To be fair to Brad Mills he’s not as bad as a lot of people (understandably) think he is based on his career, his previous appearances with the Jays, and last night. After all, he was given four starts by the best team in baseball, and this season in the minors produced the lowest walk rate of any stint anywhere in his pro career, and his first strikeout rate above one-per-inning since 2008. However, now I really think he probably shouldn’t unpack.

Rogers has been working as a starter, and should allow Todd Redmond to stay in the short relief role he seemed to move into just before the break. In Esmil’s last five starts he’s allowed nine runs over 29.2 innings (2.73 ERA), with 20 strikeouts and 13 walks, and has thrown 65% of his pitches for strikes, though… we all know that Triple-A numbers don’t mean a hell of a lot. Still, some of the peripherals on him before he was sent down suggested that he might not have been as bad as he looked. Fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed that they won’t need to even think of ever moving him back into the rotation, too — and maybe we’re closer to preventing that eventuality, as Jeff Blair tweets that the Jays agree with a comment Joe Siddal was making on the radio last night: they think Hutchison was tipping his pitches. So… there’s that.

Update Update

It’s official. Alex Seixeiro of the Fan 590 tweets that Sanchez, Goins, and Esmil Rogers are up, Brad Mills is DFA, and Erik Kratz and Darin Mastroianni have been optioned back to Buffalo. OK? OK.

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  1. Boom. Good to see anything happen to try and get this team on track.

  2. The savior is here. No pressure kid.

  3. Goins callup explained
    @SNETCampbell: Goins stay could be brief. Steve Tolleson expected to take three-day paternity leave.

  4. The waiver wire pickup of Brad Mills made me puzzle in my puzzler. We shouldn’t be surprised he pitched to his career ERA of almost bloody eight last night.

    The fact that Deck McGuire was waived (sadly, justifiably so) to make room for him on the roster is enough to make me drink before 10AM. Ah well. Tolleson’s about to have a kid, so that’s good news, yeah?

    • Career ERA isn’t exactly going to tell you much about where a guy is at right now. Pitchers evolve. Not saying Mills necessarily has much, but you can’t just look at a career ERA — especially in a small sample — and conclude he’s a bum, despite how badly many Jays fans seemed to want to do that. Been terrific in AAA this year, and striking out a batter per inning for the first time since 2008, with the lowest walk rate of any stint in his career.

      The fact that anybody cared enough about McGuire to be bothered by it is ridiculous. Guy should have been off your radar when he hit AA for the third or fourth time. Fact he was picked so high means nothing — lots of high ones bust, and he worked out great by allowing the Jays to feel comfortable making riskier picks on Sanchez, Syndergaard and Wojciechowski.

      • Deep breaths, Stoeten. I know everything that you said above is true. I know that ERA doesn’t tell you everything, but beyond that I think we all pretty much knew that Mills sucked and continues to suck.

        And yeah, I knew McGuire was a bust and had no hope for him. But when your team is down, sometimes picking up a guy who blows while dropping a guy you once had hope for causes you to take a deep sigh, you know? It’s like if your car breaks down on a rainy night when you had somewhere to go, and that’s when you discover there’s a hole in your shoe. It’s not your biggest problem, but it just adds a minor level of irritation to the general funk.

        I’ll be fine later. It’s just I’m feeling a little shitty about having paid $60 bucks to have loud Massholes rub my nose in it all last evening.

        • Mills sucked so bad the best team in baseball gave him 4 starts? It’s a shame the Jays decided to try his arm out as well…

          • It’s not like even the best teams in baseball have so much depth 1-25 that a guy who sucks can’t get a look in once in a while.

            • Does this same logic not apply to the Jays trying Mills out……. ?

              • Of course, but like I said, it’s the kind of move that makes your shoulders sag a little more when things are going badly.

                I mean, you always hope the career shitballer gives you something, but when turns out to, in fact, throw shitballs it can make you go “FUCK!”

                As I said, I’m probably just annoyed at having to deal with all the Red Sox fans in my section as the Jays rolled over at took one last night. At least the Rogers Centre is no longer selling Red Sox merchandise in the stands. I’m allowed a day to feel negative and wallow in the crappiness of Brad Mills, aren’t I?

  5. Over/under on how many hits Goins will get before he’s sent back down?

    I guess for the purposes of math I’ll have to set the number at one.

  6. This callup reeks of desperation since sanchez may very well not be ready. How much impact is he going to have as a reliever? Not much. AA needs to make a trade for a bat and a starter. That will lift the team way more.

    • Assumption + Prediction based on nothing = typical afdg post. You’re nothing if not consistent.

      • The whole season is assumption and prediction! What is wrong with him pointing out broad gaps in the team as it stands currently?

    • He can’t take on more payroll. Take this for what it is but I was told that the Jays are already about 20 million over the proposed operating budget and theres next to no chance of additional payroll for any reason. Theres no Cliff Lee type trade coming unless we can dump guys like Romero.

      • Source please

        • So this operating budget…. was it set by the same guys that ok’d the Dickey/Buehlre trades?

          • Basically, AA borrowed 2015 funds for this year. Payroll is going down and AA has no bullets left and owes Black Bart a box of .22′s
            This team is done if they can’t do it this year, they’re going into a rebuild.

    • Yeah, can’t imagine how a guy with an electric arm and only about 25 innings left in it before being shut down for the year could help this bullpen.

    • This team honestly doesn’t really need a starter right now, of all the things it could use.

  7. How is sanchez going to help the team that much by pitching an inning every 2 or 3 days? Its putting lipstick on a pig. Make a trade for a bat, then we are talking about an actual difference

    • Yeah! Don’t do anything to improve the club until you land a hitter! Come on.

      • I honestly hate when the team I root for attempts to improve itself. Know what I mean?

        • In actual fact there is more than 1 thing wrong with the team. And AA (wehope) still has the mandate to fix them. I think we all would like to see a trade for a 2B/3B/bench bat etc. No one has made any pronouncements that it (they) aren’t coming. Meantime I like Sanchez in the BP to start with. It helps the team and it introduces him to MLB gradually.

    • Best case he’s Stroman 2.0. Worst case he gets sent back down to keep working.

      It’s not like this move means nothing’s doing on the trade front. Totally different things, no? I mean, did the A’s calling up Eric O’Flaherty mean that they weren’t about to pick up Shark and Hammels? There’s no casuality. Teams send guys up and down all the time, especially teams with a ton of injuries and bullpen suckage. Hopefully Sanchez can help with the latter.

      • Exactly. There is little to no harm trying him out in the bullpen for the remainder of the year, especially given the constant state of flux the Jays BP has been in this year.

      • And if they’re looking at him for next year’s rotation,
        it gives him some looks at MLB hitters while still
        in the period of the 25 man roster.
        Lots of starters have had their first MLB looks
        in similar circumstances.
        Nothing at all wrong with the move.

  8. I don’t get the Goins move. Who is going Kawasaki, Tollesen, Fransico?

  9. Goins is back for 3 days? Well today’s almost over. And weekdays always go by fast. Friday he’s leaving. It’s like two days really. It’s like a cup of coffee. It will go by like that. (snaps fingers)


      I mean, you subtract showers and the post-game locker room buffet spreads, and it’s like twenty minutes!

      • Goins should stuff as much cold cuts from the post-game spread down his pants as possible for the bus ride back.

  10. I can live with a few days of Goins after last night’s defensive clusterfuck. The lack of a bat won’t hurt as much given the recent struggles at the plate the team is having.

    Interested to see how Sanchez does in his second stint in the big club. Well, first in the regular season…

  11. Hard for me to get all that excited over Sanchez. I sort of like prospects to have some sort of success at some level before being asked to get mlb hitters out.

    Sanchez has a 5.1 BB per 9 this year while not really missing bats. His numbers aren’t the sort that often translate into decent major league numbers.

    I hope he figures something out on the bus ride but I have my doubts.

    • Or, y’know, maybe stop scouting the stat line.

    • Starting is different than relieving and there is no doubt Sanchez’s arm is capable of helping any MLB bullpen out right now.

      He has had success in relief during his minor league and spring career.

    • Still here? Go away.

      With the injuries and lackadaisical offense lately, this is the most exciting thing to happen to the Jays in weeks. Remember March 29th in Montreal?

    • 27 k’s in 34.1 innings in Buffalo since he was called up there. He has swing and miss stuff but they have been trying to get him to play to more contact as a starter to help get deeper into games. We could see him just come in throwing hard for an inning or 2 in the bullpen and could increase the swing and misses. Not sure of who said it maybe it was on the fan today but they said the walks have been slightly better of late. (It is still his biggest issue but that is an issue with a lot of power pitchers and looks to be improving)

    • GO check out Kershaw, Clayton’s minor league lines and then come back and bitch again about young power arms who lack control early in their careers. Its almost like someone has figured out that you can’t teach size, can’t vastly change mechanics, but command/control can be learned over time


        2007 – 6.2 BB/9 in AA – wholly fuckballs, the next year the dodgers called him up

        2008 – 4.4 BB/9 MLB
        2009 – 4.8 BB/9 MLB
        2010 – 3,6
        2011 – 2.1

        • Since we’re going there, let’s bring up another comparison point… Doc Halladay.

          His final two years in the minors: 3.5 and 4.1 BB/9.
          First two years in the majors (not counting the two-start cup of coffee in 1998): 4.8 and 5.6 BB/9.

          Since then? Never higher than 2.3 BB/9 except for the 2.6 in his injury-plagued 2004 season and his final season.

          Guys do get better in the majors with coaching + figuring things out as they go along.

      • Lots of guys for whom it doesn’t work too, but this is basically right. Lots of power pitchers who’ve shown improvement in command over time.

        • We can hope, but it’s not like pitchers like Doc and Kershaw come along every day. You’re talking about guys who have worn the mantle of “Best Pitcher In Baseball” ™.

          It would be really fucking nice, but I’m not counting on it. Personally, I’d be thrilled if he turns out to be A.J. Burnett.

  12. So this means Sanchez made it to the show before Syndergaard. Right?

    For some reason this absolutely irrelevant fact makes me a little bit happy

  13. I hope we win the next 3 so the comments on this blog aren’t so slice the wristy.
    it’s amazing how many of you take time out of your day to be miserable.

    • C’mon. I’m generally positive about the Jays, but it’s not like we’re not allowed to wallow once in a while, especially after a pasting at the hands of one of your most hated rivals. You’ve gotta let the frustration out somehow, no?

      So just let me yell out a curse word, give my head a shake and by first pitch I’ll be hoping the Jays tattoo Peavy to the minors. Promise.

      • There is a HUGE difference between wallowing and calling for the GM’s head based on one appearance by one reliever.

        • Umm…where have I called for AA’s head? Personally, I hope the Jays do well enough this year so he and Gibby can stick around.

  14. A quick question about Huchison: is there any chance he’s tipping his pitches? I realize he breezed through the first inning but it got ugly pretty quickly. I was at the Canada Day game and he was fantastic. This whole thing seems a bit odd although I guess he’s young and inconsistency is expected. I realize that his most telling (?) splits appear to be related to days of rest (and not home/road, which just happens to line up with the rest thing more often than not). Maybe he just had a bad night.

    • To me it looked like he couldn’t locate any of his secondary pitches for strikes, and so the Sox just decided to sit on the fastball.

      I do worry about him running out of gas, though. He’s never pitched a full big league season. But yeah, hopefully just an off night.

    • He started off the 2nd nibbling and couldn’t locate his breaking ball — his vertical movement was too much compared to his Canada Day start. That left him with his FB and his change. After that, it was batting practice for the Sox. And the umpires called 10 Red Sox pitches out of the zone (Brooks Baseball) and only called two for the Jays.

      • Nice – thanks. I didn’t watch too much of the game (just the start) and hadn’t looked into any pitch analysis

  15. Oops – Hutchison.

  16. I went to the game last night. Of the 100 or so games I’ve seen over the year, this was probably the worst one (2nd one — when Tampa came back from being 8 runs back a few years back). Good thing my tickets were only $15.

    So, a few thoughts from the game:

    Hutch is almost done for the season, and I think Jenkins will replace him. He has an innings limit, and he’s never pitched more than this season. Arm strength and conditioning has to be a concern.

    The Jays will have to remain close until Edwin, Lind, and Lawrie get back. Shi is reporting that rehab assignments might begin this weekend, so we are looking at probably August 4 – 8 before these guys will be back, and probably a week later that they are back to their original effectiveness.

    To do that, there has to be great pitching and just enough hitting out of the top of the lineup to win games.

    I am going to guess a 6-7 record over the next 13 games (to August 4th) might keep them close enough within say 5 games of first. Baltimore does not have a good schedule and I can’t see them going any better than 7-6 over their next 13. Then, there the series at the Dome August 5-7th which will be very meaningful I hope.

    Until then, what can Anthopolous do? Tolleson and Kawasaki have been adequate offesively (and defensively) at 2B over the last four weeks. Francisco (BA .227), Colby (BA .167), JoeyBats (BA .200), and Navarro (BA .217) have not been productive as they could be in the same period. So, do you overpay for depth, for someone who will just sit on the bench when Lind, Edwin, and Lawrie are back?

    Navarro, JoeyBats, and Rasmus need to step up until the return of EE, Brett, and Lind. It’s that simple. Once they are back, the Jays still need a great RHB that can hit LHP (a CF or a bench player, return of Reimold). Francisco will be redundant and isn’t producing. Trade him.

    As for pitching, Dickey, Buehrle, and Stroman are the 1-3 starters right now. Happ and Hutch/Redmond will need to keep it together (Morrow will be back in mid-August) and keep the Jays competitive. And the bullpen has to be strong.

    It’s clear that Anthopolous’ strategy coming into the deadline is to claim waiver players hoping that someone will strike gold. And maybe he’ll piece together a deal that trades away redundancies for someone who will be an impact player.

    It’s frustrating to the see the Jays flounder.

    • Nice wrap-up here Tim, hard to argue with any of this, although a 6-man rotation might help out Hutch, maybe Sanchez or Jenkins or Redmond or even Hendricks (he’s not THAT bad) could make a start or two to help preserve some arms down the stretch. I do not think the Jays have the option of shutting down Hutchinson, who has been pretty amazing this year, all things considered.

    • Hutch isn’t on an innings limit

      • If this continues, there is a potential for a DL stint for the equivalent to “right arm shittiness”.

      • Sure he is. We don’t know what that limit is, but given he threw 36 innings last year and 74 innings in 2012, you have to protect the arm in 2014. He needs to have his breaking ball to be effective.

        We’ll see how he does on Saturday or Sunday in New York.

  17. As long as Rogers is losing money, AA is not going to have a dime to spend to improve this team. And I predict this team is going to be broken up in the off-season. They make too much money for the Toronto Expos.

    • This kind of bald-faced trolling is only effective when the team is under .500.

      • Tolling is accusing another reader of wearing rose-coloured glasses. Calling Rogers a tight-fisted corporate giant is opinion.

        And just to prove my point, McCarthy and Headley could’ve been Jays for a bunch of spare parts, in return for taking on a little more salary.

        Sorry Jays fans, take it from a long suffering Expos fan. The writing is on the wall. The payroll is going to be cut, and it won’t be pretty.

        • Rogers isn’t losing money on the Jays. They’ve frozen the budget because of their conservative corporate mentality from being a telecom company who needs to deliver value to its shareholders.

          Jays are probably one of three teams in MLB that are controlled by large corporations (Braves: Liberty Media, Mariners: Nintendo) whose budgetary constraints are controlled at the highest level.

          There won’t be a shedding of huge amounts of payroll. The Jays have as much chance at this stage of the season to win the AL East as pretty much any other team at this moment.

          • Doesn’t matter if the Jays make money when the parent corp is losing. Public trading corp. if they can’t make the playoffs and show a strong cost benefit, the payroll will be slashed.

  18. let’s just pray for a 15 game losing streak by the royals and James shields in a jays jersey by early august

    • I’m not sure which part of that is more unlikely

    • After July 31, he’d need to pass through waivers,if I’m not mistaken.

    • This is exactly what I hope doesn’t happen. To get shields it is likely at least two of the top three prospects if not all three. And that addition doesn’t even upgrade the weakest part of the team. If they were up by five then it would be different. As is it doesn’t seem like a good idea to trade the farm to get an ace for the rest of the year with it being such a risk you don’t make the playoffs anyway while also hamstringing the club within the next couple years of the window of contention in the process. Maybe price and zobrist if budget is available since they would be here in 2015

  19. I guess Sanchez will learn to spot the fastball at the major league level

  20. I don’t mind if the Jays loose if they give it their best and play good and fundamental baseball but we aren’t getting that from this bunch of guys. Gose looks like he just started playing baseball this year. And Rayes doesn’t slide or throw to first very well to name a few problems. And as for Rasmus, has he gotten fenceitis? He has stopped chasing balls down once he gets to the warning track. Maybe he started listening to his Dad again who must have told him not to bother going all out for a team that isn’t going to sign him. Bad and stupid baseball pisses me off.

  21. OK…grain of salt because it’s coming from Jim Bowden, but he’s saying a package of Sean Nolin and Dawel Lugo would land the Jays Chase Headley.

    I admittedly know nothing about Lugo, but that sounds palatable if there’s anything more to it than his usual throw names at a board blatherings.

  22. And now Esmil Rogers is up.

    It’s Marginal Move Day here in Blue Jays land!

  23. I fear for the reaction in Blue Jay fandom if Sanchez gets blown up tonight, since everyone’s just about ready to jump off the cliff as it is. Just to remind everyone, earlier this season Stroman gave up 9 earned runs in 6 1/3 innings, and now he’s a shutdown starter.

  24. I worry about about Sanchez becoming a total disaster like Drabek. I really really really hope he can pitch well in these few innings he’ll get but all the reports of his shaky command are scary given the huge upgrade he’ll see in quality of hitting.

    • Because Sanchez and Drabek share a similar physique, mechanics and pitch selection ? Oh wait no they don’t – your just being a fuctard

      • Settle down there, chump. Both are/were young pitchers with good stuff who have had major command issues.

        I’m skeptical about Sanchez helping THIS year when he’ll be facing hitters far less likely to chase pitches outside of the zone. Unless he makes some big strides thanks to the coaching on the Jays. That would be nice.

      • They do share the same developmental system……

  25. Jon Heyman is saying the Jays are sniffing around Alex Rios.


    If true (and it could be garbage), I’m wondering where he fits in the lineup when everyone gets healthy. Take AB’s from Colby, maybe?

  26. Hey, everyone remember when AA went into the season with Goins as the starting 2B. Yah…. that was funny.

  27. Stoeten has been calling for Sanchez to come up now for weeks, looks like Rogers Corp. is finally taking notice of DJF! Now sign Melky!

  28. Yankees close to deal for Headley. I may be in the minority, but that’s fine by me.

    • Hasn’t this been years in the making?

    • Amazing that a team with a farm system of garbage can acquire almost anyone that want…

      Sure they will give up someone with the upside of Goins for Headley

    • Given the choice, I’d rather have Prado. Not that it’s a “choice” situation, mind you.

  29. And Headley’s a Yankee. Wilner’s show should be an all-timer tonight.

  30. Apparently, Joe Siddal thinks Hutch is tipping his pitches. That would be much better than him running out of gas.

  31. Another blown oppurtunity from aa

  32. I suddenly want Headley more now… Oh well

  33. After seeing what the Padres got for Headley, I’m almost positive we won’t be taking on ANY salary. This failing seems financially motivated rather than lack of prospect capital….

  34. Sources saying Headley to the Yanks..

    you dont say!

    • Headley: rental player at 3B, hitting .230 with good defense, hits LHP about 30 points less than RHP. Jays don’t need another 3B; they need a 2B and a great bat. I know, put Lawrie at 2B when he returns and leave Tolleson as the floating IF.

      Not worth the 3M owed.

  35. Definitely the kind of haul I expected the Padres to get for him, so it was doable for the Jays. Not a real good comp tho because its pretty apparent the Padres wanted an MLB ready position player over a pitcher so its possible the Jays maybe had someone like Nolin lined up but SD preferred a hitter

    AA could still acquire someone else of similar ilk, so I’m not gonna say its a salary issue

    Or maybe Headley was adamant about not playing on turf

    Could be a variety of things. Still a good week-plus of time for AA to make a move

    • De Paula is the Yankees #15 prospect according to…

      But as you say the Padres could’ve been looking for something the Jays didn’t have, even if say the overall package may be worse

      • Or maybe the Jays noticed that Headley sucks.

        • He probably does. But the perception that the Jays are hamstrung by their money-minting corporate overlords is growing with each missed trade opportunity.

          The Jays still have a chance, but to rest the team’s hopes on untested rookies like Stroman and Sanchez isn’t doing wonders to instill confidence.

        • Yeah, I wasn’t exactly keen on a rental either

        • He HAS sucked this year, but his overall body of work doesn’t suggest he sucks. That’s being a bit absolute. He could very well be on the decline longterm.

          I do think there are better options out there (Prado #1, Zobrist #2), ones with less injury risk, younger players, players who might be more platoon-able until the key core players come back from injury if AA truly believes the Jays just need a small spark

          But it is possible they felt that there were too many red flags to justify his acquisition. If the Padres wanted a #15-20 IF prospect and an mlb ready player, maybe they asked for Dean or Nay in which case I’m glad AA said no.

          • Possible too. Nothing to get all fired up about like some seem to be.

            • Yea, true, it’s fun to talk about what it would have taken to get him (Headley), one of the few windows into who in the minors AA values most because he doesn’t talk about it for strategic reasons like you said.

              But yea, most people are focusing on it as a failure or Rogers wont spend money which is premature when theres like 10 days before the deadline still.

  36. and im late to the party lol

  37. Headley to Yanks for next to nothing and with what is basically a guaranteed contract extension.

  38. Headly to the hated Yankees. Come to think of it though. It’s not really that bad that the jays didn’t get him and his 229 average.

    • AVG is 323 since July 1…appears to be heating up at the right time for the Yanks.

      Does seem like the Yanks didnt have to give much up,

      But who do we have that is comparable to Solarte right now? Pretty versatile, young and a highish potential ceiling… doesnt sounds like anyone the jays are currently hanging onto….

      Sounds like the Padres liked what the yanks could give them more then what anyone else was offering.

      • Well, yeah solarte is the best offer because we didn’t offer anything.

        You honestly think we couldn’t beat that package? We could beat it without missing a beat. Sean Nolin+ would’ve likely done it. That’s peanuts.

        • No, of course we could have beat it, but….,

          Did the Padres want Nolin plus or did they want position player help…

          they wanted position players help….and they werent getting it from us

        • @RobA: Do you know that Nolin+ would have got it done because you had a chat with the Padres?

      • Maybe the Padres would trade Solarte to the Jays ? He’d be good at 2B/SS?

      • Headley had a six game span where he hit .462 / .462 / .577 in early July before returning to a .231 / .231 / .385 typical run over his last nine. So to say he’s hitting .323 since July 1st is misleading. He’s been under the Mendoza as late as June 25.

        • So is he, or is he not hitting 323 since july 1?

          Not misleading, its fact….

          i don’t care, the yanks made a good deal…Headley isnt about to go start setting records as a yankee, but he’ll help them out just like he could have helped us….

    • I would say the last three years of OPS+ of 115, 120 and 145 (In a pitchers ballpark) are more indicative of his true talent.

      He didn’t forget how to ply baseball over the winter.

      • He’s hurt.

        • He’s done a lot better since he got that epidural injection, though. And you can argue a hobbled Headley is still an improvement on Juan.

          Maybe he’s done long term, but all you want him for is to hold it together for the next 2-3 months and let him walk. Judging from what the Yanks gave up, it’s a low cost roll of the dice, which is something you’d want the Jays to do, no?

  39. Pretty disappointing. Mark this post. Headley is going put up numbers with NY that we’ll be kicking ourselves.

    In a way it’s good, it’s becoming harder and harder for the brain trust to shovel their bullshit.

    Follow the logic:

    -AA says the money is there if they ask for it
    -We have a huge need for a solid RHB and 3
    -Guy with fantastic career numbers having a down year gets picked up for nothing but money.

    So we can give AA a pass (again) but he’s not blameless here. He’s either lying about the money being there, or he’s not trying hard enough to improve the team. You can say “we’ll the guys are coming back from injury soon so it doesn’t matter” but that’s not the point. What if they get hurt again? We have no DEPTH and that’s why we’re in this predicament.

    • Don’t be dumb, please.

    • In past interviews AA tends to err on the side of cryptic when he wants to avoid a question.
      Which leads me to believe that Rogers said there would be money by the trade deadline earlier in the season, and then changed their mind when their bluff was called.

      If anyone of you have ever worked at a teleco like I have, you know that it is filled with legions of managers who lie to your face without batting an eye.

    • Really, a career .256 batter against LHP is worth $3M? Lawrie becomes the everyday 2B?
      No thanks.

  40. Headley would have been nice for the defense upgrade/hope that a change of scenery picks up the bat thing, but I’m gonna reserve judgement until I see what AA and company do before I start throwing toys out of the stroller.

    This is an infintely bigger pisser for Padres fans. He’s been their most recognizable player, and two years ago they could have traded him for a package to make Harry Reems jealous. If it’s frustrating right now for Jays fans, just think that it could be worse.

    Although your frustration would be mollified a bit by actually living in San Diego, mind you.

    • @GuzmansJhercurl: I really wouldn’t blame Bautista or anyone else on this roster if they asked to be traded. This ownership is garbage

    • Agreed. Padres are the biggest loser

      Also lol at “before I start throwing toys out of the stroller”

  41. Alex Rios is hitting .329 this year? Who knew. Fuck Zobrist would look good in Jays uniform.

  42. Kudos to the Angels for their decision to let Garrett Richards to continue to pitch this year and not limiting his innings. The Halo’s are smart to ride Richards arm while he’s hot, especially with Oakland in their sights. I’m not picking on the Jays, but a few years back Brandon Morrow was shut down early to “save his arm” and Morrow has made a career out of the disabled list. The Blue Jays of course are not the only club that treats their pitchers with “kid gloves”, but let’s hope Richards does well so teams will discontinue the practice of treating pitchers like they’re made of glass. I’ve been watching baseball for over 50 years, and back in the 1960′s and 1970′s pitchers routinely threw 25 or 30 complete games and logged 300 innings with 4 man rotations and 8 man pitching staffs. Good lord, there was even one game where Warren Spahn and Gaylord Perry went nose to nose in a 15 inning game which Willie Mays won 1-0 with a home run in the bottom of the 15th inning, and this was at the end of Spahn’s career when he was in his 40′s. Somewhere Bob Gibson, Jim Palmer, Juan Marichal, Ferguson Jenkins and Nolan Ryan are laughing.

    • The date of Giants – Braves game was July 2, 1963 and it went 16 innings. Warren Spahn went the distance for the Braves and Juan Marichal, not Gaylord Perry went the distance for San Francisco. Perry did however, have numerous games in his career where he pitched into the 13, 14th or 15th inning. Perry even had one game against the Mets where he came out to pitch in the 13th inning of a 6-6 tie and pitched 10 innings (this was after starting 3 days before) and being the winning pitcher of an 8-6 game. You can look it up.

    • Sure, but the pitchers today are a bit different than yesterday. The spitball is outlawed, for one. The fastball topped out at 90 back then. The curves had less snap. There wasn’t video, pitch FX and digital analysis either. A Gaylord Perry of the 70s would probably be stuck in AAA in today’s world.

      And to compare the Marichal – Sphan game of July 2, 1963 to today’s pitchers given the difference in pitching style and hitting strength is a bit fallavious, but I found a newspaper story from the next day. Marichal threw 227 pitches that game, Spahn 201. 228 pitches in 1962 by Tom Cheney I believe is the modern day record. Tim Wakefield threw 172 pitches on April 27, 1993.

      Two people this century have thrown games with 150 pitches or more: Livan Hernandez June 5, 2005 and Ron Villone September 29, 2000.

      Tim Linsecum threw the most pitches last year in his 148 pitch no-hitter July 13. And the most pitches by a Blue Jay? 149 by Roger Clemens in a 4-2 loss to Oakland May 13, 1998.

      There are a few of yesteryears left like Buehrle who throw slow and are able to use stealth and smarts to get outs, but the

  43. There’s a chance Solarte outproduces Headley over the next six years.

    That is, there’s a chance Solarte outproduces Headley on park-adjusted metrics. Solarte is screwed in Petco and Headley gets to bat in the joke that is Yankee Stadium.

    • Solarte has had a middling minor league career, a hot start in the majors, and then suck ed enough to be sent back to AAA.

      Headley was considered one of the games elite as recently as opening day of this season, finished 5th in MVP voting two years ago.

      Sure anything could happen. Just like Brad Mills might out produce Kershaw over the next few years. But in reality, is that going to happen?

      • Not saying the difference between Solarte and Headley is as big as the one between Mills and Kershaw, my point is, nothing that Solarte has done up to date suggests he could ever do what Headley has already done at the ML level.

      • I guess my point is that Headley’s next six seasons are his age 30-36 seasons, while Solarte’s next six seasons are his age 27-33 seasons. There’s a possibility that Headley’s prime is already over, based on his sharp decline the last two seasons, though Yankee Stadium is sure to give him a short-term boost.

    • I’d be willing to bet Ryan Goins does more in the majors going forward than Solarte. He is a career minor leaguer who had a fluke month

  44. Tommy Milone has asked for a trade.
    What about Brad Mills for Tommy Milone and cash?

    • Actually never mind I’m sure the Yanks will get him for their # 30 & 42 prospect plus cash.
      AA will pick up whoever’s DFA’d from the Yankees

  45. All I see here is people saying the Yankees are a better team today on paper than they were last night, and the Jays are the same team today that got bushwhacked last night.

    What’s dumb and idiotic about that?

  46. Talk about rubbing salt into an open wound, the Yankees receive 1 million dollars as well as Headley.

    • They’look still be paying a net amount of cash.

      I’d be interested to see what the Yanks will be effectively paying him

    • So if Headley was still to make $3.33 million this season, the Yankees just added him for $2.33 million and minor leaguers. For infield help they desperately need. In late July. In a playoff race.

      Good trade for them, good work from Cashman.

      • It’s also infield help/RHB help that WE desperately need.

        I don’t think AA is so incompetent that he truly had no interest in adding Headley for basically peanuts (JP signed for $1.8 million this year remember). I have to believe that even peanuts is no acceptable to Rogers.

        • He’s a switch hitter and apparently hits lefties worse. It would have been nice to have him, but not the end of the world either

      • Whether you think the Jays should have been in on him or no, that’s very true. It’s a low risk/potentially high reward trade. If it fails, they let Headley walk.

        Yankee fans are often down on Cashman, but I think he’s more than just the GM with the biggest wallet.

        • Yep, extremely.low risk (almost to the point of risk free) with potentially huge reward.

          I’m sure the AA apologists will be out in full force (of which u used to be):

          “Maybe he didn’t like Headley”
          “Maybe Rogers want give him the money”
          “Maybe he wants to wait for guys to be healthy”

          At the end if the day, the guy at the top needs to bear some responsibility. Anthopolous let Chase motherfucking Headley, (an elite player having a down year, but is a badly needed RHB and 3B) go to a divisional rival in the midst of a playoff race for LESS then what he gave Navarro AND Izturis. This is fact. Somewhere along the line, there was incompetence by both AA and Rogers.

          Regardless of if you think Headley is going to be good or not is irrelevant. The risk/reward was so skewed to the reward side, and the cost (in terms of prospects and money) was so little that AA has to wear this along with Rogers. He could’ve freed up $2 measly million somewhere.

        • *I* was an AA apologist?

          Hmm. I’ve always been on the “he has strengths and flaws” camp. I think he’s got a lot of potential, but I also think that if this season ends up in a pile of cinders there probably should be a change.

          • No sorry, was supposed to be and I not a U. I’m saying I was an AA apologist.

            Or at least, was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt without questioning too much, even if I disagreed to the move.

            • I do feel he’s got all the parts to be a top level GM. Question is, will AA survive in Toronto long enough to get the chance?

  47. Is Esmil Rogers being called up as well?

  48. Well, he is making 2 million this year, and Mills got blown out, and apparently Redmond is on the up and up, so it makes sense to bring him up for some mop-up duty.

  49. This isn’t exactly a massive move for the Yanks anyway. They made 69 errors all of last year, while this year they already have made 60. Headley will help with their middling defense but even if he goes on a massive offensive tear like Soriano did last year for them and puts up almost 2 WAR in the last 2 months, they still project to be a 3rd place team. No way Headley hits 17 HRs in 2 months, so even to suggest 2 WAR could be pushing it.

    Yanks were 4 games over .500 at time of that Soriano trade and ended up finishing the season 8 games over .500.

    I guess kudos to Yanks for making a trade that involves little salary and few noteworthy prospects but this isn’t a gamechanger for them. They take a nibble out an already weak farm and add a player who might help them win a couple more games at best.

  50. I laughed a little at the “not as bad as people think he is based on his career” line. I mean, I get what you’re saying, but when you write it like that he does kind of sound like a pile of shit.

    Anyway, it was certainly worth more of a try than Aaron Laffey part deux was last year. God was that depressing.

  51. are we seriously going to get butthurt over Chase headley?

    Brett Lawrie is our 3B, why do we need to acquire another one.

    If we are going to trade for a bat, they should be able to play 2B. I’d prefer the flexibility that Martin Prado gives the team.

    In all honestly, in the shot term (this season) the yankees didn’t even improve. Solarte is having a better year at the plate than headley.

    • I prefer Brett Lawrie at 3B than 2 definitely

      But I prefer Brett Lawrie at 2 B and Headley at 3B far more then Brett Lawrie at 3B and Tolleson/Goins/Muni at 2 B.

      We don’t have the luxury of saying no to an all star 3B that cost almost nothing because Lawrie is our 3B

      • look, absolutely I’d prefer lawrie/headley over lawrie/kawasaki/tolleson/goins.

        and if it shakes out that way, yes I’ll be disappointed. but we don’t know what else AA is working on. Maybe the plan is to bring in someone who can handle 2B.

        • Yeah. If at the deadline we’re still in the same spot, still sliding in the standings, and let’s say Prado goes to the Athletics for a bucket of balls, then and only then will it be time to storm Rogers HQ with torches and pitchforks.

          But if that time comes, I’m gonna be the head villager. I say we knock down the doors with the Ted Rogers statue in front of gate 6.

    • I wanted the Jays to get Headley, but there are certainly plenty of better options out there. It would have been really interesting to see the reactions if the Jays got Headley and then the Yankees added someone better. I imagine the same people complaining here would be complaining that AA should have been more patient and looked for a bigger improvement.

      EIther way, keep in mind the Francisco vs. righties and Tolleson vs. lefties combination still has a combined 149 wRC+ this year, which is 4 points higher than the best Headley has ever done. Yes, I would prefer to have Headley than those two, but no, he’s not worth getting upset over, especially when we still don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming weeks.

  52. The only thing that sucks about New York getting Headley is having to read the insufferable doomsayers in the comments section. This should be a fun day.

  53. Did we not have a 27 year old with zero chance of ever getting back to the majors and a wild A ball pitcher with limited upside that we could have sent San Diego?

    Are those things too valuable to give up? Or is the huge 2.3 million of salary the real reason?

    • The closest thing to Solarte the Jays have is probably Juan Francisco. Besides that? Nothing

      • Just because they GOT solarte doesn’t mean they WANTS solarte or another player like him.

        It’s not like Solarte fills an orginzational need. Whereas pitching is a universal need everywhere. Guarantee Sean Nolin+ would have gotten him

        • No one here knows what the Padres wanted. The deal is done. Time to move on.

          • Hmm. … there’s, what, a 30 minute window after deals are made to discuss, and after that, no more mention of it?

            If the team is operating in ways that deserve criticism, then they should get it. Why keep giving them a pass by “moving on”?

            By that logic, if the team shits the bed this year, no one should talk about what went wrong? We should just “move on”?

            • Chase Headley is a Yankee and no one knows shit about how the Jays were or were not involved in trade negotiations.

              Guess I don’t have as much tolerance for the woulda coulda shoulda talk today.

              Bicker away, no ones stopping you.

          • And your being disingenuous . At the end of the day, we can make some pretty accurate guesses of what the Padres wanted. That is, good baseball players.

            And of you think that AA couldn’t give SD better baseball players then what they got, your dreaming. In fact, he could’ve done it with only minor damage to the farm.

            This was about money, pure and simple.

        • It’s obviously stupid to guarantee something you know nothing about, but I’m sure you knew that before you wrote that comment and just decided to go with it anyway.

          A quick look at the Padres top 20 prospects shows 10 P, one C, 6 OF, 2 SS and one 3B, with the 3B ranked 14 and currently playing his first full season team at A-ball.

          You really don’t think there’s any conceivable way a team with that type of prospect pool could choose an immediate replacement for Headley who’s still relatively young and controllable over a potential back-of-the-rotation starter?

          • Yes, I think if we wanted to beat the package NY gave, we could have. Easily.

            • Ok. The only thing we actually know about the trade (without making up stuff and dealing in absolutes about what EVERY team wants) is what the Padres got, which should tell us a bit about what they’re looking for. So name the young, controllable, major league ready third basemen in the Jays system that would have acted as a replacement for Headley, and we can develop a potential trade from there.

    • No kidding. Solarte posted a 93 wRC+ in AAA as a 25-year-old in 2012, and then an 89 wRC+ repeating AAA as a 26-year-old last year, yet the Yankees have now picked him off the scrap heap and flipped him and a 23-year-old high-A ball pitcher for a potentially very useful piece. Ugh.

  54. Not sure I really wanted Headley to begin with.

    I mean, I obviously don’t have access to medicals, bu herniated discs in backs aren’t the most reassuring thing.. particularly when he’s going to be playing on turf, and the issues this team has had with injuries already. If I were GM, I think I’d want a little bit more surety in an acquisition.

    He’s has a decline in effectiveness the last 3 years, and despite a good month or so has been pretty blech this year.

    Not sure I can bother getting worked up over “missing out” on him. Seems some just want outrage for the sake of outrage, IMO.

    • I can get it though. Stories about payroll shenanigans, the Jays playing terrible baseball, a big hole at 3B, and a miserable, miserable loss last night to the fucking Massholes.

      Perfect storm. In that context, I can understand why people would see Headley traded for nothing to the team we’re tied with in the standings and want to kick something.

      • Right.

        It’s just that in my mind, the Rogers/payroll/etc is totally separate from the reasons why I wouldn’t/they shouldn’t want Headley.

        Like I said, I think people are looking for any reason to get angry without stepping back to think logically about each individual move as it happens.

  55. Today the Blue Jays are 4 games out of first place.
    They are also 4 games out of last place.
    You can make the argument that they should add and “go for it.”

    You can also make the argument that a 2016 rotation of
    Stroman, Sanchez, Hutch, Norris and Hoffman might be pretty good
    and would be controllable for several years. Add in Lawrie, Penticost,
    Pompey etc. & and you’ve got a nice, young nucleus.
    They won’t all work out; but it is an intriguing group.

    I’d be quite ok with AA turning into a seller and trying to acquire
    the pieces to complement that group.

    Melkey would be rental but he would have value.
    Buehrle should fetch a very nice return.
    I’d be willing to move Bats. He’ll be 34 next year and we might
    be looking at a decline in both health and production.
    I would not give those guys away, but if names like
    Taijuan Walker were put on the table, I’d be very interested.

    Reyes is a different cat. He probably would not bring much back
    because of his salary. Might depend on who else was leaving.

    It is an alternative course of action that, imho, is neither
    negative nor insane. It could work out quite well.

    • Prospects are notoriously unreliable though. You really can’t ever “plan” a rotation based on prospects that far.

      Remember the “Killer B’s” that were supposed to anchor an elite Yankee rotation right now? Betancourt, Betances and another guy last name “B” . Now, Betances is a reliever, who knows where the other two are?

      None of the guys you mentioned are proven yet, not even Stroman or Hutch. If even one of those guys lived up to their current billing in the MLB, that would probably be part for the course.

      You need to play the hand your dealt, and right now, our hand is that we’ve got a handful of true superstars at or just out of their prime. Who knows when we’look get talent like this agai ? That’s the route we need to go, being buyers and not wasting the impressive connotation of elite level talent I’m the big league club right now.

  56. Blue Jays To Designate Brad Mills For Assignment

  57. Mills DFA’d.

    Maybe he DOES suck as badly as some of us think?

    (drunk jays fans banner face)

  58. All I know is that I really hope Headley doesn’t have a big series for the Yankees this weekend. Stoeten would probably have an seizure in the comments section by Sunday.

  59. Uh I thought Tolleson is going on paternity leave

  60. 9 Left handed hitters in the lineup tonight (plus a lefty on the bump).

    Goes to check Peavy’s splits…Everyone is hitting up hard!!!

    Also, there are 4 down (Mastro, Mills, Kratz, Tolleson), but they only brought in 3? (Rogers, Sanchez, Goins) What gives?

  61. Tolleson. Paternity leave. Seriously?

  62. Headley with a game saving defensive play then the game winning single in his first game as a Yankee. How much is one win worth in dollars again? Five million? Sigh…..

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