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NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT. Except… ruh-roh!

Yeah… I got nothing. Nice to win one that didn’t require any heart-stopping moments or anything, though, eh? Actual runs were scored!

(Pro tip: if you want to read something interesting post-game, try Shi Davidi’s latest at Sportsnet, where he explains what a key cog Aaron Sanchez could be for this club, how today’s roster moves are more designed to setup the club for the impending return of Encarnacion, Lawrie, and Lind, and where he reveals that he’s heard the Jays “had far less interest in than has been reported” in Chase Headley, and that Alex Rios “isn’t on their radar.” Skip the bits about Ryan Goins potentially being useful if you need.)

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  1. Awesome win, let’s keep it goins

  2. And they face greasball tomorrow

  3. Delicious victory. Time for ye olde floor wax shift. Gonna be a late one. Least I didnt have to brood over another assraping, my poor behind can rest easy tonight.

  4. Beautiful win. Anyone who wants perspective and a lesson in baseball needs only to watch everything go wrong last night, and then see Happ pitch great today, and to see us have balls by uncertainty off their pitcher twice and a catch booted at first to score a run. A strange game indeed, but you need to ride out all 162.

    • Amazing auto correct on “balls by uncertainty” which should say something about balls bouncing off their pitcher twice….

  5. Does it make any difference in the standings if you lose by 13 or win by 4.

  6. Arencibia! Go-ahead dinger in the 13th vs Yankees!

  7. JPA HR has the Rangers up 1 in the 13th

  8. So Pompey with a 2 for 4 performance tonight is hitting .407 since the break and has his NH batting avg up to .241 (yeah he was slumping big time)… .301 overall this year

    • I was looking at his AA stats earlier today and it was something like a .400 OPS in his first 40 PAs at the level and a .995 since then. Tonight just makes that recent streak even better.

  9. Yeah .. Before I thought Pompey might help us get to the post season via trading him

    But shit.. He might help us himself as a September call up .. And next year .. He might be our starting cf at some point

    • I think they have to keep him at this point, and not because of the Ontario roots, but because the other upper level outfielders have done nothing with their opportunities. And with the current OF having expiring contracts and aging, they have to hold onto what little starting OF upside they’ve got

      • I think he would make a greeaattt sell high trade chip

        • Oh, and then they could just replenish the upper level outfielder depth with a fire sale right?


        • afdg is simply trying to set himself up for years and years of future trolling espousing the exact opposite viewpoint.
          He has absolutely no shame whatsoever.
          Check his shady history.

        • Chill guys, jeez. Im just weary of guys that came from nowhere. Pompay could be the next trout or the next mastroianni. I’ll put my money on the latter though.

  10. How the fuck does Baltimore keep winning with these shitty starters

    • They’re doing very well during the “toughest part of their schedule.”

      They’re playing the A’s and Angels hard – it’s some fun baseball to watch. Only that Donaldson bomb prevented them from taking the Oakland series as well as the one in LA. Here’s hoping whatever horseshoe is stuck up their asses falls out soon.

  11. This team is going to be ridiculously deep come September:

    Bullpen: Janssen, Mcgowan, Sanchez, Delabar, Santos, Redmond, Wagner, Loup, Cecil, Rasmussen…hell, Rogers, Jenkins, and one of Morrow/Hutchison


    Bench: Francisco/Kawasaki, Reimold, Thole, Kratz, Tolleson, gose

    Imagine they add even one useful piece? If this team is right there even with the Orioles/last wild card spot come September 1st, you really want to bet against this team being the strongest?

    So I’ll say it again, this team is right in the thick of things right now, they’re maybe 2 weeks tops from being fully healthy. Cheer em on for Christs sake, give them some support. They just got to weather the storm for TWO WEEKS.

    • Not even two weeks . Those rehab assignments won’t be a full week .

      Problem this year has been , when DL guys are about to come back ..some other guys get hurt m

  12. Jays won? Phew. No doubts in my mind mow that this team is destined to run the table all the way to the world series

    • At first I thought you were just an average, run of the mill idiot. Then every once in a while you take it to a whole new level and prove that you’re more of a dumbass than everyone else. Kudos to you for dedication to your craft.

      • He has a certain determined persistency and audacious perspicacity that you can’t help but admire in isolation.
        Other than that, he’s totally full-blown batshit crazy.
        Certifiably nuts.

        • That might have been the nicest compliment you have ever given me. Relax guys, I was trying to illustrate the radical nature of some other fans(not me) as the tweet shown above mocked.

          • “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

            If it has all the characteristics of a ‘thing,’ it probably is ‘that thing.’
            Wear it with pride, man.
            You’re the real deal.
            The Real McCoy.

            Of course you have a certain ‘Qu’est-ce que c’est?’
            Translation: What in the fuck is that?
            The answer is necessarily illusive, but nonetheless definitive.
            It’s a fucktard.

    • Fuck off

    • I thought a 7-4 win might hold back the deluge of idiot comments today but hey… nobody’s perfect. Now isn’t this season so much better than the MASH unit of last year and “we lose 4 pitchers in 10 days” of the season before. I’m not saying we are world beaters. Clearly this team has holes and we need some luck for the rest of the season. But we are in it. Baseball is fun even when we get the shit kicked out of us because tomorrow’s game still matters. I’ll save my venom for the end of the season if it all goes to hell and enjoy the race we’re in.

  13. So watching the Os / angels game

    Pat sajak sitting behind the plate

  14. Just to play Devil’s Advocate a bit, what else could AA say re: Headley?

    Its possible, of course, that AA was truly as uninterested as he says. But even if he wasn’t, he’d still say it. No way he could say they wanted Headley given the tiny package Yanks gave up for without being asked all kinds of uncomfortable questions re: payroll.

    • And the fact that Rios “isn’t on their radar.” and the word coming from Elliot that AA is telling people he can’t take back salary, and his oddly worded response to the question the other day to if he can take back money (“we can take back players and players make money, nobody plays for free”).

      I think Occam’s Razor applies here: All things being equal, the simplest solution must be the correct one. Rogers has put the kibosh on any salary increase.

      If true (and I strongly feel it is) what a short sighted move by the worst ownership in pro sports.

  15. I think it’s funny that some of the mouth breathers are calling Sanchez’s promotion a panic move. An actual panic move would be trading him.

    • In an ideal world Sanchez would still be in AAA honing his craft.The reason he’s here is because the other options available just don’t cut it.

      I find it funny that many criticized the promotion of Snider so early in his career yet the promotion of Sanchez is perfectly acceptable even though he has a 30 inning limit before he gets shut down.

      Why is here now and not waiting till Sept.?

    • His command isn’t developed yet fucktard. Trial by fire. Mlb sink or swim player development program.

      • Yeah, fucktard. His command may never develop all that much, which doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t get big league hitters out or that it can’t improve at this level also. (Although your boxscore scouting report is definitely appreciated.) Also, he won’t have innings left by September to call him up. Thirty innings out of the bullpen can actually make as positive impact on this team.

    • Trades over the past couple of seasons have left the cupboard bare in the upper levels of the Jays system in terms of depth. As such, the organization has been aggressive with some of its young arms, including Sanchez. He’s an extremely talented pitcher with the potential to produce above-average strikeout rates and ground-out rates but he also struggles with both his command and control.

  16. Looks like I should have bet the over on Goins getting a hit during this callup.

    A RBI single too! Rakin’ Ryan Goins!

  17. 4 game set mariners vs orioles this weekend, that should be interesting

  18. Hey, for those who are into that sort of thing mlbtraderumours has a list of Free Agent rankings.
    Russell Martin is a FA this offseason.
    M’Appelle Bonheur!

  19. One of those corny and predictable Yankee endings last night. Headley gets into NYC at 6;30 and makes it to Yankee stadium at 7:00. He pinch hits in the Eighth and then bats again…nothing. Until he gets the game winning hit in the 14th. The Yankee announcer sterling sounded like he had an orgasm when that happened.

    • I think it’s a law of the universe that every shitty player the Yankees pick up turns into gold for like a month, becomes a hero and then falls back off the cliff.

      • I think it’s a more specific law that whatever shitty player the Yankees pick up will do just well enough to do some serious fuckage to the Jays season.

        I’m hoping Headley will turn out to be an exception.

      • Yep but he doesn’t fall off the cliff until the Yanks have extended him for another two years. Then he becomes a paper weight .

      • What is Murphy’s Law?

    • Michael Kay always sounds like that any time the Yankees are doing anything. He’s a bloviating clown. He sounds best… turned off.

      • Eh, he’s fine. He’s no Vin Scully, but there are a lot of worse play by play guys out there.

  20. That Headley guy does suck…

    The one win he got the Yankees tonight is one more than the two players they gave up will have combined for their MLB careers

    • You don’t seem to know a whole lot about individual player contributions to wins.

      • lol. Headley had -.048 WPA last night (yes that is a negative).

        32 wRC+ which would also give him slightly negative WAR based on contribution.

      • No don’t you get it? The player that gets a game winning hit “wins” the game, and nothing else that happens in that game has any relevance at all!

        The Jays really should build their team more around guys who go 1-4 with a single, where the single is the game winning hit, thus making that player a “winner”.

        • Well, based on that math the player would have a season average of .250, and the Jays would go 162-0.

          MVP! MVP! MVP!

        • This newfangled statistic is almost as sensible as the ‘Pitcher Win’…

          • I’m trying to measure “player grit” but I’m having issues with my calculator.

            Where’s Kevin Towers when you need him?

      • I was using advanced stats while you assclowns were crying over Joe Carter not winning MVPs.
        Instead of preaching what I knew well before you understood how to figure out OBP – try understanding what sarcasm is first

        Damn….I thought people in Toronto were more intelligent than dopes here in the Philadelphia area….. Guess I was wrong

  21. We won half-a-kabillion to 3!

  22. #freepillar #freekorecky

  23. So AA says he’s been talking about a guy that hasn’t been in the media at all. Any guesses?

    Alexei Ramirez
    Josh Willingham (doubt it)

    I don’t know, it’s hard to come up with names

    • Barry Bonds

    • Maybe Assdribble?

      A lot of players on the Dbacks, Padres, ChiSox and Rangers rosters could be up for grabs

    • Some guesses:
      David Wright (not really)
      Stanton (really not really)

      Looking at teams that are trying to decide whether they are in the race or not over the next week or so, the Reds, Royals, Red Sox, White Sox and Rays seem to fit that description. Marlins and Mets, perhaps, too.

    • If no one else is interested, Darwin Barney seems like a guy who’d be worth picking up for nothing, having been designated for assignment by the Cubs yesterday. He has a reputation for being a brilliant defender, and a career 89 wRC+ against left-handed pitching, and I think the Jays, while they should aim higher long-term, could do a lot worse than a platoon of him and Kawasaki right now. That would allow the team to use Steve Tolleson to spell Adam Lind against left-handers without having to run Eric Kratz, Darin Mastrioanni or Kevin Pillar out there on a regular basis. At the very least, in the very immediate future, he would allow the Jays to sit both Kawasaki and Francisco against left-handed starters.

      • Isn’t Barney basically Ryan Goins + a change of scenery?

        • Definitely, but he’s a right-handed hitter, so you could use him in a platoon with Kawasaki and have Tolleson DH or play a corner outfield spot with Bautista or Cabrera shifting to the DH spot so that you also get Adam Lind (once he’s healthy) out of the lineup.


    Interesting article. Basically means a mid season trade for a shields, price, or lee type pitcher could mean the difference between 85-87 wins and 90 wins. Or it could mean nothing at all, since the time of acquiring these pitchers falls in line with September call ups, guys coming back from injury and/or other trade acquisitions (and also schedule strength)

    By the very same token, the Jays could be looking at 90 plus wins if all their players return from injury and perform to their expectations.

    A’s probably dont get a huge spike in performance from their trades because luck has been on their side all year, it just basically counteracts on potential future bad luck keeping them on pace for 90 plus wins

  25. MLBTR saying Jays are taking a look at Antonio Bastardo.

    Am I the only one who would seriously consider getting that name on a jersey?

    • So… They aren’t looking at Antonio Bastardo?

      • Considering he plays for the Phils Im sure they were there to scout half the team.

        Bastardo is an awesome name though

      • Ninja Anthopolous will strike without any forewarning.

        Although the thing that always gets me…maybe no one at the Jays will blab, but it’s not like other MLB teams that would have someone talk to the media the second they get a call from someone in the 416 area code.

      • If one of us Canadians say they’re looking at him then it’s more likely to be true.

  26. I wonder if Drew Stubbs might be available… He seems due for a big arb award. I think it would cost some pretty good prospects, even if not your top 3.

    • Stubbs would be nice but he’s also a platoon bat, can’t hit righties at all. That being said, if Jays were rumoured to be looking at Denorfia, it would make sense they would look into Stubbs as well

      • He’s hitting .268 against righties. That’s not terrible. .360 against lefties, which is EXACTLY what they need right now.

        Can play CF if needed, opens the DH role up a bit, takes some pressure off of the infield and bench bats.

        I’d be all over this if he comes available. That said, he’s having an insane .399 BABIP year. His career line there is .330 which is a shade high, anyway, but there could be some regression.

        • .260 this year but lifetime i think he’s a 230/.290 against righties.

          Id be interested if the price is right for sure. It’s possible he could be a future CF platoon with Gose (who hits righties but plays better D) as kind of a hybrid replacement for Rasmus

        • It sucks how easily we dismissed losing Rajai Davis in the off-season (or maybe that was just me) because the assumption was that the Jays would make a bigger splash, and here we are a week before the trade deadline thinking about how much players like Drew Stubbs and Chris Denorfia would help solidify the lineup.

          • It’s hard for me to get past his swings on balls two feet outside but he was a very useful player… If he was okay with platooning he probably would’ve been back… But now he’s doing the same thing with Detroit

            Hitting .375 vs lefties

      • Career splits against righties pretty bad, though, you’re right. Hasn’t had a year this good since 2010 in that split.

  27. Also have to realize trade market slow to develop this year as there are too many pretenders.

    On July 23, 2013 the Jays were 11.5 GB of the wild card. Today, the fucking Twins are 7.5 games out of a wild card spot.

    Likewise the Mets are only 3 games better this year than last year at this point and they are 7 game back of wild card spot, while last year they were 12 games out of wild card or something like that

    There’s more parity right now that last year at this point in time.

    Last year there were 6 teams in double digits GB of their division in the AL, this year only 3 teams in double digits.

    All the teams in the AL that were definite buyers last year are still in position to be buyers PLUS the Jays, Angels and Mariners have legitimate reasons to be buyers, so 3 more teams in the loop.

    The NL is roughly the same as last year, with the Brewers replacing the Dbacks, and the Marlins and Mets replacing the Padres and Phils as teams that could buy but probably won’t, but the difference being the division races are much closer even if the WC race is about the same.

    • TLDR version – expect more trade activity in last couple days of July rather than spread out like last year?

      and maybe this is why AA is saying expect more activity in August?

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