R.A. Dickey, clearly struggling with a lack of Dickeyface in a recent outing at Rogers Centre.

I should probably have more to say here, but I dunno…

How nails would it be to with this one though, eh? I’ll take a little arbitrary endpointed four out of five at this point, amiright? With Stroman taking the hill tomorrow? Fuckin’ eh I would.

Shit, and with the Mets hanging on against Seattle, a win could take the Jays to within a half game of the second Wild Card spot. Oh, but they’re fucked, right? Eh, tough guy?


The Jays’ missing sluggers are getting close — closer than most of us may even realize. According to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm, Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion may return to the club without even playing a rehab game. Brett Lawrie, Shi Davidi adds, will likely do so, simply because he’s been out for longer.

Gregor also tweets that the timetable for all three of those players is still unclear, though they’re all improving more quickly than first anticipated.

Two more from Gregor, as he tells us that Nolan Reimold is showing some improvement, and that he’ll likely DH against left-handers once everybody is healthy. That means he won’t be taking over in right field, which makes sense because Gregor adds that John Gibbons says we’re not likely to see Jose Bautista move to third base full time at any point — though he suggests there’s the possibility still that he might move there in a pinch.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that, despite the recent struggles and the illness coming out of the break, Casey Janssen will be called upon tonight if there’s a save situation. I buy it.

Another tweet from Brendan tells us that Gibbers says Brett Lawrie will be the club’s full-time third baseman once he returns, meaning that Juan Francisco is soon to be out of the job. Which… is totally warranted, I’m pretty sure.

Lastly, note the game time for tomorrow, and while you’re at it, note that I’m tentatively scheduled to be talkin’ Jays on TSN 1050 here in Toronto tomorrow at 11:30. Tune in!

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 12:37 PM ET vs. Boston

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Jose Bautista (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
RF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Boston Red Sox

RF Shane Victorino (R)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
3B Xander Bogaerts (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
C Christian Vazquez (R)
CF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)

RHP Clay Buchholz

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  1. 98. 98.

  2. Sit down moleboy!

  3. Great pitch.

    Fight the nerves.

  4. Oh, shit…

  5. Nice movement.

  6. Command getting a bit wonky, but the velocity and movement is nice.

  7. How crazy late are they on that fastball?

  8. That 99 looks amazing doesn’t it!

  9. Anybody else have a half chub watching this right now? I think I’m going to cry…

  10. Man, that break.

  11. So good.
    So very, very good.
    Most welcome.

  12. Very nice.

  13. Ok he can stay around for a bit…hahaha

  14. I’m sure the Red Sox batters must be going nuts seeing these 99 MPH fastballs after having to bat knuckleballs earlier.

  15. 99 with a lot of break? I like that

  16. 3 fly outs? I thought he was a ground all pitcher!

    I kid. Good inning

  17. So sportsnet just showed the slo-mo Sanchez delivery and I admittedly know nothing about pitcher mechanics but that stride did not look particularly short to me. Any pitching coaches on here see that?

    Also, it’s funny that ground-ball extrordinaire Sanchez has 3 fly ball outs in that inning.

    • Probably a way for him to put some more into the pitch without trying over doing it with his arm. His stride isn’t quite as long as Casey’s, that man looks like he’s about to do the splits at times.

  18. Guys guys, slow down. Remember, what The KLaw said about him. AA should trade this bum right now while his value is at his peak.

    Did you guys see the length of that stride?


  19. BOOM, BABY!

  20. Pimping a wall shot…I love it

  21. Clean inning for a dirty Sanchez.

  22. Sanchez is throwing some heat, but it thought he was a ground ball pitcher…he just made three fly outs?

  23. Beauty!!! Sanchez & Jose!! <3

  24. Well this inning has been fun

  25. That debut went a lot better than Stroman’s debut did.

  26. Is that a little swagger I see with the boys! Kinda looks like May doesn’t it. They actually look like they’re having fun

  27. JBats heating up again.

  28. He’s warming up, good news folks.

  29. Ya Bats and ya Dirty Sanchez.

    I saw the thread above RE: Bulk Barn. We just got one in Prince George, BC (Home of the World Baseball Challenge) It is absolutely ridiculous that someone can spend 60 bucks at one time on candy and chocolate. But I do it regularly

  30. This shit is fucking fun, bus, boat or phone booth be damned.
    Just be on or in something.

  31. A friend pointed this out to me recently.

    One thing to look out for with pitchers is the “inverted w” – it could be a telling sign for injuries

  32. Nice to see Sanchez pop the cherry…easy to see the command problems though. And easy to see he’s not striking anyone out. He should get by as a reliever on his stuff alone, but in terms of reaching any of that “#2 starter ceiling” stuff, he still looks raw

    • *why he’s not striking anyone out

    • He’s 22, how can you say he doesn’t have #2 starter potential? He throw’s 95-98 with movement and has a decent breaking ball. At 22

      • Yeah, but look at that stride

      • I think you misunderstood, I meant he doesn’t look ready to realize that potential like RIGHT now. He looks like he can get by as a reliever on his stuff alone but his command issues would hold him back from being a reliable starter…again I mean right now

        • Fair enough. The Jays don’t have any plans to start him this year so let’s hope we’re both right and he gets by as a reliever this year and is the #2 next year lol

          • for sure…great win, cheers

          • KLaw might understand why the stride is shortened but he hasn’t mentioned it. It was done about a year ago (maybe more) to get Sanchez’ arm more on top of the throw and give him better command. At one point I read that once he had the command they’d allow him to go back to the longer stride. At any rate, he DID get 2 Ks and not one of the 6 batters looked like he had any clue.

            • I disagree with this tbh, his fastball command in his first inning looked off, and even in the second inning it seems like he hits the corners more out of luck than any sort of intention. He will get by in short stints, but he needs better command of his fastball in the future. He froze two guys with curveballs, but ultimately you want guys swinging at curves out of the strikezone, not freezing on ones right down the plate, because once a scouting report gets out, he won’t be freezing too many guys with those. He needs to control his fastball better if he wants to be a starter.

              • He turned 22 on July 1st. There’ll be lots of time to bring his command around. Meantime his fastball reminds me of a good version of Juan Guzman. He had such great movement on it that they kept telling him to aim for the centre of the plate and let the movement do the rest.

              • I also gotta think that nerves/adrenaline/whatever from this being his first goddam MLB appearance might have a small role to play tonight in any control related issues… Let’s wait to judge the poor bastard better on his next 2-3 appearances.

  33. Holy shit.

    My knees buckled just watching that.

  34. Ya, he is raw…because he just turned fucking 22! Are you kidding me?

  35. Loved that hook.

  36. That was….enjoyable.

  37. Got heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!

    Locked him right up.

  38. The best of the best is that he’s not going anywhere now.
    Not now.

  39. So I’m the same age as Sanchez and I’m sitting here on my butt and he’s throwing 99 with grease. I think I made a wrong turn somewhere.

  40. Nice to see him throw a few curveballs over for strikes. That’ll be huge for him.

  41. I lurk Sons of Sam Horn as a guilty pleasure. Major schadenfreude on their shitshow of a season. They’re on suicide watch over there. Fuck them Massholes. They are whining that the Portland Seadogs can light up Sanchez, but the Sox can do nothing. Love it!

  42. I feel kinda disappointed that they said he only has 30 more innings. Really?

  43. I’m excited to see Casey on the mound.
    It was great to hear Sanchez’ (did I use apostrophe correctly there?) first three batters on the radio. They said he was hitting 98.

  44. How long of a leash does Typhoid Casey have in the 9th?

  45. I was hoping we wouldn’t need Casey. I doubt he’s 100% yet. I know it took me a few weeks to get back to my fighting weight after a dose of Castro’s Revenge.

  46. So Casey’s fastball is slower than Sanchez’s changeup….


  47. Shit, Casey’s back?

  48. Come on Casey! Get Sanchez the hold!

  49. Holy fuck, it’s “because of the save.”

  50. FUCK YOU Boston

  51. I love that our closer throws 89 MPH fastballs and can strike out guys in 3 pitches

  52. Dr J is doling out some painkiller

  53. Evanka. Lookin fine. Casey is too.

  54. Woo!

  55. Typhoid Casey looking good again

  56. Welcome back Casey.

  57. Congrats folks. This is great stuff.

  58. Great game, Drunk Jays Fans. Great game.

  59. Stro Show tomorrow

  60. THAT was a clean and concise a 9th you’re likely to ever see from a closer. Eckersley-esque.

  61. From poster Gray Eagle on SoSH:

    Fuck off Farrell you dimbulb. He is worse strategically than Valentine.

    I love the Fuckface Farrell hate!

  62. I blinked. What did I miss?

  63. PIE HIM!

  64. Just throwing this out there… Baltimore is having talks with the Rox regarding De La Rosa. Any chance the Jays could get in on him? He’s relatively inexpensive for a veteran SP and he’s a FA in the off-season, so may not cost an arm and leg by comparison. I’d trust him more than Happ or Hutch at this point in the season.

  65. Zaun on Sanchez pitching tonight:
    “Dropping a big nasty deuce…”

  66. Watching Shanchez pitch tonight was a shot in the arm for this team. This whole 30 innings thing sucks..they are going to need him to win this division and win in the playoffs

    • I wouldn’t go that far yet, not to downplay the awesomeness tonight

      • The guy is throwing 99 with movement, a breaking ball that has late hard break and a change that is as hard as Casey’s fastball…..the Jays need him

      • Let’s just throw him an inning here and there. I’m cool with that.

        • The mom in me wishes we could just package tonight and save him from the inevital, but yeah, there will be days of struggle. This was a great moment for him, lets enjoy.

          • The man in me will do nearly any task
            As for compensation, there’s a little he will ask
            Take a woman like you
            To get through to the man in me.


  67. I love how boston is 7-3 over their last 10, and still LAST.

  68. I had a great time at the game tonight. I was sitting with some knowleadgeable fans.

    We were joking about Dickey facing Big Papi in the the first inning & predicte he would hit a home run.

    Dickey settled down after the first inning. If the Jays make the playoffs, watching him pitch wold scare the hell out of me. you never know when he is going to give up a HR.

    Anyways, the offense came alive . Sanchez was great & Casy is back to normal.

    A good win for the boys.

    Let’s enjoy the rest of the summer while we are in the playoff race. I think I will use my flexpack tickets for the last half of August & September.

    • “…you never know when he is going to give up a HR.”

      So true.
      But a lot of the time – for me at least – it’s in the 6th inning after he’s walked 2 guys.

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