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Now that was a damn enjoyable game of baseball. The Jays won. Jose Bautista homered. The bottom of the lineup wasn’t useless. Casey Janssen looked like his old, efficient self. R.A. Dickey pitched well enough after an early blip, and was taken out before being given the opportunity to let it slip away (after just 98 pitches). First inning negative suckholes were put in their fucking place. Clay Buchholz got lit up and could only manage a single strikeout. Aaron Sanchez debuted and was preposterously efficient in a pair of filthy three-up, three-down innings against some of the best hitters in the majors (though — sorry — he maybe did display a little bit of why he’s still considered a work in progress, too, I thought)(sorry). And Josh Thole!

Shit, JaysTalk callers might not even make me want to break things tonight. And a Mariners loss earlier puts the Jays a half game out of a playoff spot, too.

I can live with that!


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  1. Dude, you listen to Jaystalk after every game? How?

  2. Sanchez’s fastball has some amazing late movement. I know it’s just 2 ip, but hot damn… Mows through the middle of their order in pretty convincing fashion.

    • His fastball goes fast and it moves. Didn’t seem like he could spot it, though. The change was 7 mph slower and he didn’t have a good idea of where it would go.

      What he did with his curveball today was pretty neat, though. “You like swinging at low curveballs? No? How about you look at a slightly higher curveball for strike three?”

      • Did you not see the at-bat versus Napoli? Those were two perfectly placed fastballs.

        • I saw all the at-bats. He lacked fastball command. And that’s OK.

          The Napoli at-bat was fairly good. But watch the Ortiz at-bat before it; he missed his spot with all five pitches.

  3. If I’m not on the road, I only listen if I’m at home and someone reminds me. Gibby is being interviewed now.

  4. Caller got to meet Sanchez’ (again, tell me if I am using that apostrophe incorrectly) parents while they were taking in the sights. Very cool.

  5. If the Jays trade Sanchez, hopefully it’s a quality trade and not a trade with the forced hand of Rogers’ lack of will to spend/pick up money

  6. Jeez, I’ve never before seen a 99 mph 2 seamer that sinks a foot….Nails!!

  7. Baltimore D looking suspect tonight.

  8. And, to top it off (Andrew, you must admit), Goins hit a triple!
    Go Jays go

  9. Fake auckholea didn’t get put in their place – they pitched for 7 innings for Boston! (Buccholz rhymes with suckholes)

  10. Wildcard play in game.

    Jays vs. Angels

    Who gets the start for Toronto?

    Is Stroman the guy now? Or do Dickey and Buehrle’s veteran presents get them the nod?

    • Right now? Maybe Stroman

      More likely if this scenario were to play out? Probably Buehrle

    • I dunno. Dickey for three innings, Stro for two, Sanchez for two, and leave the rest to the ‘pen? Or just do it backwards, getting Janssen to do an inning, cycling through bullpen arms until there’s a comfortable lead, then bring in a starter to eat a bunch of innings?

      I can’t imagine it’s optimal to play a one-game playoff “normally.”

    • I imagine it would likely be whomever’s turn it was in the rotation, would it not be?

      • Maybe, but probably not.

        I’d take Dickey, Stroman or Buehrle on 4 days rest over Happ or Hutch on 5.

  11. Joakim Phoenix traded to the Tigres

    • For Detroit’s #4 and #6 prospects although they have one of the weakest farms in the game

  12. Sanchez following RAD would befuddle any lineup, have him follow Buerhle too, there’s a tough adjustment!

  13. So Yankees win over darvish 2-1 in a game that only goes 4.5 innings because the yanks OWN grounds crew fucks up and can’t get the tarp down before it gets so soaked that it becomes unplayable even though the rain soon abated.

    luck much???

  14. Only annoying thing is that the Jays aren’t making much ground in the AL East since Baltimore is 3-2 since the break (and are winning tonight as I type this) against tough road opponents in the A’s and Angels. Plus, since the break, the Yankees are 5-1, Tampa is 5-0 and on a seven-game win streak overall, and the Sox had been hot before we handed them these last two losses.

    Oh well, Mariners in the sights now.

  15. Where’s dan Johnson ? Injured ? Why not have him dh or play first and have Jose dh?

    Having your other catcher dh really hamstrings your flexibility

    And why didn’t he play yesterday. ?

  16. go Jays

  17. Definition of a Novelty: It’s late July … the Jays are doing well enough that we give a shit about whether other teams win of lose.

    I’m assuming that the ‘don’t trade Sanchez’ mania today is coming from the same people who booed Arencibia at the weekend. Because a strong debut performance always gives an entirely accurate indication of an entire career. [See what I did there?]

    Also, I don’t know who does the breakfast show on 590 these days, but they’re the worst. Halliday comparisons. For …. fucks …. sake ….

  18. I think the 93 mph pitches were his sinker.

    Side note, I think Buckholz moved the pine tar to his hair in the back. I noticed him wipe the back of his head before a 2 strike pitch, and then he wiped his back right pocket. How else do you explain the brown spot on his back right pocket? I know he goes to his mouth a lot and wipes his hand, but that shouldn’t create a brown spot. Not that it helped a whole lot.

  19. Jeez…No wonder you have so little patience.

    I can be negative sometimes, but even I refuse to listen to Jaystalk. :p

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