A few small items of note have come down the ol’ information superhighway this afternoon, and while none of them really deserves its own post, they all certainly are worthy of some attention…

Sergio Santos Clears Waivers

Cue the conspiracy theory twits clamming up: according to a tweet from Ben Nicholson-Smith, Sergio Santo has cleared waivers and will go to Triple-A Buffalo in order to work on getting his command back. So if the Jays’ super-secret — *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* — plan with this move was to save money, I guess they fucked up. Shocking, really, that no team was willing to piss away nearly $4-million (which is what Santos is owed for the remainder of this season plus the $750K buyouts of his three remaining option years) to see if an oft-injured non-closer with 17 walks in 19.2 innings could stave off the injury bug for his longest stretch since 2011 while regaining the form that made him a force at the back of the White Sox bullpen back then.

The Jays, of course, are already on the hook for that money anyway, so obviously they’ll try to get him right and hope that he can be a weapon for them later in the season — just as they’re currently doing with Steve Delabar. It could make for a pretty deadly bullpen if it all works out and everybody stays healthy, especially once rosters expand in September, with options like Janssen, McGowan, Sanchez, Cecil, Loup, Redmond, Delabar, Santos, Wagner, and maybe even Morrow.

One might suppose that they wouldn’t have been crying if somebody took that contract off their hands, but the money is already so spread out that I don’t think it matters too much in the grand scheme. If it meant clearing that almost-$4-million for next year, that would be a different story, but in practical terms they’d be clearing about $1.4-million this year, then only $750K from the budget for each of the next three years. Not helping them that much unless they really want to add another guy at about his salary and really are already stretched to the max — neither of which is impossible, but I just don’t see it when the obvious answer is that they think he can help this year if he gets himself straight, which wasn’t going to happen pitching as sparingly in the majors as his current performance warranted.

Gibbons: The Jays Were “In On” Headley

It’s real fuckin’ easy to say after the fact, but according to a tweet from MLB Network Radio, in an appearance on Power Alley with Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette, John Gibbons said that the club was “in on” Chase Headley. You can listen to Gibbers’ comments on that, as well as on Aaron Sanchez’s workload, and the fact that Ryan Goins is going to be playing a lot (because he really helps the club’s defence — though also, for some reason, they seem optimistic that he’s found a better level at which to hold his hands while at the plate, which according to a piece from Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun, is a little higher than where Kevin Seitzer had lowered them to earlier in the season).

The Headley thing… I honestly don’t know how inside the trade talk stuff John Gibbons would be. I think a lot of people might immediately start thinking that this means that the team was in it down to the wire, our in-over-his-head GM beaten out for Headley’s service by the smooth-talkin’ total pro Yankees, or some such utter fucking horseshit. The way I imagine it is more that Gibbons was aware that they were looking at Headley, was asked how he might be a fit, what plans there might have been to use him, whose playing time would have to be sacrificed, etc. I’m entirely just making that up, but I dunno… I’m sure not going to jump to any bigger conclusions based on Gibbers’ supposed knowledge of high level trade talks. He’s got his own job to do, y’know?

Renewed Focus On Pitching Trades?

An insufferable criticism that is too often levelled at the Jays without the hint of any basis in truth — at least as far as anything on the public record is concerned — is the one that goes that the front office operates without a plan. It’s one of those things that people without anything better to piss and moan about, who are unwilling to take a moment’s thought about  the reality of how the front office works, use just because they have some pathological need to spray piss all about as a means to defend against having to contemplate any other of their own feelings.

But… uh… sometimes you maybe see a little kernel of truth in it.

I mean, I know they didn’t actually do anything yet to address the lineup, and that not remotely every rumour you hear is actually true, but… um… really? Back to pitching? We didn’t entirely see these hitters coming back to full health on the horizon? All of the sudden it’s, “Hey, Hutchison’s been bad, maybe we should get a pitcher”?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that these guys are getting closer to returning — and seem to be doing so on or ahead of schedule — but… really?

Layin’ Down The Law

Lastly, Keith Law had a chat with readers today at, and while there weren’t many Jays-related tidbits, one sure stands out. *COUGH*

Keith (kc) [via mobile]
A few years back you were on record as saying Sanchez> Thor. What changed during development to make them flip flop?
The Jays shortened Sanchez’ stride, claiming it would help him get over his front side more – when the opposite is true – and it has ruined him in several ways. He’s less athletic, his command has gone backwards, he doesn’t finish the breaking ball as consistently, and of course guys with upright finishes and short strides are at greater risk of injury. Meanwhile, Thor just keeps getting better, going from a below-average curveball to a solid-average one in about a year and a half – and the Mets didn’t touch what was already a good delivery.


This is better, at least:

Sagar (NYC)
Jim Bowden suggested that the Mets could get Franklin Barreto for Bartolo Colon. Any thoughts on Barreto? Wouldn’t that be a steal for the Mets?
Zero chance of that happening. Like, zero to the power of ten.

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  1. I’d like to know the exact definition of “in on”…as in “We were in on Headley/Santana/Darvish/Tanaka/Any player that decided to go elsewhere”.
    Is making a phone call considered “in on”? Kicking the tires on a guy is “in on”.
    Or is “in on” just more corporatespeak to say “Hey, we tried. They laughed at us”.

  2. So, who has a higher payroll, the Buffalo Bisons or the Houston Astros?

    Seriously though, glad to see Santos made it through, still could be a really valuable arm come late August and September.

  3. I admit to all kinds of worry over the Sanchez delivery piece. Have heard this news before of course, but have yet to see anything from the Jays addressing Sanchez’ delivery, nor have I heard the Toronto sports media attempt to answer the question.

    So, is Sanchez using a fucked up delivery? Is he being ruined by the Jays? Is this emblematic of their purported inability to develop prospects?

    Someone deal with this and put me out of my misery!

    • They obviously disagree with the assessment.

      • That, yes, but also I’m curious how does changing a guy’s delivery make him “less athletic” as Klaw put it?

      • I’m sure they do. But if scouts begin to align around the same assessment: he lacks the command to be a front line starter, one wonders if perhaps impartial observers aren’t on to something.

        Sounds to me like an interesting subject for DJF to dig into. Is the criticism of Sanchez’ delivery valid or not?

      • You know, I like reading Keith Law, and he’s a professional baseball guy. But he’s also just one professional baseball guy, and the Jays hire an awful lot of other professional baseball guys. Any changes the Jays have made must, in their COLLECTIVE, professional baseball opinion, be for the best. We’re going to find out for ourselves about Sanchez soon enough….

    • If you look back I believe it is always Kieth Law saying this or someone else quoting him saying it. You have to wonder how many times he has actually seen him pitch.

  4. i’d throw stilson on that list of possible relievers. hes been overlooked for a while now, but hes coming along well after a tough start. is on the 7 day DL i believe, but he could be exactly what this BP needs in a week or 2 when healthy. Its going to be a great competition between santos/dalabar/wagner/stilson to get back to the majors, and I’m sure 1 or 2 of them will come through for us. It would be nice to add an arm to the bullpen, but I don’t think we’re that far from good, especially if 1 of these guys comes up in a couple weeks.

    we could always use a true #1 or a 2 SP, but i think the cost will be too much.

    as for the positional players, we’ve needed a solid RHB off the bench all year, that hasn’t changed. If the lineup was completely healthy, it’d still be ideal to have a RHB to platoon with Lind. And with the additions of reimold, kawasaki/tolleson/gose being serviceable; I think this RHB could play pretty much anywhere-which means they should be able to find one at the right price & be a good contributor. This is the player I most likely see us getting at the deadline.

  5. Santos and Romero high fiving in the “huge salary, shitty pitcher” club of Buffalo.

    • We’d all kill to join that club.

      • I’m already halfway there! Now I just need to find someone to pay me and I’m good to go.

        • Because I can totally suck for 7M a year.
          Hell, I’ll stink out the joint for a tenth of that….and be awesomely suckier than either of them.

    • The average salary for MLB players last year was $3.4 million. That figure is heavily weight down by rookie-scale and pre-arb players, and Romero and Santos don’t qualify as either. Romero and Santos are getting paid like average players at their position–their salaries are not “huge.”

      Now you could argue that they’re huge in comparison to what they should be worth, given how they’re both pitching in Buffalo right now, and you’d be right. And you could argue they’re huge in consideration of how cash-strapped the Jays apparently are right now, given that the $11 million they make combined could have gotten us most of the way to a quality starter last winter. But they’re not terribly huge in comparison to other post-arb baseball players.

      I mean, other players that make about what Romero makes (not including players who are still eligible for arbitration) include Kyle Kendrick, Jamie Garcia, Jason Vargas, and Clay Buchholz. Some quality starters in there, for sure, but you’re not assembling a rotation of world beaters out of that.

    • They tried to high five, but missed six inches to the outside and four inches down.

  6. Change of focus back to pitching may simply reflect what is available for trade.

  7. Holy fuck jim Bowden is a utter moron

    • Srsly, he’s entering Marty York territory now.

    • His ESPN articles aren’t worth reading, but he’s getting paid to write completely speculatory articles designed solely to generate page clicks. He was the youngest GM in MLB history at one point and won Executive of the year in 1999. He now gets paid a ton of money for minimal work and rolls with an attractive ladyfriend half his age. So either he’s some kind of lucky SOB or he’s doing something right.

      We can all agree that he spews nonsense though.

  8. Reminder: Santos was traded by the White Sox for Nestor Molina, so we still got a whole half of a fWAR more value out of the deal at the major league level than Chicago did.

    • There’s a salary component to that as well for Santos that people seem to be ignoring.

      All in all, it has turned out to be a meh trade where neither team can particularly claim to be the winner.

  9. I try not to put too much stock in trade rumours, especially when it comes to the Jays. For all we know, Rosenthal talked to a Jays scout who was at a game to look at a couple relievers and another team’s representative who said AA had called them about a starter and took that to mean the Jays are focused on pitching. That’s not to deride Rosenthal specifically, but it’s just the nature of rumours in sports. The chances that he actually talked to someone in the Jays organization who told him the Jays are specifically focused on pitching are pretty slim.

    I think the most likely scenario is that the Jays are looking to improve the team wherever they can rather than pigeonholing themselves into a specific type of upgrade.

  10. ummm they didn’t fuck up for no one taking him as per your sarcastic conspiracy bs they’re fucked up cause Putz is the GM.
    good for buffalo, delabar, santos, ricky, soon to be morrow . how much creative flexability is that? ninja strikes again!

  11. I’m legitimately surprised that Santos cleared waivers.

    • Its not a surprise at all. At a time where teams are scrounging up as much free money as possible to add on players for a run, no one is going to add that much money for a reliever who may or may not get enough work to figure himself out.

      I think its a great move by AA to get him to Buffalo, now he can blow up down there, sort himself out. You aren’t going to gain command by pitching 2 innings a week.

      Santos has filthy stuff, hopefully the work will allow him to make the necessary adjustments so we can see him back up here in september.

    • Those option years would be the reason IMO. He starts to get paid like a top flight reliever next year. I think a team like the Cubs or Astros may have taken a flyer if he was just in arbitration next year.

  12. I love Klaw… but he’s always been better at scouting position players over pitchers.

    hopefully this is one of those scenarios.

  13. I know Muni is a pretty decent defender and can seem to cover a fair bit of ground, but I’m not sure about this whole playing 2nd and 3rd at the same time thing…

    … or maybe this is some kind of newfangled defensive shifting?

  14. Jays are in on everybody and nobody. Gonna be a long 7 days of rumour and speculation. They are sifting trough the bargain bin and floating lowball offers. Hopefully someone bites.
    Rios for Colby might work , if ?? we can afford the contract next year. Texas gets an expiring deal. Anything more just seems like a pipe dream

  15. Guerrier DFA’d, wonder if the Jays would be interested in him

  16. Zero to the power of ten is still zero — Doesn’t make it any “more” zero, Keithy boy.

  17. I can pretty much assure you that after the end of 7 days, we will still be sitting here with our thumbs a’twiddling, as AA relates to us how he “was in” on numerous discussions “that at the end of the day, just didn’t go our way”.

    • “well, you can’t make someone trade with you”

      No, you definitely can’t, especially if your not willing to give away good player or take any money back.

  18. And then vitriolic comments like this:

    “It’s one of those things that people without anything better to piss and moan about, who are unwilling to take a moment’s thought about the reality of how the front office works, use just because they have some pathological need to spray piss all about as a means to defend against having to contemplate any other of their own feelings.”

    will be posted by Stoeten about all the morons who are just too thick to understand how the FO works. Because when the ownership/management continues to pull the same bait n switch bullshit moves on the fanbase that they’ve always done, the only proper place to direct anger is at the idiots who direct anger.

  19. Five fucking real on the switch of trade focus to pitching bit. The focus went off of pitching before any of these latest injuries happened. Getting Lawrie, Edwin & Lind back is a zero sum move! This is driving me crazy!

    • The focus likely went back to pitching in direct response to a big name player being traded and it was a position player. If a big name pitcher had been traded, the word today would be “well, we’re waiting for a position player”

      Everything about this organization is spin doctoring. It’s not necessarily AA’s fault that Rogers is a cheap ass owner but at the end of the day, the buck has to stop somewhere.

    • Dickey gave up 3 runs in the first inning.
      Very frustrating to see

    • honky whiteman from Stillepost???

  20. If Blue Jays were in on Headley – – - – What did they offer? Brad Mills?

    Wait….Headley still sucks – at least according to Jays fans

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