Afternoon baseball!

Yeah… I got nothing. This is your game threat!

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  1. The future is bright.

  2. Nice! 7IP 1H 7K, take a seat Marcstro!

  3. STUD. Way to bear down.

  4. The Mariners obviously didn’t want to pony up dollars and/or prospects for a bigger acquisition. I consider that a bonus to the Jays’ trade chances.

  5. that was a nicely timed hit, now he can still go out with the end of an inning and an out

  6. He threw 115 in Oakland I think. He could’ve made it. Doesn’t matter now though

  7. Hell yes

  8. Maybe Fat Juan can hit for the cycle and we can rejoice in a different manner.

  9. He actually kept the pitch count down that inning, so it’s not unreasonable for him to come out in the 8th.

  10. Clearly I jinxed it. Shoulda stayed by the pool. :)

  11. Honestly everyone was overreacting about the possibility of him throwing 120, pitch counts are taken far too seriously.

    Great performance nonetheless.

  12. How about we rejoice in the fact that the jays are about to take 3 of 4 from boston and that boston might throw in the cards and be sellers

  13. Siddall made a good point. Pitch count is just a number and you do have to use it to an extent, but what you do is keep an eye on Stroman and his body, and he was cruising without many stressful pitches

    I get what some of you were saying, but how can you root against a no hitter when it’s not ridiculously out of reach?

    • Spot on, AJ. People cheering against a no hitter clearly have no idea what an accomplishment it is.

      • goal of the season is win total, that is all

        • Wrong-o, Wiener-boy. 7IP, 1 hit is fine. But it won’t be remembered beyond today.
          9IP, CG, SO, no-hitter is one for the ages. Stro not getting to throw more than 97 pitches today is garbage. Who would you rather watch, AAAA guys like Redmond throw frisbees, or your young thoroughbred continue to mow the Bostonians? I rest my case. Oh, and any ‘injury’ bullshit is the crystal-ball hypothetical Stoets always shits on.
          Stroman should have got the 8th, and if under 115 pitches, the 9th as well.

  14. Will Gruber run onto the field to hug Juan if this happens?

  15. That, ladies and gentlemen, will be the last time Jeff Frye’s name will be brought up on a Jays broadcast…until someone gets close to a cycle again

  16. Francisco just got a gift ball. He should be out.

  17. Jays need some runners here, need another AB for Juan…

  18. *sigh*

    Well, as long as they get through the next two innings…

  19. Well it was Francisco against a lefty. I certainly understand leaving Francisco in, but the odds of him getting a double were reduced.

  20. All of you chumps who believe in the magic 100 pitch mark can suck it.

  21. What is Goins on??

  22. Goins is best!

  23. Imagine a no hitter and a cycle in the same game…wonder what the odds are

  24. Now that I saw the play, Gose probably should’ve took a dive for it… One thing about a lot of no hitters is they feature a spectacular defensive play (see Dewayne Wise in Buehrles)

    Doesn’t matter now! Get the W!

  25. FWIW, I saw Goins play with Buffalo recently and he looked comfortable at the plate.

    Maybe this time will be different.

    • .767 OPS over his last 41 games at with Buffalo, covering 168 PAs. Not spectacular, not a huge sample, not against great competition… but he’s definitely hitting well lately.

  26. Redmond with a 7 run lead – why am I nervous? FYRE GOBBLINAZ

    • Probably something to do with his 12.39 ERA….

      • Are you numerically illiterate or making a joke? I suppose anyone would be surprised that his ERA is as good as it is.

        • Is joke.

          He came into the game with a 2.39 ERA which like you say, is surprising and very likely does not reflect his true talents but they way people have talked all year about him being a surefire way to get the other team back in the game is laughable considering the results.

        • I believe the term you were searching for there is ‘innumerate’.

          It’s ok. I’m an accountant.

  27. Way to go Goins. Maybe coming in mid-season where his confidence is a little more pumped, and the pressure is much less, makes a difference for him.

  28. This is the exact leverage situation where I want to see Todd Redmond appearances.

  29. Husky Redmond to take us home.

  30. I cant believe goins is doing so well. Wtf?? Stroman has been money. Too bad about that victorino hit.

  31. No hitters over, but no more beer either. I’m thinking single malt on ice. Could be a rum though. ….nope. Single malt it is!

  32. Can you believe Redmond once started games for the Jays? The guy could easily get himself to 50 pitches in an inning…

  33. I thought esmil would be in, I trust him less than redmond

  34. Remember that time Bogaerts was supposed to one of the best prospects in all of baseball and a can’t miss player?

  35. Todd Redmond hasn’t given up an earned run since June 20.

    In the month of July, he’s pitched 11 innings, striking out nine and yielding only 3 hits and 4 walks, for a WHIP of 0.64.

    Shutdown Todd Redmond will take us home.

  36. Francisco might get another at-bat.

  37. Need more baserunners for another AB for Juan……

  38. Third base has NOT been kind to Melky today!

  39. I think this is a perfect time to mention the Jays are now ahead in total runs for the series, 22-21!

  40. Dioner you fat shit smack one out!

  41. Oh Happy Days are here again. GO JAYS! Fuck you Massholes!

  42. Rasmussen? I forgot he was on the team.

    Let’s bring this momentum to the Bronx and sweep those basterds!

  43. Aaron Cibia doing his part to help the Jays out… he just homered for Texas! 3-2 Skanks.

    • did anyone notice that he currently only has one season were he finished with more walks that HR’s? I wonder what how many players have has season like that in the history of baseball

      • I just looked it up, apparently a lot, but most of them were hitting more than 30 HR’s a season, Juan Gon nearly had more HR than BB in his career

  44. C’mon Nuke, just throw it over the damn plate!

  45. This is Melky’s 4th 3-hit game in the last 6. Damn.

  46. Rassmussen has all the control issues of Santos, but at a fraction of the price!

  47. This is the opposite of Razzmatazz.

  48. They’re just getting Rasmussen to load the bases so Loup can come in and do his thing.

  49. Rasmusssen = the next guy to be DFA’d.

  50. Why are you warming up Loup Gibby it’s 8-0

  51. Everything is way high in the zone.


  53. Nice pivot by Goins

  54. Loup can sit back down.

  55. I think Gameday just broke because it couldn’t believe that second pitch was called a ball.

  56. Wasn’t watching…what happened to Papi?

  57. Fuckin’ A, boys!

  58. Now to enjoy the day with that win in the bank



  61. Things I love in no particular order:

    BBQ’d animal flesh
    Girls who love sports

  62. The last time they won 3 in a row was when they started a 6 game win streak? Nice try try campbell, nice try

  63. suck it farrell

  64. It really can’t be repeated enough, especially considering the comments section during/after game one: the Jays lost the opener 14-1 and STILL outscored the Red Sox in the series.


  66. Please, please don’t get fucking swept in the Bronx again.

  67. Don’t look now but Tampa is only 4 games below .500 and they get to host Boston next.

    I mean, I’m pretty sure I’d still want Tampa to win out of those two teams, but Tampa is starting to get close enough to be worrisome.

    • worry about who is in front, not in your rearview.

      Let’s go Mariners!

    • Rays were 14 games under .500 at one point. Eerily similar to the Jays last year, who were also both 14 under and 4 under .500. Look at how that ended.

      Tampa is by no means an awful club, but I dont seem them sniffing playoffs. I suspect they will regress like the Jays did last year after their tear and finish with a similar record, maybe a bit better. Something like 6 games under .500, although I could see them also finish at .500 or a couple games over.

  68. I’m pretty drunk now. Time to float around on an inflatable raft in the sun.

  69. huge win to close out this series. Now win 2 out of 3 in the Bronx

  70. Here’s a piece of good news: between today and September 10, Baltimore only has 3 off days.

    And they only have 5 more the rest of the season.

  71. When does Izturis come back?

    Also…was Luis Perez really that shitty when he came back? He had been a pretty decent player until the injury.

  72. OK it’s illegal prop bet time and coming up first is…. Cletus rakes for 12 or over dingers and over. 350 in August

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