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STROly fuck! The Jays’ starter really left his MARCUS on that one.

What is there even to say? Stroman was magnificent. Francisco looked like it was May. The Jays took a four game set with the Red Sox and now sit tied with the Mariners (and the bullshit Yankees and their grounds crew) for the second Wild Card, and just two-and-a-half back of the Baltimores in the AL East.

I think a lot of kids might have become baseball fans for a long time on this camp day at Rogers Centre. That was something else. Now go sell off your shitty team, Boston fucks.

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  1. Pun-Thursdays!

    Love it.

    And THIS….

    “Now go sell off your shitty team, Boston fucks.”

  2. Please let’s take the series off these limping Yankee fucks this weekend…

  3. Yup, good win for the jays today
    All they need to do is tread water on this road trip in time for the series in a week and a half vs the orioles which should be the biggest of the year for both teams

  4. all aboard the bandwagon! seats were on clearance on Monday lol.
    team looks good right now. the “fringe” players are battling for spots knowing the return of the bats is coming soon.

  5. Hee-haw! Camp day there, eh? Camp day here too, upcountry with some city kids and our Blue Jay swag (hats, stick on tatoos that they sent to me), calling out the score to them as we make the most of the day, before our own tennis ball 9 innings this eve. Loving the second half turnaround.

    • Awesome!

    • Tell them some Gose stories when the sun goes down?

      Sorry, Pun-Thursday.

      • Ha! Nice one Smasher – told them some “gose-t” stories last night, and man they were nervous once darkness hit.

        • Heh heh..nothing to be afraid of kids..except, that time where they heard that scratching on the car roof..and then in the morning found the hook on the door handle!!!!!!..

          Sleep tight!

  6. Stroman looked as filthy as another short-in-stature starter I currently have above my desk in MacFarlane toy form.

  7. Fucking awesome. I didn’t even watch the game and I had fun following it.

  8. Before it get lost in the internet catacombs, I wanted to revive Philbert’s brilliant “Player Grit” calculation:

    “For batters it’s (B + HBP + DPBU + GWH – NH1) x D%

    B = bunts, HBP = hit by pitch, DPBU = double plays broken up, GWH = game winning hits, NH1 = no hustle down the first base line, D% = percentage of uniform covered in dirt.

    I believe for pitchers it’s just how many pitches you’ve thrown at an opposing players head.”

  9. Need to say it again…even after the Monday pasting, the Jays OUTSCORED Boston in the series. Awesome.

    Betcha Boston wishes they could have saved a few of those runs for later in the series, yeah? Wish I could have been down there to see the sad faces of the visiting Massholes.

  10. “Now go sell off your shitty team, Boston fucks.”


  11. Think New York would trade their groundscrew within the division?

    • Only for Sanchez + Stroman. Not worth it.

      • Reading the SoSH game thread is always a blast, especially when we crush them. You guys think it’s bad here? Negative and cynical is the default mode over there. But it’s fun.

        Also, the ability to post pics and images brings A LOT to a message board. Wonder if we could ever get that option here.

      • I don’t understand the Yankees grounds crew comments. Is there a joke/incident I missed?

        • Nevermind. Proper commenting protocol when not sure of something: 1) Google. If you don’t find anything, then 2) Post your question.

          Never reverse these steps.

        • Yankees were up by 1 in the 5th yesterday (and thus, an “official game”) when the rain came…….and the groundscrew were a comedy of errors “trying” to get the tarp out there, taking an inordinately long time. Eventually, it was determined the infield had received too much rain, and the game was called, Yankees win.

    • That Yankees grounds crew has watched the “rain out” scene in Bull Durham one too many times.

    • Surprised no one has calculated the grounds crews WAR from last night.

  12. Time for a Boston Dump! (Of roster players).

  13. Just noticed that in 1100 at bats Bryce Harper has put up 7 WAR. Lawrie has put up 12 WAR in 1300 at bats.

    They also have very similar stat lines in terms of HRs and SBs and avg., but Harper with a much better OBP and OPS

    Holy fuck CJ can’t come back soon enough. Really forget sometimes how good that guy could be if he stayed healthy.

    • Seconded, I miss Canadian Jesus

    • Love Brett.

      • He takes a lot of shit but he plays great D and lays out for any ball in his area code.
        I think he’d score high on Philberts Grit-o-meter.

    • Saw Lawrie outside of the Shangri-La building last night and asked him about his hand. Apparently it’s “better”. Your welcome for the in depth injury report

    • What the hell are you talking about? Lawrie has put up 7.6 WAR in 1430 PAs, Harper 8.2 WAR in 1252 PAs. Also Harper is 3 years younger than Lawrie. Numbers from fangraphs…

    • But Harper did tell that goof Toronto reporter “That’s a clown question bro.” He will always have a special place in my baseball heart.

  14. Kawasaki trails only Reyes and Melky in the last 30 days in hits. He gets to stay.

    • He’s on fire, relatively speaking. And yet his OPS is still…0.658 for the season.

      I fucking love Muni. He can’t hit; he shouldn’t stay.

      • Muni isn’t really a guy who hits for extra bases often, so his OPS is probably going to look sub par most of the time. If all he did was smoke singles and take long ABs to draw walks, I’d wanna keep him. Helps keep the order moving

      • Muni’s thing is singles and walks – that tends to hurt OPS. But his OBP right now is fine.

    • If Muni stays, Fat Juan goes.

      Isn’t that pretty much it?

      Pick your poison.

      • Why not run with a Tolleson/Kawasaki platoon? Feels like the answer is right in front of our faces.

  15. Reading the SoSH game thread is always a blast, especially when we crush them. You guys think it’s bad here? Negative and cynical is the default mode over there. But it’s fun.

    Also, the ability to post pics and images brings A LOT to a message board. Wonder if we could ever get that option here.

  16. I wanted to go to this game but the 500s were sold out so i couldnt redeem tix from my flexpack(not that i actually stay in the 500s anyway). Was a great game, good atmopshere too it looked like.


    Revisiting this. AL east balls hard schedule. Not a science obviously but certainly a factor.

    Gonna be a dogfight! 5 games out of first and 5 out of last could the mantra of this division.

    Jays 89 wins, O’s 87 wins, Yanks 84 wins, Rays 82 wins, Sox 79 wins

  18. Going back to things loved from last post:

  19. Snarky but true. Thumping the sawks is akin to a healthy blow… I mean tax refund

  20. Funny that the Jays got absolutely spanked in the first game, yet still managed to score more runs than the Massholes in the series.

  21. Looks like that 14 run thumping they took on Monday was the kick in the arse the Jays needed. Let’s hope the Jays take this momentum into New York and win their third straight series.

  22. How is Stoke me by Billy Squire not stromans music. Change stroke me to stroman. Werks like a charm.
    Stroman stroman
    Stroman stroman
    You got your number down
    Stroman stroman
    Say your a winner but man
    You’re just a sinner now

  23. If he were a qualified hitter, Fat Juan would sit #10 in all of baseball for HR’s per AB.

  24. I’d be really ok with that series being what basically ended boston’s season

    • 6.5 games out of the wildcard with 60 games to go and 7 teams to jump past?

      Hard to fathom how they play 10% better than all 7 of those teams in the last third of the season. Math isn’t bang on but you get the point.

      They done

        • “What will frustrate me equally is when the Blue Jays just lie down and roll over for the MFY next week as they are prone to do in the Bronx.” Yup. Truer words on SoSH have never been written.

        • Oooo I like this gem for all the Dinner haters:

          “I wonder why the front office decided to sign AJ for 8.25 mil over Dioner for 2/8?”

      • Really interesting comments by someone in the Sell, Sell, Sell thread about the MLBPA getting REALLY involved in player contract negotiations. The poster uses it to discuss Lester’s contract and the possibility of Giancarlo Stanton being traded, but the general point made by Peter Gammons might explain why we haven’t heard much about contract talks in general (i.e. Melky, Rasmus, etc.):

        In Gammons’ latest piece, he points out something that I hadn’t really paid attention to — and I don’t think may others have either when it comes to Lester’s situation:


        “What you have to understand is that under Tony Clark, the Players Association has become heavily involved in all contract negotiations. They want players to get what they perceive as their fair market value, which means they would like to see the big players like Lester and Max Scherzer go to the market, get the bidding rolling and help players throughout the industry.”

        For example, one National League team thought it had longterm deals with pre-arbitration players done, only to have the agents come back and say the union would not accept the deals; they finally reached agreements, but at higher numbers. One AL GM had the same experience. There are several general managers who felt that is why the Indians never reached a deal in March with Justin Masterson.

        When the Red Sox sat down with Lester in March, he told friends he wanted one dollar more than Homer Bailey’s six year, $105M. Now, $140M doesn’t seem out of reach on the market. “I don’t see anything less than $120M at this point,” says one NL GM. “The union is not accepting hometown discounts.”

        Pedroia’s bargain-basement deal would never have been approved by the MLBPA had Clark been in charge. And despite Lester’s stated willingness to take less-than-market in order to remain in Boston, any “discount” is going to be negligible:

        So not only will any deal Lester might sign with Boston be pretty much market rate, but so will any deal Giancarlo Stanton might sign with the Marlins.

        This means Stanton’s likely more in play for Boston than any of us realize, despite Miami’s statements to the contrary. I just don’t see them locking him up for the $30M+ annually over 7+ seasons that he (and the union) are likely going to require.

        It also means the Sox should absolutely trade Lester now, as painful a decision as that might be.

        So yeah, it’s time to start stockpiling any and all talent that Miami might covet (Gammons cites Corey Seager from the Dodgers), while also procuring lower-level prospects that wouldn’t immediately require spots on Boston’s 40-man roster or need Rule 5 protection this winter.

    • It very well may be.

    • Worst to first to worst again.

      That sounds delectable.

  25. This is the kind of winning that Alomar brings to this team to turn this sinking ship around.

    Good thing that Texas mouthbreather was shown the door before he really fucked up the season…

  26. Confused. Watching Baltimore at Seattle. Who the fuck am I cheering for?

    • Seattle…they’re in a division with the angels(20 games over 500!) And the A’s(25)

    • Seattle. Fuck the wild card game if it can be avoided. I wouldn’t want to play the Angels or A’s in one all or nothing game. Division or bust (but not necessarily bust).

      Also, fuck the Orioles

      • much for shitting the bed out west..

      • Yanks and O’s pulling horseshoes out of their ass. Guess that’s what they were saying us in May. Still sucks though. Watched all the O’s games this week. Horseshit.

        • They’ll come back down to earth. I hope it’s as a result of the shit kicking we administer to them.

  27. I think the DJF crowd deserves a bit of credit for the turnaround this week. Seems like as soon as we got out of the bus and went back into the boat the team’s fortunes turned.

  28. I like Stroman.

  29. After watching the victorino blooper replay several times .. Gose needs to dive for that shit .. It didn’t fall more than feet in front of him

    For a guy who needs to impress with his defense, that was a mail in

  30. Another observation .

    Is rasmus losing his job?

    Gose started today vs a righty .

    Was it just gibby giving him some rest or does gibby value the defense / speed combo that gose brings to the table vs the power of Colby

    Say what you will about gose , but his obp has been solid , albeit with zero power

    But gibby may feel this lineup doesn’t need Colby’s power so much

    • Having a power bat on the bench to be used in the right sitch may also be the thinking.

    • That ball dropped a good 6 or 7 feet in front of him. You’re nuts if you think he should’ve dove for it.

      • Not to mention the 60 yards he had to run in 3 seconds just to be that close…

      • As a pro ballplayer, his job is to play the game as hard and proficiently as possible.
        As fans, our job is to second-guess pretty much everything he does.

      • Slider’s right…he had no chance at that ball even if he dives. It was pretty impressive Gose got as close as he did.

    • What good is Colby’s power if he can’t make contact?

      • Maybe a 2 year deal worth 15 million at this point?

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but he only signs that deal with the Jays if the club doesn’t extend him a QO and he decides to sign here at a discount, right?

          • Yeah, he’d get more on the open market. I can see him getting a 3/$36MM deal somewhere.

            • And as Stoeten mentioned, he hasn’t played a 2nd half of the season yet, but at this point I don’t think anyone here sees him getting more than 3/36. Again – at this point – AA isn’t QO-ing him at 15MM. My guess is he’ll have a bit better 2nd half and AA will extend him for 3/24, maybe 3/27.

    • I’ve been saying for a while now that 5/75 for Colby would be insane. I like the guy. And I think he is better than we have seen. And he is still at a very good age for a 5 year contract.

      But you can’t blame AA if he runs Gose out next year essentially for free.

  31. Yeah, I’ve railed on here for quite awhile now, that Rasmus won’t be coming back here for anywhere near 5/75+.
    Spuds, and RADAR have been more on his side that I have and I wrote that I actually hoped Colby would make me eat crow this year and prove me wrong. He had a high avg last year ( largely BABIP driven) but I’ve never, personally been convinced he is really that great a CF. I rate him only average as his arm is weak, his speed his good but far too many balls make it over his head . Gose is fearless out there as we have seen, crashing into walls and fences to make plays and has an 80 arm and 80 speed.
    Colby has prodigiuos power and can go on mini hot streaks but has reverted back into a hitter that not only SO a lot, but plays a lot of “pepper” with the 1B and 2B as he refuses to hit to the opposite field at all anymore.
    All in all,” sons ” succinctly sums it up. Gose, or someone like him will be one of our OF options next year as he would be playing for 500K vs Colby’s 10m., a saving of 9.5m.
    Throw in the 6.5m for Santos getting the boot andprobably Morrow’s 10m and now you have 26m to reinvest in the team without denting the allmighty “payroll parameter” number that Rogers ahs secretly buried in a cave somewhere

    • Sometimes Gose just looks so fucking lost out there. In the field, at the plate, on the fucking basepaths. I was on the Gose train a couple months back, admittedly, but the guy is definitely NOT the answer.

      • Morgan: I hear, you. Gose is “rough” and he may never fully get it. But, unless someone else comes along, I do believe he will be the answer especially the more I hear about all the tightfistedness regarding the Jays at Rogers Taj Mahal. If money is that tight no way AA can blow a wad on a middling CF in Rasmus, when there are other issues that need to be addressed ( like getting Melky to come back for one)

        • You hope that Gose figures it out…but if the savings on Colby lead to a big upgrade elsewhere, I can live with his flaws.

          Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t be screaming at Gose at least a few times next season.

          • Would be fine with Colby back however hoping they don’t go over the top to keep him. 12-15mm a season seems like an overpay. Would rather they spend the cash on consistency — cross your fingers and go 4-5 years on Melky. What I find isn’t commented on generally with Colby is how prone to injury he seems to be at an early life stage (Jays have a few of these guys obviously). Tends to miss a months’ worth of games each year. For those fretting about Gose and what he is not… Pompey is probably a year away at this point with possibly a bit better plate control and by all accounts fairly similar D. Maybe he will be The One.

            • Good point on Pompey. I have been following him, he has really turned it on of late. AND HES CANADIAN. MAPLE FUCKING BONERS!!!

            • Colby has had injuries in each of the past two years. That’s a bit quick to tack on the “injury prone” label.

              • I don’t know if I’d call him “injury prone”, but here’s his history courtesy of BP.
                I’d say he’s bordering on it. Maybe somewhere between “unlucky” and that?


                • As for Gose, I’ll take his misreads on fly balls and compare them to Colby stopping short of a catchable flyball ostensibly to catch the rebound, but really to avoid smacking into the wall. They’re a wash. In actual fact Gose does recover quite well from his misreads and his arm – while not deadly accurate – is still a lot better than Colby’s and lately his bunting has improved a lot. Once he gets the hang of that, pitchers will have huge problems keeping him off base. ( btw his obp is near .340)

  32. Bp free scouting reports

  33. I hope when the jays win the world series they do the classy thing and get brad mills a ring

    • And since he’s deceased, remove and send his UCL to Cooperstown, have it bronzed and inscribed with “the guy who took it on the chin, to save the pen, to beat the Sox”.

      Another fucking toast to Brad Mills corpse everybody!

    • My understanding was that everyone who was on the 25-man at one point automatically gets a ring.

      • Your understanding is correct…Jonathan Diaz will get one too, just like he did last year for being equally useless in 4 ABs for the Red Sox

      • It’s not automatic but as a matter of courtesy pretty well everyone gets one.
        My understanding is that it gets decided in the off season,who gets and who doesn’t.
        Standard protocol is everyone who was on the 25 man at any time during the season gets one.

        • I’m not sure more than 25 rings fits into the payroll parameters, RADAR… :)

          • Thought about that.
            Extra playoff revenue should be able to pay for 25 boxes of Cracker Jack ( after Rogers take their cut)

  34. Really hope the Bronx Blues get fixed this weekend. I have a lot of friends who are Yankee fans so it’d be nice to set the record straight on who the better team is this year.

  35. A random set of quotes from Tuesdays SoSH game thread that I found particularly hilarious…enjoy:

    Hee Sox Choi, on 22 Jul 2014 – 8:12 PM, said:

    Farrell: Stephen’s (edit: Drew) been swinging the bat really well lately and he’s got veteran guts out there.

    Let’s ignore that he was HORRIBLE last year vs. Ls and is 1 for 23 vs. Ls this year.

    Farrell strikes me as the kind of guy who would run scissors out against rock because scissors has been hot lately.

    • He’s got his dream job and his WS ring so fair dos, but I’m still convinced Farrell is less a manager and more a public relations consultant.

      I think Red Sox fans are gonna get really sick of him really quickly. Perfect fate for him.

  36. Beuhrle the best:

    Marcus Stroman ‏@MStrooo7 4m
    Mark Buehrle is the absolute man! Awesome having a veteran presence like him on the squad. Just got all the young guys fitted for suits!

    • Veteran presents

    • Buehrle keeps on Buehrlin’….fuck yeah!

    • He really seems to be a great person. ( from the outside looking in).
      He takes most of the ceremonial first pitches and is friendly with those who did it.
      He’s shown on the broadcasts talking to the younger guys and isn’t aloof.
      Doesn’t get too up or down with what’s going on on the field.

      There’s more than few players whose ego inflates to prima donna status when they start making premium dollars. and have his longevity.

      • I always liked Buerhle, but I fell in love with the guy after Sean Nolin’s big league debut last year. I heard ahead of the game that the kid had his family up for the game. Well, the Orioles shellacked him. He made it into the second inning, but if I recall correctly he didn’t get another out and was pulled. His ERA was something over 40.

        I had a great view of the Jays dugout from my seats. Nolin came into the dugout, sat down and slumped. The biggest night of his life was an embarrassment.

        Well, within 15 seconds Buerhle walks up with him with a big grin on his face, sits next to him and starts giving him huge slaps on the back. Nolin started to smile. In an interview later, Nolin said Buerhle said something like “wow, I’ve had my ass kicked WAY worse than that,” and welcomed him to the club. Amazing. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

        Dickey came by later to pump Nolin up too. Hard not to like people like that.

    • That’s pretty awesome. We do seem to have a lot of really good guys on the team. Obviously, ability is priority, but it’s so much more enjoyable when you like the players you’re cheering for.

  37. Stromen continues to pitch well. Haarp is giving us quality starts. Target the 2b spot by the deadline? Bring back Hill?

    • I haven’t looked at his stats ( I’m too lazy right now) But as i recall when this was discussed earlier this year.He wasn’t hitting well this year and is owed too much to be considered,was the general consensus.
      I haven’t analyzed it myself FWIW.

      • He’s struggled to hit righties this year as well, so he’d once again fall into more of a platoon role. Kinda pricey for that.

        Jays probably better off using a Tolleson/Goins/Kawasaki platoon and then replace them with Lawrie or target someone more consistent and substantially better

        • Tolleson should be in the lineup against every lefty the Jays face right now

        • Can rios play cf anymore ?

          I know he was never great but is he at least passable ?

          If so , i wouldn’t mind seeing him as a pickup to start everyday in cf

          • Here’s a flowchart I came up with if you’re wondering how likely it is a player will come here:

            Is the player good? > yes > Can he be had for prospects? > Yes> Can he be had without
            \/ \/ taking money on
            No No V V
            \/ \/ Yes No> Not coming
            Won’t help Not coming V
            Doesn’t exist

          • He pretty much hated his last 2 months in T.O. If he has a say, it’d be very interesting.

    • I’d pass on Hill. He’s having an even worse season than Headley was. He’s still owed another 24 mil over 2 seasons as well.

    • I’d rather have Prado, but apparently the Dbags aren’t listening to offers.

  38. Ain’t nobody gonna convince me that that 5 inning “win” for the Hankees the other night wasn’t thanks to some fucking pretend bumbling by the grounds crew. Assholes. They should get the W. Made it look good though I’ll give em that much.

    Oh, and the Toronto Blue Jays must and shall defeat the New York Yankees tonight at the Bronx bunghole. That is all.

    • I think they’ll take 2/3 .. However I think the one loss is most likely to be tonight

      • Saw the vid and that weather looked pretty crazy so my jury is still out.

        BUT !

        I wouldn’t put it past the weasels and really, they keep telling us what a “proud and storied ” franchise it is.

        No, it’s not .

    • I’m not looking forward to the BS strikezone the Yankees hitters are going to get, and a few calls that’ll go their way.
      That doesn’t make it easy to win any game in that garbage park

  39. Jays have lost 16 straight in Yankee Stadium.
    Mark Buerhle hasn’t won in 8 consecutive starts.
    Buerhle hasn’t won in Yankee Stadium since 2004.
    Good karma from Buerhle in treating the kids to nice fitted suits.

    A perfect storm. Let’s call it a win tonight in Yankee stadium, folks!

  40. I’d actually be OK with Boston not selling and watching them wallow in their mess. At least when they sell they get prospects and/or useful pieces for the future.

    Right now I’d wager they’re going to struggle to be much better next year.

  41. Deck McGuire to the A’s for cash.

    • We can trade for anyone now!

      Because it had to have been for millions & millions right? Right ?

      • *sighs*

        50K and Oakland has to stock our soda machines for a year.

        • Is anybody noting the irony here of Oakland sending cash to the Jays for a player?

        • If Oakland’s ability to stock soda machines is similar to the quality of their concession stand offerings, I would have kept McGuire.

    • Because it’s the A’s, I imagine a lot of people will be concerned that McGuire is going to become awesome now.

      • Meh he was stuck at AA ball for around three years and put up a 5.6. Era this year
        He’s org filler

      • Not I. He was terrible as a Jays farmhand, no reason to think he won’t be terrible elsewhere.

    • Why? To give the kid a chance somewhere else? Is his potential really that low? Fuck.

      • Look at his stats

      • He had a small run on K’s last summer (Aug?) and AA put him on the 40 man but dick all since. It really looks like that was a bad draft year.
        Think Tristan Magnuson

        • Sanchez and Syndergaard in the 2010 draft tho

          • Just had a look. The picks before Mcguire were mostly all pretty good (inc Harper, Taillon and Machado) but after him except for Sale (13) There wasn’t a lot til you get to those 2 at 34th (Sanchez) and 38th (Syndergaard).
            That Sale pic is a pain in the ass tho.

  42. more like Dreck MehGuire

    AA needs the extra cash to pay for all of those bananas Kawasaki’s been eating!

    • whats next Kyle Drabek for PTBNL?

      • I actually want drabek to be called up in September (is he on 40 man) as he could be an interesting bullpen piece

      • Drabek’s minor league numbers nowhere near as bad Deck and they arent that far apart in age, maybe a year or something.

        Plus Drabek has only had essentially one full year of MLB experience – 33 games – stretched across 4 years. Numbers were atrocious but that’s only just one year. Plus factor in the injuries.

        Likewise, Drabek might have some longterm relief value. Maybe become a future Todd Remond type, doing “yeoman’s work” as Tabler said the other night. The odd spot start, long relief, etc.

      • More like Drabek for PBJ.

      • No chance Rogers will sign off on the deal. A PTBNL collects a salary.

  43. Guys, we’re gonna need all that sweet deck McGuire money to pay for David Price’s contract amirite?

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